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Question of the Day: What’s Your Current Custom ROM Setup?


With the choices for custom ROM builds seemingly never ending and constantly evolving thanks to the release of new Android OS versions, a reader wrote in hoping we could get the community’s feedback as to which ones are their favorites and are currently being run on their phones. We have asked this question before, but it has been a while and we’ve seen the launch of many new ROM’s thanks to Jelly Bean’s debut. 

With the larger names being in the mainstream such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Bugless Beast, and others, it can be hard for someone new to the game to know which ones to try out first. To help with this, we want to see your current custom ROM setup in the comments down below. For example, I am currently using the HTC One X with an Android 4.1.1 AOSP build called Endeavoru. On my Galaxy Nexus, I am running an AOKP build that I just can’t get enough of.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know which phone you’re using and which custom ROM you’re running. Feel free to give a link to the ROM for others to try out.

Cheers Chris!

  • dylan84

    Th3Bill’s AOKP ICS on my Atrix 4G

  • CM10 preview build for the galaxy nexus

  • Paranoid android on my gnex! Couldn’t be happier with the tablet layout on the big screen

  • Roberto Taylor

    Bugless Beast is the ONLY way to go with the Gnex… 🙂

  • TheRoosevelt

    Gnex with Liquid JB

  • benny3
  • Lamer

    CM10 on my Verizon S3. Still a little buggy, but JellyBean is just so damn smooth. Google now is pretty awesome too.

  • TribalGeneral

    Bugless Beast on G/Nex – 08/07/2012 build

  • bOOm

    Bugless beast. Clean, no overhead and speed, Keano Reeves speed!

  • 3degreez

    Vanir v2.1. it’s the fastest rom i have tried, with popcoren kernal 11.6, alos great batt life

  • DeWitt

    Bugless Beast for me (Toro).

  • Meticode

    I’m on the HTC Rezound running NeoMAX 2.0 with Android 4.0.3. It’s themed with Red Alert 2.0… sceenshots here ->

    • Meticode

      Also NeoMAX has Google Now fully ported over and working 100% on it.

  • Greg Smith

    VZW Gnex with Liquid Smooth JB V2 Beta 1, Trinity Kernel, JB bootloader, Nova 1.3beta3 launcher

  • GNex running latest AOKP JB nightly

  • spickle

    normally on my G-Nex i run AOKP, but since JB came out i’ve been running stock with Nova. just waiting for AOKP to get most of their features back.

  • enel

    Galaxy Note with Paranoid android (ICS). The ultimate ROM for this phone/tablet beast.

  • Kyzys

    Epic ROM v2 Based on CNA and some Axi0m tweaks with Trinity release 35.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    BB is the best so far for me on my Gnex

  • Toro with a self-compiled AOKP, LeanKernel 4.2.0exp3-180, Black Exodus, Nova Launcher. CPU set to 180 MHz to 1350, interactive governor, deadline IO, 100 MB minfree.

  • dsass600

    AOKP JB Nightlies on my GNex, Faux kernel, Nova Launcher

  • mike

    Thunder stick jellybean On my Gnex

  • OutofStep13

    Gnex with Bugless Beast!!!!!!! Love me some Jelly Bean goodness!

  • Hitekdroid

    Galaxy S3 on Beans v5 with 1.9 kernel and with the Jelly Bomb theme. Launcher is adw pro.

  • Lakerzz

    GNex, AOKP Nightly 8/8 (…and counting)
    And, MattedBlues theme w/ Tersus icons

  • Comcord

    I’m running Fruits’N’Veggies on my GNex currently, I love it!

  • CM10 Preview Build Nexus

  • BrionBrown

    GNex with Bugless Beast

  • droidrage

    GNex with Bugless Beast is extremely stable and smooth. I’m looking forward to a stable AOKP too.

  • xtzee

    Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with Alliance ROM ICS v2 Beta 4.0.4

  • GNex LTE with Bugless Beast!

  • staticx57

    VanirAOSP Gnex. might give rascarlos work a try though.

  • Kaiser

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean) … Go Pete!!

  • br_hermon

    Verizon GNex Bugless Beast 8/7 build. Custom built 1% battery mod

  • Carlos Vladymir

    I’m using Team EOS 3 on my Xoom úntil a JB Bugless Beast ROM becomes available.

  • Patient Zero 3 4.1.1 by DroidTH3ORY running my homemade theme

    AOKP Goodies with the speed of DT. DAYUM

  • D3M0Nz

    Bugless Beast all day just wish he’d make a job from for crespo4g so I can get off ics. But really appreciate all his work

  • Kent Burton

    GNex Bugless Beast JB Boom

  • Keenan Singh

    Razr Maxx, cm10, Stock 4.1.1

  • nicotinic

    HTC Rezound
    ViperRez 1.0.3
    Sense 4.0

  • Travis Shepherd

    GNex w/ AOKP JB nightlies, Apex launcher with Idear icon theme.

  • justinmcox

    I am rocking aokp nightly build Aug. 8th jelly bean build. AOKp keeps updating some great features.

  • Paranoid Android until AOKP comes out with jb, I need toggles to keep whats left of my sanity

  • Scott

    VZW Galaxy Nexus running Bugless Beast (8/7 build). Amazingly smooth and stable. Best ROM I’ve tried. I miss some of the extra features on AOKP, but I’m not sure I miss them enough to move away from this rock solid, fast ROM.

  • I flashed a rom to my phone for the first time today. Went from 4.0.4 to Bugless Beast. I then redownloaded franco updater and installed r232. 🙂

  • technician199

    Running BB on my GNex & Team EOS nightly on the Xoom.

  • txtom76

    Galaxy Nexus – Toro

  • Shane Girodat

    BuglessBeast 4.1.1 its rocking my GNex.

  • William_Morris

    GNex with the latest Bugless Beast nightly. Pete is the man!!!!!!!!

  • John Davids

    CyanogenMod has become my “go-to” ROM for the past 6 months. AOKP, BB, MIUI, Liquid…all are great ROMs and have their pros and cons. But, in my opinion, you just can not beat the rock-solid stability and WIDE support of devices of CM. Even the nightlies of CM tend to be as/more stable as most other release builds you will find elsewhere. Currently rocking CM9 for both my Droid 2 and my wife’s Galaxy Nexus.

  • Nexus 7 with my own CM10 build.
    Galaxy Nexus with my own Liquid build.

  • NEXUS S4G BB with 06/09 CRESPO4G

  • flyinggerbil

    galaxy nexus/xoom/nexus 7 – bugless beast FTW

  • michaeluchikado

    GNex on paranoid android and Franco kernel (and waiting for AOKP like everyone else). Stock, unrooted N7… don’t see much of a reason to root quite yet.. I’m absolutely enjoying it the way it is.

