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Friday Poll: You Current Phone is?

Since our last “Current Phone” poll, almost 9 months ago, we have seen a number of impressive devices land on U.S. soil. HTC launched the One Series and the Incredible 4G LTE, Samsung gave us the Galaxy S3, and Motorola…well, they haven’t done much. But there is a good chance that many of you switched to something since last December, so we wanted to ask again. I get the feeling that the Galaxy Nexus is going to dominate this, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s tough to go wrong with stock Android. I’m just curious to see if the Β Galaxy S3 made a dent in that group of the DL community.

*We couldn’t include every phone on the planet here, so we went with the most popular of the last year. If your phone isn’t listed, be sure to vote for “Other” and then tell us in the comments which phone that is.

You current phone is?

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  • mark

    Razor Maxx for me. 5th Droid phone!!

  • mark

    I love/need the battery . Everything else is a brick.

  • seaNY

    ?????????Wheres g.note?

  • firewater88

    Still kicking the Droid Incredible. Don’t really want to upgrade phone and loose unlimited data on VZW. Not sure what to do…. so many great phones out there and more to come.

  • GNex LTE here. Jumped from the OG Droid.
    My complaints are simple. much weaker radio that the OG and crummy battery life.
    Other than that, I’m very pleased with the GNex.

  • Galaxy 7.7

  • atst88

    Droid Incredible (1) and an iPhone 4s.

  • That’s a whole lotta phones.

  • Aaron

    What’s crazy is how big Droid Life has become.

  • There is another phone after Droid X?

  • yarrellray

    Had the Gnex on Verizon, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on At&t, and now the Galaxy S3 on T-mobile. Trust me the Galaxy S3 BLOWS em bith out of the water hands down. Matter of fact T-mobile BLOWS Verizon out of the water network wise…especially in New York….

  • Corwin1681

    HTC G2, waiting for the next phone with physical keyboard for tmobile… preferably with pure android…

  • cb2000a

    Galaxy Note…fantastic phone (or is it a tablet?).

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a phablet of course.

  • Q

    GNex for life..

  • Jordan

    DROID Incredible 2

  • John

    D Inc 2

  • Whats funny is how few people actually have the HTC One X…but they get brought up in comments all the time…

  • 216monster

    Xperia Play R800x running Paranoid Android 4.0.4


    Curious how the Droid Charge isn’t on the list.

  • CapnShiner

    I’m still getting by with the Droid X2 I borrowed from my friend who upgraded to a RAZR. Otherwise I’d be even more frustrated with my Droid X. This month is when my last NE2 credit is available and I was planning to use it on whatever the latest hotness would be at this time…..but then things changed. Since purchasing my Droid X, NE2 has been canceled, unlimited data has been replaced with tiered data, and they started charging that ridiculous upgrade fee. Share Everything happened too, but I’m on an individual plan. So now I’m just waiting for the GS3 Dev Edition, RAZR HD, or whatever else comes first. I’m going off-contract from now on, so this poor Gingerbread device will have to last a bit longer.

  • mikeym0p

    I see you’re a pro at the Phone Stacking game πŸ˜‰

  • Hot-Gringo-girlie

    > Friday Poll: You Current Phone is?

    Can someone at droid-life learn to spell “your” correctly???

  • Apostrafee

    Nexus and Razr πŸ™‚ Thinking about S3 I have upgrade, what do the users think of it so far?

    • Jwhap

      My wife has one. It is fast, the issue is touchwiz, frankly. You can not make folders like in ICS, to do this requires a bunch of extra steps. Overall I like the phone but I will say Touchwiz really ruins the experience for me. My wife loves it, she came off of a galaxy s, though she loves her nexus 7 better which tells me these companies should leave Android vanilla!

      • Apostrafee

        See that is my thinking. Maybe if some sweet Stock Jelly Bean ROMS arrive I’ll pick it up. But also I think I’d like a quad core proc in my next phone, but thats just me

  • It’s hard to believe that the One X has got so few votes while the S3 got so many!

    • Jwhap

      How is that hard to believe??? The Galaxy series of phones is almost as popular as the iphone!

