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FYI: Rezound ICS Update Arrives as Two Separate Updates


If you have yet to receive the official Ice Cream Sandwich update on your HTC Rezound, we wanted to let you know that the update will actually arrive in two parts. The first is a 7.1MB file that is used to “prepare” your device to receive Android 4.0. The second, is 299MB in size, and is the actual ICS update. When you see the first small one, try to contain yourself – there is one more to follow before your device leaves Gingerbread for good.

To see the full changelog, be sure to check out this post.

Cheers Reece, Ryan and everyone who sent this!

  • r1ch

    After running it a few days, I would suggest not doing the update. It has crashed once and it cut my battery time in half, I have the huge extended life battery. I am going to find if I can roll back. It did not fix any of the niggly problems I had before. I thought some apps like Direct TV watch on demand might work. For me, it was practiacally no difference update that lowered my battery life. The only thing I like is the way you can see what apps are running and slide them off the screen. That is about the only benifit. I only hope I can roll back without rooting the phone.

  • TeeDub

    Does this upgrade the Rezound to a “global phone” status?

    • Teedub

      Going to answer my own question – no. maybe later this summer

  • Brent

    I installed ICS on my rezound this morning. Crashed my phone and Verizon says it’s no way their fault. Soooo, I’m getting a new (refurbished) phone. Don’t know what the hell happened, but it did. Not impressed….at least thus far.

  • Peaair

    I’m new to all this stuff, but my Rezound has been updated. I still don’t know a lot of things to do with it though. Can someone help me out?

  • I have noticed that it chews through the battery a little faster now. Anyone else noticing this?

    • Caleb Martin

      It definitely seems that way…

    • sjmartin

      yes! thought it was my imagination, but i have to plug in my phone by 8pm and i don’t use it that much during the day

  • Meman

    It is now friday and still no update yet for me:-(

    • George264

      Hey some advice. I hope it helps, but power off your phone, pull battery, put back, restart, and check for updates. Should work 🙂

  • usualsuspec

    Wife got her update last night. It was nice to disable alot of that crappy bloatware

  • steve30x

    I hope someone knows but how do you toggle between cdma and LTe now?????

    • weaverinva

      Its there. Settings>Tap ‘Mobile Network’ (not the On/Off switch)>Choose Network Mode>LTE or CDMA 🙂

  • Brent

    Is the update supposed to also update Sense to 4.0 ?

    • steve30x


  • Matt

    Trying to get this update but everytime it downloads the preperation update twice, shuts down the phone, then takes me to the bootloader screen. I’ve tried factory reset and it still takes me to the bootloader screen. I unlocked my bootloader but relocked it, not sure what to do.

  • r1ch

    I love Sense still, but I cannot find where my battery consumption page is now. From what I can tell, my battery life has taken a serious hit and I have the huge monster battery in my rezound.

    • brent

      Should I have Sense 4.0 now?

  • After the ics update my messenger is messed up, it won’t open up texts and so I downloaded handcent and it laggs incredibly, anyone have any info how to fix this as it is frustrating as hell.

  • A lot of people are saying they lost the ability to turn off 4G but yet my Rezound running ICS still has that option.

  • Got the update..no problems installing…but afterwards when I went to see my settings..I lost my POWER MANAGEMENT settings and I have NO 4 G AT ALL…no OPTION TO TURN IT ON EVEN!!
    !!..HTC Rezound

    • Mine has the option between LTE/CDMA or just CDMA and it works….thats really strange tho that yours doesn’t, or is it strange that mine has it?

  • Bailers77

    But it’s pretty sweet once you get both downloads.

  • Craig
  • tonya

    Ok I updated but it didn’t update I still have gingerbread. And when checking for updates nothing happens. Plz help

    • Same problem here. 7 Meg update went fine. 229 meg update nowhere to be found after multiple reboots. Manually checking does nothing at all.

  • DarkCodedDragon

    thunderbolt now?

  • rpattonny

    ya that small update updates all of verizons crapware that i have been ignoring for months and mine didnt restart i restarted after it said it was successful now it wont let me check for a new update. guess ill have to wait

  • JohnnyStarhouse

    I tried to update and my phone kept restarting over and over for a long time. Called verizon and they had me factory reset it. It sucks.. Guess I’ll wait until it pops up and tells me to.

  • Brian

    Does anyone know if deleting the data of the Google Services Frame work and force stopping it will work just like the Gnex to get the update faster?

    • George264

      No. I tried it. Doesn’t help at all. Your best bet is to turn off. Take out battery, and then restart. Check Updates. If that doesn’t work, then just sit and hope. But I will tell you, it is much much faster and smoother. And there’s some better customization added in the settings too.

      • Brian

        Thanks man I appreciate it. I hope it’s better. I have a Gnex but my dad has a Rezound and personally I hate that phone, but I hope ICS makes it easier for him.

        • George264

          haha, exactly opposite for me. My dad and mom have the Galaxy Nexus and I have the Rezound. They seem to have problems with calling and losing signal, while I’ve Rarely gotten it. But ICS does seem a lot more stable, haven’t gotten the launcher reset, ever since.

          • JeffDenver

            Yeah, the Rezound has the best radio I have ever used…4G and voice reception is just superb. GPS is snappy too.

          • My wife and I both have no issues with our Gnexs with the current radios. Voice quality is very clear and no dropped calls.

      • Brian

        HELL YEA. That worked. Thanks George.

        • George264

          no problem. Glad to help.


    Who the hell uses Sense still??? O.o

    • People who don’t want a simple, polished, elegant OS experience.

      • JeffDenver

        You mean people who want one arm handcuffed to their leg. Sense is annoying as hell and I try to circumvent it whenever I can. But I love this phone.

