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Quick Look: Spigen Illuzion and Neo Hybrid Cases for the Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winners Picked)

Cases, cases and more cases. Seems like we have already covered a ton of Galaxy S3 cases over the last few weeks, but there are always more to show you (and giveaway). Today, we have two new ones from Spigen SGP, the Neo Hybrid and the Illuzion. One is a two piece standard back cover case, while the other is similar to flip cases, but with a snap and a really good fit and feel. 

Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3 case is a two part case, TPU and polycarbonate, that when applied fits extra tight onto a device. The first application is the softer TPU backing that is then locked into place by the outer polycarbonate frame. In the pictures I have posted, the grey part would be the soft TPU piece, with the “Sparkling” blue being the frame.

The case itself was a little finicky to put together on the device, but once I did, it held the phone well. All ports are exposed, plus you have coverings for your lock and volume switches. There are 8 color options:  Sparkling Blue (pictured), Dazzling Orange, Shining Grass, Lightning Yellow, Infinity White, Jade Blue, Rubine Red, and Reventon Yellow. The last four are only available for pre-order, however, we have the Infinity White case to giveaway today.

The bonus here is that Spigen has tossed in one of their Ultra Nano Clear screen protectors. So while the $26.99 price tag may seem a bit high, you do get the $14 screen protector in the package. I wouldn’t call this my favorite case ever, but if you need a soft feel, protection, a snazzy colorway, and a screen protector, it’s not a bad option.



The Illuzion flip case is probably one of my favorite flip cases thus far. It’s faux leather, but it feels great in hand. The size of it compared to other flip cases feels optimal, it has a latch that actually snaps into place, and it holds up to 3 cards in its door. All ports are exposed, so you won’t have any issues charging or snapping pictures. One of the coolest features is the way Spigen chose to have your device held in place. They actually used one of their Ultra Thin Air cases (which we’ll review later), so the device fits incredibly well and doesn’t feel like it’s sliding around – something we have experienced with other flip cases.

The Illuzion case comes in 4 colors:  Mandarine Rosa (pictured), Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black. We have all four of these to give away today.

At $32.99, the price is about where it should be. You are buying quality, a pretty color scheme, and an Ultra Thin Air case wrapped into one package.




Update: We have picked our six winners. Go check your inbox!

As always, after reviewing cases, we like to reward readers. So today, we have two (2) Neo Hybrid cases and four (4) Illuzion cases to give away. Thanks to Samsung and their one Galaxy S3 size fits all approach to this year’s device of the year, these will fit your GS3 no matter what carrier it’s on.


1.  In the comments, tell us what the favorite feature of your Galaxy S3 is.
2.  Then tell us which case of the colors listed below, that you would be honored to win:

Neo Hybrid colors:  Infinity White (picture) or Sparkling Blue

Illuzion colors:  Mandarine Rosa, Golden Mocah, Lemon Indigo, and Mandarine Black.

3.  Tomorrow (8/2) at 12:00 Pacific, we will randomly choose winners from the comments.

  • K. Nelson

    1) Screen & camera (I know it’s 2, but you can’t show off your pics without a gorgeous display, eh?)
    2) Neo hybrid, either color.

  • My fav feature of the galaxy s3 is the great display and ram.
    Neo hybrid infinity white would be great!

  • Kalil Stoudmire

    Neo hybrid infinity white and my favorite feature is the the HD screen and The Motion Gesture I love showing off this phone

  • Mason Lammers

    On my phone, I appreciate the snappy camera. In the past I hated missing a photo opportunity due to a delay, where now I can snap a photo in a matter of seconds. To add to that, they inplimented the option for a quick launch shortcut by changing the phones orientation and in turn made opening the camera a breeze!
    I would appreciate anything (including an android hug) or a Neo Hybrid in either colors or the Illuzion in Mandarine Black.

