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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Approved and Ready to Roll Out

Well, we had heard whispers of an OTA update for the HTC Rezound starting to roll out last night, and sure enough, Verizon has published the documents that prove we were right. Ice Cream Sandwich is ready and should be headed to your device any day now. In fact, some of our readers have already received it. So you know, these updates tend to start popping up on devices in small batches for the first few days as tests before becoming available to everyone.

HTC told us that this sucker would be ready before the end of July, a date they will end up two days late on. Still, not bad. From what we can tell, this update was ready over a month ago anyway and was simply awaiting final approval. Plus, they were clearly working on a handful of devices including the EVO 3D.

The final build number isΒ 3.14.605.12 710RD. The version of Android is 4.0.3. It’s Sense 3.6, not the 4.0 that you will find on the Incredible 4G LTE and entire One Series, but it should still be a major improvement thanks to it being atop Ice Cream Sandwich. At 299MB in size, this one is going to take a minute or two to download. Also, be sure you have plenty of battery.

To find out all of the dirty details, we have included all 3 pages of support docs for you above and below.Β 

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  • guitarchris78

    I still have yet to get my updates. Ive done the reset and manually checked for them, How long do we have to wait?!?!?!?

  • Hubert Gimble

    I’ve got Jelly Bean working on my Rez.

  • easye1220

    I can’t believe some people are still mad or disappointed. What a bunch of losers. And to think people were saying in the comments that they should file a class action because they hadn’t received ics yet, sad.

  • elguapo503

    Check for update this morning and nothing. Then reset my phone and it popped up. Phone is almost dead so as soon as I have 30% ill finish installing the second half of ICS.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I lose reception so much that I keep failing the download. I live in the middle of Portland… This makes no Sense 3.6

  • storm35x

    just got the update(s)

  • storm35x

    WOOHOO ICS on My rezound just in time to sell it

  • Tony Perez

    Got it! At around 2:50pm Central Time, I checked through setting and was able to pull the ICS update! It’s on its final reboot and the home screen is just up. I don’t like the new Gmail icon (only black and white) but now I get to enjoy the discovery of a “new phone”: an HTC Rezound on Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich”!

  • im darn rite happy to have the update on 7-31-2012 rather than on 8-02-2012…

  • anyone having an issue with non stock recovery not allowing update to install?

  • SlinkenRed

    My rezound downloads the 7.1mb prep firmware, but doesnt begin installing it…Ive tried redownloading it several times, but it wont start the download. I need to get my ugly new firmware! Anyone getting this error?

  • ryanallaire

    Has anyone noticed that the phones that come out first, get the updates last?? Of course then you have the gnex, i’m sick of all the gnex stuff on here, make another site and call it gnex life…end rant…

  • Greg

    He Robert…
    I am actually getting a faster 4g than before.
    Hmmmm? I used to be able to go into settings>Power and then toggle something like full power>normal>low power….this would allow 4g>3g>something else.
    That is now gone?

  • robert

    anyone getting 3g at the top? How do you get 4g back

  • Diablo81588

    Hey look! A gingerbread themed ICS!

  • Jason Maze

    Finally able to pull this. D/Ling now. It’s about freaking time Verizon!

  • iseenolight

    Does it enable Global roaming, like RAZR update did? GSM without swapping the SIM?
    I guess i will answer that shortly

  • Bailers77

    In Chicago and getting my download right now!

  • Nat

    It’s downloading to my phone right now!

  • Demitri

    Just downloaded – works great.

  • grea8one

    Anyone know if I am going to need to flash to go from 10 to 12?


    Mine rebooted and updated as shown in the pics above, but it’s still 2.3.4. Wifi is on as well as LTE. What gives?

    • KOBALT

      It even gives me the welcome to 4.0 thing in the ‘status’ of software update menu.


    I got rid of my Bionic for this?

  • Dustinhyder

    I mean ics

  • Dustinhyder

    Just got ice on my HTC resound I love it


    Got it manually. Cleveland, Ohio. Yesssssssssssssssssss

  • Hans Cholo

    Woohoo I kept checking for updates this morning, then suddenly at noon when I checked there is a 7.1mb update to prep for ICS. FINALLY!

