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Transformers Battle Cards Game Coming to Android, to be Made Available in September

Mobile game studio ngmoco has given a few details on an upcoming title they are working on based on Transformers. The game will be in battle card style similar to that of the popular Rage of Bahamut title that can already be found on Google Play. You can choose to play as the Autobots or the Decepticons in a series of campaign missions, leveling up your character’s stats, and then going up against real opponents on line through your mobile device to battle it out.

Unfortunately, there is no trailer or screenshots yet, so we have no idea what the game will look like in terms of animation or live-action look. All we can hope is that it doesn’t do the series as much as an injustice as Shia LaBeouf did. Shame, Shia.

Via: GamesRadar, IGN

Cheers EvanTheGamer!

  • You know, you guys really don’t need to report on EVERYTHING Android-related. We are mostly adults here.

  • I’ll stick with the “Transformers G1: Awakening” Android game. It rocks, and I have no desire to play a card game.


    Are there going to be any “Enchanted Bunny” cards in the starter deck?

  • John Burke

    You had me at “Transformers” but lost me at “Battle Cards…”

    • michael arazan

      Battle cards Sound like the extra content that would be unlockable in the new game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron coming to the xbox and playstation this month.

  • Raven

    I have never been a fan of any “card” style battle games, but I would probably buy any Transformers based Android game. I would probably much prefer something like the “MechCommander” series of PC games but with Transformers though.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’m shocked something like this had not yet been on the market. Yes I’m a nerd and played magic the gathering back in the day. This sounds cool and yes I’m a Never Ending Radical Dude….BWAA ;D

    • If you’re looking for a card game check out Rage of Bahamut

  • Mark

    Don’t blame Shia, blame Michael Bay!