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Monday Poll: Motorola Made Nexus or Unlock Bootloaders on Older Phones?

We learned this morning that big changes are about to take place at Motorola over the next year. First, they cut most of their VPs, will cut around 4,000 jobs globally, move out of unprofitable countries, and create fewer phones overall, choosing to focus instead on higher-end models. I think it’s safe to say that most of us are dying for a Motorola Nexus device to be among those select few, but what about the rest of them? Say the RAZR HD comes fully loaded with a locked up bootloader and we never see a Nexus?

Our poll today has to do with this topic. Since changes are in store, many of you are probably wondering if that means a new approach to device security, aka unsigned bootloaders. So we ask, which one is more important to you, a Motorola-made Nexus or for them to unlock bootloaders on the rest of their phones?

Motorola Made Nexus or Unlock Bootloaders on Older Phones?

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  • LilVivi

    As long as there is a nexus device on the market with comparable specs… I’m going to buy it and not bother using a custom rom. (I may still root)

  • Bruno Auguste

    my first android phone was the samsung behold 2 , my next was the galaxy s . when the nexus S came out It was my first experience with a nexus phone and I can say that is the best experience to now. I will never buy a non nexus phone.

  • Moto Nexus HD MAXX please. {{-_-}}

  • smwandrie93

    looks to me all you people who constintly bitch and moan about the locked bootloaders are voting for a moto nexus, even though they would lock that loader too?? wow you guys are cool

  • With the way samsung is being called out for blatantly ripping off their competitors and not even attempting to think for their selves while their products becoming cheaper and shoddier every year, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google finally gave them the well deserved boot in the rear… Out goes crapsung in comes Motorola!

  • dbam987

    Glad Motorola + Google are keeping the Xoom up-to-date even if it isn’t really classified as a “Nexus” device. Seeing an official Nexus Motorola Tablet would be very cool.

  • KleenDroid

    I think a Motorola Nexus would be awesome. But I think Motorola would turn things around if they changed their policy on bootloaders across the board.

    If this were the case I don’t think I’d need to look at any other phones.

  • SkewedResults

    Kellex, about half the time I see an embedded poll on this site, my browser seems to have voted for me (Chrome desktop). I hope this isn’t a common problem because I’d hate to have the results skewed.

  • Michael

    I could care less about a Motorola Nexusphone. It doesn’t mater if you are or not a fanboy that despite all the claims of openness there is still a level of control that has been put on the Nexus Devices. NO SD cards. This is purely a strategical move by google to force their cloud computing scheme and make it easier to Data mine ALL your Data. If people can’t see the logic behind their no SD cards on Nexus devices and their move to cloud computing and even take heed of what happened to an Apple user a few weeks ago whose whole digital existence was wiped out because of an over reliance on cloud computing than those that fall for an “Open” Nexus device will really see in the next few years what effect totally entrusting their data to google will have in the future.

    Not having any real option like an sd card so I can control my data and not google means I will stick with phones that don’t have as much an ulterior motive by locking you into Google’s Cloud services to keep and backup your data.

  • Unlocking bootloaders is not new money. Nexus devices are. For that reason, Nexus devices are more important

  • jaybar

    Moto build/radios>>>>>>>>>>>samsung

  • Bionic

    – The droid RAZR maxx form factor
    – 2gb ram
    – 4.7 inch or bigger screen
    – jelly bean out of the box
    – minimum 3000mah battery
    – quad core would be nice as well. But not required.

  • Daniel M. Reynolds

    For sure unlocked bootloaders on older devices. I haven’t seen a MOT yet that was worth the change.

    • Bionic

      Really? You never saw an original droid? And you really think the maxx isn’t worth while?

      • Steve Benson

        The Maxx isn’t worth the tissue I wipe my ass with. Moto, while well build, are the damn ugliest phones in existence.

  • Shortbus25

    I for one can not buy another device for a while and would love for Moto to build a Nexus phone, but would like it more if they would unlock the device I currently have just so I can enjoy this one until a said Nexus Moto device goes public for under $200.00!! I’m just saying I can’t buy a new device every few months and just got my Razr Maxx beginning of this year!! So any Nexus Moto device would have to be better!!!

  • Is it to hard to ask for both?

  • Lloyd Jones


  • majormudafuckinhun

    My next device will either be a Nexus or an iPhone. Yeah I said that!

    • Bionic


    • Steve Benson

      This is a good option. Two pure devices without interference from carriers or manufacturers.

  • Can I vote “both”?