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iOS to Get Advanced Google Voice Search in Coming Days, Still Nothing for Android Users Below Jelly Bean

Google announced today that they are planning to release a new Google Search app for iOS that carries the advanced voice tech used (our first look) in the current build built into Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). While this is great news for iOS users, we can’t help but ask, “What about everyone else with an Android device that isn’t yet running Jelly Bean?” We don’t have an answer to that question at all, and that’s unfortunate. You would think that Google would take care of their own before moving onto another platform, but then again, as a search company, it makes sense for them to expand to such a massive platform. But then again, again, the advanced Voice Search in Jelly Bean was one of the major selling points for people to consider over an iOS device. 

To make matters worse, this new iOS Voice Search appears to be ever-so-slightly improved even over the build you and I are running on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. When you watch the video below, you’ll see it return results with voice for questions like “movies playing in Cape Cod” and “I need a mechanic,” two things that the current Android version won’t do.

Now, those additions are likely easy for Google to implement, plus they also aren’t in the beautiful card style that we get from Google Now. It is still a bit unfortunate that devices running Ice Cream Sandwich are being left out, though. After all, in most people’s minds, Jelly Bean is only a slightly upgraded version of ICS.

So who knows when the rest of the Android universe will see the new Google Voice Search. I can’t imagine it’s that far off. In fact, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it showed up in the next week with even better functionality than what you are seeing here in the iOS version. That of course, is speculation.


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  • droid-ice

    does the voice really sound like that? when will apple recive the update to the voice serach?

  • Genronimus

    Why Google why? This is going to be one of the major selling points for your devices and you give it to the enemy.. the enemy that hates you and wants you to cease to exist. The enemy that sues you to no end? Why?

  • Google needs to use Apps like these as leverage on Apple. Because all this apple suing everyone is really getting old, if Google would just simply say,”If you sue us or our OEM’s we will stop offering GMAIL, Calendar, Maps, Google Voice, and even YouTube on iOS.” That would shut them up for a LONG time because Apple has nothing that can compete with apps like Youtube or Gmail.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    Another point is that Google clearly has a strategy here. They want the best things that people like about Iphones, to be Google products. Chrome, Google Voice Search, Maps, GMail, etc. so when the holy war actually goes down between these 2, Apple users will not just jailbreak their phones, they’ll jump off the platform completely. Android users are already pretty spoiled with all the roms and features we actually get already. Imagine being on iOs for over year without any major updates except what we’ve had for the past 5 years. That is depressing. Ha.

  • Esteban_Colberto

    Actually, I have a rooted Verizon S3 with Mikey’s Google Now zip installed. I just tried some of the commands like “what will the weather be like tommorow” and the right card pops up and a voice says the local weather forecast. The talkback feature seems to be new. I think Google is just tuning this up to see what devices this can work on. It’s hellafast though!

  • mustbepbs

    That green nail polish is doin’ it for me.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Siri, what’s hypocrisy?

    Siri: Hypocrisy is the claim or pretense of holding beliefs, feelings, standards, qualities, opinions, virtues or motivations that one does not actually possess and/or applying criticism to others that one does not apply equally to oneself.

    Here’s a good example:

    “I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant. Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone.” – Andy Rubin, Google’s Android chief, October 19, 2011

    Thanks, Siri.

  • Jon

    I already have Google Now on my VZW S III. I’m rooted and simply installed an .apk file and followed instructions on xda developers on how to do it.

  • S.Ober

    I already put “Google Now” on my Verizon S3 yesterday. works flawlessly. Just need root and CWM and any ARMv7 phone.

  • guest

    C Mon guys that s worst than burning in unquenching hell and fire brimstone… they want it let them have it means more Google presence in iOS… who the hell cares, certainly not me…

  • Hylian

    HA, that what you get for having laggy bloated phones…. Sure your technical specs are higher, but whats the damn point when your touch screen is three days behind your input?

    • Mine runs quite fast, thank you.

    • mustbepbs

      What planet do you live on?

  • Follower

    Now i wish Apple BAN it.

  • jeesung

    Google Now for ICS. Works well on my Razr Maxx http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1747224

  • If you feel that JB is only a slight upgrade over ICS, then you’re just simply wrong.

  • I don’t know how I feel about this…:

  • Adolf Hitler


  • chris125

    I can see why google does it. Its been shown that they make more $$ off of IOS so why not give the best that they have to those users to get more $$. Wish google would make this available to more users than just those on jellybean but thats not gonna happen

  • kevinc

    the improvements are probably server-side anyway people

  • Stephen

    Yea, it would really suck if iOS got it first, but at the end of the commercial it says now available on Android and coming soon to iOS…sooooo mayyybeee we’ll get it first?

