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Monday Poll: HTC 5-inch Superphone or Galaxy Note 2?

Now, I know we don’t have many details for the new Galaxy Note 2, but we essentially know all there is to know about HTC’s upcoming superphone, codenamed “dlx.” Thanks to a GLBenchmark that we first reported over a month ago, this phone will sport a new Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a 1080p display, on-screen navigation keys, and run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The Note 2, will more than likely have a 720p display, the quad-core Exynos chipset found in the new Galaxy Note 10.1, and probably ship globally. The HTC phone is rumored to carry a 5″ screen, while the Note 2’s could jump up to 5.5″.

The Note 2 will be unveiled at IFA in Germany on August 29, while the HTC dlx could show up in September or October. In their current states, both run Ice Cream Sandwich, however, that could change by the time they hit store shelves.

After seeing the success of the original Note, I think it’s safe to say that massive phone-tablet combo phones are a hit.

If you had a choice, which would it be?

Galaxy Note 2 or HTC 5-inch superphone?

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  • trob6969

    DEFINITELY the HTC DLX, It beats the Note in every aspect AND it too will have a stylus!

  • yarrellray

    I wish HTC well on this endeavour it figures they would go for the exclusive device with HTC. That pretty much seals the fate that Verizon will not be getting the GALAXY NOTE 2. That makes me happy cause now Samsung can just worry about (2) GSM carriers in T-mobile, At&t, and (1) CDMA carrier Sprint and get the GALAXY NOTE 2 out on the three carriers before October. The Galaxy Note 2 WILL SMOKE whatever HTC makes in comparison you can bank on that. Day one I will pick up this GALAXY NOTE 2 for tmobile and pair it with my already Galaxy S3 and be happy for awhile…

    • trob6969

      IF all the ‘leaked’ specs of both of these devices are accurate then how could the Note 2 beat the DLX? No way!

  • digitalicecream

    My galaxy note is amazing. Since my damn eyesight is
    starting to go, I’m glad I have a larger screen to stare at. Reading, gaming, and surfing the web, are easy to do
    because the screen size allows me to fat finger things comfortably. It
    fits nicely in my jeans or coat pocket, even though I’m not the type to
    put a phone near my ‘nads, and I have all the features that I would need
    from a tablet in one device. I’m not interested in tethering a tablet
    to my phone just to mimic the capabilities of my phone. In my opinion,
    that’s a huge waste of money, especially if you consider that Jelly bean
    is already being ported to the Note for us rooted folk, and will likely
    come on the note2 to make porting even easier.

    Also, who still puts their phones up to their heads to talk? iSheep use the included headphones, and most folks have switched to using BT headsets even when they’re not int their car, still others walk down the street yelling at their “walkie-talkie’s”.

    So is the concern that we’re getting too much for our money?

    The only reason I would consider moving to the next Note, is because my
    current note runs hot as hell when using GPS (something I’m not willing
    to send my phone to Sammy for repairs on just yet). But if it does fry, I
    will happily move up to the next Note phone from Samsung.

    Additionally, the note uses a stylus with Wacom tablet tech built in, so
    it’s not something you’re going to replicate with a Nexus 7. If anything, folks who really appreciate the Note’s abilities will be pining for a Galaxy Note tab 10.1. Me personally, I will be auctioning off my Asus Transformer 101 to make room for the Microsoft Surface in January, as my wife already has the Sony tablet S (which is surprisingly impressive, considering it has a “harmony remote” like capability as well as the Sony Playstation store, plus WOOT! had it for under $260~).

    And I would love to say that I will never purchase an iPad, but the one developer I want to develop their “paywithsquare” app has not come to android yet, and I have a business to run. Do I lose client’s and wait to see if they will come over to Android, or do I lose cash and buy a damn iPad? That is what’s going on in my head now. Are you listening @square?

    The only apples I want in my house go in my blender. (So leave your iPhones at home when you visit).

    /end rant

  • Raven

    5″ is just ridiculous for a phone. Phones should be 4″ and tablets should be 7″ or 10″. I know, choice and all. But really, get a Nexus 7 and phone that can actually fit comfortably in your pocket.

    • My 4.65″ phone fits fine in my pocket.

    • Dominick_7

      You are obeying Steve Jobs very well. Good for you!

    • Noel

      Just remember that u can fit a 5” screen on a Galaxy S3 format factor. With a 4.8” screen…the GS3 has too much bezel at both ends top and bottom that is ripe for triming to bring the height close to 130mm. Therefore i will say a device that is 135mm tall can accommodate a 5” screen and also utilizing onscreen buttons eliminates the added bottom bezel space that will further shrinks the overall height.

  • Superguy

    If I had to choose, I’d take the Note 2. HTC will likely lock the bootloader – again – and require me to void the warranty if I unlock it. Samsung will likely be much more dev friendly.

