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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note Successor to be Unveiled on August 29 at IFA

Nope, the picture above is not the Galaxy Note 2, but according to reports from Reuters, Samsung has indeed confirmed that they will be unveiling the above device’s successor at this month’s IFA2012 Unpacked event in Germany. There was no elaboration from the Samsung rep as for what kind of specs we can expect, but from what is floating around the web, we’re expecting a 5.5″ unbreakable display, the new quad-core Exynos chip, and shipment with Ice Cream Sandwich.

As you might have already guessed, we’ll definitely have a live blog or some type of special post for when the announcement┬átakes place later this month. Time to hypebeast!

Via: Reuters

  • Will

    so this phone will never ever be on verizon? then why is that picture above have a verizon logo?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Exynos does not play with vzn lte

  • Futbolrunner

    To all Note owners: how do you like your phone compared to your previous smartphone? I love my Gnex’s screen size and wonder if the Note’s is livable to deal with?

    • Dominick_7

      If you check out their forums, the people who have it love it and its as close to perfect as they could think of.

    • cb2000a

      I really really like my Note…now all other phones just seem….well…small. And the built in stylus and programs that work with it are awesome.

  • My skinny jeans don’t approve!

  • anti fall


  • Please be on Verizon!

  • tomgillotti

    Wish this were the next Nexus! I’d love to have a 5.5″ Nexus with these specs… and a few more treats thrown in for good measure. Still love my G-Nex though.

    • Al

      I second this. That’s my ideal device, a 5.5′ nexus would be sweet.

    • I’d drop my requirement for a physical keyboard if I can get a screen this big. I can thumb type comfortably on my Nook Color in portrait mode, so bring on the big screens!

    • yarrellray

      The Gnex pals in comparison to the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3. Not even in the same ballpark.

      • tomgillotti

        The only way the Note is better is the screen size. Otherwise, G-Nex it is!

  • rodney11ride

    no onscreen nav buttons? hello 2011

    • Angryunibrow

      Read the first line of this article….Fail

  • digitalicecream

    I dunno, something about a “successor” arriving less than 12 months into owning the “former” just doesn’t really make me care. There won’t be anything about this one that will make me jump from my Note1.

    • tyguy829

      you say that now….o_O

      • digitalicecream

        LOL. No, I’ve got mine rooted. Someone will port Jelly bean over to the Note 1 and I will have saved me some moolah.

        • Jake

          Yeah. Think this really only sways peeps who haven’t got a hold of the first version just yet. Many will wait for this first including about everyone in the know at T-Mobile.

  • [email protected]


    • I seriously want to know what in the world you mean by this…

      • Jason James

        He wants a bigger screen like me and for that device to be a nexus can’t a man dream?

    • Dominick_7

      While Id like no bloatware, I dont want it to have no SD Card=Nexus. Id rather have disableable or uninstallable bloatware, or some bloatware with an sd card.

  • I found a link to the upgrade,doesnt seem to work

  • crysisrequiem

    Will it be on Verizon?

    • nopernoper


      • michael arazan

        It will be lte capable, so either Verizon or sprint

    • yarrellray

      Verizon will probably go with the HTC competitor 5inch tablet/phone come Oct/Nov

  • Will it be on Verizon?

  • T4rd

    Lol @ the Verizon Logo on the Note. Keep dreaming…

  • T4rd

    Edit: Damn Disqus.. double post..

  • Jake

    What’s with the VZW badge on this OG one? I am hoping they will get this new one, but no Qualcomm packing benched ones or SGH-IXXX numbered ones getting any leaks yet has me wondering WHEN that would actually release?

    • jbegs23

      VZW badging but the 4G LTE logo is from AT&T.

      • Jake

        I got that it was an edit/fake. Mostly figured it was used to start some talk of VZW chances for the 2nd gen and decided to start that discussion.

  • just heard that ics is rolling out to samsung 10.1 tablets,just in the uk so far