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Introducing the New Limited Edition Droid Life Tees and Zip Hoodies, All About “Community”

Today, we are pleased to introduce the newest limited edition Droid Life gear. In the past, we let you choose from either a hoodie or a t-shirt, however, we are bringing you both options today as we are that pleased with this design. As usual, it doesn’t have an official name, but we are leaning towards this being the “Community” shirt. No word better describes the group of people that amass here every day at Droid Life.

If you are confused by the design, we’ll have to point you in the direction of the John, Paul, Ringo, & George shirt that Experimental Jetset did a few years back. The shirt was wildly popular, helping kick off a wave of ideas for t-shirt makers across the globe. The four terms we have chosen not only symbolize the current state of Android tech, but they really do reference the lives that we all have invested in. Android at the top as the star of the show, Jelly Bean as the newest version of it, Community to show our respect to you, and Droid Life because through this medium, we have been given the opportunity to bring it all together.

Again, we couldn’t be more pleased with the design, the black, and the first ever DL zip hoodie. We hope you enjoy. As of this moment, you have 4 days to order before it is gone forever.


The t-shirt is made up of a 100% cotton American Apparel tee in black. The graphic is printed with soft-hand ink in Android green. If you haven’t owned an American Apparel cotton t-shirt before, let me just tell you, that you are missing out. They do make some of the finer cotton products around. Plus, who doesn’t need a new black tee in their wardrobe?

Sizes for men range from small through 3XL. Sizes for women range from small through 2XL.

If you are not interested in black and want the same design on an Asphalt color shirt, please email Dion.

Buy.  ($17 + $5 shipping)

Zip Hoodie

For the first time ever, we are doing a zip hoodie. In the past, it was all about the pullover, but the zip hoodie is much more functional, especially for those of us that spend more than 30 seconds on our hair in the morning.

On the front, we have a simple Droid Life logo in 2-color (yes, men, we skipped the pink this time). On the back, you will find the “Community” design in the same Android green as the t-shirt. The sweatshirt itself is a black Tultex 80% cotton, 20% poly fleece with the zip front, so it should be extra comfy.

Sizing is unisex, ranging from small to 3XL.

Buy.  ($27 + $8 shipping)

Orders and Shipping

Since this is an exclusive and limited edition, you only have from today through Sunday (8/5) at midnight Pacific to order. After that, this design is gone forever.

Once we close up shop on orders, the shirts will be printed and start shipping out on Tuesday (8/7).

Both the t-shirt and zip hoodie are available at the Andy Limited store.

  • terrible

    and it comes with a pop up ad on the front now too

  • Was excited until I saw the design. Xp

  • kselby

    I like the front design on the sweatshirt. I think it would be much better though if on the back you just had Andy eating an Apple or just Andy himself. The text on the back looks very boring IMO.

  • Guillaume Forest

    What’s wrong ? :
    PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.

  • nightscout13

    text& text& text& text = EPIC FAIL

  • nightscout13

    The Text phrase is horrible. “Droid-Life” would suffice. Jelly Bean will be inferior in 5 months, so whats the point of putting that in there?

  • Hey Kellen. As a fellow Portlander and an avid DL reader, I had to get a hoodie. Good to see these. I’ve been waiting for you to put some out for a while.

  • kristian tzokanow

    Have you guys seen this one?

  • thesaber2000

    Bought the hoodie.^_^

  • The Overly Plump Turnip

    Nooooooooooo! Dang it!! when I finally decided to buy a website shirt, this is what comes out. Way to much text on the back tho, love the logo on front but the back needed something just short and to the point… eh guess I’ll wait for another one to come out.

    • nightscout13

      The —-text& text& text& text—- has to go

  • Kellex, I love you man but…take them down… this is embarrassing.. Next time do a graphic design contest or something for the artwork..

  • Can i get the hoodie without the back print? forget it it too expensive anyways i’ll just print my own

    • nightscout13

      The —-text& text& text& text—- needs to go bye bye

  • Damu793

    i need a 4x! hoodie

  • You couldn’t pay me to wear that.