  • chapman1969

    I just got the ics update on my rezound I am downloading it now I had manually check for it and it was ther just thought everyone would want to know

  • heynow_1

    Just got a firmware update and the phone went through the whole FW upgrade process…took 15 mins but no ICS upgrade. Still on Gingerbread…WTF ?? When I go to Settings and Check New …it does not even do a look up anymore. Under status I have a message that upgrade was successful and welcome to ICS blah blah…but when I check the software settings …still says Gingerbread….wait…as I was posting this a new message popped up and now it is downloading 299MB update….sweet πŸ˜›

  • Rod6787

    When you get the download…it takes forever. The screen will flicker and flash and may even appear to shut off and stop working.

    Do not touch it….just let it be!
    Eventually you get to a screen that says…
    “Android is Upgrading….Optimizing…it will count thru the updates…”

  • ktmchll

    I sent emails to both HTC and Verizon about what poor customer service they have and how Verizon falsley advertised this phone to me. I asked them if they could give me a date it would be released and they each told me they could not. That was two days ago. HTC also told me that only the HTC One series will only get Jelly Bean..

    • Alan Burnstine

      Not totally surprised about Jelly Bean, even though it is likely the Rezound has enough horsepower for it. With HTC having trouble in market share, and even closing up shop in some countries I expect them to pull back on updates for anything but the newest devices. I am sure the wizards of XDA will solve that issue for us though. I would actually be pleased to hear from HTC an official statement, because then I won’t have any reservations about rooting and trying custom roms. I like to keep my phones clean and stock while supported, but once support is essentially over, I experiment.

  • Getting some sort of update on my Rezound right now …

  • Finally.

    Mine is downloading in So Cal right now.

  • Alan Burnstine

    I just got pushed a 7 Meg update that said it was to “Prepare the device for the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich” upgrade. Rebooting now, and I’ll see if ICS is right behind it or if I still need to wait.

    • Caleb Martin

      Just got this one too. Here’s hoping it’s immediately followed by ICS.

    • shadowfaxcrx

      I just got the same thing. ICS should be right behind it – it was for me as soon as the phone rebooted.

    • Michael McGuigan

      I’m trying to get that now.

  • az

    Just got a 7.1MB update, what is this?

    • Stephen Escobar

      once you do that update az and reboot you should get the update notice for ICS. At least that what happened on my phone

      • Alan Burnstine

        Yup, as soon as I rebooted after installing the 7.1 MB update, I got the push notice for the ICS. Downloading it now.

      • az

        Thanks Stephen. It’s downloading the 299MB file now. I was just wondering what was the 7.1MB file for?

  • lei

    downloading it now!

  • Stephen Escobar

    I got that message for the 7.1 “Pre” ICS update too. Takes my phone from 2.01.605.11 to 2.01.605.12

  • AlexKCMO

    Any idea when source will be released?

  • Greg

    Currently Downloading in Atlanta, GA

  • ray

    restart your phone than check for update worked for mine

  • randompsychology

    Just pulled a 7.1MB update that “prepares the device to receive ICS.” We’ll see what happens after it reboots. Hopefully the full update awaits…

    • JeffE

      same here

    • randompsychology

      7.1MB update completed and the phone immediately prompted the download of a 299MB update file. Looks like we’re well on the way. πŸ˜‰

    • Same for me. That update was successful, but now when I click “Check New” I’m getting no response from that button. So who f’n knows

      • az

        same thing here, seems like they disabled that button, so people can force the update. This way they will roll out the update in a phased manner?

    • After a 2nd reboot, got the update OTA. Downloading now.

  • Knlegend1

    I’ve never been a fan of HTC so I really can’t comment on sense, but I can say that their take on ICS is ugly. Thank you Motorola for keeping it clean.

    OAN: I’m glad that Verizon finally gave the green light to this device. I really wish they’d stop holding on to the updates like its the last sip of water in desert.

  • ozo012
  • Alright now that the Rezound has ICS how bout some love for my Bionic?!?

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Huh, figures they sent out HTC before LG. Still waiting to update my Spectrum.

    • Tony Perez

      Only so much bandwidth. It would have been nice for them to push out the Rezound OTA last month but if they did so at the same time as the OTA for the Razr handsets, I can only imagine what that would have done to our own data access. If the Spectrum is getting an update, your turn will come.

