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Friday Poll: You Current Phone is?

Since our last “Current Phone” poll, almost 9 months ago, we have seen a number of impressive devices land on U.S. soil. HTC launched the One Series and the Incredible 4G LTE, Samsung gave us the Galaxy S3, and Motorola…well, they haven’t done much. But there is a good chance that many of you switched to something since last December, so we wanted to ask again. I get the feeling that the Galaxy Nexus is going to dominate this, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s tough to go wrong with stock Android. I’m just curious to see if the  Galaxy S3 made a dent in that group of the DL community.

*We couldn’t include every phone on the planet here, so we went with the most popular of the last year. If your phone isn’t listed, be sure to vote for “Other” and then tell us in the comments which phone that is.

You current phone is?

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  • mark

    Razor Maxx for me. 5th Droid phone!!

  • mark

    I love/need the battery . Everything else is a brick.

  • seaNY

    ?????????Wheres g.note?

  • firewater88

    Still kicking the Droid Incredible. Don’t really want to upgrade phone and loose unlimited data on VZW. Not sure what to do…. so many great phones out there and more to come.

  • GNex LTE here. Jumped from the OG Droid.
    My complaints are simple. much weaker radio that the OG and crummy battery life.
    Other than that, I’m very pleased with the GNex.

  • Galaxy 7.7

  • atst88

    Droid Incredible (1) and an iPhone 4s.

  • That’s a whole lotta phones.

  • Aaron

    What’s crazy is how big Droid Life has become.

  • There is another phone after Droid X?

  • yarrellray

    Had the Gnex on Verizon, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on At&t, and now the Galaxy S3 on T-mobile. Trust me the Galaxy S3 BLOWS em bith out of the water hands down. Matter of fact T-mobile BLOWS Verizon out of the water network wise…especially in New York….

  • Corwin1681

    HTC G2, waiting for the next phone with physical keyboard for tmobile… preferably with pure android…

  • cb2000a

    Galaxy Note…fantastic phone (or is it a tablet?).

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a phablet of course.

  • Q

    GNex for life..

  • Jordan

    DROID Incredible 2