  • My favorite feature so far is how fast the phone is compared to my old Samsung Charge. I am still waiting for it to slow down but doesn’t seem like it will. Another feature I am pleasantly surprised with is the battery life. Love it. I am interested in the Neo Hybrid colors: Infinity White Case

  • trixnkix637

    My favorite thing about the S3 is all of the high quality specs/tech that Samsung put into the phone. And definitely the Smart Stay Software. I would love the Neo Hybrid in White please & thank you.

  • wadles143

    Favorite feature is s voice. I use it pretty frequently. 🙂 I would want a white one and may even buy one if I don’t win. 🙂 cheers!

  • Mimi

    I like the screen. Neo hybrid case, please (either color).

  • Justin

    Love the processor! I’d like one of the Neo Hybrid cases.

  • Ivan

    My fav feat is the screen shot gesture. Im always taking screen shots of my phone so it was pretty coo
    l n easy to tale 1 with this phone.

    illusions Mandarin black

  • My favorite feature of the galaxy s3 is something mama always told me to judge things by…the inside. The 2 gigs of ram and dual core snapdragon are just as sexy as the galaxy’s exterior. This combination of raw power and speed makes the galaxy a zip to use. However, that being said, a phone this sexy, despite all of its power, should be protected! I’d love to win the Mandarine Black Illuzion case.

  • Missy

    I LOVE the camera! I want the Illuzion in black!

  • Best part of the GS3 is rooting it of course! Yay wireless tether! Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue please.

  • Shercock

    The camera is definitely the best thing!
    I want the illuzion in black

  • Melissa

    My favorite thing about the phone are the aesthetics. It’s beautiful and slim with a smooth user interface. I just love the way it looks. And it would look even better with the Illuzion in Mandarine Black

  • Hong

    My favorite feature is actually Touchwiz itself. I find it highly customizable and pleasing to use. Sure there are annoyances like extra steps to create folders, but is there anything that’s perfect?

    I would like Illuzion in Mandarine Black please.

  • Brian Lombardi

    I love the speed!
    Neo Hybrid – Blue

  • YariCavi

    Call me crazy but I really like touchwiz, especially with
    the 2gigs of ram. It has smooth transitions
    and what I think is really clean, simple look that gets the job done.

    Neo Hybrid: Infinity White

  • Tony Stimetz

    Easily my favorite feature for the S3 is when it checks to see if I’m looking at the screen or not. Keeps the screen from timing out when reading blogs or other articles.

    The Neo Hybrid in white is snazzy.

  • JasonEnnis

    My favorite feature is the screen. So drop dead gorgeous.

  • Smart stay all the way. So useful.
    And I’d love the infinity white neo hybrid case.

  • SFC3RD

    My favorite thing about the S3 is the speed and fluidity of the device. I would like the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White. Thanks DL!

  • duke69111

    My favorite part of the S3 is the smoothness of the phone. I would be honored to have the the sparkling blue
    Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3. That tpu case in the photo above looks awesome.

  • Best thing is definitely its gorgeous 4.8 inch super amoled display! I would be honered to win the Neo hybrid in sparkling blue or the illuzion in mandarine black.

  • rodney11ride

    Shutter speed on the camera a definite winner. of the cases listed i would love to have the illuzion in mandarine black

  • Definitely the camera is winning for me now. The smoothness of the ui is sweet. It would be an honor to receive the Illuzion in Mandarine Black. Thank you.

  • Favorite thing is that it has a good developer support. I would like the Neo Hybrid White

  • maz siddiqui

    My favorite feature is the functionality of the OS and how well Touchwiz was designed to match nature. I placed my phone on the ground the other day and just the design flowed so well with the grass and all.

    I would like infinity white.


  • achaff86

    The Camera
    I like the Illuzion in mandarine rosa!

  • My favorite feature of the Samsung S3 is the burst shot feature on the camera and that I can take pictures while recording video. I would be honored to win the Neo Hybrid Infinity White

  • My favorite feature of the GS3 is that the it doesn’t quit transmitting sound on over 70% of my calls like the GNex (.10) that I replaced.