    • CapnShiner

      Really? You are surprised that, on a site that caters mostly to Verizon subscribers, a phone that is only available on AT&T got fewer votes than one that is available on Verizon? Really??

  • actually SGS3 i wish.. πŸ™‚

  • John Murray

    Still using my beat up droid x

    • CapnShiner

      I would be too if not for my friend having a spare X2 lying around. I feel your pain.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Sprint fucked up on the gs2 upgrade. should’ve waited for a nexus qqqqqqqqqqqqq

  • gokusimpson

    Droid X with AOKP ICS…seemingly forever. Razr HD should be next, but I’m afraid it’ll just underwhelm.

  • dylan84

    Still using my Atrix 4G. Probably will be until the winter.

  • Probably one of the few att people on this…miss verizon =( BUT im rocking the galaxy note, soon to be the galaxy note 2 =D

  • jzwerlz43

    Rocking my Droid X until christmas. then upgrading to either a razr hd galaxy s3 or the new nexus phone (whatever that may be assuming verizon gets it)

  • disastrousrainbow

    Galaxy S3 right hurr. Love the speed, love the feel, love the camera, and surprisingly love the battery life.

  • Tyler Cunning

    Galaxy Note!!

  • Russ M

    I still love my Thunderbolt. Got it April 2011. Rooted it a month later.
    It’s still rollin’ along, mostly due to the great rom dev community the
    t-bolt has. Even though still no ICS, it’s still smooth enough to run
    almost all of the best apps. But, come November, I have an upgrade
    through VZW. Since I have little money and no intention of spending $500
    on a phone, I’ll most likely get a GNEX (or whatever flagship vzw has
    by December). I reallllly wish vzw had the One X…

  • GS3
    Razr maxx
    Nexus s

  • jst-anothr-droid-owner


  • HTC One X (as my main) Galaxy S3 (as my backup), using the S3 now because my One X was getting replaced by HTC, getting it back on Monday so back to that,

    • Bionic

      Why have two premium phones? Retarded

      • S3 was free for testing a new yet unannounced network in UK

      • It was free for testing and giving feedback about a new mobile network

  • Droid R2D2

  • Steven G

    Droid X2

  • ddevito

    That’s one fine droid orgy you got there

  • Realistic87

    verizon nexus, but I kinda want a gs3 for the better battery life.

  • Matthew Merrick

    Still on my droid charge πŸ™ its getting crappier by the day…..

    • Jwhap

      I hated that phone so much I bought the GNEX off contract!

  • Ben Modica

    Bionic. It’s a good phone but I wish I had held out for a Razr or GNex.

  • webby

    love my GNex, but if Samsung doesn’t improve their radios, I won’t buy another Sammy fone.

  • Droid X2

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Rockin a Droid X with CM9 as my main phone. I have a Droid X2, but the power button’s broken πŸ™

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’ve just realized… The funny thing to me is that I have yet to see a Galaxy Nexus out in the wild out here in the Bay Area, CA. I see a lot of iPhones, RAZR/RAZR Maxx’s, Galaxy SII variants, and Droid X/X2’s… but I’ve never seen anyone pull out a G-Nex yet.

    • gokusimpson

      Truthfully, I’ve only seen probably 3 in the wild since its release. Really weird.

    • nico rojas

      I got mine right here… I stay in the Bay you right all I see is i$h! T$

  • MrToTo83

    Currently the S3 and the Maxx. I still have my Nexus too.

  • Droid 4 is probably the best phone I have had so far.

    I hated the Gnex when I had it. Terrible camera and battery life.

  • Galaxy Nexus for me but I am considering getting the Galaxy SIII.

  • Switched from the Droid X2 and Verizon when I moved, now I have the S3 on T-Mobile and am pretty happy with it. The X2 was awful for me at the end.

  • eddy

    galaxy nexus the best phone I have ever owned.

  • New_Guy

    T-Bolt, but I’m about done with this thing…

  • Matthew

    HTC Evo 4G

  • DJyoSNOW

    My awesome under developed Droid Charge did not make the list. Well after the 4th and lost defective one right out of the box i have a winner. UG

    • Jwhap

      Yup! Horrible phone. I had it for 5 months before I just couldn’t stand it anymore!!! So I picked up a GNEX…….

