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Google Now Tip: Change Your Home Setting Easily Through Google Maps or Latitude

One of the creepiest coolest features of Google Now is the fact that over time it will automatically learn where your place of residence is. When it senses when you are away from there, it will give you directions and a time getting back. It can be fairly useful once Google Now learns, but waiting for it to teach itself takes long for some. Luckily, Google has provided a few ways to automatically set these locations for you using Google Maps and Latitude.

The first way of manually assigning these locations is through the desktop version of Google Maps. If you login to your browser and fire up Maps you should see a “My Places” button in the sidebar on the left:

  1. Click “My Places”.
  2. Select “All” if it isn’t already clicked.
  3. “Home” and “Work” should be the first two selectable buttons.
  4. Select the drop down button on the right-hand side and select “Edit.”
  5. Enter the address of your choice.

The second way can be done through a phone or a tablet with the Google Latitude application on it:

  1. Open Latitude and tap on your icon (not the arrow).
  2. Tap on the balloon that appears with your name.
  3. Tap “Location history.”
  4. Touch the menu button in the bottom right corner.
  5. Choose either to change your home or work locations.
  6. Input each address, and press “Save.”

It may take a few minutes for Google to refresh the information before it starts showing up in your Google Now card, but now you’ll have your phone telling you when to leave for work based on traffic and how long your drive home is going to take.

How much do you use Google Now in your everyday life?

  • giovanni645

    If you are outside the U.S. and addresses don’t really work well out there, in the address box, just put in the co-ordinates of exactly where you live. Works like a charm.

  • Chris Pinola

    Absolutely love the “you should leave by this time to arrive on-time” notifications, I always geotag my calendar appointments anyway, so its a pretty effortless luxury. Would be really cool to see suggestions based on Latitude activity. For example: say I have a friend who commutes to city X all the time and frequents some great restaurants and bars, I myself rarely go there, but if I happen to be in city X, alert me when I’m near a location that’s popular with one of my Latitude friends. Google totally has the power to demolish something like foursquare if they would combine Offers + Latitude + Wallet + Now + G+

  • JasonDiaz

    Is this a joke? This is complete Siri rip-off.

    • mog386

      Why are you on a Android news site… go away troll….the majority of droid-life readers won’t pay the troll toll

      • JasonDiaz

        Just here telling the truth and that will set you free.

  • JasonDiaz

    This is a total Siri rip-off.

  • itsacardigan

    Any bets on whether or not the GSM S3’s get JB before the VZW Nexus does?

    • Chris Pinola

      i think that’s a safe bet, VZW is gunna take forever to get this out. such a shame.

  • Pete

    Thanks for the tip. I was wondering why the weather was always bad in Google Now. Turns out it was using Wynyard, Tasmania instead of Wynyard, Sydney, NSW :o)

  • anyone know if it’ll have college football and NFL cards?

    • Chris Pinola

      NFL: definitely, college: depends. I think if you Google (from a web browser) the team’s name during a game and get that little graphic with the scoreboard on top of your search results, its safe to say that it’ll have a card in Google Now (GN is now an ambiguous acronym around here, sigh)

  • Nick

    I really like google now, and I already put in my work address but it never tells me about my morning commute. Anyone else have this problem? I’m running Bugless Beast btw on a gnex.

    • hmm im running bb 8/3 and it has worked for the last several days maybe go in there and adjust your correct work address

      • Nick

        thanks, maybe i should update to 8/3. i havent updated since 7/19

  • Royal2000H

    Mine uses the cell tower for location even when GPS is on. So it tells me to go home while I’m already home. It shows the start point where I assume the cell tower is and says x minutes until home. Any way to fix this?

  • Jonathan Williams

    How do u get to edit teams on the Sports card?

    • MikeSaver

      Another problem, it hasn’t picked up on sports team after I’ve searched for scores several times. It also never picked up on my flight info after searching for flights. Tried clearing app cache too.

      • Steve Benson

        You along with the rest of the morons need to turn your web history on within your Google settings. Sports teams will not show up until you do this. Do a little research. Flights only show up in the hours right before take-off.

        • MikeSaver

          How do I do this? I I can’t find it anywhere

        • MikeSaver

          Nevermind, I figured it out. Go to Google.com/History and it will prompt you to turn it on.

          Thank you Mr. Benson for managing to be helpful amidst being a dick.

          • Steve Benson

            I’m here to help 🙂

        • Well idiot I have done that and it still does not bring up scores for my college football teams? What now since you are so smart and we are all morons?

  • MikeSaver

    Does anyone get the issue where it fails to gives you notifications, consistently at least? I seem to never get the notification in the morning telling me what time to leave for work, or when I have an event set, etc.

    on Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Bugless Beast.

  • Unable to Change WORK Location on Mobile Latitude on My RAZR I Put My Address But It Shows an Address in another City My Street is Washington St Monterey Ca I Get Washington Circle Marina Ca I tried Several Times. WHY?

  • bro

    anyone know a good way to teach it sports teams without spamming the search over and over?

    • Nick

      well i know i had to turn web history on, in my google account. After that it started showing my teams. If you already have it turned on, then I’m not sure.

  • Joel Gautraud

    After 2 weeks on Jelly Bean, Google Now still hadn’t learned where I lived or worked… had to use this tip to manually add them.

  • It has so much potential…

    Unfortunately, Google Now is one of many Google products that doesn’t fully support multiple Google accounts. Why does this matter? Well, I have a GMail account that I’ve used forever. It’s my main Google account that I use for most services. My work uses Google Apps, so all day I sit at a computer, logged into my Apps account via Chrome searching and browsing away. But that history is lost, because Google Now only syncs with my GMail account. Then there’s the Apps account for my weekend job, where I would really to see calendar reminders in Now, and I would like to set a second Work location to get traffic and transit for.

