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Samsung Rolling Out Jelly Bean to the Galaxy SIII Starting in Q3?

According to the insiders of SamMobile, Samsung plans to roll out Jelly Bean to their top tier of devices starting sometime between this quarter and Q4 of this year. As per their report, the Galaxy S3 would be the first to see the update and testing is already underway. If everything goes according to plan, we could expect the push sometime around this quarter.

As for the Galaxy S2, Note, and Note 2, they can expect to see a possible Jelly Bean update sometime in Q4. As is the nature of rumors and insiders, Samsung has neither confirmed nor denied these reports. A winter release would make plenty of sense for JB to arrive for the Galaxy S3, given they have plenty of time to work the kinks out and so they can update their TouchWiz skin accordingly. 

Ready to leave Ice Cream Sandwich in the dust?

Via: SamMobile

  • Cool.

    That means those of use on Verizon should get our update in about 6 months.

  • Will Frame

    I just hope that Sammy doesn’t try to replace Google Now with S Voice. That would be a tragedy.

    • Devilsephiroth

      Why do you think its taking so long ? Samsung thinks that everything is better with touch wiz

    • Tyler Chappell

      For some reason, I have the feeling that they will, just like how you don’t get the screenshot option with Acer tablets running ICS.

  • Knlegend1

    Man that’s pretty good of Samsung. Its even better if you have the developer edition on Verizon too. Verizon may not release JB until there are rumors of SGS IV. I still can’t get over that darn button, I can’t believe that single feature is holding me back from this incredible phone. Why Samsung, Why?

    • I actually like that button. In fact they should have made it the power button and eliminated the one on the side completely. it turns the screen on, but not off? wth lol

      • Knlegend1

        I can get down with it being a power button. It just doesn’t fit the mold that Google is aiming for and That’s why I Don’t like it

  • Doan

    No matter, I don’t want Touchwiz or bloatware. I’ll hold out for CM to finish up, which will still be much sooner than the manufacturer/carrier release.

  • Chris Clancy

    VZW devs have already moved onto whatever $hitty variant of Droid they are releasing next…. we will see this from VZW next year.

  • I wonder how Google Now will be accessed on the gs3 with no capacitive home button?

    • As of now, JB Roms have it as double press of the home button.

      • Sweet, thanks for the reply. …wasn’t that the shortcut for S-Voice though? Makes me think stock JB will be different.

  • I’m gonna saaay…February for Verizon

  • Guest

    If they push this out on Verizon SGS3 before CM10/AOKP are in RC/Release, I will be very impressed. Then again, us Verison SGS3 users will probably not see JB until mid-2013.

  • Soofdawg

    Wake me when they fix the moronic camera software on the SG3.

    • Guest

      What’s wrong with it?

      • Anyway i can turn off the shutter sound?

        • MentatYP

          Mute all sound.

      • Soofdawg

        Freezes up sometimes, hangs too long then crashes (25% of the time). Focusing doesn’t lock (green indicator) on subject/object even 6 feet away, instead stay red…still allows to take photo but this is an unnecessary issue. Focus hunts on close ups as well, like UPC bar codes. So if I’m scanning UPC at a store, it can’t focus 50% of the time for this task. Video camera mode has crashed when trying to save a video longer than 1 minute (20% of the time). Gallery mode makes the photos look dim, even though the photos do look better once you view them on a regular screen. Indoor shots have more noise than necessary…Well lit photos look good though.

        • roberthenderson

          Uve got a bad unit.I’m having none out those issues on mine (though the playback of high def video recorded on the phone ifs a little choppy).

          • Soofdawg

            I’ve had choppy playback on recordings made on the phone as well and some movie files as well (around 700mb). I thought it might just be a buffer issue and a software update could fix that.

        • Doan

          My camera has never frozen or crashed. Something’s wrong with yours, unless you’re running a ROM.

          • Soofdawg

            Mine is completely stock…no tinkering.

          • Doan

            I’d get a replacement, if I were you.

        • ERIC REED

          Man take that one back!! My camera has been flawless. Thought I would miss my 4S camera, but this one has been excellent.