    I like the Illuzion in Mandarine Rosa.

  • Brandon Guernsey

    I love the beautiful 4.8 inch screen.
    I like the spigen neo blue. White is great too!

  • AntiJeff

    the camera – Neo Hybrid colors: Infinity White

  • The_Taker

    My favorite feature is the snappy S4 processor, so much faster than my captivate with the Hummingbird/Exynos 3110 CPU, as speedy as it was at the time. I would enjoy the Neo Hybrid Case in Sparkling Blue if chosen.

  • The auto-haptic feedback is amazing. Listen to Spotify with it 🙂

    I would LOVE infinity white! Thanks

  • Jeffrey Quinchia

    My favorite part of the s3 has to be the 2gb of ram….super smooth. Neo…sparkline blue….Illuzion….mandarine black.

  • Mike T.

    I really love the camera on my phone. After having the Droid X and X2 having a camera with zero shutter lag is amazing and the pictures are beautiful.

    The case I would like is the Neo Hybrid – Sparkling Blue.

    Thanks and love the blog. Keep up the good work

  • Herach

    I love the WiFi transfer of the video. I don’t have a WiFi capable TV but I have the Sony Blueray Google TV and it is so easy to travsfer my pictures & videos to my TV. I would like the
    Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue please.

  • I really enjoy the Tap to the Top feature!
    I would love to win the Illuzion in Lemon Indigo =)

  • Kirthy Dantu

    My favorite feature of the galaxy s3 is how easy it is to call someone when a text comes in and you hold the phone to your ear.. I would like to win the Illusion case in Golden Mocah

  • Sean

    My favorite feature of my S3 is that it inspires others around me to go and purchase one (I’ve had 3 friends purchase one after playing with mine). I would like the Neo Hybrid Infinite White case if picked. Thanks!!!

  • My favorite feature of my s3 is holding the phone to my ear in a text message to instantly call that contact, its honestly the only reason why I haven’t put a ROM on it yet. I would be honored to win the sparkling blue neo hybrid case

  • I love the S3, it’s everything I needed! It’s just all around good!
    All I need is a Mandarine Black case for it! 🙂

  • The S3 is just beyond awesome!! I LOVE IT! My fav!
    All I need is a Mandarine Black case for it! 🙂

  • Justin Koch

    My favorite feature is the overall snappiness of the device.

    I would be honored to win an illuzion in mandarine black. Seems like a pretty cool case.

  • Its screen size/ Mandarin Black

  • My favorite thing is a tie between overall “smoothness” of using it, and its ability to quickly take pictures and video, first camera I have ever had that has not missed on shot I set out to get yet.

    And I would be honored to win either Mandarine Black or Sparkling Blue <3

  • My favorite thing is the awesome camera!

    I would be honored to win the Sparkling Blue or Mandarine Black

  • Jeremy Stewart

    I’m a big fan of the screen resolution on this thing. Watching olympics on the go has been a dream the past week and hbo go looks amazing. Because of the pixel density it’s a better experience than the big screen in the living room.
    Neo Hybrid in Blue or Illuzion in Indigo.

  • kismet769

    Motion features and the ability to easily add and change fonts!

    Neo Hybrid in Infinity White please 🙂

  • My Favorite feature of the S3 is the big beautiful screen! I had a galaxy nexus before and thought that was a great screen but the improvements over the original screen technology has made this wonderful device extraordinary. I would like mandarine black illuzion case if i win to give my white S3 some good contrast.

  • Hunter

    I love the screen, I thought it might be too big, but now that I’ve adjusted all other screens just seem tiny.

    Neo Hybrid in white or blue

  • Jakemerrell

    Opps I forgot to mention which one I would prefer if I were to win on my BIRTHDAY. The Neo Hybrid in Blue.