  • Rezound with Adrenaline 2.0… slick ROM.. no issues and the latest OTA of ICS that FINALLY came out!

  • bassman418

    Vicious 4.1.1 w/ Franco r231….. waiting in official AKOP JB ROM

  • Swadiddy

    Buggless Beast 8/7 Build. Galaxy Nexus. Stock KeRNel Works Like Butter. Perfectly Smooth And Reliable.

    What Kernel Do You Use With BB And Why That Kernel?
    My Battery Life Is Fine, But If You Report Better than stock Let Me Know.

    • SeanBello

      When I was on BB I used Faux kernel. I used it because that’s what AOKP uses as their standard and it’s always been amazing and battery life is better than stock

  • Gnex bug less beast (jelly)

  • SeanBello

    On my Gnex I’m using the AOKP JB Build 1 ROM found in one of the developer’s folders with Faux kernel at 1350 no issues
    On my N7 I’m running stock JRO03D with Trinity Kernel at 1400 until there’s a stable AOKP release.

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    HTC Inspire 4G with AOSP (ICS)

  • the.cyber.trekker

    Still rocking out on my thunderbolt.. Using R3d’s iKReaM 605.19 with Holo launcher and locker with imos kernel 6.2 oc’d to 1.4 it’s slick and smooth, battery is still an issue, ugh!

  • Robert Eckhoff

    BuglessBeast GNex and Nexus 7

  • Jeff Martin

    bugless beast on my VZW Nexus.

  • RC

    Galaxy Nexus Maguro (Takju).

    ROM: MiNCO v3, by minooch and franciscofranco.

    Kernel: franco.Kernel r232

  • gokusimpson

    Droid X with BlackICE 40.5 ICS with Apex Launcher on top. Runs great…maybe I really can hold off until December to upgrade.

  • unofficial CM10 on droid razr maxx

  • Otto Dieffenbach

    Gnex w/ BB 8/7/12 ed

  • MikeSaver

    BB for Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Looking for a good kernel to improve battery life, can anyone suggest a specific one to download?

  • Galaxy Nexus running BAMF Paradigm 2.1, stock kernel, nova launcher. Best setup I have used so far.

  • eddy

    galaxy nexus with Bugless Beast

  • Codename Android 3.1.0!!!

  • wm snyder

    V gnexus AOKP aug 5th nightlies

  • Razr Maxx. Full Throttle AOSP. Have the phone a month. Been through 7 ROMs. By far my favorite. (ICS)


    Galaxy S3 on AT&T Jellybean AOKP

  • Alan Paone

    CM10 on my Gnex, and I think Bugless Beast on my Nexus 7. AOSP Jellybean on my old A500

    • Nick S

      I am also running the CM10 UNOFFICIAL on my GNex – I have been running the 8/4 build for, well, about 5 days now with no serious bugs to report. Netflix can take a few minutes to buffer & run smoothly (and is still kinda choppy after that), but that’s it.

  • Peter

    vanirAOSP 2.1 w/ trinity alpha 37…until later today when rasbeanjelly lands for toro. Trinity will stay the same tho..

  • bedwa



    Paranoid Android on Maguro G-Nex. Love my hybrid phone/tablet/phablet ROM. Screenshot attached with 180 DPI tablet mode.

  • dean2359

    Liquid smooth beta on my verizon Gnex,super smooth,great battery life and lots of great custiomizations and themes

  • palomosan

    Verizon Gnex running Jelly Bean Bamf Parading 2.1, butter.

  • chrizzle30

    Without a doubt, Bugless Beast on VZW Gnex. The latest update solves the battery issues and slow boot!!

  • spliced249

    AOKP 8/8 Release Jelly Bean

  • Southrncomfortjm

    GNex running VanirAOSP. Fastest rom I’ve tried by far and great battery life.

  • Bigwavedave25

    GNex with Bugless Beast 4.4.X currently on 8/03…. (ooh, i see there is a new update! downloading!!!)

  • Verizon galaxy nexus w/bugless beast

  • jeffbass2x

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean)

  • jcorf

    VZW Galaxy Nexus and AOKP Milestone 6.

  • ducati

    GNex VanirAOSPv2.1… its stopped fast! Left job liquid smooth and bug less best for it!

    • ducati

      Edit: stoopid fast*

  • Justin

    Gnex – Bugless Beast latest nightly (Jellybean)
    N7 – winners CM10 KANG latest nightly (Jellybean)

  • rodd berlin

    I’m currently using GNEX with AOKP 8/8 Nightlies. Love AOKP ability to replace Nav buttons with App icons. Are there any other ROMS out there that have this feature or a mod for the rom? Don’t think I can live without it. Ha Ha!

  • Paul Ostendorf

    GNex Bugless Beast 8/7 build w/ stock kernel. Love Pete’s work. Stock feel, fast and smooth. Would love better battery life though.

  • hboens

    Ultimate Droid 3.3.0 with Chevy kernel overclocked to 1.1 gHz baby!! Best rom there is!!

  • Goose306

    VZW GSIII – AOKP JB unofficial, BMc’s kernel w/ Imo lean tweaks
    DX – AOKP B39
    Nexus 7 – AOKP JB official, faux kernel

  • rkpeterson

    GNEX/Project Elite 9.0 JB

  • CM9 on a T-mobile Galaxy S2. Stable, fast and amazing battery life.

  • ntengineer

    Droid 4, ICS, CM9

  • derek connolly

    AOKP nightly build on both Gnex and Nexus 7

  • Jason Smith

    Toro running AOKP nightly 8/8

  • Answer2K1

    Galaxy Nexus LTE…Bugless Beast Jelly Bean 4.1.1 8-7-12 Build…… loving it!

  • KyRuMo

    Black Bean 3.0.7

    • KyRuMo

      GNEX with Black Bean 3.0.7 AOKP based

  • Paranoid jelly bean g-nex, tablet mode, forgot the kernel,


  • kuboo99

    AOKP Preview Builds with Franco Kernel

  • Doug Dunfee

    Toro running AOKP 8-8 with latest APEX beta.

    Fear the ‘corn bisches. 🙂

  • weaponx

    DROID RAZR running Simplex ver.1.2. Awesome

  • Atrain729

    Gnex with CM10 euroskank kang

  • Droid Bionic – ICS .232 leak & rooted. Waiting for custom ROMs to become stable.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Droid X CM9
    Droid2 Global CM9
    Droid 3 CM9
    Bionic Moto ICS(232)
    Atrix CM10
    Xoom EoS 3.0 Nightly (and it SUCKS, they have ALOT of work left)
    ***** Moto ICS(and is by far the smoothest)

  • Michael Franz

    VZW GNex with Axiom Patient Zero, Trinity kernel. Smoother then smooth

  • Tim242

    GNex AOKP 8/8 build Jelly Bean.

