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Reminder: Limited Edition DL Tees and Zip Hoodies Available for 3 More Days

As we head into the weekend, we wanted to remind you that our newest limited edition Droid Life t-shirt and hoodie is available, one that we are calling “Community.” As with any “limited” product, it won’t be available forever. You have until Sunday at midnight to get your orders in before this one is gone forever. The design is based off of Experimental Jetset’s “John, Paul, Ringo & George” shirt, one that helped launch a global craze in t-shirt making.


The t-shirt is 100% cotton American Apparel in black, with soft-hand ink in Android green. Sizing ranges from Small – 3XL for men and Small – 2XL for women. If you don’t want black you can email Dion and get it made in Asphalt.

Buy.  ($17 + $5 shipping)

Zip Hoodie

For the first tim ever we are going with a zip-up hoodie. The front features a Droid Life logo in Android green and white. The back contains the “Community” design in the same green used on the t-shirt. Sizing is unisex and runs Small – 3XL.

Buy.  ($27 + $8 shipping)

*Once orders close on Sunday, the shirts will be printed and begin shipping on Tuesday, 8/7.

  • J Dub

    So where’s the latest pie chart for Android OS adoption? This can be worn by a total of about 1% of Android users correct?

  • Trevor

    17 bucks for that crap I would punch myself in the face for wearing that ugly thing.

  • Michael

    Did anyone else get marwarebyte alarms off those t-shirt websites?

  • scampcat

    The original Beatles shirt pointed to one thing: The Beatles. This shirt doesn’t point to any one thing, so it’s just busy and confusing. I wouldn’t want one if it were free because I’d have to try to explain it every time someone asked me what it meant.

  • Tweekex

    I would snatch both up if they came in a tall 🙁

  • muscal

    idk what they were thinking with this shirt

  • irtechneo

    Ugly & ugly & ugly & ugly. I love ya Droid life but that shirt is hideous.

  • nightscout13

    Change the TEXT on the back, and maybe i will buy.

  • I would totally buy a pocketed t-shirt that has the Droid-Life on the pocket and the logo on the back…