  • ineedthatpurse

    It sounds petty, but I truly love that I can change the font to something a little more “girly” on my Sammy3. Makes me feel like its all me.. and not everyone else too!
    Love the Illuzion in Mandarin or the Neo in Blue 🙂

  • Billy Blatter

    My favorite feature is the hard home key.
    I would love to have the sparkling blue Neo Hybrid. Thanks Droid-Life!

  • mickyimp

    That AMOLED display is just too nice
    Illuzion colors Mandarine Black

  • hollerwt

    The Neo case would be a great way for me to show of the 4.8 inch screen.

  • Rob Rowald

    Best Feature: that big beautiful screen. I’d be honored to win the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue

  • Favorite thing about it? 2GB of ram!

    Would love a Mandarine Black Illuzion

  • Tom Dwenger

    My favorite feature is the different motions you can do with it. I would like to win the infinity white neo hybrid

  • My favorite feature is the hotspot! I like the white neo hybrid and the black illuzion.

  • S3 me ruv rong time. Me ruv the sexy srim curves. Me also rike fast camera and abirity to direct dial contacts by putting phone to ear.

    I’d love the Neo Hybrid shown above (Infinity White), and / or the Illuzion in Black.

  • mrbill187

    My favorite thing about the S3 is the great big screen (which needs protecting!).

    I’d take the New Hybrid in Infinity White and the Illuzion in Mandarine Black.

  • Honestly i love the fact that i dont have to root/rom this phone and its perfect/amazing the way it is.

  • carrie

    My favorite feature is..it’s not a iphone!! I would be honored to protect my non-apple product superior phone in the Illuzion, Lemon Indigo!

  • James J. Brown II

    My favorite feature of the SGSIII isn’t really a feature at all… It’s the fact that it has set a precedent in the Android world that and OEM can force the multiple carriers to sell their device as the device was intended. Sure there are a few tweaks here and there, as well as some bloatware, but the essence of the phone is intact across all carriers and across the globe. Sure there are issues across the development world concerning locked/encrypted bootloaders and other non-developer friendly traits… but to the general consumer, it’s a great device that represents the pinnacle of what Android has to offer. I would be honored to show off my SGSIII dressed up in an Illuzion Mandarine Black flip case! and as a footnote on my second favorite feature… The fact that I can stop mid text and just bring the phone to my ear to make a call is pretty sweet!!! ~Cheers

  • Aardvark99

    Best single feature? Performance (over my old phone at least). I also like the looks, thinness, lightness, and the speedy camera.
    Mandarine Black Illuzion please.

  • CodeInVB

    My favorite thing about my SGS3 is the locked bootloader. Thanks for protecting me VZW! I’d like to have the Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid to add to that protective coccoon. 🙂

  • Frank Urbanski

    My favorite thing about the S3 is that it switched my wife from iPhone to Android. She would absolutely LOVE the Illuzion Mandarine Rosa.

  • Jose Santiago

    My girl loved her blackberry…took a lot of begging on my part to have her try the S3..Now she’s a app downloading, customizing, video chating machine. Hardly puts her phone down and has as much wallpapers and app drawers as she has shoes. Her BlackBerry? She had it recycled. Her favorite feature is the screen size..
    Hybrid-sparkling blue
    Illuzion-lemon indigo

  • Fromthesticks

    Finally upgraded from my fascinate. Loving the S3 thus far, best phone ever. I’m really digging the great screen, and so are all my friends.

    I don’t have a case or screen protector, therefor I would like the Spigen in blue or white (preferably blue to match my marble blue S3)

    Thanks Droid-life

  • My favorite features of my GSIII are probably the blazing speed and the camera. Coming from an OGD I am impressed. I’d like the blue Neo Hybrid case.

  • My favorite thing about it is that beautiful screen!

    My picks would be the Illuzion in Lemoni Indigo

    …(2nd choice Mandarine Black), or with the Neo Hybrid – Infinity White

  • Vince

    One of my favorite things about the S3 is the battery life for such a large screen.

