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Samsung Upgrade Wants to Give You Money for That Old Phone, As Long as You’re Upgrading to Samsung

Since our poll yesterday showed that many of you have upgraded recently to the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII you might be interested in this bit of news. Samsung took to their Facebook page to announce Samsung Upgrade, a service that will give you a few dollars for sending in your old phone that you may not be using anymore. As long as you have purchased, or plan on purchasing, a Galaxy SIII, a Galaxy Note or the still good Galaxy SII, Samsung will give you some cash for sticking with them.

The process does sound a little sketchy, after sending your phone in when you have your new device, Samsung will send you a check back in the mail for the quote that they gave you on the website. Nevertheless, if you have a phone sitting around unused this may entice you a bit. Here are a few numbers from phones that we know some of our readers have lying around:

  • OG DROID – $0 (thanks Samsung)
  • DROID 2/Global – $20
  • DROID 3 – $60
  • DROID 4 – $165
  • BIONIC – $85
  • RAZR – $140
  • RAZR MAXX – $200
  • DROID X – $20
  • DROID X2 – $45
  • Galaxy Nexus – $130
  • DROID Charge – $50
  • Thunderbolt – $40
  • Incredible – $35
  • Incredible 2 – $75
  • Lucid – $100
  • iPhone 4S 16GB – $210

Here’s where it gets interesting for people who have upgrade to the SIII lately. On the homepage of their application, it says “If you’ve already purchased a new Samsung smartphone, have the proof of purchase handy.” This sounds like Samsung is willing to work with people who have already adopted the SIII as their new phone.

We know that smartphones usually get handed down to the next generation after upgrades in this community, but if you have a few unused phones lying around and plan on upgrading, or have upgraded already: why not give it a look? Would you rather sell them to Samsung on or a site like Swappa.com?

Via: Facebook

  • seen this site around 3 weeks ago and got a quote for $180 for my cdma g nexus. weird how it’s now only worth $130

  • johann lee

    Why is there considered to be any irony at all that Samsung is only willing to buy your old phone back if you are buying a Samsung phone? Is the author afraid other manufacturer will sue Samsung demanding they pay customers for their old phones when not buying a Samsung phone?

  • Shawn

    Wouldn’t this be worth it if my phone doesn’t work? Lol thunderbolt with water damage and I got the s3. Think it’ll work?

  • Liderc

    Don’t know why you guys haven’t fixed this, but says $170 for Galaxy Nexus – not $130.

  • Yea, nice idea but I sold my Thunderbolt for $225…

  • jr2201

    Just sold my thunderbolt for $200.00

  • wm snyder

    Team kang nightly Rom’s. If you get html file rename to (. zip). Don’t forget to jb gapps download! Have a good time! I am and it is smooth.

  • John

    $40 for the Thunderbolt?!? thats insulting. I would love to take advantage of this offer but not for $40. I’d like a GSIII but can’t afford it right now and I’m not getting rid of my Thunderbolt for no $40. That’s crazy.

  • for $20 i rather just keep it thanks.

  • Bionic

    Retarded. You can sell your used phone on ebay for more than $100 easily.

  • lalaalla

    Do you just drop off the package at USPS with the prepaid shipping label printed on it? Or can you use any mail carrier like UPS/Fedex?

  • DJyoSNOW

    I emailed them treading lightly that I’m a droid charge owner. Asking why I should upgradeable grade to a 600 dollar S3 to save money on vzw. Since I’ve been through multiple charges. They have have yet to get back to me with any advice from a week a go.

  • Kerry Davies

    why is a Razr worth more then there own Nexus device thats messed up

  • lol.

    Why on earth would anyone willingly trade a Galaxy Nexus for an SIII.,,

  • jimmyjimjam

    Huh? $130 for my Galaxy Nexus? Screw you! Let me know in 12months when the SIII gets Jelly Bean any I’ll stop laughing.

    FYI my answer will still be no.

  • Holy Grail

    Rezound $200 for the win! Had it just sitting in a drawer after I upgraded.

  • Juicy-Connie

    NEVER sell your out-of-contract $750 smartphone for $45 to Verizon or Samsung.
    This is just another (of many) “rip-off the uneducated people” methods they use all the time.

  • Knlegend1

    This is a plot to get a Motorola radio lol.

  • JetBlue

    50 Dollars for the LG Revolution and it’s the worse phone I’ve ever had.

  • FYI, $200 for the Rezound

  • if i trade in my razr maxx for a gs3 does this mean my unlimited data will be affected?

    • staticx57

      If you have unlimited then you must buy your next phone at full price.

  • So a razzr Max is worth more than a gnex. Lol

    • Diablo81588

      Makes perfect sense. What’s so surprising about that?

    • OhAaron

      Look on Ebay. That’s obvious.

  • why is stupid 3G Iphone get $210?

    • Hot_Nallis_Girl

      > why is stupid 3G Iphone get $210?

      Gee… that’s so odd. I wonder why even old/outdated iPhones are so much in demand by countless people… and bring in millions of dollars in new and used profits.

      Must just be a coincidence.

  • Jwhap

    I sold my Droid Incredible on ebay for $230 bucks and my Droid Charge for $350……But for folks not wanting to deal with ebay this could be an okay option.