  • MrBigFeathers

    Galaxy Nexus (VZW) with Bugless Beast 8/7

  • Brian Fundaro

    Bugless Beast toro

  • I have a galaxy note with a 4.0.4 ics mostly stock samsung build called criskelos ICS v11.1.its fast,fluid, and battery life is awesome. It plenty of extras to chose from and alot of neat toggles.
    I also have a galaxy tab 10.1(older one) running ics 4.0.4 rom called bindroid xtc gtab xeulph v5. Its basically the stock touchwizd ics that was just released rcently but with tweaks that male it better than the normal one. Also i was running aokp before which in my opinion is better if you dont care about the camera.
    Lastly i have a droid bionic running 2.3(i know right whats wrong with me) called eclipse rom 3.0. Best gingerbread rom out there. There are some newer ics builds that incoporate an unofficial/official build that allows for hardware acceleration to work and the camera and camcorder to work as well as panorama mode but i have yet to try them . There were some aokp and aosp builds but as mentioned HC(hardware acceleration) didnt work so an app like google chrome wouldnt work and the camcorder didnt work and a few other minor bugs. Only reason i havent jumped ship to newer builds was so i could try a hack to allow my bionic to work on a gsm network. Sorry i like to be specific

  • Vantucky

    GNEX (toro) running Axiom PZ V3 and Franco nightlies.

    From looking at the comments you wouldn’t think there even any ROM’s out for phones other than the GNEX…

  • Wemsi

    Codenamandroid has all wishes combined 🙂

    • panicswhenubered

      I’ve tried BB, JellyBelly, and AOKP (JB builds). Recently flashed CNA 3.1 and I couldn’t believe the difference, CNA is fast stable and I never have any WiFi/LTE data switching issues anymore.

  • I’ve been a brave lil guinea pig and following the AOKP nightlies for GNex. It’s always fun to watch as a ROM gets better and better, and to provide that support/feedback. A few more nightlies like the one 8/8, and we will probably have a stable build soon enough.

  • joejoe5709

    Galaxy Nexus with Vicious Jelly Bean

  • bsteen

    Synergy 1.6 on GS3. Smooth like butter (even though not butter).

    • Ethan

      I was considering flashing that. Any notable issues? I’ve been reading the xda and it seems like 1.6 finally has everything working.

      • bsteen

        I’ve noticed zero problems. MMS, camera, video, etc. all seem to work. And it seems amazingly quick launching programs, moving between screens, etc. Haven’t had it long enough to know about battery power (just became available last night), but looks good so far.

    • manny108

      I’m using Synergy 1.6 also on the S3. This was my first Rom. Runs really smooth but the battery life is not that great.

  • VZW Nexus using Butternutz and PBJB

  • mplacido9

    Vzw GNex running Bugless Beast. Bugless Beast is mostly stock. Just the way I like it. Always super smooth.

  • Brandon Sikes

    I’m using JellyBelly 5.6. It sucks balls. Battery life sucks and wifi reboots the phone. About to flash Bugless Beast back to my phone. Can’t beat rock steadyness.

  • gbenj

    Gnex with Buggless Beast. (Shoutout to Willjay’s mods)

  • What happened to AOKP? Their last release was milestone 6 about a month ago (July 8). I’ve heard rumor of nightly builds running JB, but there is absolutely NOTHING on aokp.co

  • Velhym

    Droid X – Liberty 3 v2.0

    • Tom

      Liberty 3 v2.0 was by far the best ROM for my Droid 2

  • pulptastic

    LTE Gnex
    Paranoid Android 1.97a
    Trinity Kernel 1344-307 stable 35
    And loving it! PA/CM is getting caught up, almost as good as the ICS version was with a few minor bugs, nothing disruptive.

  • rodney11ride

    Gnex with 8/7 Bugless Beast 4.1.1

  • Boblank84

    running aokp nightlies on grouper and toro. trinity kernel on grouper and franco on toro.

  • Ryan

    Been using AOKP since January, running a nightly build of the JB branch currently (can’t wait until the team gets all the old features from the milestone builds back in). Previously ran CM on my Nexus for a short period of time and of course on the OG Droid after running a few different JRummy’s builds awhile back.

  • Rob

    Codename android! I’ve tried them all and its the best with great battery life. Axiom is second.

  • jikhead

    GN w/ Bugless Beast Jelly Bean

  • Sammyrocker5150

    VZW GNex Liquid Jelly Bean Beta 1. Smooth as liquid butter!

  • GNex Vicious CM10 w/ lean kernel

  • harikrisshnan

    VZW Galaxy Nexus / AOKP JB JRO03H / Faux123 Kernel for Tuna 20b4

  • KleenDroid

    At the moment I am running the new Axiom Patient Zero jb. Before that I was on Ascend V3.

    I tend to prefer Axiom roms and those built around it.

  • BAMF Paradigm 2.1 🙂

  • Anyone else here remember the Ultimate Droid days? Apparently BlackDroid is back and he’s been the one creating the Codename Android series of ROMs for the GNex.

    I’m super tempted to try one out. UD back on Droid Forums was my first custom ROM experience on the OG.

  • Toro – tried all the big JB Roms and even some of the lesser known ones. Really enjoyed the experience, especially ViciousJellyBean.

    Currently though – I’m stock, unrooted and bootloader locked. Why? For my particular GNex, I get the best reception/sound/GPS/batter/stability this way.

    And I kind of want to see what it’s like to get a true OTA for once.

  • Galaxy S3 unlocked on Straight Talk. Stock, rooted, with Wallet, Google Now, and 50gb Dropbox.

  • Black Roger

    BAMF Paradigm v2.1 on the GNEX

  • I finally tried Paranoid Android JB. I’m not sure if I’ll ever use anything else.
    1.97a Paranoid
    Trinity 1344/384
    VZW GNex of course

  • Chris Jones

    LTE GNex, running Bugless Beast JB, Trinity Kernel 35

  • #BuglessBeast on Toro bitches!!

  • James Jun

    Bugless Beast FTW!

  • Doan

    VZW GS3 rooted only; waiting for CM10

    • Vzw gs3 running cm10. Runs awesome.

      • Doan

        Waiting for a stabler version, I guess I should say.

        Last time I looked into it there were camera/sms/data issues.

        What features are currently not working (or not working as intended)?

        • Nathan Corachea

          Not working – MMS (but has workaround, find it on XDA) Netflix, laggy youtube, wonky haptic feedback, weird 3g issues. That’s all ive noticed. That”s what I usually hear about.

        • All three issues have been remedied. But it seems the host site for the rom is down..