  • Stewie

    It’s a search thang fellas … nothing more.
    But I’ll tell you, my wife just got a 4S from work, free, crappy ATT signal here and at her place of work, tried a siri search for a particular pizza place, but couldn’t get it, had to open safari and use google since my Gnex was in the midst of a kernel upgrade hehehe ….
    I’m certain that although they gave some love to IOS, they’ll be more for us when that build hits, don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Bob

    I feel betrayed… :'(

  • EvanTheGamer

    WTF?! That’s freaking horse sh*t. Google should NOT be playing nice when those f’n pieces of trash.

  • A lot of people here forget what happened with Google+: the big mobile interface revamp hit iOS first, then Android a few weeks later.

    Google may save a first-edition app’s launch for Android, but afterwards it only cares about how soon it can get a release ready. iOS has both a simpler device ecosystem and friendlier development tools, so it’s natural that it gets some updates first.

    Also: I’m sure everyone who doesn’t have an HSPA-based Nexus phone or a Nexus 7 is kicking themselves right now (at least, as long as they haven’t flashed an unofficial 4.1 build).

    • RW-1

      But even more so on that front, it is likely two different dev teams are independantly working on the code, IOS and Android, I think because IOS is just a handful of devices, they finished first, nothing more than that, if the Android team completed it first, then ….

  • durangojim

    If I ever decide to buy an iPhone, this would definitely make it easier to do so.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I’d buy an iPhone alright…and then make an Apple employee eat it.

  • They need to get rid of these ridiculous skins for android, then maybe older phones would get ICS and/or JB sometime soon. The other thing is they need to focus on making the minimum standards for CPU/GPU high enough to support said OS’s and future upgrades. It’s long since past the time to let go of froyo and GB and move on.

    • RW-1

      True, and this would also be why Samsung is in hot water, copying IOS in their skins early on.
      OEM – Custom Skin = Pure android and no stupid patent lawsuit by crapple
      (Because we all know that apple products dont say samsung on then right??? 🙂 )

  • Hmm….

    “Google announced today that they are planning to release a new Google Search app for iOS…” Key word here is PLANNING. Who said they won’t release it for their own family first? One does not preclude the other.

    • It’s expected fairly quickly, likely within the next few days. Google doesn’t usually have that kind of overlap where it announces another platform’s version before the original gets it. (See: Google+ interface revamp, which hit iOS weeks before Android)

  • Apostrafee

    This spit just pisses me off

  • cheezer88

    Awesome! I can’t wait to download!

  • Punch google in the face and buy an icraple for your next device. I honestly have been getting sick of my bionic never working right. I never hear complaints like that from craple users. I was out on the road all day yesterday and half of today and could not use navigation at all. Nothing worked to get it going right when I got done and even had the normal steps worked, I did not have time to troubleshoot my phone between interviews in different locations miles apart. Thisd is the third time my bionic has failed me in this way. i plan on calling Verizon support today and if they do not give me a new one I am going off contract with wallmart FTW.

    • RW-1

      But that is moto, not Google. If your phone wasn’t hampered with a custom skin that took half your phones CPU power, etc. You would have a pure experience most likely.
      Gads, the bionic debacle: from what moto announced to what they did to it (stopped release to retool it and then half the promises were gone) and released it too late against other units that had better specs …. classic moto move, one reason many gave up on them.

      • Switcher

        I have a G2X (pure Google experience) and would still be saddled with broken Gingerbread if it was up to LG (lots of things never worked quite right). As things are, I’m saddled with a broken ICS build that has no video, no Chrome, is slow as molasses, etc., etc.

        Frankly, I should be happy with my phone. Not “saddled” with it.

        My next phone is an iPhone. Period.

  • joejoe5709

    Welll… I’m sad because it’ll make my Jelly Bean less amazing. But it’s great for Google. And in the end, this will take some of the power away from Siri. Not every phone will get Jelly Bean especially not in the next 6 months. So now Siri is merely just an assistant to create alarms and impress your friends with silly questions. Big deal… My wife will be excited for this on her regular iPhone4.

    • RW-1

      How so? Apple might shoot it down in the app store for imatating Siri (read – better than) …
      JB is amazing, and they are not getting Gnow, which when you have began really using it gets better and better ….

  • Jimmy Chen

    Wow, so many people crying about this. And what if Google releases it for Android a week after? Everyone suddenly jump back on the “I love Google” bandwagon? Just be patient.

  • daniel.archibald36

    An we all know that once iOS gets this that apple will then try to patent this and make it impossible to have on android

  • Screw the business decision.. You take care of your own first, then move on to IOS.

  • peoples… the end game for google is not android. it is search which allows them to sell ads.. google. so basically if it can create ad revenue they will do it. they dont care what platform

    • Destroythanet

      Good point.

  • root4life


  • It’s a bu$ine$$ decision, plain and simple.

