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LG’s Newest Google TVs are Over 40% Off at Amazon, Rest of Their Lineup Too

If you are in the market for a new smart TV, you may want to check out LG’s current 2012 lineup that was introduced at this year’s CES. As you may have heard, the TV industry isn’t exactly crushing it as some would have expected, causing manufacturers to drop prices significantly. There is no better example of this industry-wide change than through the prices that Amazon is putting up, right now.

You can grab most of LG’s 2012 lineup of smart TVs for over 40% off, including their two Google TV models. While these GTV-enhanced sets aren’t quite as impressive as their flagship line (only 120Hz and not as thin of a bezel), at $1499 for the 55″ and $999 for the $47″, I’m not sure you will find a better deal. They still offer 1080p, 3D, and come with 6 pairs of 3D glasses.

With that said, if you do want their top of the line series, meaning 240Hz and an ultra-thin bezel, you can get yourself into either a 55″ or 47″ at the same prices as the Google TV models.

Google TV Links:  55″ Google TV ($1499.00) | 47″ Google TV ($999.00)

Non-Google TV Links:  55″ LM7600 ($1499.00) | 47″ LM7600 ($999.00) 

Via:  Phandroid

  • disqus_bSARnWaFFX

    So what is the biggest difference between a ‘GOOGLE’ tv and one with just the “SMART’ tv? If the difference is minimal I’m doing the 240hz over the 120hz. Thats a given for the same price.

  • I’m just going to say that 3D TV is just a slowly passing gimmick…until I can actually afford it myself.

    • Gimmick for sure, not why I am buying. I want Google TV 🙂

    • Taylor Levesque

      3D is just a damn software configuration. A 3D set is always, without a doubt, better than their non-3D counter-part.

  • Trevor

    LG= like garbage. Samsung dominates the tv world.

  • Detonation

    I just bought a 60″ Panasonic Plasma (ST50) for the same price as that 55″ LG LCD. Bigger screen, far superior picture quality, and none of the black level conformity issues that LCD’s have. If Droid Life is going to advertise, at least advertise the better buy…

    • steveliv

      woot! on the 60″ ST50, i got it for $1499.99 last month at Amazon. I am loving the set as well.

    • This is what I have been trying to tell people in these comments. To do some research and go buy a plasma. One week ago I bought a 60 Inch Samsung 7000 series , 3d smart tv and it is amazing. It had the best picture quality of any tv in the hhgregg I was in even better than 5000 dollars lcd s. I would have liked to compare it to a Panasonic since I know they make the best but there was none in sight unfortunately.

    • Taylor Levesque

      Or you know let droid life report on Android related stuff, ya know, like they what they do.

  • purchased! been waiting forever for a good deal.

    • Have you used the TV with a gaming system? On my Sony Google TV I was experiencing lag, I am wondering is the same case with this tv?

  • drinksprite

    anything past 60hz looks ridiculous. soap opera effect to the max

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Can you turn it down to 60hz? I feel the same way about 120+ hz. I feel like the videos are constantly fast forwarding, but going the same speed. Its a weird sensation that I can’t describe any better than that.

  • These are junk. Why anyone would waste money on pathetic 120hz lcd led TVs is beyond me. 120hz and even 240hz have terrible motion blur plus add in the fact that led is extremely unrealistically bright, Have bad off angle viewing quality, low contrast ratios and poor black level. If you don’t buy a plasma you are making a huge mistake seeing as they are superior in every way. Plasma is the king of picture quality and they also have 0 motion blur. You can even get a plasma smart tv in the same size and price range as these crap lg.

    • I would simply suggest folks do a little research on the net about these TVs. Heck, start with the 160+ reviews on Amazon and see their are pretty highly rated. Motion blur may not be a problem for many. Check them out in a store, with action on the TV (have them dial up some football or hockey for you). Then decide if you want to go plasma or LCD.

      • People should do as much research as possible. There is so many people that think led is completely separate from lcd do to how TVs are marketed. 240hz led is the new fad but if you took the best led lcd and matched it up with the best plasma and put a blu ray on both and turned off the lights people would forget lcd ever exsisted.