    • Nathan Corachea
  • DroidJunk

    Darn… no Junk fans. Junk still on ICS, but will soon be on JB.

  • GNEX with Liquid JB v2.0Beta1

  • Bugless Beast!

  • adb.push.Freedom

    *Liquid Smooth JB v2.0 Beta1
    *Trinity Kernel
    Its Bugless Beast on steroids.. I have alot of respect for Pete, but if your going to flash a custom ROM why not have customization options?

  • Shaun Williams

    Bug less beast gnex

  • mustbepbs

    Verizon Galaxy S3 – Stock rooted. Nothin’ betta’.

    • Nathan Corachea

      Invisiblek has a stock stripped down version. It is better just cuz it runs smoother since he took out a bunch of bloatware and what not.

      • mustbepbs

        Eh, what he considers bloat and what I consider bloat are very different. I’d rather freeze what I feel I don’t need.

        • Jwhap

          Touchwiz folder system sucks!!!! I was shocked Samsung took the basic functionality of folder creation out of the android experience!

          • mustbepbs

            Yeah that’s basically it though. And I can deal with an extra step.

  • GNex with AOKPs 4.1.1 preview, love the customization — Nexus 7 with ParanoidAndroid- perfect for the tablet!

  • GNex toro – euroskank cm10 kangs

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    VZW Gnex Running Bugless Beast JB

  • luvpetey

    #buglessbeast baby!

  • buckazui

    Galaxy Nexus (vzw toro) im using liquid rom 1.5 (4.0.4 ICS build) i have tried all of the jelly bean ones on xda and while alot of them are smooth i get better built in mods and tweaks on the ICS for now. liquid rom has been one of my favs for a while now. i also recommend aokp and gummynex. for jelly bean bugless beast was the smoothest but i think they are all pretty good im just waiting for more devolpment of the 4.1 os.

  • Captain_Doug

    Dinc2 with aeroevan’s CM10 port.

  • VZW GNEX with AOSP Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Build JRO03L 8/7/12
    Kernel is Faux 123 JB

  • Surrelly GNex GSM and Bugless Beast(08/07 build), God bless you Pete 😉

  • Alex

    GNex with Liquid Smooth 4.1.1 Beta. Sick fast, and notification toggles make my life tolerable.

  • NorCalGuy

    Gnex switching between AOKP AND CM10 nightlies on both. Aug-8-aokp and Aug 6 cm10.

  • Verizon Galaxy S3 w/ Nova Launcher Prime. GOML.

  • Matt A.

    -GNex with Team EOS JB & Trinity kernel
    -N7 with Team EOS JB & Trinity kernel
    -Xoom with Team EOS & faux kernel

  • Booyah

    GNex Toro with 8/7 BB Jelly Bean. No kernel at the moment

  • hellnoez

    Verizon white version 16gb running cm10 with soft keys mod. Sense trial theme

  • NYAvsFan

    GNEX, AOKP JB, stock kernel that came with it.

  • lolitsnoah

    GNex with Eclipse JB rom, I love the blacked out theme with inverted apps.
    And I have an OG Transformer running Eos

  • Original Incredible with Cyanogenmod (wifi only now)

    Incredible 4G LTE – Waiting for Cyanogenmod to come to it

  • Morenoc12

    CM10 On Galaxy SIII

  • Mitchell Steele

    GNex W/ Bugless Beast

  • Dave

    GNex with Euroskank’s JellyBro (CM10 Kang)

  • Evo 4G LTE running CleanROM DE by me…

  • JMonkeYJ

    bugless beast since OG Droid, and still rocking it on my GNex!

    just stock rooted on my Nexus 7. don’t see any reason to ROM it yet, but paranoidandroid looks very tempting.

    • Booyah

      Did the same with my N7, but not sure there are any ROMs that provide anything over stock at the moment, even though BB has a build now.

      • JMonkeYJ

        paranoidandroid allows you to choose to have full tablet mode on the N7 on an app-by-app basis (including the home screen, which is what i most want). i think it’s still pretty early and not sure if i trust it yet tho…

  • My Gnex and Nexus 7 are both on stock and locked because I have to get replacements for both. I am so sad.
    It’s been a rough week.

  • Nexus 7 16GB w/ Paranoid Android 1.97a (CM10) & Motley Kernal Build #176

  • Dan Knapp

    Verizon GNex with VanirAOSP v2.1 (link here: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/30520-romv2186jb-vaniraosp-its-speedy-gonzales/) Comes with PopcornKernel 11.6. I REALLY think this ROM deserves more love!

    Had been with Bugless Beast but switched a couple of days ago and not regretting it one bit! Seems smoother, battery has been better, plus toggles, built in beats, and a number of AOKP-ish customization options.

    Also have an HP Touchpad running the CM 10 Preview. Not fully baked yet but not half bad for my fire-sale tablet! 🙂

    • Peter

      VanirAOSP is the biggest sleeper on rootzwiki. Its so damn good. I’m using it exclusivly until Rasbeanjelly comes out for toro.

    • Thanks for the recommendation- I’ve been looking for something new to flash over to

  • Josh Fischer

    GNex w/ Codename Android 3.1 (Jelly Bean), Franco Kernel

  • Bugless Beast is so far the best i have ran on my g nexus, mostly stock but im not into to many bells and whistles

  • D2tmo 8/08 moarbutter aokp build.

  • geedee82

    Galaxy Nexus running Xenon HD JB, and Francos r230 kernel. Xenon HD is super fast, super stable, and has tons of customization (I believe the ROM Control is built from AOKP). I’ve tried many JB roms and this one is by far the most stable.

  • LeDerp

    AOKP JB nightly 08/05 and Franco Kernel nightly 231-384GPU

    Lovin it. I kinda wanted to use Juice Defender cause ive found my battery isnt as amazing as when i installed the stock JB…gotta say ROM Control of AOKP is taking up a lot of battery, needs more tweaking!

  • shecalledmejay

    GNEX running Codename-3.0, I love the custimzation on this jelly bean rom. I’m still looking for a battery saving kernel though.

  • KJ Davis

    Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast (Android 4.1.1 JRO03L Build) on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. His ROM has been solid!

  • Gnex, Xenonhd with trinity kernal

  • GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean) 8/7/12 Build using Kernel that comes with ROM. No hiccups whatsoever….truely Bugless.

  • ehaus81

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast 8/7. It’s just the best

  • G-Nex

    toro = AOKP nightlies (was running BB until yesterday, battery life was horrible for me)
    grouper = stock for now (unlocked and rooted of course) just don’t see a need for a custom ROM at this point. Stock JB is great!

  • Why are so many people running Bugless Beast? I haven’t tried the JB variant, but I always found the ICS version lacking in features.