  • keough96

    Still no update here in charlotte North Carolina. Has anybody been able to get the update

    • Tony Perez

      Nothing in Fort Worth, TX…yet.

  • i’m running the .6 version from a few months ago – checked for the software update, but nothing comes up yet. I should eventually get the OTA notification right?


      Depends. OTAs often require you to be on a specific previous version first. Sometimes you have to update a new phone twice if there have been two updates released, for example.

  • Scott Meyer

    I guess VZW wants T-Bolt owners to go fug themselves. Rediculous.

  • reyalP


    • Tony Perez

      Well, for Rezound, at least it’s not a complete failure.

  • XIII

    What about the rumored updates to the radios/kernels, and to the camera, any info/more specific details on that?

  • Buckoman

    Well, I’m sort of disappointed. Not that it’s probably not getting JB or that it’s not Sense 4.0, but that they got rid of the 5 icon dock and gave us only three icons. I’d love to know what the reasoning behind that would be.

    • Knlegend1

      Lol um look at that again. Reason: Its Android, customizable you can add your own icons in the drawer.

      • Yes, you can put 4 icons on the main bar, 2 on each side of the Application button.

      • Buckoman

        The only reason I was doubtful is because it shows three icons, and I didn’t know that Personalize was its own shortcut as much as a menu in the settings.

    • Knlegend1

      Of course I’d just download Nova or Apex launcher.

  • ozo012

    Am I the only one who senses (not a PUN) the extreme irony in the first sentence of the doc, “When you rely on Verizon Wireless, you know you are getting the cutting edge devices and technology to keep your business running at full speed.”

    NO because when we rely on Verizon Wireless, an estimate for a Q1-Q2 release becomes Q3 and a promise by the end of July becomes August 2nd. F()ck you Verizon, I hope the FCC takes you further to town and gives you the [email protected] beating you deserve without lube. Thank god I’ve been using this (and other ROMS) since 5/16 a few days after what ended up being the final version leaked.

    • Buckoman

      You started off pretty sensical, but you kind of lost me when you mentioned the FCC raping Verizon without lube.

      Calm down there, buddy.

  • derple

    Luckily with android development for the rezound, we got sense 3.6 way before the ota and also a taste of sense 4.0. I never trusted verizon with updates which is why i rooted both my droid incredible and now htc rezound.

  • DavidHollinger

    What about the Rhyme? It was on HTC and Verizon’s list. My fiancee has that phone and wants to know if it was cancelled

    • violator702

      It hasn’t been cancelled to my knowledge. I think it was scheduled for the fall.

      • JeffE

        which means summer of 2013

        • violator702

          Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

  • neutral943

    Tell me why my wife’s Galaxy SII got the update a few nights ago to 4.0.4…………………………………………………………

    • Obiwan

      I just pulled ICS to my Rezound and it is updating as we speak. I am in Gilroy, Ca

  • Meticode

    Better late than never. On the flip side the Rezound has an unlocked bootloader and s-off now. The development of the phone has taken off since s-off and right now there are some really good desensed AOSP-like ROMs out there. And there is some pure AOSP and AOKP development as well going on. The update didn’t matter to me much since I’ve had Ice Cream Sandwich for months now on my Rezound.

    • Guest

      What are some good resources for getting a stable non-Sense ROM on Rezound?

      • Greg Morgan

        XDA has probably the biggest Rezound dev section.

      • ozo012

        Once we get Kernel Source AOKP and AOSP like CM will be fully functional. I’m hopeful to enjoy about 3 months on CM9 / AOKP and see where CM10 is at that point. I’m not a dev, but from what I’ve understood, the changes Google made to JB make it a more simple step up from ICS, so CM9-CM10 shouldn’t be too crazy.

  • kixofmyg0t

    HTC unlocks bootloaders…..and this is how Verizon pays them back. I can see the Galaxy S3 not getting updated for a LONG time now.

  • slpbird

    Been running leaked version for months way before razr.

