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Video: HTC Rezound Apparently Inspires Flash Mobs


The HTC Rezound and its Beats Audio enhancements take over the streets of NYC in this latest commercial from Verizon. Flash mob!

  • christopher song

    Video mostly for the younger generation …. Most teenager like to dance if you didnt know (Hint)

  • Everyone complaining that Beats suck take this into consideration. The iBeats in the box of the Rezound are NOT true iBeats, they’re HTC’s UrBeats which are a cheaper knockoff of the iBeats. Buy a real pair of iBeats and there is a clear difference in sound quality and product durability.

    • rd

      HTC owns Beats now.

      • Technically not, they reduced their share to 25% ( I believe). But 25% of any company is still a lot of money, power and control!

  • master94

    Thought vzw forgot about the rezound. Guess not.

  • JeffDenver

    I thought they were not selling Beats Earbuds with Rezounds anymore. Did they change their minds? I thought they stopped packing these in like in February or March.

  • Andrew Elliott

    I’m pretty sure this is the same commercial from like 4 or 5 months ago I saw on Phandroid. Love your work Kellen but your a little behind on this one.

  • with networks pushing htc ads like this? no wonder htc isn’t doing as well as they should be.. worst ad everrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

  • fanboy1974

    Always had respect for the Rezound but it’s almost time to move on. Where is that 5 inch 1080p phone?

  • cb2000a


  • Where is getting ready to discontinue it so they wanted dump the last few

  • Meticode

    I’m not sure why they’re advertising this unless they’re trying just try push some Rezounds out before they don’t carry them any longer. I’ve had my Rezound since February and the phone has almost been out a full year now I believe. And with it being unlocked and s-off I love it. We got some good developers working hard on AOSP and AOKP even bricking their phones to get it to work. I’m glad I ended up getting it. I almost got the Droid RAZR, but didn’t look the feel of it in my hands.

    • JeffDenver

      The Rezound was released Nov 2011 I think. It has not been a full year yet.

  • Yakuzahi

    Why is she wearing a Nexus 7 shirt?

    • Phil

      I noticed that too. I thought it was cool

  • George264

    I saw that MONTHS ago. :3

  • jeesung

    apparently the ear buds’ fit sucks. she needs to adjust them every few seconds.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      The ear buds fit pretty well. They have changeable buds for different sizes…. Alas I never use them

  • Maria Montoya

    rezound ftw. i own gs3 rezound droid x droid x2 rezound still awsome. battery life good with roms

  • “Big Red”

    Beats by Dre is crap I will stick with my BOSE!!!

    • DAFQ

      bose? dafuq??

      get some real stuff, son.

      • JoshGroff

        Like what?

        • jeesung

          sennheiser, grado

          • JoshGroff

            Sennheiser I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about. Never heard of Grado though. I’m one of those people who just buys whatever I can get on sale for $20-50.

    • JeffDenver

      These Beats are the beat packin earbuds I have ever seen included with any phone. “Crap” is relative, especially when the price is free.

      • The ones in the box aren’t true iBeats, they’re HTC UrBeats by Dre, its a cheaper model that sounds like crap compared to true iBeats or even Studios.

    • The included headphones that came with the Rezound aren’t even true iBeats, they’re urBeats (its a cheaper model). Buy some true Beats and you will hear the difference! (I have iBeats, UrBeats, and Studios and love them)

  • shehippie

    Awesome to see a great phone is still being shown some love.

  • Watching this on my Rezound! I love it how this device sold so well and is a loved phone by lots of people (just goto Android Central and look at the most viewed threads, and most liked posts, almost all of them have the Sent from my Rezound signature) but yet HTC and Verizon treat it like a red headed, step child (literally)! I mean its still high up on the spec charts and is more than capable of running JB but yet there hasn’t been a peep about if it will even be CONSIDERED to get JB!

  • nightscout13

    Way to exacerbate the stereotype Verizon….. That all people who listen to that music behave/dance like monkeys LMFAO!

    • cobjones

      Really? Two race baiting comments.?

      • nightscout13

        Shows you how strongly i feel on the subject.

  • Nathan Corachea

    this is old…. i remember seeing this along time ago…http://htcsource.com/2012/01/step-to-the-beats-with-verizons-htc-rezound-flash-mob/ see Jan 3….

    • nightscout13

      Oh wow, you are correct… D-L has misled us……

      • jeesung

        it’s newly edited. at the end it says “now with Ice Cream Sandwich” 😉

        yeah, i watched the whole thing 🙁

    • Trevor

      I was wondering why Verizon was pumping advertising funds into the Rezound after it’s been out for so long. Now it aaaall makes perfect sense.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    LOL @ New

  • tyguy829

    why would they still be promoting rezound??