    • EvanTheGamer

      That it is, good friend, that it is. Lame ass decision on their part. WTF are they thinking!? What..are they neutral of all the sudden? Apple is the enemy, plain and simple.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I’m not surprised about this move (Google supports iOS almost as much as Android, app-wise, anyway), but that doesn’t mean I like it.

  • Kyle Lehman

    Google is about search, Android is just a small part of the company. They know everyone on Android is already using Google to satisfy their search queries and up until Siri, so were ios users. They are only trying to get their users back.

    • MKader17

      Exactly. It is kind of like Samsung selling screens to Apple. It’s a different part of the company. Google may have 2 separate design teams working on putting it on iOS and lower versions of Android. Newer iOS API’s are probably more advanced than older versions of Android so it makes it easier to integrate. Also, as stated above, Google has more to win by getting it to iOS first.

    • paladaxar

      Wrong. Google is an ad company. Search is just part of THAT. Anything that allows them to show more ads is a win for them. That’s why Android was created in the first place…it all comes back to getting the most ads possible in front of people’s faces.

      PS…I’m totally cool with that because we get awesome products as a result

    • EvanTheGamer

      Giving Google Voice Search to iPhone users is NOT getting anything back..they are just giving iLame users a reason to stay with Apple.

  • yah sucks for a lot of people on android that aren’t even on JellyBean yet. BTW WTF!! some of those questions in that video don’t give me a response like it does on the iOS version!!

  • MikeSaver

    hah…. so this is just weird.

  • antwonw

    I think they are trying to get on Apple’s good side because of all of the Android patents and Apple v. Samsung.

  • Daniel

    Well, but it doesn’t do Google Now stuff, the ios one is JUST a voice search with cards like Now…

  • xxdesmus

    yeah, because that makes sense Google. Well done.

  • nightscout13

    Is Google turing into an iOS Beech?

  • I kind of understand. But I thought Google was having disagreements with Apple recently? Like removing the Youtube app being a default app on the iPhone.

    • You got that wrong. Apple is dropping THEIR YouTube app from iOS6 because it sucks. Google themselves will likely create a better YouTube app for iOS (just hopefully not better than Android). Not to mention that other devs can come up with something better than crApple’s offering as well.

  • Kyle Miller

    I just tried each statement on my GNEX with JB. Some of them worked exactly like the video. Some didn’t. Google needs to give Android its best and iOS its worst. You did great with that crappy youtube app up until a couple of days ago. Remember Google. iJobs Industries HATES you!

  • That is crazy…why do this?

    I am fortunate to have a Gnex running 4.1, but it doesn’t make sense to provide it to iOS over all the other Android Platforms first.

    Comeon Google!

  • David Hayden


  • Greyhame

    is tired of Google playing nice.

    • MKader17

      Well the more Google services people use, the more money they make and the more people who like Google services, the more chance they have of them switching to Android. The chances of them switching to Android before they can get it available on ICS and GB is unlikely.

      • violator702

        I don’t care if more people switch to Android. How about taking care of people that actually have an Android device?

        • Lucky Armpit

          Yeah really. I understand a lot of people have iSheep devices but jeez, how about the rest of us with ICS? There’s a lot of us too, you know.

        • Blootzm3

          the majority of android users dont care about this. just let iphone users have it.

      • zin11

        Someone asked me once “your phone is by google? I thought it was samsung”. Well yes it is Samsung galaxy nexus, but point being, they’re clueless when it comes to these things. I seriously doubt they would consider getting android just because they liked using a google app. That thought process wouldn’t even begin to start for them.

        • RW-1

          Yes, but … that is your moment to take out the Gnex and show them what having Google in your pocket can do for them, they are clueless about the phone, let alone the total integration available with search and the desktop, etc.
          But show them, and the eye’s light up like the second coming hehehe …

          • codemonkey85

            Nah, not really. Most people think it’s really neat and keep on using what they have. There are exceptionally few people that can be so easily swayed.

    • Nobody

      …as soon as Apple’s just filed Patent application for Voice Search technology is approved.

      • Snackpack

        You mean the patent they are filing on Siri, that they are getting sued over?

    • JulianZHuang

      google earn more money on iOS than on android. you know that right?

      • sam

        I don’t give a sh**T if they do…. I am so mad and furious now… Apple is moving away from Google in every possible way…. Maps, Searches, Youtube…. Come on Google… You are so dumb and stupid …. Now I might really dump you for an iphone…. I have had enough of this google crap. Fragmentation …. Long waits for updates…. you all know the story….

        • JulianZHuang

          just by reading your comment, you are worst than an ifan. this is why im throwing my GN away and getting the new iphone. because i dont want to be grouped with people like you.