      • KOBALT

        That’s what launchers are for. I’ll take Go, ADW or anything else with Beautiful Widgets over Sense. Better overall UI as well as battery life.

    • Personally, I love sense mainly because of the lock screen and home screen. Launching the camera is amazingly fast on the Rezound, quickly changing a song using the Music App is snappy and even replying to a message is only a drag away. Yes, it may slow down the system but the Rezound is more than capable of handling it and when a program needs the extra processing power, Sense just quits and reopens the next time it is needed.


    Thanks. I finally figured it out after posting about the 7.1Mb and rebooting numerous times….

    • JohnnyStarhouse

      mine kept rebooting also but i called verizon and they had me factory reset it.. I would be pissed it if was actually suppose to reboot like 10 times, lol

  • jer85008

    Anyone get the OTA that is running one of the leaked ICS roms?

    • Ben Baird

      I have been wondering this as well?

    • JeffDenver

      I have not seen it yet, no.

    • Not yet.

  • In Jersey Shore fashion, Verizon and HTC roll out the update-before-the-update.

  • James Jun

    Sense is hideous now.

    • John

      Meh, it was hideous before too

      • Just because more users have GB or ICS, doesn’t make them up to date...FreeLancerGetWork.blogspot.com

    • TynanDeRosa

      It gets worse with sense 4.0 vs 3.6.

      • JeffDenver

        The best thing about Sense 4.0 is that it is easier to ignore. It’s a lot less intrusive.

        Sense is a necessary evil if you buy an HTC product. I don’t like it, but the phone is just THAT good. And with ICS this thing flies…

        • You think ICS flies, wait until it gets JB, if it gets JB. I can’t go back to ICS now, it’s too slow and jerky. I used to think ICS was fast, boy was I wrong.

          • JeffDenver

            I am wondering if it is just the Rezound version of ICS…compared to my friend’s GNEX, the Rezound is noticeably smoother.

          • steve30x

            I noticed all my apps spotify, facebook, g+ and many others even web browsing is very smooth and not jerky like 2.3.. I cant imagine it being smoother with JellyBean once HTC starts working on it, it wont be on this phone but other phones it should be amazing!

      • Butters619

        I would say Sense 4.0 >> Sense 3.6

    • Am I the only one here that actually LIKES Sense? It makes things much more productive (look at the lockscreen and homescreen!) and even tho its a resource hog, when an app needs the extra processing power Sense just quits and restarts when it’s needed again, so its only using resources when you need it and freeing up those resources when you don’t. I’m actually kinda mad that HTC didn’t give us Rezounders 4.0, considering we waited far past their original update date, they could have at least thrown that in as a bonus. Maybe if we ever see Jelly Bean it will be included but I am BY NO MEANS getting psyched about that update ANY TIME SOON!

      • brando56894

        Killing Sense and then restarting it worsens productivity IMO because you have to wait 15-60 seconds for it to restart before you can do anything. I can’t wait until they release the kernel source so I can be completely rid of Sense for good.

  • Congrats Rezound, a new update and still out of date.

    • You spelled Verizon wrong.

      • JoshGroff

        People do that a lot on these sort of articles.

      • JeffDenver


      • InvaderDJ

        Well, none of htc’s phone have Jellybean yet so I think just saying Rezound is accurate right now.

    • JeffDenver

      ICS is up to date enough. Look at the pie chart of all Android phones and tell me how many are “more” up to date right now?

      • I didn’t say ICS wasn’t more prominent than JB, but ICS is most definitely not “up to date”. Just because more users have GB or ICS, doesn’t make them up to date.

        • JeffDenver


          Android users are so spoiled.

          • No, Nexus users are spoiled. Aren’t we all Android users?

          • JeffDenver

            Thats what I mean…our “out of date” OSs are year ahead of iOS and Windows Phone, and we still complain about not having the very latest OS update. iOS6 is *just now* adding stuff we have had on Android since Froyo. Or earlier.

          • Android’s Jelly Bean update’s killer feature was Project butter and Google Now, while iOS users are gawking at the ability to have…..wait for it……wait for it……MAPS or as Apple calls it, “a Revolution in the way we use our phones” lol this is all a joke of course considering Android has HAD Maps (nice pretty 3d ones at that lol) for years.

          • Ahh, I see. Yes, I agree. iOS is a dinosaur.

        • LiterofCola

          Someone had an extra dose of douche-juice this morning.

          • Nope, it’s called speak my mind juice. Somehow that’s become a bad thing these days.

      • DanWazz

        ICS was is great and you’re going to enjoy the hell out of it after being on GB. Huge difference, so enjoy it. That being said, JB is just that much more polished. Hopefully, HTC will grant the Rezound the joys of JB and its new features so you can see what I mean.

        • Rezound is an HTC phone, so isn’t it unlocked. Aren’t there any JB ROMs for it?

          • DanWazz

            I don’t have a Rezound, so I don’t know. I was speaking more in terms of an official update.

          • JeffDenver

            Nope. Believe me I looked. As soon as there is, I will be rooting.

          • dangerousjenny

            You can unlock, root and S-off. Someone in XDA is working on a JB rom but it isn’t there yet.

        • michael arazan

          Let me guess the smaller file is all the bloatware verizon is adding

  • When I saw the first one download quick and then my phone reset, I was cheering my 4G speeds thinking it was that fast. Took about 10 minutes to DL the 2nd update to my phone, it came in at 310MB.

    • capecodcarl

      Does this count against your data cap if you’re not unlimited? If so that is a hell of a hit to your 1 GB shared data plan. 🙁

      • I believe it does count against your data plan. Probably why they suggest to download over wifi.

  • storm35x

    Can I receive this updat over wifi? I have not connected my phone to verizon yet

    • It will DL over WiFi if you have it enabled, but the phone will use your data connection to see if it’s there.