    • The specs on the Rezound are still top notch (competing with the Razr and GNexus) and it is still technically HTC’s flagship phone for Verizon!

      • JoshGroff

        The Inc 4G is better, so tell me again how the Rezound is the flagship?

        • JeffDenver

          The Inc 4G does not have this phone’s HD display.

          • JoshGroff

            That is true, but I don’t consider display an important factor. (being as I have fairly bad vision, they all kind of look the same) :/

          • Not an important factor? Its the single most important factor! What would the world’s fastest mobile processor with 10gb of ram be without a display to show what its doing? It’s not just the ppi that matters, its the size (the iPhone has a similar ppi but since the Rezound’s screen is almost an entire inch bigger, the Rezound wins every time) yes, it may be a little hard to see the difference with bad vision but when I wear my glasses or contacts, its distinct and clear that the Rezound wins anytime.

        • Inc 4g doesn’t have an HD display, it has less storage and a lot of websites are claiming that the Inc 4G’s download and upload speeds on 4G are lacking compared to others. Everything else is similar, so would you pay close to $200 just to get a phone that was released within the last 6 months or get a slightly older phone with better features for $99 (its been going on sale for free from many different vendors)?

          • JoshGroff

            I was under the impression both had the same 16GB internal storage. Also, the S4 processor even clocked at 1.2 is faster than the S3 (more noticeably so if you overclock.) As for the 4G speeds, I wouldn’t know as my area has no 4G, and I do not own either of the two.

          • Oh sorry, I don’t personally own the Inc 4G so I’m using google and some websites and one told me the wrong info. The Inc only has 8GB of internal while the Rezound features 16GB. Yes, the S4 is faster and more stable but there are also reports of it using more power than a higher clocked S3, again I can’t validate that because I don’t have one. No 4G LTE? That should be a crime! lol All of central florida where I live has it!

          • JoshGroff

            There’s 4G about 10-20 minutes away from me, it’s quite annoying to know it’s so close yet so far away. Also, the S4 “should” use less power at the same processing power with LTE enabled due to the modem being part of the SoC.

  • mustbepbs

    Wait..did he say NEW Rezound? Someone didn’t check his calendar this morning.

    • nightscout13

      November 2011 was almost a year ago….

  • John Jones

    I will never get those three minutes back….

    • nightscout13

      FaQen stupid commercial……

    • epps720

      If you’re going to have a terrible commercial, at least make sure the lead girl is hot!

    • Jarred Sutherland

      No kidding .. what ever happened to advertising the phone itself. If you missed the first few seconds of this commercial you would have no idea what it was even about.

  • nightscout13

    Maybe the phone would have sold more if you tried appealing to other racial groups besides blacks.

    • cns2007

      This is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read here. Can you be a bigger ass?

  • This video is totally fake.

    The Rezound’s battery can’t last 3 minutes and 12 seconds 😛

    • cobjones

      Better than the gnex

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Yeah, however my GNex is running JellyBean .. and to me that’s what matters over the “prettier” screen.

        • JeffDenver

          You can always upgrade software. But you can never upgrade hardware.

        • Yeah. Who cares how crappy the phone is as long as you have OMGz teh newest OS!!!1 o_O

    • JoshGroff

      That could be due to the fact that it’s pushing 342 PPI, which I believe gives it the highest pixel density of any phone on the market? I think one of the Xperias is tied with it though.

      • lolz

        Comes in handy when your battery’s dead.

        • JeffDenver

          I can always swap out my battery. You will never be able to swap out your display.

          • JoshGroff

            So true, plus with an extended battery, it can easily last through an average day.

          • I use JuiceDefender and I get an entire day of usage out of the stock battery.

          • JoshGroff

            That too, but getting 2 days off the extended is awesome. 🙂

          • But extended battery means having a brick as a phone! Much rather prefer the stock with the pretty stock back that proudly displays the Beats by Dre logo!

          • JoshGroff

            I’ll take a brick if it means I can go 2 days without a charge. (also, it depends on the battery, some are actually not that much larger but offer a decent extra bit of life.)

    • JeffDenver

      LOL! I have a Rezound with extended battery. It spanks even the Razr Maxx. I have gone 24 hours between charges before with normal use.

  • nightscout13

    Attn Verizon: You are advertising the wrong phone….

  • Can marketing completely kill a phone? All signs point to yes.

  • Dafuq?

  • You’d think Verizon would focus their advertising funds on something like a Galaxy S3.

    • noyfb

      Just saw the second only galaxy nexus commercial here in st.louis, and its geared towards kids going off to college with a discounted price of $50 at vzw. I saw 1 and only one commercial for it once back in January but that wasn’t a Verizon commercial it was a samsung commercial.