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Question of the Day: What’s Your Current Custom ROM Setup?


With the choices for custom ROM builds seemingly never ending and constantly evolving thanks to the release of new Android OS versions, a reader wrote in hoping we could get the community’s feedback as to which ones are their favorites and are currently being run on their phones. We have asked this question before, but it has been a while and we’ve seen the launch of many new ROM’s thanks to Jelly Bean’s debut. 

With the larger names being in the mainstream such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Bugless Beast, and others, it can be hard for someone new to the game to know which ones to try out first. To help with this, we want to see your current custom ROM setup in the comments down below. For example, I am currently using the HTC One X with an Android 4.1.1 AOSP build called Endeavoru. On my Galaxy Nexus, I am running an AOKP build that I just can’t get enough of.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know which phone you’re using and which custom ROM you’re running. Feel free to give a link to the ROM for others to try out.

Cheers Chris!

  • dylan84

    Th3Bill’s AOKP ICS on my Atrix 4G

  • CM10 preview build for the galaxy nexus

  • Paranoid android on my gnex! Couldn’t be happier with the tablet layout on the big screen

  • Roberto Taylor

    Bugless Beast is the ONLY way to go with the Gnex… 🙂

  • TheRoosevelt

    Gnex with Liquid JB

  • benny3
  • Lamer

    CM10 on my Verizon S3. Still a little buggy, but JellyBean is just so damn smooth. Google now is pretty awesome too.

  • TribalGeneral

    Bugless Beast on G/Nex – 08/07/2012 build

  • bOOm

    Bugless beast. Clean, no overhead and speed, Keano Reeves speed!

  • 3degreez

    Vanir v2.1. it’s the fastest rom i have tried, with popcoren kernal 11.6, alos great batt life

  • DeWitt

    Bugless Beast for me (Toro).

  • Meticode

    I’m on the HTC Rezound running NeoMAX 2.0 with Android 4.0.3. It’s themed with Red Alert 2.0… sceenshots here ->

    • Meticode

      Also NeoMAX has Google Now fully ported over and working 100% on it.

  • Greg Smith

    VZW Gnex with Liquid Smooth JB V2 Beta 1, Trinity Kernel, JB bootloader, Nova 1.3beta3 launcher

  • GNex running latest AOKP JB nightly

  • spickle

    normally on my G-Nex i run AOKP, but since JB came out i’ve been running stock with Nova. just waiting for AOKP to get most of their features back.

  • enel

    Galaxy Note with Paranoid android (ICS). The ultimate ROM for this phone/tablet beast.

  • Kyzys

    Epic ROM v2 Based on CNA and some Axi0m tweaks with Trinity release 35.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    BB is the best so far for me on my Gnex

  • Toro with a self-compiled AOKP, LeanKernel 4.2.0exp3-180, Black Exodus, Nova Launcher. CPU set to 180 MHz to 1350, interactive governor, deadline IO, 100 MB minfree.

  • dsass600

    AOKP JB Nightlies on my GNex, Faux kernel, Nova Launcher

  • mike

    Thunder stick jellybean On my Gnex

  • OutofStep13

    Gnex with Bugless Beast!!!!!!! Love me some Jelly Bean goodness!

  • Hitekdroid

    Galaxy S3 on Beans v5 with 1.9 kernel and with the Jelly Bomb theme. Launcher is adw pro.

  • Lakerzz

    GNex, AOKP Nightly 8/8 (…and counting)
    And, MattedBlues theme w/ Tersus icons

  • Comcord

    I’m running Fruits’N’Veggies on my GNex currently, I love it!

  • CM10 Preview Build Nexus

  • BrionBrown

    GNex with Bugless Beast