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RailMate for Android is Like a Police Scanner for Transit

An app called RailMate was released to the Play store over the weekend, giving frequent transit travelers a way to check their normal routes for transit officers, police officers, rail staff, and dangerous commuters. You can filter results by the train you normally take or train stop that you usually jump on at. You can view distances between alerts using GPS and vote on posts for accuracy. Also, be aware that posts are deleted every 24 hours so that you will only see the most current alert info.

In a way, this reminds me of the police scanner and alert apps that have grown in popularity over the years. Like those apps, this will need participation in order for it to be effective. It’s completely user-driven, so unless other users are setting alerts, this app will be useless.

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  • AusM

    I think this is a great app for Australian train commuters. Of course, it can be used to dodge ticket inspectors (since Sydney train tickets are overpriced anyway), however I can see ‘safety/convenience’ aspect of the app – i.e. being informed of the nearest police officer/train staff at train stations if you need them for any reason (stolen wallet, lost property, vandalism, damaged carriage seats etc.). Besides, CityRail trains aren’t that safe on weekend nights… Bunch of drunks and no goods looking for trouble.

  • autoverse

    So if I’m going to rob a train of 1000 gallons of Methylamine, I know what’s going to be in my ear so I can not get caught.

  • boybert

    Wait, I think this only works for one service (CityRail) which looks like it’s in Australia.

    • dasfy

      Yeah, CityRail is in Sydney, Australia.

  • boybert

    Why would you want or need to “check [your] normal routes for transit officers, police officers, rail staff”?

    And if you see a “dangerous commuter,” shouldn’t you just call 911?

    • noyfb

      Bringing Money Train to life, I can now start planning my robbery of the money train that collects all the cash from the token booths to pay off my loan sharks, I’ll need some help, is wesley snipes out of prison yet?

    • dasfy

      I suppose flagging ‘dangerous commuters’ is just a safety aspect too – it could be a drunken commuter who could potentially cause problems for others? Being able to check the location of transit officers, police officers and rail staff would comfort commuters knowing that immediate help is available at nearby stations. I mean, I would like to warn fellow commuters of drunken idiots/vandalisers etc. on the trains, who could potentially be a problem for others.

  • ManBearPig618

    So it’s basically to allow cheap people to ride public transport for free, without fear of being caught by police? Pass.

    • dasfy

      Or help a poor college/university student/person who forgot their wallet to get a much needed ride home? Sydney transit is ridiculously expensive as it is and ticket prices keep going up…

  • Looks like it’ll be useful for Eurail folk.

  • JohnPA2006

    Waze on a train?

  • First!

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    • John
      • fixxmyhead

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    • JohnPA2006

      Go stick your head in an Otterbox. hahahaahah ( I cannot think of that company without visualizing a small animal in a box that gnaws off the hand of anyone who sticks their hand inside)