    I’m running PatientZero V3 which was released yesterday by DroidTh30ry.

    Fast, smooth, and enough features from AOKP to keep me happy.

    Not much of a “opening thread” currently, but here is the support thread:

    And to download:

    • Steve Benson

      Because it’s Bugless. Hands down, Pete makes the most rock solid, bug free ROM each and every time.

      • mustbepbs

        Exactly. Something isn’t broken or borked with each release that they have to go back and fix. It’s solid. Rock solid.

  • BestonMars

    AXI0M Patient Zero

  • Droid RAZR with Simplex V 1.2 ICS ROM and MikeyXDA’s V6 Google Now.

  • lumpysherman

    VZW Gnex with JB BuglessBeast.

  • jared leboeuf

    Bugless Beast (8/7 Build), no mods. Great ROM!

  • Galaxy nexus running vicious jellybean rom

  • AJ

    dInc2 running Kangdemnation V0.4.

    Having issues with the usb port and charging (second phone i’ve had this issue on) and thinking about upgrading to gNex or gS3.

  • VZW G-Nex running Bugless Beast JB (4.1.1)

  • nadji

    Gnex w/ paranoidandroid (JB:CM10 Hybridmod)

  • Jigga_Z

    LTE Galaxy Nexus running Bugless Beast. Peter is a superb developer and makes a fantastic ROM.

  • maybbmay

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean)

    So stable and reliable. Hats off to Peter!

  • schmaltzy

    Sporting a Samsung Galaxy S 3 (Verizon) running Synergy 1.6 (Android 4.0.1)

  • GNex with CM9 and Google Now flashed.

  • JDHokie

    Galaxy Nexus with Bugless Beast. WillyJay’s circle battery/blue zenyth mods thrown on top.

  • Steve Douglas

    Thunderbolt with BAMF SOAB 1.04. This ROM made me enjoy my TB!!

  • Moto Atrix running a CM10 port

  • planetes42

    Galaxy Nexus with Bugless Beast.

  • Currently using Team Venom’s ViperRez 1.0.3 on my Rezound. ICS, Sense 4, tons of great tweaks, very stable.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This past Sunday I FINALLY got around to flashing a custom ROM on my Galaxy Nexus. And that ROM is none other than the INCREDIBLY SUPER ULTRA MEGA FAST Liquid Smooth Jelly Bean Edition!

    Oh man…WOW, what a difference, too! Especially coming from the stock 4.0.2(LOL!). Seriously, you kidding me?! Holy wow, my Galaxy Nexus is like a billion trillion million times faster than it has ever been before. Definitely a colossal difference!

    And now the real question remains…why in the HELL didn’t I flash this ROM sooner? Guess that, like everything else in the world, will remain a mystery. For now.

    • geedee82

      Glad you finally pulled the trigger.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah man, same here! Just can’t believe I didn’t take the dive sooner. Ah well…better late than never, as the old saying goes.

    • how is battery life on liquid rom?

      • Mjv5117

        great, it comes with trinity kernal, honestly fastest smoothest from I’ve used so far

        • EvanTheGamer


      • EvanTheGamer

        Battery life is incredibly long-lasting with Liquid Smooth! And not only that, but charging the phone is really fast, as well!

        Overall, a superb experience!

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      Awesome! Glad to have you amongst the ranks.

    • ChrisTraeger1

      Nice! That’s what I’m running. Can’t believe someone rooting for the first time had to be the one to mention it haha.

  • MrSteve920

    GNex w/ AOKP self compiled on August 2 and Leankernel 4.2.0.
    Compiling a new AOKP JB build right now.

  • jpfrasier

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket cyanogenmod 9 RC2

  • Brian

    Liquid Beta 2 for GNEX. Was running AOKP recent build for awhile but really did not like the battery life. I preferred Liquid ROMS on ICS and looks like the same will be true for Jelly Bean.

  • Steve Benson

    Verizon G-Nex – 08/07 Bugless Beast

  • skyskioc

    Galaxy nexus Toro running AOKP JB NIGHTLYS stock kernel inverted gapps 2100 MAH battery with black cruiserlite androidified case with stock Samsung earphones and stock charging cord and charging in my cigarette lighter. AOKP,HOT CHICKS,BEER NIGHTLYS, FTW !

  • GNex w/ Bugless Beast (current)

  • CoCoCalypso

    D2G running Liberty.

    VZW Gnex running Bugless Beast, but only until AOKP drops and official release.

  • magikdroid

    Gnex running Axiom PZ v.3

  • jake

    Galaxy Nexus 4g / Bugless Beast ( jelly bean )

  • Matt

    Bugless Beast JB for me as well. Runs extremely smooth.

  • jeesung

    Razr Maxx w/ Arctic 2.2 (ics)

  • I compile and build AOSP for my Galaxy Nexus!

  • VZW Gnex AOKP JB Kernel = Trinity

  • jacker101

    S3 with FoxHound rom *the best*

    • Nathan Corachea

      Is this ICS or JB?

  • mjmedstarved

    VZW G-Nex — Jelly Belly v6.0 — Trinity Kernel

  • onlineguy

    Toro BB 8/3 will do 8/7 tonight I have ? about clearing out all the ROM downloads in CWM is there away to get rid of old ROMs that I have downloaded and will not use again

  • Up until 10 minutes ago I was running Liquid Beta1. Started getting a few hangs on boot and i JUST flashed Jelly Belly 6 to give it a shot. Have used BB as well. All great ROMS

  • Gnex with Codenameandroid 3.0 w/trinity kernel

  • Gnex running Paranoid Android, Franco kernel.

  • JagoX

    Verizon GNex – CM10 Preview (08/04)…and ROCK STABLE! 😀

  • PSch

    Freshest bugless with Nexus

  • cooksta32676

    DX with Liquid 4.0.4…worst combination ever. 5-10 battery pulls per day, 3-5 full charges per day. Getting CM9 stable tonight. Putting a .38 special thru this phone as soon as the next beast drops within 4-6 weeks.

  • hackthis02

    Droid X² with CM7

  • Chris Wilkey

    Toro, Bugless Beast 8/7

  • Gnex: bugless beast latest build

  • thesailingboss

    Galaxy Nexus runnning CM10 Preview Build

  • I using TeamEoS stingray ROM for my XOOM LTE

  • petesbbisgreat

    is anyone running Bugless Beast with bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 enabled? if so…let me know pleasE!!! trying to get my metadata to show on my car’s head unit

  • lsanford255

    redemption ROM JB v1.1

  • mushat3k

    HTC One XL running team nocturnal special edition 2.2

  • ddevito

    According to pete alfonso’s github changelog, it seems the 08-07 build incorporates new Verizon radios, but I don’t see the version change.