    That said, I don’t see a need for either phone. The GS3 is a nice size, and with a 7″ tablet, a phablet doesn’t make sense to me.

    • trob6969

      A 7″ tablet IS a phablet! Lol!…well, except it doesn’t make phone calls.

  • TiGaZ

    more than 5inches i love it! but if htc would give a Full HD screen!! thats definitely a gold!

  • droid life is biased. galaxy note is a magnificent, beautiful phone and those lovely colors and lovely flip integrated cover you’re all using on your precious gs3s are all carried over from the note. quit hating on diversity, we need to promote great phones and then you pick the one you want, but tanking the note was horrible. I hated when I was hoping for the note on verizon and I’d come here to droid life and see kellen or whoever it was panning it for being too large. I’m 6’5″ and it fits my hand beautifully, all you little people are ruining my day 🙂

  • Daniel Gulyas

    How about I don’t believe the reported specs for the HTC one? I believe the processor just fine. I don’t believe there’s a factory in the world that can mass produce 5 inch 1080p screens. Looks to me like they entered a dummy screen size for a tablet or hooked a box up to a TV to test Qualcomm’s new processor.

  • If the HTC has a 5″ 16:9 screen with onscreen buttons, and the Note 2 has a 5.5″ 16:10 screen without onscreen buttons, the Note 2 will have 46% more onscreen area. These phones are going to provide very different experiences. I don’t think there’s a wrong choice between the two, but I’d probably go with the HTC if I had to choose based on the rumors. That screen’s gonna be insane.

  • Immolate

    5.0″ is only two ticks bigger than my S3. I’ll take the 5.5″ Note part deux for the win.

  • Follower

    The Galaxy Note is not just a big phone, it is a phablet.
    but I think the HTC dlx will be just a big phone.
    So I will choose the galaxy Note over the HTC dlx.

  • All my stuff is Samsung. Screw Samsung. Never again.

  • Why would you think the Note 2 would have a 720p screen when the first, smaller one, had an 800p screen?

    I’d think over 800p is a good bet.

    • Now that I’ve thought about it more, predictions:

      HTC phone has screen at least 5.2″

      Galaxy Note 2 has 900p or higher screen.

  • kennedy myril

    As long as the battery is big enough and they have expandable storage, I would love to have one. Gonna root and put stock ics/JB in any case.

  • Dominick_7

    Galaxy Note 2. The Note was is as perfect as they could come. The Note 2 if they build it with the same mindset, design, construction and planning but just improve everything, I will jump at this phone. Was going to vent about the site, but Im going to hold my tongue.

  • Aaa

    Lol @ you thinking these phones could be running anything other than Ice Cream Sandwich. I appreciate your optimism though.

  • skinja

    The current Galaxy Note has better than a 720 display. Why would the Galaxy Note 2 only have a 720 display?

    “The Note 2, will more than likely have a 720p display,….”

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    HTC all the way! Note was just a wee bit too big — dropping the 0.3 inch would be ideal.

  • Trowder

    Verizon is giving the change to win free stuft and it real http://bit.ly/NvbTdu

  • Daniel Rosseau

    I would never buy a phone that big but I would buy HTC if I had too. I think Samsung is turning into the apple of Android OEM’s. I feel like they are making a lot of proprietary things. (S voice and such). They are the leaders for Android and they couldn’t even adopt the correct button layout?! I don’t care if they are onscreen or not but I don’t want a menu button anymore if Android isn’t built for it. Plus I think the One X is way nicer to look at then the S3.

    • Never say never. The original iphone was considered too big when it first came out, the same with the first 4″ phones. After using a Note for 6 months I can tell you that I will never buy a smaller phone if I have the option. The first week I move to cyanogen so all Samsung crap is gone and now I’m using 4.1. The best part is that the international Note has a unloable bootloader, very ROM friendly.

  • Leo

    I just want them to have the same navbar as the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Bionicman

    i’ve played with the Galaxy Note (friend has one) and for bigger gentlemen such as myself, it feels pretty good. It has a great screen and I love the s-pen features. the other thing i can’t stop thinking about is how Samsung has done the phablet thing already and the Note 2 will only improve what its predecessor started.

  • Tweekex

    If the Note has an unlockable bootloader, and comes to our beloved Verizon, I think it will be my next phone. I hate Sense with a passion.

    • majormudafuckinhun

      And it hates you!

      • Delreco Harris


  • It seems like the HTC might be the better of the bunch, but i still think 5″ screens are too big for me! I’ll stick with the Rezound and it’s 4.3inch 720p display, my jeans will thank me!

  • interstellarmind

    The S4 pro found in the benchmark (m8690, if I’m not mistaken) is a dual core… iI’ll take a exynos quad core over a dual core ANYday. Note II for the win.