    Illuzion – Mandarine Black or Neo Hybrid – Sparkling blue

  • The awesome display Neo hybrid blue

  • My favorite thing about my shiny new SII is the battery life, my Motorola wasn’t holding a charge for 4 hours anymore. My SIII lasts the day, and that is amazing to me.

    Illuzion colors: Mandarine Black

  • yel

    My favorite GS3 feature is the SmartStay function as I find it useful when reading longer articles.

    I’d be honored to win the Illuzion Lemon Indigo. Thanks for doing this contest.

  • will

    watch video while texting
    Neo Hybrid color Infinity White

  • AbelRod

    I really enjoy the quickness of this this its so fast especially coming from a droid 2

    I would like the
    Illuzion in black, I’ve been looking for some kind of wallet case this looks perfect

  • Best Grocery List of the Year: (Check) (Check)
    Excellent design (Check)
    Awesome hardware (Check)
    Solid battery Life (Check)
    Power and solid graphics and video in HD (Check)
    Top tier developer support (Check)
    Amazing availibility (Check)

    + an FU to locked bootloaders & VzW(Almost complete)

    +Neo Hybrid Infinity White (Almost complete…)


    Perfect imperfection (Check +1)

  • legalkill

    Maybe silly but I love the swipe to call or message from either contact list. Its the simple things i guess.

    I would like a Neo Hybrid (Blue)

  • Rich

    My favorite thing about the S3 is everything. I just migrated from a droid x. What’s not to like? And, of course its the best phone out in the market. Obviously neo-hybrid white. Us minimal lovers know its the perfect match for the pebble blue, in color, size, weight, and sturdiness

  • Arpit Patel

    I love the huge screen and the ability to quickly send files using S Beam. Infinity White.

  • Dilson Silva

    My favorite feature is all the sharing features built into the phone and the camera quality. Left my regular shooter at home for a recent vacation and the wife and I took all our pictures with our GS3s. Buddy share and S-Beam made it easy to swap photos of the kids and Best Shot and Burst mode made the kids look real and not like some red-eyed blur. I think that was the designed for humans feature Sammy was so excited about.

    Would like a neo hybrid in white or blue or the illuzion in indigo.

  • Henry

    I love the picture sharing featurea on the S3. I would love to win the Mandarine Black case =]

  • I think the Best Photo feature would probably be my favorite since I’m forever taking pictures and videos with my smexy SGSIII. I haven’t run out of room yet on the internal 32gb of storage :-). I think my choices for colors would be sparkling blue first since I have the pebble blue version or shining grass if the other isn’t available at the time.

  • My favorite feature of the s3 is the swipe to screen shot.,its super slick. I definitely love all the different motion features but when people see me do the screen capture by swipe,they’re eyes always get big (Thats James Bond style lol.)Plus it makes it easier when posting homescreens. I would love to win the blue Neo Hybrid case!

  • Favorite thing about this phone you ask? ALL my friends envy it! Also, The whistle notification is an amazing conversation starter with women!

    I’d like the Neo Hybrid in white!

  • The speed! And root, don’t forget root…

  • ahaltcj

    My favorite things about my S3 is the Screen and Motion controls (direct call, smart alert, etc..)
    It would be my absolute honor to win the Illuzion in Lemon Indigo

  • Ionut Costica

    I love how speedy it is, and the screen is just beautiful. *fingers crossed for a Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid*

  • Daler

    I love the screen on it, It is soo good that you can play or watch movie in really beautiful HD mode.
    I would like to have Illuzion case in Mandarin Black if possible if not then Golden Mocha is good too.

  • My favorite feature of my GS3 is the camera, I can’t stop taking pics with it, they look so good.

    If I happen to win, then I’d be content with either color of the Neo Hybrid case. And if those are taken then the Illuzion case would be neat too.

  • Davros

    There’s a lot I like about this phone but the thing that impresses me most is the battery life. With low usage I can get 2 days out of 1 charge though I get a full day when not watching too many videos or games. Neo in white for me.