  • Droid X2

  • sporty

    Razr. Going to upgrade it to the Maxx with the new batt and cover soon. Keeping it for as long as possible due to Verizon not allowing a upgrade unless I drop unlimited. Not happening. And not gonna pay full price for a new phone until I >>absolutely<< have to.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • Droid X

  • tomn1ce

    There should be a separate choice for vzw G-Nexus…

    • eddy

      I got tired of waiting on verizon so, Bugless Beast fix that problem…

      • Jwhap

        Yessir!!!! I stopped waiting for updates with the whole 4.0.4 debacle!

        BB is the way to go!

  • moelsen8

    wow, bionic in the house.

  • Using the DX right now, going to be upgrading to either the GS3, or the Razr HD, if it ever comes out.

    • Same boat, but I’m looking to get a new Nexus phone.

  • PC_Tool

    3 Fascinates, 2 Spectrums, a Galaxy Nexus, and an SIII.

    All are in use, but 2 of them only as Media/Game/Alarm devices.

  • greg

    Milestone X

  • d324

    iPhone 4s…with the biggest dev community of any phone on the planet.

    • Bionic

      Go fuckk yourself

      • d324

        thats mature

    • Jwhap

      Just curious……How many custom Roms are available for your iPhone 4s???

      • JoshGroff

        1, and it’s perfection.


  • eddieonofre

    ok kellex now you are just showing off with that picture,.

  • Silver Veloz

    Droid Bionic here (stock). Will keep the Bionic for quite a while once the official ICS is released.

  • Galaxy Nexus master race reporting in.

  • International Galaxy Note GT-N7000

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m surprised the One X is so low, it’s a better phone than the S3

  • Lakerzz

    Got the Galaxy S3 and gave my Gnex to my gf. Realized it had too many issues like, signed bootloader, and when on a call with bluetooth, the screen keeps turning on in my pocket. I thought it was the physical home button, but had it sitting on the table, and just watched it turn on and off. My gf liked the ‘whiteness’ of it, so I traded her to get my Gnex back and never been happier.

  • RadicalPie

    Should be titled “how many android beam’s did i just activate?”

  • Kehin Faux


    • David Dudovitz

      Me too

  • Michael Lewis

    I am currently using my Xperia Play and I am loving it. I think it is a wonderful phone despite the bad maintaining from Sony. Game Keyboard to the rescue and the XDA community for keeping my phone up to date. I do wish that I could be able to switch between my OG Droid and this phone as I wish because some days I just want that physical keyboard and other days I want a more powerful phone.

  • irtechneo

    Rockin the tbolt. Why all the hate in the comments for that phone? Stock it was horrible but if you root and install a team bamf rom it runs smooth and my battery life lasts two days easy. Love my kickstand too. Galaxy S3 is a beautiful device though and really tempting.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m on Bully De-Sense right now, loving it, makes the T-bolt so much faster. Kickstand + speaker are hard to beat.

      • irtechneo

        I just flashed Skyraider Zeus today and an ICS theme & it is running great! Smoothest ROM I have found so far for bolt. I love sense and the desensed roms just feel plain to me. To each his own though. Can’t wait for my upgrade in November!

        • JoshGroff

          I’ll have to check it out. I’m just waiting on the next round of Nexus devices so I can ETF and go prepaid.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Galaxy Nexus all day. Love my Nexus 7 as well.

  • “Og” to the “X” to the “X2” to the “S3”

  • fixxmyhead

    this whole site is only for verizon customers

  • OhAaron

    This must be why HTC is hurting, haha.

  • Quite the stack there Kellen. Looks like…

    GSIIIGNEX GSMGNEX LTEHTC One XRezoundThunderboltBionicD4DX
    Am I close?

  • Mark Lewis

    Droid Incredible. I’m eligible for an upgrade in November, so here’s hoping the rumors of multiple Nexus devices are true.

    • Jwhap

      and one on Verizon…..I would like to stay on verizon but I will not if they do not have a nexus device!

  • HTC Aria or way to old of a phone to have.