      • Detonation

        The problem with stores is that they put the TV’s in torch mode, blasting the brightness and contrast to make them look good on the heavily lit sales floor, which is not a realistic viewing environment.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      I’ve heard that plasmas don’t do so well in rooms with a lot of light. Any truth to that? I’d love a plasma, but the room it would go in is not that dark.

      • Trevor

        plasma use more power to run and yes are not as good in light as lcd or led. The screen is glass that’s where you get the glare from the light. Lcd you can watch in a bright room and have no issues seeing that goes for the led as well. LCD vs Plasma i would go LCD for these reasons less likely to burn the image on to the screen. They use less energy. The picture is not as deep but over time plasma losses its quality and they last more than two years. LED> both though if you can afford it. Source Proud best buy TV salesmen.. In college.

        • Detonation

          “Source: Proud Best Buy TV Salesman”

          And that explains why your entire response has inaccurate information

          • disqus_bSARnWaFFX

            how is the information incorrect. Plasmas DO spend a little more energy. Albeit maybe not that that much more but they do. Plasma does have a burn in possibility, although you’d have to leave it on a solid image for quite a long time. Plasma theoretically does eventually start losing its color after years of use.

          • Detonation

            Ok the info is technically accurate but its exaggerated in bias towards LED (the more expensive TV). LEDs consume less energy, but they are also more expensive, hundreds of dollars more expensive in comparison to an equal plasma usually. The energy savings is around $30-40 a year, which means you won’t break even on the cost for at least 5 years+. Burn in is possible, but with today’s plasma’s, unless you really abuse it, it’s a non factor. LED picture is brighter, but overall not as deep, and the back lighting effets the black levels. Now I’m not saying LEDs are bad – I had one for 3 years before I got my Plasma – but if you’re interested in the best picture quality you can get for the price, Plasma is the way to go.

        • WOW burn in on a plasma is a myth now with newer TVs, and if you knew anything you would know lcd had just as much chance for burn in. I guess I shouldn’t expect actual knowledge from someone who worked at a best buy. Just do research, try cnet for example seeing as they are one of the most popular sights for tv reviews. Look at their top five TVs and you will see 4 of the five are plasma and one that is not is a 5000 dollars lcd.

          • mike

            no He Is Right My Samsung Plasma Burned The Image Of My Xbox Dashboard After One Night on And Plasmas Suck In A Bright Room Lcd Tvs Arent 5000$.

          • That is why I said new TVs.Did your Tv have screen burn in protection? My Samsung plasma brings up a screen protector after 10 minutes of inactivity.

          • Also I currently have every window/blind in my living room open and the lights turned on and my picture is still amazing.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    not quite sure how i feel about this post… seems very gizmodo to throw in an ad with the feed. at first i noticed the URL included “drolif05-20” at the end. could that be for droid-life? i guess i’m not opposed to websites trying to make a buck, but it is written like a legitimate “hey, guys! look what we found!” especially when you find out that best buy is actually selling the 47LM7600 for $998.99. altho the others are priced slightly above amazon pricing, in my experience, they wouldnt have a problem knocking off an extra $100 if you’re not a dick. but at least you guys didnt bash best buy, like a typical gizmodo post.

  • Tcali

    Will people seriously pay for a television at these prices?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s just “Just a Television” if that was the case just buy an Old School CRT. You can tell why some TVs cost more than others spec for spec if you know what you’re buying… Most people don’t know anything about TVs

      • Tcali

        When did I say “Just a Television”?
        I have no idea what a CRT is & neither will I look it up right now.
        I was simply questioning why someone would pay for a television like this when you can get a similar one for much less that has nearly the same capabilities as these LG televisions, (albeit without the Google TV platform built-in).

  • nightscout13

    To the people wondering about Passive 3D, i would strongly recommend getting Active 3D, there’s a reason they are more expensive. The passive system’s lose 50% resolution during 3D. This is something OEM’s do not mention. Active 3D keep 100% resolution, and usually have a deeper field of view.

    • Definitely good to know.

    • watchman626

      Active is the only way to go when watching 3D content. The difference between passive and active is like night and day. The only complaint I had with Active 3D at first was the size and weight of the glasses, but Samsung recently released those lightweight glasses which resolved that issue for me.