    • George264

      You must be dumb. Dual core uses the battery WAY more efficently, and with what Qualcomm has showed off this year, the regular S4 is on par and sometimes better than the Samsung Exynos. S4 Pro? Idc if its dual core. I want it.

      • interstellarmind

        Actually, quad cores are more battery efficient because they have a fifth core that can handle low demand tasks. Do some research before calling someone dumb.

        • George264

          Maybe you should think about doing some research yourself before schooling me. The 5th companion core is pretty useless, and its not even present on the exynos, its Tegra 3 only. Besides the original s4 outlasted ALL of the quad core phones anyways.

    • trob6969

      According to the benchmarks it can’t be a dual core because the DLX scores higher than ANY phone ever tested, including the quad core version of the s3 which does have the exynos.

  • You forgot one other choice is “undecided” until full spec and soak test…

  • 91+ people dont know or understand how to use Bluetooth !!

  • chris125

    I think the HTC but only if they put a sufficient battery in it. Love HTC devices but have been lacking lately on Verizon.

  • Alex

    whats the difference? to me its just htc vs samsung, or if you hate big phones then theres an option for that too.

  • SeanBello

    why on earth would you need a stylus on such a big phone? I would understand if the screen were tiny…

    • If you dont understand, then this product isnt for you

    • xilef

      your thoughts are backward

    • Dominick_7

      Thats like asking a painter why they would possibly need a brush. This is an example of the kind of people that visited this post on the Galaxy Note 2. This site is getting on my nerves more and more.

  • Hmm….

    7″ Nexus tablet sounds so much better than an oversized phone….

    • leoingle

      That was just dumb to say. Not only does Nex7 not do phone calls, it doesn’t even do cell data.

      • Because people who put phones to their face that ARE the size of their face look so cool, not even the slightest bit ridiculous.

        • leoingle

          you still did not address the problem of no phone nor no cell data on the Nex7.

          • Jonathan King

            His post wasnt sarcastic..

        • trob6969

          …but nowhere near as ridiculous as someone looks holding a smartphone 5″ from their face to watch a video because the screen is so small! Lol!

      • Hmm….

        Wow. Would have never thought of that. Duh. Think through things before pronouncing things dumb, or that’s how you’ll appear. Quite obviously, if someone thinks a 5″ phone is too large, they will opt for a smaller one. If they already have a smaller phone, they HAVE phone calls and cell data. If they want a larger screen for everything else, the Nexus 7 would fit that bill FAR better than a redundant oversized phone that won’t fit in your pocket. Smaller phone + Nexus 7 makes a lot more sense than holding a book to the side of your head.

        • trob6969

          Lol! Are you listening to yourself?! Think about it: 5″ is WAY too big if the device is called a ‘smartphone’ but 7″ is good if essentially the same sort of device is called a ‘mini tablet’! Lol! Even though the smartphone does everything the mimni tablet does and more! C’Mon now!

  • The next Nexus please.

    • Trevor

      My thoughts exactly. Perhaps it’s “next Nexii.” And hopefully it/they show up for Verizon.

    • Diablo81588

      Hopefully something other than Samsung this time.

      • I would like to see Moto but seeing as Google owns them and does not want to play to favorites I will settle with the multiple Nexii. If they Google would sell verizon capable ones for $400 I would buy one on launch.

    • majormudafuckinhun

      Just don’t cripple it with a shite cam!

      • ERIC REED

        And poor external speaker volume, and add in a little better battery life!!!

    • chris125

      I hope the rumors of the multiple nexus devices turns out to be true. I would love to see htc get another shot after those of us on verizon got the shaft with the nexus 1


      Oh yes, please, please, give us another over hyped Nexus device. Since the last one was so grand, please hurry!!!

      • The last one was grand.

        • ERIC REED

          Mid level at best…

          • Grand

          • ERIC REED

            I guess if I was stuck with it for the next year and a half I would pretend to love it too…

          • I was under the impression that I loved my Gnex. I will now proceed to hate it as you imply.

    • xilef

      definitely.. im buying off contract and moving to Simple Mobile or Metro

  • really? a poll on 2 unannounced phones?

    • sc0rch3d

      they forgot the iphone 5 😉

      • Hope you’re joking!

        • sc0rch3d

          can’t believe i got downgraded on a sarcastic comment! it was geared more towards critiquing this article as such a way that apple-ites write articles about non-existent phones. good lord, i think CNET has done 10 articles on a SIM slot speculation.

    • Hunter

      The specs are mostly flushed out for both and unlikely to vary. Its a legitimate question. Now we can do a poll once both release and see if opinions changed, then we can hypothesize what might have caused such change.

      Should be a fun discussion. I don’t plan on owning either device but still look forward to learning about both.

      You’re welcome to start your own site where you can control the content 🙂


      • Already have one, and i don’t do stupid polls, but your site your polls -_-