  • Rob

    I was wondering why there was a break in the logo on the hoodie but then realized that it was the string that tightens the hood.

  • skyskioc

    Android life,AOKP, jelly bean, beer, hot chicks ! FTW

  • $27 for a hoodie is pretty steep. Also, no way it costs $8 to ship. 🙁

    • JoshGroff

      It’s about the size of a wireless router when folded. A wireless router ships for ~$8 when not insured, sounds about right.

      • Throw in it a USPS soft envelope and it costs no more than $4 to ship across the country.

        • JoshGroff

          Yeah, that’s true. Since you don’t have to worry as much with a sweater getting dinged or bent up.

  • Yeah I don’t like all the words ..it’s to long and doesn’t flow well..also as someone said before how bout some ICS blue ones too..I believe simple is best when it comes to T-shirts and Hoodies personally

    • nightscout13

      The —-text& text& text& text—- gots to go

  • Thanks Guys! Like the Shirt, looks good, ordered one.

  • Fatboy Johnson

    and where the hell is the pink

  • Fatboy Johnson

    You guys are obvisouly not that creative. The back of the hoodie is WACK!

  • The pink is a must!

  • AboveTheClouds

    Gee, it will only cost me $22 – $35 to provide you with FREE advertising? Where do I sign up?!

    Not to be a jerk, but if you want to send me one for FREE, I promise to wear it at least once a week for a year.

    • JoshGroff

      Yet you’re probably wearing a shirt right now advertizing something… Welcome to America. (or some article of clothing, maybe your shoes.)

      • AboveTheClouds

        Probably? No. I don’t advertise for free. If someone gives me something, then I don’t mind wearing it, but I don’t pay an entity to advertise for them.

        • JoshGroff

          So there’s no branding of any sort on any of your clothes? I highly doubt that.

  • gfjfgjg


  • DanSan

    wanted to buy both but shipped for both items was a little high, maybe if it had reduced shipping price when purchasing both items i would have. only bought the shirt for now..

    • Andilicious217

      Did you see this at the bottom?

      “Questions or comments or to combine shipping HOODIES/SHIRTS, email Dion Briggs.”

  • Seth

    Would order the hoodie if there was nothing on the back =(

  • Why not ICS/JB blue? Gingerbread Green is SO last year.

  • ascreen06

    too wordy.

  • spickle

    why is it $3 more to ship the hoodie then the shirt? send it USPS and make shipping free.

    • JoshGroff

      This isn’t Amazon or eBay… Shipping is never truly free (it’s always incorporated into the price somehow.)

  • Sirx

    Shirt looked stupid. Then I took five minutes to read the background on the design. Then the shirt looked awesome!

    • r0lct

      Maybe if the shirt had a QR code to the article explaining the point that would save you the time.

  • I will +1 on the pink request. C’mon now, we have to stare at it everyday at least keep it true to the site.

  • is the material organic?

  • spickle

    they are pretty sweet but the only thing i don’t like is the Jelly Bean part. it’s gonna be out dated real soon. imagine the same shirt that says Froyo…

  • lasthought

    Maybe if the hoodie didn’t have the ugly ass text then I would buy.

  • jason

    is it just me? or can i not pay with google wallet? there is no active button to push on….only the yellow paypal appears?

  • EvanTheGamer

    Kick-ass! I received the last Limited Edition Droid-Life hoodie for Christmas(not sure what year that was) and really liked it. May have to purchase this one now.

  • Ordered the hoodie

  • But in 8 months the text will be outdated 🙁

    • Michael_NM

      Maybe the shirts will get an OTA. Or, perhaps we can root them.

    • r0lct

      Then they can sell you another one. Clearly DL has learned form the carriers! 😛

  • The only thing bad about this is that eventually Jelly Bean will be outdated.

    • JoshGroff

      Jelly Beans are the best, they’ll never be outdated.

    • Doubtful if you’re a Rezound owner. Zing!

  • ThisGuy

    “Community” just sounds corny. If it was “Gingerbread & Honeycomb & Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean” w the DL logo I might buy one.

  • CodeInVB

    No droid life pink?