    Anyway, I now get LTE in my office, I was only able to get it in other areas of my building; before I only got 3G. SWEEEET.

  • Eric

    Verizon Gnex, Paranoid Android JB, Undervolted Trinity kernel.

    I have been rolling with Paranoid Android for about 4-5 months now and I don’t think there is anything else out there even worth checking out…

  • mRom 1.5… Mmmm Jellybean goodness.

    • wickets

      best rom evah…….what really gets me is how a lot of these dev and their disciples rave about a rom and how good it is but in the meanwhile 400 pages (ok, I exaggerate slightly) of rootwizi or xda later they are still getting stuff fixed. This rom was the berries from 1.1

      • My brother is running Jelly Belly, and that’s a good ROM, as well.

        I like mRom, but, sometimes, some of the GApps aren’t signed properly, which requires a dive into Root Explorer to delete the app, reboot, and reinstall, but it’s not all bad.

        Overall, though, mRom is updated quite fast, I like it!

  • JellyBelly 6.0, stock kernel that came with ROM. I like a stock ROM that I can add mods to rather than a fully modded ROM that has a bunch of stuff I do and don’t like.

  • ten2o3

    Toro – AOKP JB nightlies

  • No MIUI love around here?

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    AOKP JB nightly with Imoseyon LeanKernel 4.2exp

    Damn good stuff.

  • Russ

    Kangdemnation 0.4 with GNow and CMW v6

    • KB Smoka


  • pepipeman

    Galaxy Nexus with aokp toro jb aug-08-12 and Lean Kernel 4.2.0

  • Jack Holt

    Gnex with JellyBelly 5.6. Stock kernel (flashed with rom).

  • DanWazz

    VZW Galaxy Nexus running Bugless Beast 4.1.x (7-24 build)

  • daniel.archibald36

    Motorola Xoom 4G LTE running official Jelly Bean 4.1.1 that I recieved in OTA last weekend

  • Galaxy Nexus with AOKP JB nightly and Franco kernel.

  • Gus

    Toro: Bugless Beast
    N7: Bugless Beast

    Long live, Pete!

  • SD_Scott

    Galaxy Nexus with Liquid Beta 1, has trinity kernel baked in. I’ve experimented with a lot of ROMS bc, well, I’m a flash whore. I know I have a problem but I feel like I must try them all… Anyways, Bugless Beast is decent but I missed the customization that Liquid allows. Link for Liquid is below.


  • Galaxy Nexus on Bugless Beast, with Franco Kernel

  • antwonw

    Galaxy Nexus (VZW toro) running Bugless Beast! Its amazing!!!!

  • Toro…Latest release of Bugless Beast. Best ROM I’ve used

  • Evo 3D – SOSM (Swagged Out Sense) 2.4.5

  • BikerBob1789

    Thunderbolt, Skyraider 1.3.

  • Tony Hall

    I’m Running Paranoid Android on my Gnex, which is awesome because you can run the ROM in “Hybrid” mode, which allows sepearte DPI setting in every app, or you can run tablet mode on your phone aswell. Its CM10 based, and worth a try!

    • I’m also runing Paranoid Android (JB, CM10) on my GNex with Trinity Kernel.

  • GNex, CNA 3.1.0, Franco 231

  • MrWicket

    Bugless Beast!

    if more specifics are desired it’s the 8/7 nightly no mods!

  • Galaxy Nexus with Alpha build of CM10, stock kernel.

  • Gnex with 08/07 Bugless Beast!!!!

    • eric


    • UrDoGG

      I am running version 07/24 of BB on my GNEX. Everything is working perfectly and the phone is ridiculously fast. Is installing the 08/07 version worth the time?
      I also have a Nexus 7 running stock, and I really can’t tell if there is a difference between Jelly Bean on it and on my GNEX…

      • DaveTea

        Yes, flash the latest version, it has some bug fixes and the latest AOSP code as well as at least one of the newer binaries that was recently released for the VZW GNex. No need to wipe, just flash and then wipe the cache.

        • 2ceedz

          Latest build also fixed the VZW login issues (for the nfl app)

        • UrDoGG

          Thanks, man. See my response to Adam Truelove above.

        • Larizard

          I’m having delayed text messages on my GNex.. I wouldn’t receive text messages for hours until i sent one first… then i’d receive 5 at a time.. You think flashing the newest build would fix that?

          I never had this problem until I rooted and installed ROMs on my phone…

      • Flashing the latest version is simple and never a bad idea, especially with bugless beast as it is nearly always bugless, unlike most other ROMs where the devs introduce as many bugs as they fix. All you have to do is wipe cache before flashing.

        • UrDoGG

          Thanks, man. I just installed it. In terms of performance, I can’t really tell a difference at this point. But everything works as it should, and that is all that matters.
          This is off the subject, but I have notice that people have down-ranked our comments… not that I really care, but why would anyone down-rank people asking and answering legitimate questions?

          • Unless Pete specifically adds UX features, you won’t really notice the changes, but your phone will be more stable overall.

            Also, I can only assume I was downvoted because of my comment “…unlike most other ROMs where the devs introduce as many bugs as they fix.” People are very defensive of their ROM choices.

    • Timmy

      I have tried a few custom ROM out there but the best is still Bug less Beast be oz it is the most stable ROM. Others tend to have bugs like high temperature, torch light function can’t work, not able to edit picture in Gallery, etc

  • nsauce7

    Toro AOKP JB nightlies

  • Toro w/ Jelly Belly 3.8

  • none. stock gnex, and my phone still does everything I want it to

  • Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Belly 6.0

    • John

      +1 to this setup. Also a a few mods flashed over JellyBelly & it’s running great. Very content so far until AOKP catches up on their mods.

      • What mods are you running?

        • John

          Simple ones by will-jay & one other guy in that ridiculously big rootzwiki thread. I’m using the new ones made for v6. Circle battery, brighter notifications, quick nav button flash, reboot menu, and centered clock on lockscreen

    • johnc7995


      • duke69111

        Version of the rom.

    • Will

      Jelly Belly 6.0 with Trinity kernel is delightful.

  • Alix8821

    VZW Galaxy SIII = SynergyROM 1.5 (LeanKernel)

    Wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1 = AOKP / Task ICS

    • manny108

      Where did you get the lean kernel from? I flashed Synergy Rom 1.6 but, they haven’t made a Kernel for it yet I thought.

      • Alix8821

        On Rootzwiki… Only 2 kernels for VZW GSIII are LeanKernel and invisiblek

  • schoat333

    LTE Gnex with AOKP JB

    I went to CM9 with ICS, but I think I will just stick with AOKP on JB.