  • Lawrence

    Love the big screen. Coming from OG Moto Droid, it’s a huge upgrade.
    Neo hybrid in sparking blue please. Cant believe I just wrote “sparking”

  • Alex Mosqueda

    my favorite thing about my gs3 is that it is the perfect balance of power and outstanding battery life i have not once had a day where i have searched for a plug in the middle of the day because my phone was dying

    if i win i would love the illuzion Mandarine Black case

  • My favorite feature is the gorgeous screen. Watching HD Netflix and the Olympics with my unlimited data is very satisfying. Infinity White Neo Hybrid.

  • My favorite feature is the Smart Stay.. I mean who doesn’t like their phone to know when they are looking at it. Now my phone acts just like a typical woman….. Turns off when I don’t feel like paying attention to it and when I do pay attention it never goes away….

    I personally like the Infinity white on the Neo-Hybrid… Two classic colors rolled into one… Ying met yang

  • Ryan

    Love the battery, with the new data plans its hard to use phones like these without paying a fortune. So with phone calls, a ridiculous amount of texting, and with the occasional searches using data, my phone last a comfortable two days no problem! best battery life of any smartphone ive used!

    I would love the illuzion mandarine black if by some chance i won! Good luck to all

  • My favorite thing about my galaxy s3 is the battery life. i use to have a droid and HATED the battery, would get 8 hours max. I am now in love with my new phone and have been looking for a case for it that i like. Love the illuzion case but cant afford it.

    I Would absolutely love the Illuzion in Mandarine Black. Thank you for doing the giveaway and congrats to whoever wins.

  • eyewhen ewelose

    Favorite thing is battery life. Which is great for watching the Olympics. Illuzion mocha please.

  • putterk

    Galaxy S3 finally delivers in picture quality! and the 720p display…*drools*
    I’d enjoy a Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid Case!

  • My favourite feature of the S3 is the removable battery. Eat that One X!
    I’d be honoured to win the Lemon Indigo Illuzion case.

  • Julian Coronado

    My favorite part is the 4G LTE signal which not only makes it fast but definitely smarter than I am! And the Smart Stay feature! I don’t have to worry about my phone screen locking! I’d prefer the Neo Hybrid Infinity White!

  • Nathan Corachea

    My favorite favorite thing about my SGSIII is that I rooted and it’s running CM10! <3 I would love all the cases to give my phone some love ahaha but I would be happy with the Illuzion Mandarine Black!

  • My favorite thing about my galaxy s3 is its beautiful screen and great battery life.

    Illusion in Mandarin Rosa or neo hybrid in sparkling blue.

  • I like the battery life it gives out even with lte turned on.. Sparkling Blue neo hybrid

  • Best thing? The developer support. We’ll get this baby cracked open and get some badass roms and kernels on here soon. And I’d love the Rubine Red Neo Hybrid. Yummy.

  • The screen is my favorite part and I would pick the Neo Hybrid in White

  • Brannon

    What is not to like about the S3 it is a great phone. I like everything having to do with the camera the best, the instant shutter and burst shot mode are great for kids sports. The photo sharing options with other S3 phones is also fun. I really dig the neo hybrid blue case pictured above. Thanks

  • Anthony B

    My favorite part of the s3 is S voice even though I never use it lol and I will like to win The Neo Hybrid case in white please 🙂

  • Allen

    I like being able to share stuff with my girlfriend by just holding our GS3’s together. Also the little things like Smart Stay are pretty cool. I’d be pretty happy to get a Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue (though the Infinity White would be just as awesome).

  • Nick

    My favorite feature of the Galaxy S3 is the amazing battery life. I get over a day of battery life, which I have never gotten in previous phones.
    I would love to get the “Neo Hybrid in Sparking Blue.” Thank You.