    • anywherehome

      3D is useless……not needed on such a small device…..in cinema it has some sense but not at home on TV….better projector…..so a good deal if you do not need 3D which no one needs on such a small device….useless

      • I have a 60 Inch Samsung 3d smart tv with active 3d and it is pretty sweet. I also thought 3d on a tv was useless until I got my beast of a tv.

        • anywherehome

          ok, 60 inches is ok for 3D, so just envy you 🙂

      • nightscout13

        Last year i had a Samsung 58 inch Active 3D TV, and it was amazing to watch at home. Until someone broke my TV.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      true story. these passives look like crap. it honestly looks like those hologram “3D” post cards or whatever… the resolution is horrible and the only redeeming quality is the basically free 3d glasses. that is a minor plus tho.

    • steveliv

      Plus the Samsung 3d glasses that retail for $19.99 will work with many of this years models whose manufacturers have signed on to the 3d glass standard. Panasonic being one of them…hmmm $60 Panasonic glasses or $19.99 samsung glasses…

    • mwalker

      Not true

  • Nght12

    they still make $400 off of every 47″ they sell

  • ngfongodsirgnosri

    Mmmmm….240Hz….. All my 120Hz TV’s are giving me the stink eye….

  • david

    Stay away from these TV’s. Picture quality is atrocious!

    • Nght12

      Really? They look better than their specs wise counter-parts. 55lm6200. 3d 120hz screen. But the google has dual core processing behind the image. Only TVS it doesn’t beat out are the 240 hz 7600, and the 240 hz samsung sets.

      • People put to much stock in the 120 or 240 hz. Both will give you motion blurryness. Plasma is instantaneous with zero lag or blur .

        • Droidzilla

          ^^This. TVs are one area where it pays to ignore the spec war.

        • Taylor Levesque

          True, but sometimes glare is too much for people to handle. Also cost of running a plasma is normally double annually over the same size LED.

  • tomgillotti

    Now if only LG could make Google phones that looked that nice.

  • I wonder how many year LG will be willing to update the OS. It’s not like people would buy a new TV every 2 years (hell, my Vizio is 5 years old and I still use it every day.)

  • UrDoGG

    Dang it, every time i see flat screen tv’s priced like this, it feels like a slap in the face for being an early adopter. Back in 06′ I bought a 42′ Samsung LCD on sale for $1699… Crap…

    • cknight91

      That was in 2006 dude lol…of course you would have spent way more for a smaller TV. Some people spent $1500 for a similar TV just 6 months ago! They are the ones that should feel slapped in the face.

    • Mezmryz03

      At least you’re not the guy I sold a 720p 50″ Plasma(not smart, 175 lbs., and about 5″ think) for $25,000 in 2003.

      • nightscout13

        :O for $25K i can buy 2 motorcycle’s and 3 guns!

        • Droidzilla

          What does your motorcycle possess?

          • nightscout13

            I don’t understand your question.

    • steveliv

      I paid the same amount for a philips 42″ lcd at that time too, but after six years, you would expect prices to drop quite a bit, i don’t feel it is a slap in the face…

  • JBartcaps

    Hell yes, checkout complete. I was literally going to buy the 46″ earlier today but decided not too. Thank goodness.

    Plus I prefer passive 3D over active 3D

    • EC8CH

      i prefer to simply pass on 3D

      • Michael_NM

        ^^^ We have a winner!

      • Liderc

        I simply agree with you about this gimmicky BS.

    • nightscout13

      Have you actually tried passive versus active? you lose 50% resolution with passive 3D

      • Honestly, some people do not care about 3D. I have a 2011 LG 55 with passive 3D and it looks pretty darn good. I was not specifically shopping for a 3D TV, but this one came with it.

        • nightscout13

          I also have an LG passive 3D, but i don’t use the 3D because of how horrible it looks. But the 2D picture is REALLY REALLY good.

          • You know, since you have both and are obviously pretty charged about the active, I’ll have to check one of those out just to see the difference. I was pretty impressed by the passive on my LG, but then again, I was not shopping for that, so my expectations were low.

  • Wyveryx

    Now kindly accepting donations to purchase my new 55″ Google TV 🙂

    • Justin

      Ditto – that’s really cheap for 3D smart TV’s. Thinkin about getting one 🙂

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Think picture quality first

      • Should definitely sneak into a Best Buy or something first to see it in person.