  • Galaxy Nexus (toro) -Latest JB AOKP preview – Franco Kernel R#231

  • Chahk Noir

    Galaxy Nexus with CM10 kang.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    CM 10 Preview SGS3

  • Was on Jelly Belly until yesterday when I decided to try the new AOKP. Unfortunately that is a bit too buggy for me still. Lots of force closes/reboots. I’ll go back once it’s more stable. Going to try BB and if I don’t dig that i’ll get JB 6.0

  • Mike Yoder

    Galaxy Nexus – Bugless Beast, 8/7 build – no custom kernel

  • Dave Miller

    Patient Zero B3 – nothing else needed 🙂

  • Hunter

    GNex w/ Bugless Beast (Jelly Bean)

    • What I am doing till AOKP gets all its features back.

      • What I’m doing until Jelly Belly stops having bugs (Last I used was 5.3)

        • picaso86

          I am rocking CM10 Jelly Bean on my Razr Maxx – extra smooth and got my data working.

          • ToTheMaxx

            Can i grab that on xda?

        • 6.0 just came out today but I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet.

    • Yeah, same here. But it’s pretty bare bones, and it doesn’t look like he’s planning any updates. Guess I’ll keep an eye on AOKP.

      • duke69111

        There was an update on August 3rd and 7th.

      • paladaxar

        That’s where much of the appeal of BB comes from…it’s bare-bones and almost perfectly stock. Some people want tons of features baked into their ROM, others want the basics and we’ll add in whatever we choose. We all get our favorite feature of Android: choices. Personally, I think I’ll be sticking with BB for quite a while.

        As for updates, Pete always keeps up with the latest AOSP builds — he just released 03L yesterday…practically within hours of it being released.

        • Wow, it’s weird what people will downvote here. Anyway, thanks for the info, I’d just been checking his blog and thought he’d put something up there if he did an update, but I see them now.

          Can you flash them dirty?

          • br_hermon

            Flash dirty only if coming from a previous BB Rom. Otherwise, wipe data, cache & dalvik

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      Same here, with Nova Launcher as well.

    • Roberto Taylor

      Love how people are using Bugless Beast until (insert name here) gets all the bugs fixed. Guess what? Bugless Beast has no bugs to fix…lol #sillynoobs

  • webharsh

    HTC Sensation with BadOSP (based on AOKP M6). If you like Sense then Vipers 1.1.0 is awesome.

  • Murphy

    Thunderbolt – Thundershed 1.6, imoseyon 6.2.1 AOSP kernel, OC to 1.5

  • Galaxy Nexus with AOKP JB
    Nexus 7 aosp 4.1.1 CM Kang

  • VZW Galaxy Nexus – Jelly Belly 6.0

  • muffnman

    Galaxy Nexus (toro) – AOKP 8/5 JB nightly

  • Rashad Moore

    Android Revolution HD on Galaxy S3 International, CM10 on Infuse 4g

  • Toro – Bugless Beast

  • Nathan Corachea

    DInc AOKP Build whatever before M6
    Verizon S3 8/06 CM10

    • manny108

      Where did you get the CM10 Rom for Verizon S3. Is it stable?

      • Nathan Corachea

        If you download goomanager, you can find the latest ones there. I use it as my daily driver. MMS doesn’t work, but they have a work around for that, and you can find it in the XDA forums. The haptic feedback is kinda buggy, so I disabled mine for now until they fix it. 4G is great, but 3G is kinda buggy. Everything else works. OH Netflix doesn’t work and Youtube is can be laggy at times.

      • Nathan Corachea

        Download goomanager so you can get the lastest builds.
        http://rootzwiki.com/topic/30456-vzweasy-unofficial-guide-to-installing-cm9cm10/ thats the installation guide though. And I use it as my daily driver. MMS doesnt work but theres a work around. Netflix doesnt work. Youtube can be laggy at times. good 4g. weird 3g. haptic feedback needs work

    • I ran the 8/6 build but had to go right to the 7/31 as it was extremely laggy. After a few days most everything works and is stable and smooth but certainly not 100% yet.

      • Nathan Corachea

        8/6 is working fine for me so far. But everyone seems to be having a different experience with it so yeah.

  • T_Dizzle

    Liquid Smooth aosp complete with chrome ring clock. Runs so fast on my gnex and my battery life is amazing. GPS is perfect as well.

  • ddevito

    GNex running Bugless Beast Jelly Bean. best in da biz.

    Nexus 7 running stock, but unlocked, rooted and tempted to install Bugless on that as well (grouper build)

  • Andrew Elliott

    Galaxy Nexus AOKP JB nightlies, Stock Kernel, Ghost Theme….SEXY

  • Gnex, AOKP M6 (wont upgrade to JB till they get all the options they had in ICS), FK r196

    • RGiskard

      Almost the same here, but last FK milestone instead…

  • sixohtew

    og inc – cm9
    inc2 – cm9
    galaxy s3 – cm10
    hp touchpad – cm9
    google tv – rooted stock with custom kernel

  • Brien Gerber

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus: Bugless Beast (8/7 Build)

    • Same.

    • Michael Southerd Jr

      Same Here but with the Franco Kernel.

      • tu3218

        hows battery life? I’m giving the stock kernel a chance but curious.

      • Booyah

        The latest Franco works well with BB? For some reason only thought it was optimized for AOKP…

        • I just flashed BB today and flashed r232 as well. it took FOREVER to boot. I thought it was hanging, but then it kicked in. I hope it was just a one time thing.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Franco was having some issues with my GNex on BB… when 8/03 dropped I left it with the stock kernel and seemed to have a smoother experience

    • DidIt


    • Pdiddy187

      Yep, but running lean kernel.

    • X

      Hell Yeah!!

    • X

      All the way!! XD

      • thats a bad ass homescreen..

      • ChrisTraeger1

        Nice home screen man. What icon packs is that?

  • MJZ

    Bionic ICS .232
    Not exactly a custom, but not stock either 😉

    • Silly question, has anyone got any decent idea how long before that gets released? My wife is annoyed as hell with her Bionic, and I want to update, but don’t want to have to flash back in a week.

    • MattH818

      Bionic ICS .230 here. It lives!

  • theentropic

    Galaxy Nexus: Bugless Beast (8/7 Build), No mods/custom kernals
    Transformer Infinity: Stock everything (not even rooted yet)

  • JustTrollin69

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus
    Bugless Beast release from 08/07

    I have tried about 5 JB Roms for fun, but found Bugless Beast to be smoothest and most stable. (My experience).


    • ArmanUV

      How different is it from stock AOSP?

      • Seth McDonald

        Not very different at all

      • JustTrollin69

        Not very different, they aimed to keep it as stock as possible. Only differences I know are volume boosts for the phone and chrome is the stock browser. I love chrome but enjoy having the regular browser too, so if you’re like me, just download the apk and you’re good to go. Hope that helps.