  • MikeCiggy

    Verizon is still trying to sell this device for $200 !! My sister brought me with her shopping for a new device and I explained Galaxy s3 came out 2 weeks ago, it was made for ICS and will be getting JB. The rezound is a nice phone and all but with the same price tag as the s3… no sale.

    • JeffDenver

      You bought it at the wrong time. I have seen it as cheap as $50.

    • Meticode

      Odd, I bought mine from Verizon for $100 + $50 trade in rebate. I literally got it 3 months after it came out (in February) for $50 totally.

  • wraithlord1

    seriously people…I luv my Rezound and with or w/o ICS it’s a primo phone…but will be excited non the less to download it when I can…and just an fyi…be thankful they delayed release to work out bugs, ICS upgrade for many RAZR’s was a complete nightmare

    • jldleo

      What nightmare for the Razr upgrade would you be talking about? Lets not try to find reasons to throw mud at other manufactures because HTC is the slowest with upgrades.

    • violator702

      Are you talking about Gingerbread for the Droid X?

  • I want Jelly Bean.

    • lol be patient if its not released directly im sure someone later once an official htc JB rom is released with sense 4 will port jb to rezound

      • Haha. I know. I will end up rooting to get JB. I have zero faith in Verizon getting us an update before I want a new phone.

      • SamXp

        I’d be surprised to see this in 2012.

      • ozo012

        AOSP JB is probably a more likely bet, that’s what I want anyway now that Chad has cracked RIL on XDA for AOSP roms.

  • Namrepus221

    Does anyone know if this significantly changes the layout of the phone? My
    Mom has a resound for work and she will insist I do something to stop the update notifications and keep the phone as she bought it cause she refuses to try to learn new things and complains about changes.

    • Meticode

      Now, the appearance and layout are very similar. If it was Sense 4.0 (which the Rezound will not get unless somehow they update to Jellybean with Sense 4.0 which I highly doubt), then there would be major layout changes.

  • stevesharkman


    • ludist210

      Stop spamming every tech blog with the same exact post. You’re getting to be as original as the fruit company we all love oh so much.

  • Ben Baird

    I am shipping my Rezound to my mom today, I also flashed the last leak I remember seeing, Will the OTA still push or do I need to flash back to an a ROM that was not a leak?

    • Ben Baird

      Also I an unable to test myself, No SIM card, kept getting network not ready error

  • Bionic

    Hurry up with Bionic

  • kdub

    3.6 wtf The Resound has the specs. to run 4.0 no problem !

    • Meticode

      From what I take it, 4.0 is more of a hardware issue. Some components for 4.0 require certain hardware.

      • adam

        I’m pretty sure there are roms for the rezound with sense 4.

        • I have one, but taking it off for Stock along with root, for my battery literally drains 100miles a second. But looks beautiful on Rezound

  • Guest

    Sense 3.6? ICS 4.0.3? Q3 2012? HTC, I am disappoint.

    • michael arazan

      It was verizon

  • Edwin M

    I still don’t have an update, and also, is there a reason why it’s 4.0.3 and not 4.0.4? It took them over 7 months to get us an outdated ICS upgrade.

  • GregRodgers

    Yep…this version was leaked by HTC about a month ago. Therefore, it was Verizon that was the issue….but of course…

    • neutral943

      No it’s not. The latest leaked version is .10, this is .12

      • KleenDroid

        Perhaps but Verizon is the reason this update took so long and isn’t current. It would probably take even longer if HTC wanted to make it up to date.

        Verizon sucks as far as releasing updates go. Their is no reason the Nexus isn’t already being upgraded to Jellybean already.

      • actually .12 was leaked as well neutral943 about the second or third week of july

  • ttp

    “2 days late”? What are you talking about? It August last time I checked!

    • Joe Minarik

      It was promised by June/End of July. Today is 8/2….2 days late.

      • Meticode

        Can you post a link where the “promised” this? I know they were talking about June/July, but I don’t personally recall any articles promising.

  • It’s alright. We are getting AOSP

  • BrownBear

    Hell I’ve waited so long im not even going to update it. What’s the point? I don’t even care if ics makes me a pizza. I was so excites to get an HTC then this crap. Been with Verizon almost 10 years and this last year has been Hell…..NOT IMPRESSED!!!!

    • WallyIAm

      Hell? Really?