          • Greyhame

            Haha. So, you’d rather be associated with a company that’s stifling innovation across an entire industry, is abusing a broken system to sue everyone , and attempting to monopolize the smartphone segment so they can charge more money for a tired, five year old operating system??

            Haha yeah, good luck with that. I’m sure iphone users aren’t fanatical at all…

            See ya!!

          • JulianZHuang

            im just an average consumer, i dont really care who copy who. yes, android offer a lot more than iphone. but as of right now, everything i do on my gn, an iphone can offer that too. i like android a lot, i really do, but i just cant handle the poor battery life and heating up issue anymore. for the last 3 yrs, i have been using android and everyday i need to carry a charger and i need to cool my phone after every ~15mins of use. do you know how uncomfortable while sitting when you had your charger inside your back pocket?

          • michael arazan

            You cant use flash on a stock iphone and watch the 85% of videos on the net that apple phones can’t see.

            Even Steve Wozniak co-founder of apple says that android is better than ios in many ways.

          • Blootzm3

            just by reading your comment its apperant that you re ignorant to his struggles with google supporting and caring for its own products. his passion for android is far more than yours, but dont hate on him for it. its people like him that keeps android going, and I bet he’s not the only one that feels that way.

          • People arguing about fragmentation in the first place is dumb. Because Google doesn’t dictate update schedules, you can see that with the Maguro Galaxy Nexus.

            What damages upgrading cycles, especially for US consumers, is the duopoly that we participate in. AT&T and Verizon are the One-Two punch of US participation, and at this point AT&T is the lesser of the evils, with Verizon’s spectrum somewhere in the ballpark of $80 Billion dollars in value. Verizon has complete control of the distribution of all software updates for its devices, so can you really blame the developers? It doesn’t help that Verizon uses archaic CDMA instead of GSM, which looks you into a device. Even if you get something like a Rezound or Incredible 2 with GSM radios in it, you’re limited to 3G, which, while better than Verizon’s 3G, is not moving forward.

            If you want phones that are upgraded consistently, buy a Nexus. Android has always been an open source piece of software meant to encourage development, and the Nexus family and bootloader unlocked devices are the epitome of that design. If you want devices to get updates quickly, say good bye to skins. But, since skins are the only way that android differentiates itself besides certain hardware choices, should Google just have bids every year for a Nexus winner?

            You can’t have it both ways. Choose, do you want the system to be exclusive in that Google has control of everything, or do you give the companies control.

            And the argument is moot anyway, Verizon is still the biggest obstacle to updates happening, aside from the difficulty of applying a different skin on top of a OS that isn’t really meant to be skinned.

        • Bye.

      • Jon

        I’ve heard this elsewhere but I just don’t get how that works? There are more Android devices, and Android devices have google services by default. So how is it that Google makes more money off iOS devices?

        • It’s called Google’s market and everything is open source and free to use while when they sell things on iOS, everything comes at a premium. In reality, they can give iOS users a small peak of Android and make loads of money that can then be invested in Android Development and to make their devices better.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Quite the slap in the face for the majority of Android users considering that majority is still stuck on Gingerbread and below.


      I would guess the majority of android users don’t know that this even exist.

      • Blootzm3

        the majority of android users dont care, but iphone users do, its one more thing apple can use to slap android fanboyz in the face with.

  • If I was Google I would do the same. They do this and get rid of SIRI stealing their search revenue. This is a business decision rather than a platform decision

    • EvanTheGamer

      F that. Google should not be giving ANYTHING to those rat bastards.

    • feztheforeigner

      There is that, but remember (according to the statistic posted today) Android has over 5X the market share of iOS…

      I would rather hit five times more people, but that’s just me…

      • RoboRobP

        It pisses me off too but you have to remember… Those 5x the people are already getting them revenue. They are reaching for the revenue that siri took

    • Blootzm3

      we should all buy iphones so we can have the best of google. Android is falling apart. iphones always work smoother and faster in comparison to android. and all iphone apps are smooth due to the tough iphone app regulations. just count the % of quality apps on the apple market vs. google market. I like both eco systems and prefer Android over iphone. but its much easier to like the iphone due to eas of use and smoothness. my nexus still stutters in a lot of situations in comparison to my iphone that just works everytime I need it to. altho android allows more customizability which I like. cant have the best of both worlds but I might just get rid of my nexus because reliability is more important to me. kind of like when you have an employee that rocks but doesnt ever show up on time vs one thats always their, gets the job done in some cases better but isn’t as impresive as the late guy.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How Google Sees the World. — JellyBean > ICS > iOS > Anything else

    • nightscout13

      No, if we go by this news of Now being released to iOS, then it’s :
      JellyBean> iOS > Everything else

      • This is not Google Now though, just the voice search aspect.

  • Michael Forte

    What a slap in the face to Android users.