    With a GMail account, an enterprise Apps account, and a small business Apps account, I have to be some sort of target demographic for Google, yet their insistence on only supporting a single account makes this awesome product almost worthless to me.

    …and don’t get me started on Google Drive, Chrome, Picasa or all the other services that either don’t support multiple accounts or offer only marginal support. It seems like Google doesn’t build their products for humans who have different facets of their online lives that need to be kept separate from one another when public facing but should be fully integrated for the user.

    • dmgdroid

      I don’t have a solution for your entire problem but I do for atleast one of the problems. If you want google now to show you calendar reminders for your weekend job share your calendar with your personal account. I do this and reminders show up fine for both. Also instead of setting a work location I’ve found that actually typing in the address of the bulding on the calendar event provides much better results for google now

  • Baseball scores are great I can’t wait for football to get started so I can can have the football cards. Wish there was a NASCAR card. If there is a NASCAR card maybe I just don’t know how to make it show up. I have tried Sprint Cup results, Sprint Cup Standings and a lot of other terms.

  • I have two work locations. I demand the ability to set multiple work location and the day of week I work at each!

    • brad

      Supposedly google now is supposed to pull appointments from your calendar and give you travel times to the location. So you could try setting up events in google calendar with locations attached to them. So if monday = location A, set up an appointment on monday morning with location A. Then just set the appointment to repeat on days you work at location A. Might work.

  • Brian Sargent

    now if we could just edit sports teams. my team has yet to become an option while teams I cannot stand are options somehow.

  • DanWazz

    So far, I use it before I leave from work, to check sports scores and weather. It will be more useful when football and hockey season start.

  • Will Rehse

    does anyone know if you have to add the time you work to your calendar? Like, Do I need to put in a recurring event Monday through Friday of “Work” 8-5??

    • NexusPhan69

      Nope. It figures it all out. It also figures out which way you get to work, even if its not the way google maps shows.

  • Steven Dinsdale

    I love it. Creepy part is it knows when I leave work as the card always pops up about 15 min. before the commute.

  • For some reason, mine randomly pops up telling me the traffic to a random location near me. It’s not a place I’ve been before, nor a place I’ve searched for, it’s like it’s saying “just letting you know, if you wanted to go here, this is how to get there and the traffic.”

    It’s really weird.

    • NexusPhan69

      It pulls from you internet search history from both your phone and computer. You can turn that feature off.

      • will bartlett

        this isnt from searching, mine does it too. it just shows some random spot usually in the middle of a field.

        • NexusPhan69

          Strange. Mine only shows spots that I frequent or spots that I’ve searched for.

          • jeesung

            same here. no random locations popping up

  • Steve Wojciechowski

    I just wish it had cards for UFC stuff.

    • zUFC

      Me too!!!!!!!!

  • RedPandaAlex

    i just realized, the Traffic card is poorly named. You can use it with public transit too

  • lumpysherman

    Shut it off because of poor battery life while it was turned on.

  • Levi Wilcox

    I just got back from vacation and I have to say Google Now was awesome. The flight checker was indispensable, always knowing the time at home made contact super easy, and having traffic to the airport was great. It really surprised me how well it handled, my hotel, my friends house, and local restaurant cards each day. My search for “Lunch Restaurants” only showed up during normal lunch hours, and it always seemed to know whether I was headed to my hotel, my friends place, or a local brewery during night hours. Google Now is great during my normal routine, but it really shines when you travel.

  • Mario

    Use Google Now everyday since I got Jelly Bean on my GNex.

  • Jared Gould


  • Steve Tu

    Very helpful tip! I moved recently and gnow has been thinking I’m on travel and showing me the timezone in my former home. This tip fixed it!

  • John

    Ah, good tip.

  • sc0rch3d

    starting to use it more and more but still one of my biggest beefs is that i can’t get a text message to send thru GVoice when speaking thru GNow

    don’t we all want G-Now 😉

    • Try “send a text message to…”. It should pop up to ask which application you want to use (unless you already set it to default to something). Select gvoice and you should be good to go!

      • sc0rch3d

        no, it’s a known issue with the gnow app. it only sends thru the messaging app. haven’t found a workaround. i usually keep a folder of my most popular contacts on homescreen (yes, 1 of them is MOM lol)

  • dawn m. armfield

    I use it to check the weather and baseball scores pretty often. Today, while out at a coffee shop for a meeting, it told me that there was a traffic back up on one route home, so to try a different one. I loved it.

    • Definitely a huge fan of Google Now. Can’t wait to see it grow with more features and cards.

      • paladaxar

        Whenever you say it like that, it sounds like you weren’t a fan of Google before …always throws me for a loop for a second 🙂

    • JasonDiaz

      Where did they get this awesome idea of unified card info? Hmmm Siri anyone!

      • inzandity

        You say that like Apple has never “borrowed” any ideas from the Android OS. Plus, Google Now is 10 times better than Siri anyways. Take a look at this video here…
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDsOtdRtG0Q. And you know it’s only going to get better seeing as it was pretty much just released.

        • JasonDiaz

          It’s not gonna get better because Google/OEMs are not allowed to offer it in Android phones in carrier shops. Google Now has been stripped of the IP infringing functionality. Only way to get this copycat code is have the phones rooted and download it from a infringement website that hosts it – still the user base is like .01 of the install base.

          Also Google Now is simply voice action commands, it’s not AI based like Siri is.

  • CodeToJoy

    Google now is a neat feature, however my commute is short enough that it doesn’t give me daily commute times. I have noticed it bring up the commute time home while I’m out and about every now and then though,

  • Awesome! thanks DL!

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard: If we can get to the root command, we can introduce an invasive programming sequence through its biochip system, and then return it to the hive.

  • Nifty!