    • Tyler

      Which 5? I’ve tried BAMF Paradigm, Vicious v1 4.1.1, and i’m currently on Jelly Belly 5.5.

      • JustTrollin69

        Let me think, I definitely tried vicious, Jelly Belly, Razor’s Jelly, Rootzboat, and I believe one other one before those rolled out that I don’t know the name, probably still on my internal storage. But out of those, I had to stick with Bugless Beast.

        In my experience with it, I never had any gps, bluetooth or wifi issues, gave me my correct location each time, Google Now works perfectly, and overall just very smooth and stable (just issues I’ve heard others had with JB Roms)

  • Ethan

    I’m still running the stock ICS build on my S3- definitely need something better. However, I’m not terribly advanced with rooting/flashing/recovery, so does anyone have a good suggestion of what would be a good build for me? Running the S3 on VZW (grumble bootloader grumble)

    • Nathan Corachea

      CM10 Works pretty well. I’m happy with it! But since you’re new to this, maybe start off with invisiblek’s stripped down version of the stock touchwiz for the s3.

      • Ethan

        Thanks a lot, Nathan. I appreciate the help!

  • zorak19620

    Thunderbolt-Rooted Stock. No ROM I’ve tried has been solid enough to make the switch.

    • Steve Douglas

      I’ve tried a couple CM7 and BAMF SOAB 1.04. I love the BAMF ROM, but had to change to the launcher to ADWLauncher to make the ROM flawless.

      • agree bamf for tbolt the best rom on battery was bamf forever, now on gnex i has 8/7 BB but im trying out this liquid beta1 tonight.

  • thistimearound

    OG EVO – CM10 Unofficial Nightlies, Stock theme.
    HP Touchpad – CM9 Official Nightlies, Stock theme.
    N7 – Stock, rooted/unlocked. Kind of enjoying a bugless version of Android for once.

  • VZW Galaxy Nexus with Liquid Smooth JB Beta 1 – http://rootzwiki.com/topic/31097-rom411aosp-liquid-smooth-jelly-bean-beta-1/. No custom kernels or additional tweaks – it’s got most of what I want (everything I need) and development appears to be moving along nicely.

  • I’ll tell you what. I received a replacement Galaxy Nexus from.Verizon with IMM76Q (not released from my research) and battery life and over all performance far surpasses and from and kernel combo I’ve ever used. So I haven’t loaded any new roms on there.

  • k_nivesout

    Toro – CM10 jellybro kang (8/09) – Leankernel

  • Tristan Cunha

    Galaxy Nexus with Bugless Beast

  • Galaxy Nexus, Eclipse JB Beta 8… Nexus 7, STOCK. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, and put the stock launcher back into Eclipse… I think it still works great. 🙂

  • moelsen8

    vzw gnex with cm9rc2. love the stability.

  • anoninja118

    Galaxy Nexus – AOKP JB w/ Faux’s kernel and NitrozK’s Black Exodus theme
    Nexus 7 – BAMF 2.0 w/ Trinity kernel and BigDX’s Jelly Bean Extreme theme

  • AOKP Nightlies on my VZW GNex. Franco kernel nightlies.

  • Caprica_6

    Tbolt, Liquid Gingerbread v3.2 OH GAWD JUST RELEASE A LEAK FOR ICS ALREADY

  • Galaxy Nexus (Toro) – AOKP JB 8/8 Nightly… just flashed it actually. Bugless Beast was far too stripped down for me. Didn’t even make it 24 hours! 😀

  • Lates AOKP nightly Jelly Bean Rom for GSM Nexus(8/8)… Franco Kernel r232

  • G nex with AOKP jellybean preview build 6 with a no nav bar mod and lmt installed to get the quick controls like the browser to replace the nav bar. Hooray for full screen!

  • CyanogenMod10 preview 8/4

  • Eos! On the Nexus & Xoom!

  • Using Safestrap on my D3 to switch between Steel Droid v5.6 (ICS) and Mav Rom v4.5 (GB) 😀

  • switched to helly bean last night. came frome icszenwich. thanks to all the devs out there that do what you do. (samsung vibrant)

  • Still running a Stock Rezound on ICS, I heard a lot of Jelly Bean ROMS would be released soon after the kernal source for ICS was released with the official update that came this month. If this is true when should we see stable JB roms for the Rezound?

  • Hayden Bridges

    Cyanogenmod 7.1 for Telechips (on my Coby Kyros) http://androtab.info/cyanogenmod/telechips/

  • Stephen Partington

    I am currently running a Droid Bionic with the ICS .232 leak and ReadHEad_RC6 and Nova Launcher so far everything is wonderful and he OC to 1.2 is very solid.

  • Nemo Hoes

    Galaxy Nexus running Viscous Jelly Bean, but very patiently waiting for AOKP to release their Jelly Bean Rom!

  • daniel walsh

    AXIOM PZ B3, Popcorn kernel 11.6, and kimirth3ory theme.Galaxy Nexus FTW

  • Michael Forte

    Galaxy Nexus, AOKP JB nightlies and Lean Kernel. Also using inverted Google apps.

  • I’m currently running Viper4G by Team Venom on my Evo 4g LTE

  • Jack


  • RCCola85

    Currently running Bugless Beast on both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, both using the Trinity kernel too. I’ll probably switch to CM10 once they put out a release candidate. I was using AOKP for awhile too but switched over to Bugless once the dev put out his Jelly Bean version. Been with it ever since.

  • Ron

    Pete’s Bugless Beast was the best on the OG and is still the best now.

  • Galaxy Nexus with AOKP JB, stock kernel.

  • drewc15236

    Bugless beast on Galaxy nexus.

  • AOKP jellybean preview 4 i think… With the latest franco JB kernel. r232 i believe. working great. I’ll be flashing one of the newer nightly versions in the next few days.

  • BB JB, Nova Luancher, Tersus Icons all three makes for a really sexy GNex.

  • Gnex with BAMF 2.1 (4.1.1). Great battery life, good mods, recommend it to anyone.

  • big007hed

    On my Galaxy Nexus LTE I am running Liquid Smooth Beta 1… I love it, smooth and not buggy at all!

  • Matt

    droid X running CM9 .. ancient but still running pretty well

    • mjmedstarved

      Everytime I look down at the little crack on my G-Nex, I think about my DX and how it made it 2 years without a crack… and I def. dropped it harder than my GN…

      Too bad Moto had to keep their phones with locked bootloaders!!!!! Or else I would have bought another MOTO; they are built like tanks!

  • Radgatt

    Galaxy Nexus with jelly bean via Bugless Beast

  • AOKP for my Galaxy Nexus all day er’y day!

  • AOKP JB nightly 8/8 on toro. <3