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LTE-Enabled ASUS Transformer TF300 Coming to Germany, Will the States See it?

A report from Germany has an interesting bit of information regarding a new ASUS model for the Transformer lineup of tablets. The TF300 is said to be getting an LTE-equipped model that will launch sometime within August under the model number the TF300TL. The documents have the tablet priced starting at €529, which would equate to around $650 here in the States.

One interesting question we are left with is why not put this LTE radio in the TF700 Infinity series that ASUS has moved onto? The new Infinity tablet with the beautiful 1920×1200 display would be much more enticing with LTE than the TF300. The other question is whether or not we will ever see the LTE ASUS tablet Stateside? It would be merging one of the favorite tablet manufacturers and the speed of LTE.

Would you be interested?

Via: Phandroid

  • Frank

    This guy must not pay attention. The Infinity IS getting LTE with the release of the Snapdragon.

  • ostensibly

    $650 is an awful lot for a tablet.

  • It looks really nice in black.

  • QQpayne

    I have a Gnex, and a TF300. So for all intensive purposes I already have an LTE TF300

  • GBrav

    Never again will I buy a tablet with a radio in it. I love my Xoom (day 1 buy) but I hardly ever used the actual 3G radio in it. Never even sent it in to get the LTE radio.

    • nightscout13

      That was a bad decision, your resale value is down now since you didn’t send it in.

  • SD_Scott

    As long as I have my phone on me, my TF300 already is LTE enabled =P

  • slwest78

    Not me since I would have to pay an extra $150+ for the same tablet with a lte radio and also have to pay an extra $30 a month to verizon when I can buy the tf700 wifi for $499 and just use mobile hot spot and tether for free when I’m not at home. Just saying it would be a waste of money.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Not unless the carriers can charge you for two separate devices.