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Google Maps Adds Live Traffic Support for Additional 130 Cities Across America

Google announced that it is to bring live and typical traffic support to roughly 130 smaller cities across America through Google Maps. In addition, they are also including even further support for areas in China, Brazil, Canada, and many other countries. Google didn’t post a list of every supported area, but did give this chart that shows traffic lights at every area that allows for the coverage. Thanks, Google. 


Via: Google Lat Long Blog

  • Tom

    I thought this has been around for a while…

  • nightscout13

    The #1 problem is sponsored POI’s. I want to see ALL search results, not just the ones that Google has a deal with.

  • Anon

    Now all they need to do is fix all of the horrible bugs introduced in recent versions, like constant rerouting through tiny sidestreets or in circles on and off an interstate. Oh, and going back to pronouncing street names right and ahead of when you need to turn.

    I love ICS…I hate how far back Maps/Navigation has regressed since I started running it.

  • and chile? when?? =(

  • Seth

    I tried to zoom in thinking that was google maps…. not a picture .. *faceplam*

  • yeh

    Now if only it was smart enough to reroute you around bad traffic…

    • Just use Waze.

    • My girlfriend swears maps did that for her recently…but I’ve never seen it. Typically you have to restart navigation for it to reroute.

      • Mack

        I think I’ve been rerouted around traffic before but I wasn’t paying too much attention to my phone at the time.

        • michael arazan

          On a trip back in spring, there was construction on a road from my hotel to downtown chicago and Gmaps rerouted almost around the entire northern part of the city through side roads to get downtown by the lake. All I had to do was get on the toll way and to another street.

  • Crazydog

    They added it to Flagstaff, AZ ( http://goo.gl/maps/QFmhx ) at least. Finally accurate travel times across town, which can vary quite a bit!

  • KleenDroid