  • Android1997

    Had a G-Nex, Signal stunk and battery lasted 4 hours. It lasted 4 hours because i use my phone insted of my laptop, even at home. As soon as i could, i traded for a Blue Razr thinking the battery would be slightly better, it wasnt so i traded for Maxx. But as a teenager, i had seriously considered Droid 4

    (I buy my phones with my own money, then trade through Swappa)

  • whaler33

    Still rocking the Droid Incredible…ICS ROM, Just about everything works..I can wait until a quantum leap forward.. the rest have been baby steps in my book!

    • Jwhap

      Ummmmm……The S3 or One X, hell even the GNEX is major steps forward. You will be rocking that incredible for another 10 years if you are waiting for a “quantum Leap forward”

  • interstellarmind

    had the SGSIII, but sold it in order to get the developer edition (which, i’m losing hope of ever being released as each day passes). Using my GNex for now.

  • sc0rch3d

    this should’ve been a contest to see who can guess correctly the phones only looking at side profiles πŸ™‚

    • nicotinic

      Then guess…

  • Greyhame

    What’s that Kellex? Am I jealous of your phone collection?? ……. ……. ……. Noooooooo. >,>

  • CHuck


  • gadgetryan

    No Note??

  • Team nexus πŸ˜€

  • i bought a galaxy nexus on VZW the day before data sharing went in, even though i could have gone for the S3. i waited for the S3 but was let down.

    now if only Jelly Bean gets an OTA update for my CDMA nexus soon, i’ll have something to throw in the faces of those who bought the s3. πŸ™‚

  • i cant believe people still have the thuderbolt

    • why not it was a very good phone,i gave mines away a few weeks ago when i got my nexus(that i rooted the next day)

  • tu3218

    I know us Galaxy Nexus owners haven’t had the “true Nexus” experience(thanks to verizon), but it sure is nice knowing that ~8 months later, and our phone is still arguably one of the best phones with support that continues to grow!

    • The true nexus experience is overrated. The vast majority buy nexus devices to root/rom

      • tu3218

        yes but if we had the true nexus experience, we wouldn’t have to make roms based off of GSM nandroids, etc.

      • Duong Vu

        I always thought the “true nexus experience” was the root/romming..

  • FlyingHellfish

    You current phone is? That being said, Galaxy Nexus

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Running AOKP Jelly Bean on my sexy Samsung Fascinate.

  • Droid bionic will be a year old next month d’aww

  • So… when are you changing the site to Nexus-Life.com?

  • Mario Mendez

    Droid X

  • Treknologist

    I’m on the TBolt for a few more months. After that I’m done with contracts. I’m going to Google Play to get a Nexus phone.

    • Br_d

      Switching carriers then?

      • Treknologist

        Yep. I need a GSM carrier. Between business travel and personal travel, CDMA has been a hindrance.

        • Br_d

          So when you say a few more months, you mean next March?

          • Treknologist

            Try November.

          • Br_d

            November is when you’re eligible for an early upgrade from Verizon. Your contract lasts until March. Sorry bud.

          • Treknologist

            Then that alters when it’s happening, not what’s happening. πŸ™‚

        • Diablo81588

          You can disable apps in ICS, which is essentially the same as uninstalling it.

          • Treknologist

            Oh yes, I know. The TBolt is on GB still so can’t do that.

    • So no LTE?
      I couldn’t do that πŸ˜›

      • fixxmyhead

        oh ur one of those suckers

      • Treknologist

        AT&T has LTE. I’m hoping for a new Nexus with LTE that works on AT&T or T-Mobile.

    • Feel your pain, I had that phone until Asurion screwed up and sent me 3 messed up Thunderbolts and I called and complained and after some talking got a free upgrade to the Rezound! The Rezound is what the Thunderbolt should have originally been!

      • Treknologist

        Well, I like the TBolt. I was one of the lucky folks who had little to no trouble with it (thankfully). But Android is very mature now and I rather have an off-contract phone from Google directly so I can updates quickly and not have to deal with crap from the carriers.

      • Diablo81588

        Nah, same terrible battery life.

        • Better than the Nexus!

        • Rezound’s batter is actually better than the Thunderbolt by a LOT! It’s not just a Rezound / Thunderbolt problem tho, its more of an entire ecosystem wide problem( excluding Razr Maxx). Heck, even Apple and their i$hit have the same problem with battery life.