  • Overlay skins ruin the experience. UI design isn’t as clean or polished. Still, go on them for pushing this out. Quite ridiculous it took this long, but better later than never.

  • Rav

    In Omaha and nothing yet, at about 9:00am.

  • Mike

    F*** y** verizon, its about f****** time. You cu***!!!

    • PC_Tool

      Don’t hold back, man. Tell us how you really feel…

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I can’t believe people actually downrated this.

      Then again, I can’t believe it’s not butter either.

    • Stephen Morrison

      OH Bob Saget!! S***. S**t. WHERES THE PAPER TOWELS. MOTHER F******! F*** you, kid your a d*** you fa***.

  • SamXp

    “Early 2012”

    • AlexKCMO

      Pretty sad considering a fully working build was leaked back in January or February.

      • SamXp

        Definitely. Which means that Verizon has spent over six months messing with their bloatware. If they must load bloat, why can’t they develop it in conjunction with hTC rather than sequentially?

  • Glad to see the Rezound getting official ICS love…any hints on when the TBolt may be looking at an official ICS update?

    • Jwhap

      Man it seems like the TBolt is the VZ redheaded step child. I would guess there are a few ROMs out there but I would guess that is your best bet! I was so close to picking up the TBolt but went with a Charge instead, which I hated badly by the way. I ultimately ended up ponying up money to buy the gnex off contract.

      • AndroidStock

        Actually, I’d wager that all of Verizon’s initial 4G LTE devices (ThunderBolt, Droid Charge, and Revolution) are red-headed stepchildren. The Charge and Revolution are not in the pipeline to receive Android 4.0, and HTC has been having issues updating the Desire HD, upon which the ThunderBolt is based. I sincerely hope for those ThunderBolt owners that ICS does come, but I’d personally look for a new device if Android updates are a major concern. Still, I’m glad that Rezound owners did get their ICS update, even if it was two days behind schedule.

        • Jwhap

          No argument there!

    • Meticode

      HTC stated about a week or two ago they cancelled it. They said after testing the Thunderbolt didn’t perform up to par on the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

  • phew almost went with the rezound, glad i decided to go with the razr !. This truely is devastating towards rezound owners. πŸ™

    • Edwin M

      Thanks for the sympathy. I went with the other way you did, actually returning a RAZR for the Rezound because of the price difference.

      • JeffE

        same here. lost my thunderbolt, got the razr, then returned it 2 days later

    • JeffDenver

      LOL, I went the exact opposite way. I have had ICS longer than Razr owners (have had the leak since winter), and did not have to sacrifice my removable battery or HD display or better camera.

      My extended battery will outrun even the Maxx. Oh yeah…and HTC will let me out of the handcuffs (unlock the bootloader). Giving up all that for a slightly faster deployment of software updates? No thanks.

  • JeffE

    Anyone having any luck getting the update?

  • John Jones

    Yeah, this is the one that was leaked long ago…

    • Joe Minarik

      The one leaked “long ago” was actually .10. This version is .12. Not much of a difference between the two though.

  • Dawn

    Hope so, tired of being disappointed.

  • randompsychology

    Check for updates….no updates found. It takes so freaking long…

    • SamXp

      Downloading update now!


    4.0.3….. Really? I know there isn’t a huge jump to 4.0.4 but I’m glad I don’t have a rezound anymore….

    • That is kinda lame.

    • JeffDenver

      What is in 4.04 that you are missing?

      • Guest

        Latest OS.

        • JeffDenver

          Thats it? You are complaining because the version number says “3” instead of “4”? LOL

      • ERIFNOMI

        It’s little bug fixes. For example, just the other day I read there was a problem with the way battery stats were reported that was fixed in 4.0.4. Keep Awake time is supposed to be the time the device is kept out of deep sleep minus screen on time. Before 4.0.4 however, it was erroneously reported as time out of deep sleep plus screen on time.

    • KleenDroid

      I would blame Verizon for this not HTC.

      • ERIFNOMI

        As would I. HTC probably had this build out within a timely manner of the release of 4.0.3 source and Verizon has been dicking around since then.

    • AlexKCMO

      If we waited for 4.0.4, we wouldn’t get it until Key Lime Pie is unveiled.