          • Soofdawg

            I keep comparing it a friend’s 4S too. If it’s just an isolated issue, might try to take to Verizon. My only worry is if they give me a refurb or brand new…and getting stuck in the cycle of refurbs, which happened with a past Samsung.

          • ERIC REED

            I can’t give it the victory over the 4s, but it is the best android camera I have used!!

  • J Dub

    JB on mine already. What are y’all waiting for?

  • John

    Spoke with the rep at Tmo and they heard end of August to early sept for the s3 to get JB. They were one of the few stores that had the early release. Fingers crossed that vzw approves the update

  • Droosh

    Here’s hoping Austin (CVPCS) can work the bugs out of CM10 for us on VZW soon!

    • Marty jones

      Installed cm10 yesterday and no complaints so far. Good connectivity 3 and 4g. Great rom and easy to install.

      • Droosh

        I used it and it was buggy as hell. (However 3g/4g/wifi were fine). Lots of video issues – netflix still won’t work, etc. Camera/gallery conflicts, etc. They’ll get there I’m sure, however, CM10 on my G-Nex is perfect and this one has a long ways to go.

  • Cm10 baby!! Got my s3 and loving it!!

  • famouzstarz

    im personally holding out for ginger jelly icecake 😉

    • Knlegend1

      I thought that was pretty funny!!! Why so serious?!

  • Come on Jelly Bean! We’re ready for you!

  • Verizon customers won’t see it until q3 2013 anyway

  • Jon Gee

    *Insert bitter comment about their being no news about the VZW G Nex update for JB here.
    *Insert snide remark about “why haven’t you rooted/ flashed” immediately after.

    • Tommy Thompson

      *insert comment about how this article has nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus so your comment is pointless*

      • guy


      • Octotron

        *insert comment about how you should grow up a bit and not bother with dumb things like that*

        • Tommy Thompson

          I was playing along with what Jon started, it was a joke. Maybe you shouldn’t take things so seriously?

          • Jonathan Williams

            *insert the ever so popular ‘you mad bro* comment *

          • Tommy Thompson

            I prefer the “u mad” gifs. 😉

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I see what you did there

          • Octotron

            *insert comment about how mad he may or may not be* 🙂

      • Knlegend1

        Actually I think it has everything to do with it. If they haven’t released JB on the GNex, why would you think the SGS III would get is sooner? That goes against everything a Nexus even stands for don’t you think?

        • Tommy Thompson

          Where was it every stated Verizon’s GNex wouldn’t be getting it before the GS3? All it states is quarter 3 for the GS3, there’s still time for the GNex to get it before the GS3….as long as Verizon doesn’t eff it up.

          • Knlegend1

            This is about his comment.

          • gkinsella2

            I thought Nexus = Google, not OEM.

          • michael arazan

            Verizon, continuing fragmentation of android since 2010!

          • Jon Gee

            My joke there was to head off the inevitable complaint from G Nex users and to illustrate the typical response. Nothing more. But seriously, the Nexus could get the update before the SIII. Hell, it SHOULD have gotten it in mid July with the rest of em.

        • Devilsephiroth

          Its obvious at this point Verizon is upset they took in the phone that belittled all their efforts to get away with screwing their customers.

      • ERIC REED

        I remember when every article on here turned into a Gnex discussion.

        • gkinsella2

          Still does.

          • ERIC REED

            I was just reading the article on the next Note/HTC phone and sure enough it was the first comment. I had the Nexus and hated it. I just can’t see why so much love for that phone. If you love putting Roms on I get it, but there are to many things that Roms couldn’t fix.

  • I’ll just stand by patiently while Verizon f–ks everything up.

    • The only saving grace may be if all of the other carriers’s GSIII’s get Jelly Bean and Verizon doesn’t, it will make Verizon look bad to the average user, not just us junkies.

      • The average user doesn’t even know about JB.

        • They may if the other carriers advertise its features. It maybe in vein, but as a VGSIII owner, I am holding out hope.

  • bkosh84

    Ready to leave ICS? Yes.