    • Went through 10 tbolts since it launched. Verizon gave me free s3 off contract to keep unlimited… It can be done.. Just takes the right people to talk to… πŸ™‚

  • Dr_Buttballs

    I land in the measly 2% with my GSII. Still a solid phone!

    • fixxmyhead

      because this site only caters to verizon customers just look at the choices all verizon phones except for like 2

  • Went from a Samsung Intensity to a Razr Maxx. Kinda regret not getting a Nexus, but I’ll live.

    • Diablo81588

      You made a good choice.

      • I think the only thing I really regret are the fast updates. Better battery life and Motorola’s build quality are what won me over.
        Thanks, I actually feel better about my purchase!

        • I got the DROID 4 because I liked the idea of having a physical keyboard, now I regret not getting the RAZR. D4 is good, but the screen isn’t good enough.

          • I actually have a good friend who got the D4 for the same reason as you. I’ve got to mess around with it a bit, and the screen isn’t mind blowing, but it’s a good trade-off if you’re someone who likes physical buttons.

  • TrevorSP

    Anyone still rockin’ an OG Droid? I’m not but I’m curious…

    • Cousin_Rose

      Gave my OG Droid to my husband when I went to the S3 and he is still happy with it.

  • Nick V

    Kicking with the Droid X. This is one kick ass phone… 3 years ago. πŸ™‚

    But it is still doing everything I need.

    • Mario Mendez

      Droid X here too

      • Nick V

        I still see a lot of our phones wherever I go. It is always nice to see it in the wild. The build quality is awesome on these.

    • Liderc

      Droid X is barely 2 years old, just fyi.

      • Nick V

        I know, I like to exaggerate a little. πŸ™‚

    • I got the OG Droid, Droid X and Galaxy Nexus at the heezy…

      • JMonkeYJ

        That is my exact lineup, too!

    • Same here. Mine is steadily falling apart . Upgrade is due in September though.

  • Wow, so few Galaxy S2s…

  • Razr Maxx FTW! Love it!

  • Quickly

    Still rocking the OG Droid.

    • Kyle Chen

      Same here man!

    • bose301s

      As much as I loved my OG Droid at this point I feel sorry for you, it was definitely very long in the tooth when I got my GNex in December and that’s not improving as time goes on.

    • shaun.ober

      Just upgraded mine to the s3 I went through 8 in the just over two year span.

    • So brave!

    • Tyler

      Is it still rocking if your rocking a supermodel who’s now in her 70s? Just sayin

      • OG_BeatsBNC&TnrBlt

        True, but I would rock the OG Droid now too, but would never be caught with the Bionic or even worse Thunderbolt!

        • michael arazan

          The OG droid isn’t a supermodel in her 70’s, more of a super model who is a milf in her 40’s, and still doable.

    • New_Guy


    • droidman101

      Still have my OG Droid (I use my Nexus) but I had touchscreen issues (about a centimeter down the middle vertically and the right side vertically would not respond to touches, AT ALL) which hastened my decision. I still use it as a clock in its dock though.

      • I use my OG Droid for my alarm clock too.

        • Stephen D

          Same here. Rooster alarm on full volume wakes me up every time. The Nexus is too quiet to use as an alarm.

      • Ditto on the touch screen losing it’s touch. mine is about a third of the width right down the middle vertically. It started a week or so before I could get my hands on a Nexus – made for a really fun week.

        • droidman101

          I lived with it off and on (it was quite random) up until about December 5, when it didn’t fix itself. So I got a new phone for Christmas.

    • T4rd

      Damn.. you’re either broke or have some serious constraint. No way I could still be using mine when the S3 or Galaxy Nexus is available. I was extremely pleased to upgrade to the Gnex on launch day from it. It is a night/day difference.

      • VZWIndirect

        By night and day do you mean you could actually make a call on your OG Droid, where the Nexus on launch day would not pull a signal if you climbed to the top of a VZW tower with a signal amp in your pocket? The Nexus was the worst “phone” I ever saw at launch. It was a helluva nice little tablet, but you couldn’t make a call on one to save your life.

