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WatchESPN App on Android Finally Adds Comcast Support

When ESPN first launched their WatchESPN app on Android, I’ll admit that I was excited. As a Comcast customer though, that excited quickly turned into, “Oh sure, no love for Comcast customers. Why should I be surprised at that?” Now, more than a year later, Comcast and ESPN have finally come to some agreement to allow Comcast customers to take advantage of streaming ESPN content on the go. Thanks, guys! (In the most sarcastic of ways.)  

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  • The quality of video is AWFUL even on WiFi. Shitastic. Glad its finally updated (I was in same boat) but the vid quality is just really disappointing to say the least. The Olympics app is crystal clear HD quality, the ESPN video is awful at best. There are no settings to change either. WTF.

  • FCs on my DINC running CM7.1

  • TimXer

    where’s DirecTV?

  • elemeno

    Just in time for college football!

  • poeddroiduser

    Lost me with the whole cable registration thing. Good idea badly executed.

    • It isn’t difficult. If you can log into facebook, twitter, or HBO GO you can do this.

  • ceejw

    I really don’t want to install Adobe Air just to run this app.

    • zUFC

      Why, whats wrong with Adobe Air? Just so i know. thanks

      • ceejw

        I’ve found apps written in Air to be generally unresponsive and laggy.

    • streetlightman

      so don’t and don’t use the app.. no need to tell the whole world

      • ceejw

        If enough people voice their displeasure maybe ESPN will rewrite the app in java.

  • Diablo81588

    I’ll just keep streaming live channels from my dish dvr. No need for these nonsense apps.

  • Does it require Adobe Air? I remember an ESPN app that required it but I don’t remember if it is this one.

    • Radgatt


  • paul_cus

    Nice, it’s about damn time.