    • JoshGroff

      Pretty much the only thing making me consider not buying one. :/

      Edit: from the down-vote, someone must hate pink.

  • DanWazz

    Why must you do this on a week I don’t get paid!

    • JoshGroff

      So you pay more to get one on eBay next week. 🙂

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Need a few more &’s there.

    & then & then & then & ….

    • John

      Hah, just made me think of that clip from ‘Dude Where’s My Car’

    • ArrowCool

      Littering &……….

      • GTIguy

        The snozberries taste like snozberries….

      • Trevor


      • kniceguy

        Littering &…………

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Smoking the reefer!

    • imns

      No and then!

    • nightscout13

      The —-text& text& text& text—- needs to go

  • Michael_NM

    I want to wear one if these in to VZW store so I can hear, “What’s Jelly Bean?”

    • JoshGroff

      I’m pretty sure you’d hear “what’s android” from a few of them as well. They aren’t usually the most enlightened bunch.

      • Butters619

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you even got a “what’s Verizon?”

        • JoshGroff


  • Levi Wilcox

    This community apparently needs a designer. That “logo” is horrible.

    • I disagree. I feel it is very creative. It incorporates the D and the L and some eyes for Andy’s face. Do you have some constructive criticism? Or is “horrible” the best you can do?

      • the real jon reid

        Its Horrible!

      • Levi Wilcox

        OK here’s something constructive since you asked. (First let me set the record straight I’m talking about the text&text&text logo, not the DL logo) Reusing a t-shirt design that had limited success over ten years ago is not the best design or promotional idea. Considering the original concept was about the Beatles, (and they’re names), the design did not translate well to this alternate subject matter. Also, part of that designs success was due to the text only format, adding an image (even a small logo) ruins this design concept. The second piece of criticism is that the text should have been just names, “Android&Jelly Bean&Google&Droid Life” would have been better conceptually, or really anything with actual names, if they were going for the parody theme.

        • C-Law

          I don’t like community either. Google would be better or ics spelled out. II’d get it then. If I got it as is, I’d have to explain community to everyone that asked. Pass

          • michael arazan

            The back should say droidlife and under neath should show an apple grave that is freshly dug, or maybe Andy the android dancing on apple’s grave.

  • John

    Surprised you guys make that much $$ of these things. Love the site in all but just never been into wearing website based t-shirts.


    It’s not Droid-Life without the hot pink!

  • First!

  • XMAN

    can we try any less on this one?

    • I agree. The text is very lacking to me. I’d wear the hoodie with the DL logo on it if it was a pullover (I don’t like zip-up hoodies,) but with the text on the back… no thanks. It just sounds lazy and uninteresting.

  • MikeSaver

    Whats the battery life like on these?

    • All day and then some. 😛

      • Damu793


  • SilverUberXeno

    Hoodie is OK, at least it has the logo on it. But where’s the DROID LIFE pink??

    The t-shirt is terrible, IMO. Wouldn’t wear it for free. If others like it, I’m happy for them. To me it comes off as exceptionally uninteresting. Hardly reminiscent of DL.

    • We know that not every man is comfortable wearing pink. 😛

      • But every man is comfortable wearing droid life pink

        • Next shirt, we’ll incorporate some pink if we can.

          • MikeSaver

            none of you would be complaining if there were sexy ladies modeling these, or better yet, Droid-Life writers. Am I right or am I right?? orrr AAAM I ROOOIIGGGHHTT

          • JoshGroff

            If there was an option, I would choose pink even if it cost more, especially if a portion of proceeds went to breast Cancer research. (I would even force it upon my Facebook contacts.)

          • nightscout13

            The —-text&text&text&text—- needs to go

          • Id get a pink one

          • lasthought

            Would it hurt the design team to just eliminate the text off the back of the hoodie? please!? haha

          • I think DL is the only pink i would ever wear. But i am liking the green A LOT. very android.

          • Yeah I think I’d just like to see something like “Droid-Life Community”. I still got one but I’d be happy to get another with something updated.

      • CodeInVB

        the “droid life” at the bottom should at least be in pink.

  • SirSoloDolo

    Shut Up and Take my Money!!