        • T4rd

          As common as that issue has been reported, it hasn’t been my experience. Everywhere I had service with my OG Droid, I’ve had service with my Gnex. My wife still had her OG Droid for a few months while I had my Gnex and I always had signal where she did too. The only issue I’ve had related to service is that the Gnex is slow to handoff to/from 4G compared to her Rezound.

          • Teabling

            I’m in the same boat as you. I picked up the Gnex on launch day and never had any call issues. I kept hearing about how people were losing calls or their mics would cut out, but that never once happened to me.

          • Honestly I think all the signal issue was bull, never had an issue with my radios for a second.

          • Bsody

            While I never had signal issues, I did have the mic cut out a decent number of times, maybe once a week. Im guessing new radios fixed the issue, as I havent had it happen in quite some time.

    • Yo

      LOL….thats effing wack, not making enough money poor man?

    • I went from my HTC Eris to a Gnex. I gotta say, its the best decision I’ve ever made. I was planning on getting the thunderbolt when it came out but my brother decided to get it first and boy was I relieved that I didn’t get that. He went through so many problems that he just gave up and just puts up with it. Well I guess it pays to be patient. lol

      • DROID ERIS!! Best community ever lol, all my favorite developers came from there πŸ˜›

        • Agreed, I still look back with nostalgia to onset of my ROM-flashing addiction.

  • It’s a sad day when what was once arguably the best phone available when you bought it is now shoved into “Other”

    • RIP HTC DROID Incredible :s

      • Bsody

        Not for this guy. My DInc is currently being used as a replacement for my GF’s broken iPhone 4.

        • Bigwavedave25

          Nice. My father-in-law is still rocking my old DINC [running CM7]. I need to update him to some AOKP ICS goodness… πŸ™‚

          • Bsody

            Shes on CM7 too. I havent looked in awhile, did they get ICS running smoothly on it?

          • Bigwavedave25

            Not really sure for the DInc. I just noticed it was an available download when I was grabbing builds for my GNex.

            Man, If she ever figures out all the goodies baked into AOKP, she won’t want to go back to the plain iPhone. Of course, [my wife has one too] her excuse is always “Your phone is too hard to figure out” because she doesn’t spend much time with it. But our 3 and 5 year olds have no problem finding their games!

  • I have an HTC Aria, I love it! It’s the perfect size just wish I could upgrade OS.

  • Sony Xperia Arc S – Can’t get over it’s design. Waiting to see the new GX (lt29) before changing, if rumours are correct then it’s PERFECT.

  • Still rocking my Droid Charge, and will be till my contract’s up in one year.

  • enerjak

    My last Android phone was a DX. After a year I threw it out and got a Windows Phone. One year later, I’m ready to throw that out and grab the Droid Razr HD.

  • I’m still waiting for a phone that makes me want to get rid of the Galaxy Nexus. I’m presuming that the next Nexus is the device that I’ll switch to.

    • 4n1m4L

      *one of the next nexus devices πŸ˜‰

      • LockedBootloaders

        I wish i could get the next Nexus but I have Verizon so thats not happening.

        • droidman101

          You could buy it off-contract (if they sell it that way).

          • If there is a god he will make this happen.

          • Droosh

            Unlikely VZW will allow another Nexus on their network.

          • droidman101

            Oh I think they will. Google can flex some muscles if they wanted.

        • mikeym0p

          Same boat, I’m thinking of just paying the ETF come Nov/December and getting a Straighttalk sim

      • New_Guy

        Doesn’t that feel good to say =)?

    • moelsen8

      yeah i’m itching to see how the nexus army hit the play store, and how that plays out.

  • No iPhone section?

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Is that surprising?

    • Um…..really? That thing might be kind of out of place, because, I don’t know, this is an Android site perhaps???

    • JoshGroff

      I think they should have included it, some people do own both.

  • G1 *sigh*

    • Diablo81588


    • Al

      G1 now that was a smartphone. The android phone that started it all….

      • New_Guy

        Fell in love with the green robot immediately because of that bad boy =)

  • nightscout13

    Wish i had a stack of phones like that sitting around my desk πŸ™‚

    • wm snyder

      Ahh yeah, ya see ,picka phone any phone, Winner takes all!