    • J Dub

      Is that before or after they take 9%?

      • steve30x

        yeah i was happy back when i sold my og droid a long time ago and ebay took nearly 50.00 bucks away.. i had some accesories with it too. Better off selling it on facebook with someone you trust and know.

        • JoshGroff

          Swappa charges a flat $10 sale fee, and another 10 if you feature it, so much better for those high end devices.

  • theineffablebob

    This would be worth it if it also let you upgrade early.

  • Liderc

    Nexus said 170 for me, not 130, just fyi.

  • JunkInTheTrunk

    People must use these lame ass trade in offerings…. so many are offering them.

  • LOL $200 Razr Maxx but $210 for an iPhone making it ‘Samsungs Most Wanted’. Hahaha way to stick it to Apple. Love it.

    • S.Ober

      I know I wouldn’t pay $210 for an apple product.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What i find funny is a Motorola DROID RAZR is worth more than Samsung’s own Galaxy Nexus. lol

  • Liderc

    Not a very good trade in, $170 for a like new Nexus? Can get more than that pretty much everywhere.

  • d4owner

    Still rather keep my D4 with its physical keyboard

  • mtmjr90

    eBay is almost ALWAYS a better deal for sellers than things like this or Gazelle or whatever…especially if you’ve still got all original accessories and the box. I’ve sold about 10 phones on eBay and I get at least $100-$200 more than other sites/programs on average.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      • mtmjr90

        I would…except most of the devices I’ve sold aren’t Android=/ But I’ll check them out for Android devices in the future, thanks.

    • Bob Someguy

      And don’t worry the phone you just sold will not be used by drug dealers or Mexican drug cartels.

      • J Dub

        Umm no. They use cheap 20$ prepaid dumb phones. Use them for a week then toss them. Get a new one. Repeat.

        • LocBox

          basically. you can tell Bob’s an expert though.


          • J Dub

            Genius Bar

  • steve&woz

    rip off. BB will give $210 for the nexus, plus a $50 gift card. Next….

    • possomcrast1

      BB? I’m guessing you mean black berry if so eww.

      • BB as in Best Buy

        • possomcrast1

          Oh thanks. I didn’t think best buy gave that much.

      • HAHA

        he meant Bestbuy

        • ben

          Where did he find this deal? All I have found from best buy is $70

    • serrastone

      I didn’t even know that Best Buy would buy those back. Thanks for the heads up.

      • michael arazan

        My nexus is 7 months old and only worth $130, ok. Yet everywhere else they sell for like $300 and less used, and way more if they have JellyBean, right now is a great time to sell a nexus with jellyBean on it and if its in good condition.

    • steve&woz
  • bedwa

    Swappa. I know I’m getting more 95% of the time, and I know whomever gets it will likely take care of it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      True sold my VZW Gnex for $300.

  • Kyle Chen

    I can sell it on amazon or ebay for a lot more..so not worth it.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Or swappA

    • Sodev

      You should always have a spare phone just in case something happens.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    ha.. i just tested it out what i’d get for my OG droid with no defects or damage to it and fully functional.. “your refund: $0” .. gee thanks a lot samsung !

    • TheWhiteLotus

      To be honest, there’s nobody who would buy an OG Droid now.

      • Bob White

        I see plenty of them sell on ebay. There are many people who’d buy them for $30-$50.

      • nicotinic

        No defects or damage after all this time? Wow!

        • Savan Ghetiya

          the thing’s a tank ! ive dropped it numerous times and no scratches anywhere ! 🙂

      • CapnShiner

        Maybe not for much, but I bet plenty of people would love to have one. If not for actual use than for nostalgia. The Daily Steal was selling new ones for $70 just the other day.

      • J Dub

        WhyI not? A cheap Android media player. You don’t have to use it as a phone. Send text and email via wifi. Stream music or play it from SD. Play games. My buddy loves them. Has them for their kids to play Angry Birds and what not.

      • Savan Ghetiya

        you dont have to use it as a phone .. can use it as a media player and everything else but making calls via wifi ! 🙂

  • Tempting to ditch my abandoned Droid Charge but none of these phones excite me for some reason.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      And the Droid charge does? Lol.

      • Tony Allen

        The Charge would be great, but there’s no dev community for it.

        • moew

          Most of them abandoned the charge. There were major issues with it. It’s why many of us moved to Moto.

      • Not particularly… so why abandon one unexciting phone, spend money, and get another unexciting phone?

  • Dear Sammy,

    To eliminate the competitors you give only $50 for the charge, which was
    supposed to be a great phone that fell short in every category and then
    give apple users the top upgrade cash… Really? Sammy you are starting
    to make me hate you….

    • nicotinic

      +1 but businesses don’t make emotional decisions… at least not successful businesses. The iPhone is a big seller that does retain some of its value were as the Charge ran out of juice long ago.

      • Jwhap

        Not to mention, Giving iPhone users a higher price is smart! They get the opportunity to turn folks on to Android and grow their user base. It is just smart business. And Droid Charge sucks!

  • cgalyon

    Looks like it’s generally better to use something like Swappa if one is willing to put in the extra work. However, sometimes a simple solution, like this, is appealing because there’s little hassle.

  • 4n1m4L

    Hmmm. Nope