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Jelly Bean for Verizon’s XOOM 4G LTE Shows Up for at Least One Lucky Customer

When Motorola announced that the WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM was receiving Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1), we sort of assumed that it would be a while before the 4G LTE version were to see it. After all, it has only been on Ice Cream Sandwich since late June, and knowing that Verizon tends to take their time when readying/approving updates for devices, we figured it could be a couple of months.

According to one of our readers though, his 4G LTE XOOM received Jelly Bean over the weekend. The build number is the newest, JRO03H, and you can see from the baseband and his notification tray that this is indeed the Verizon variant. In the screenshots below, he also has Google Now pulled up, an Android 4.1 feature, showing off his local weather.

We aren’t sure if this means that Verizon is ready to give this update the green light or if this lucky reader of ours simply got in on a test push that wasn’t supposed to be made public. Either way, this is a good sign for the few of us rockin’ a carrier-branded XOOM. 

Cheers Daniel!

  • wialaddin

    Now this I’m sad I just had my 4g Xoom stolen and this comes out:'(

  • akazerotime

    I wish i could give @buythis more then one plus on this for the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?s=4ebb21269177432a6a10c3e7b589e8e2&t=1811747
    Here is how i got it to work:
    First, I went to ChainsDD website and got a flashable #SU for ARM devices (went with the 3.2 file). Placed that on my XOOM
    Downloaded the JB.zip file and extract the folder to my PC desktop, then copied to the XOOM.
    Once on the XOOM I made a nandroid in Rogue Recovery of my current system then did a factory reset, wiped cache, wiped davlik.
    Went into restore, then choose the folder i extracted out of JB.zip and waited for the fun.
    Once that finished, i flashed SU and rebooted.
    I’m now on JRO03H 4.1.1 w/ root. I was getting MD5 errors when i tried to extract the folder on the XOOM and drag and dropping to the SD card. Copy paste worked.
    I wish i could get my hands on a Nexus 7 to see how they compare.

  • pseudonym_b

    2.6 kernel? Why would they ship it with that…? My xoom has a 3.0.8 based kernel… Granted its an ICS kernel, but still. Running JB.

  • daniel.archibald36

    The JB OTA runs smooth on my Xoom 4GLTE, Im extremely impressed by it. Lucky me!

  • rx7freek

    If I have a 3g Xoom because I got my hands on it second hand after the upgrades,which the previous owner missed, will I be getting jelly bean or do I need to do it myself like I did with my gnex??

    • Did you find out? I was worried about the ICS update but I got it. Should I have the JB update by now?

  • cheezer88

    Im trying to sell mine

  • gfacekilla01

    if this in fact true, then I’ll chalk it up as a great day. Nexus 7 tablet on JB and then my old faithful 4G Xoom on JB also, I can’t wait.

  • Ollie_Williams

    Who want some jelly beans!!

  • dr2012

    I really am fed up with Verizon. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE is still running Honeycomb. Verizon is losing all of my business.

    • JoshGroff

      Here’s the choice, unfortunately, better network or timely updates. I’ll take the better network and leave updates to my N7/whatever other WiFi tablet. However, if VZW actually had timely updates, I would be thrilled.

      • Alan Burnstine

        In general, I agree with you, but I believe that argument is losing some of its punch (at least between AT&T and Verizon). I am not hearing anywhere near the number of complaints about dropped calls and poor coverage on AT&T that I used to hear, and Verizon’s 4GLTE has not lived up to the reliability standards they set with 1X and 3G networks previously. It is still good, and I would still hesitate to switch, but it isn’t without its problems, and the competition is catching up.

      • MrEnglish

        100% agree, however, it’s also fairly apparent (at least around here) that the network quality race is closing up. There will come a time when it’s no longer going to be a weighty argument and they’ll have to put up or lose business. I left Sprint for VZW precisely for call quality and network uptime but just because you’re good at one thing doesn’t mean you should shank your customers on everything else.

    • Yeah, it will be a long time before I buy another data-connected non-phone device on Verizon’s network. The lack of updating amounts to rapid planned obsolescence.

    • The Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi is still running Honeycomb, at least in the US. This isn’t Verizon’s fault this time.

  • Buy This

    XDA link…

    I feel compelled to say read the whole thing before futzing around. I know there is someone here who won’t.


  • Ricky

    Oh man, that’s great to hear, but you do have to wonder if the rest of the 4LTE users, like myself, will see it anytime soon. Knowing Verizon we won’t see the new update until we see snow on the ground!

  • If it receives jelly bean before my galaxy nexus, I’m done with Verizon.

    • Well…considering the Xoom WiFi is a “Nexus” device…this should be a good sign for the GNex users.

    • Would you like some cheese with that whineeeeeeee? Your GNEX has had ICS from the start while the Bionic is still on GB. I was patiently waiting for ICS to come out for my old Bionic until the SGSIII dropped. Newer devices are getting updated first for some wild reason so just sit back and relax.

      • not whining. just taking my business else where.

      • your ‘bionic’ is not a nexus device, which are the pure Google devices. They are the phones that are supposed to receive the updates first, which is why the majority of Nexus owners bought them. Other phones have skins on them by the manufacturer and take forever to update. Every other Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Bean except for Verizon and Sprint’s version.

        • will bartlett

          your galaxy nexus isnt a nexus either. man up and put jelly bean on it yourself like the majority of people who own the damn phone did.

          • Nexus and AOSP supported are different, but since 4.1 the VZW Gnex is both of those. This is verizon’s fault no one elses.

          • will bartlett

            then where is the OTA?

          • Nexus implies stock and unlockable
            AOSP implies Google supplies all proprietary files to the masses

            It does not mean you get and OTA from Google, but Google already made it you just have to build it and push it.

    • Dat Nguyen

      Technically, the Xoom is the Google Nexus Tablet until the Nexus 10 comes out. I wouldn’t feel bad.

      • i know the wifi xoom has jelly bean. I’m saying i wouldn’t be happy if the LTE variant receives it before the Gnex because the GSM gnex devices have jelly bean and it should be at the top of Verizon’s list.

        • michael arazan

          The nexus s and the Gnex gsm already have JB. JBQ said that JB is exactly the same for the lte cdma as it is for the gsm variants. The only reason vzw doesn’t have it is because of their so called testing.

      • feztheforeigner

        Pretty sure the Nexus 7 is the current Nexus tablet…

  • drose0

    I want!