  • southstar24

    My favorite sg3 feature? I like the gesture to take a screenshot. I’d like to win the neo hybrid case, hopefully

  • Ken VanPelt

    The battery life on my S3 is great. That is my favorite feature – my other 4G LTE phones had horrible battery life. I would be honored to win the Illuzion in Golden Mocah

  • JustinChang

    My favorite thing about the s3 is the all fun gesture moves. It really brings the smartphone into a whole new level. Expandable SD memory, removable batteries should be the definition of androids, S3 made it possible, and I thank the designers for that! I would be honored to receive the Mandarine Rosa illuzion. It’s a perfect accessory for my clubbing needs 🙂 thank you!

  • Marvin Nicoleau

    My favorite thing of the s3 is the battery life…beats the G Nexus by a long shot, and the screen is GORGEOUS…the neohybrid blue case compliments the s3 even more!

  • i love the fast processor the galaxy s3 has and i would like the infinity white case

  • It really is difficult to choose just one favorite. It’s fast, the screen is beautiful, the camera is fantastic and has no lag which is a huge plus. This is the best phone I’ve ever owned. Illuzion, Lemon Indigo

  • sakebomber77

    Love SVoice and the fast speeds. Please may I have Neo Hybrid. any color is fine…thanks

  • Mr__Wilson

    I love how my SGS3 Is the perfect size for my large hands and the gorilla glass 2 neo hybrid case in blue please!

  • My favorite feature of the s3? Simply the fact that i can have a pop out video play on my home screen……I would be honored to win a sparkling blue neo hybrid…so pretty

  • My favorite feature of the Galaxy S3 has to be its amazing form factor. With its slim body and curved edges I cant help but just be in awe. I would love to be able to compliment that form factor with the Neo Hybrid case in that sweet Sparkling Blue color.

  • manaox

    I like that I can do data and talk at the same time, I’d always wanted that feature on Verizon’s network.
    I would be honored to own the Neo Hybrid in White.

  • Dylan Dreisch

    the gs3 just makes everything i used to do on my old incredible faster and more enjoyable.
    id be honored to win a sparkling blue neo hybrid case

  • D_Griego

    I love the sheer processing power that my GS3 has, lag-free scrolling is really awesome. Owning a Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue or an Illuzion in MandarIne Black would make my GS3 that much better!

  • ericbugosh

    I simply just like the nice big, super clear screen on the device. neo hybrid, sparkling blue!

  • escayanan

    Best thing about the S3 is the 4g speed hands down.
    I’m feeling the Lemon Indigo Illuzion.

  • My favorite feature of my SGS3, is the play-n-play video feature. I love being able to watch a music video or movie while im searching the web or texting someone.

    I would be HONORED to win the Neo Hybrid Sparkling Blue case. It’s an awesome color and it would be great to have a good case for my phone finally >.<

  • max

    My favorite thing about the sgs3 is the locked bootloader, who needs to flash roms am I right people. Ill be be honored to win any Neo Hybrid case

  • Michael Chung

    Love how I can share videos with my brother via NFC!! I Would like the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue please!

  • I like the reject call with message feature. I use the “I’m in a meeting” reply so much that whenever I ask one of my friends to help me with something his reply is “Sorry, i’m in a meeting at that time.”

    I would love the infinity white case.

  • My favorite thing about the SGS3 is the speedy S4 processor. All the other great things about the phone wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t quick.

    All the cases look really nice, but if I had to pick it’d be the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White.

  • Bob Z

    Because the screen is so bIg and bright, I was able to read Dickens’ “Great Expectations” without straining an eye muscle. Lemon Indigo Illuzion.

  • J Gumiran

    I love how the GS3 feels in the hand, especially for having such a large screen. It doesn’t feel bulky or clunky at all. I’m a fan of the Neo Hybrid in Lightning Yellow, or the Illuzion in Black, personally.

  • ray_420

    S-beam that’s what is keeping me on a stock based rom and I would like the a Neo hybrid case don’t care about color but white would be best

  • Dave Diddy

    My favorite thing about my Galaxy S3 is it gives me a reason to check Droid Life every day.

    I would like the Illuzion in Lemon Indigo or Mandarine Black

  • Ritzie

    My favorite thing s the reject list. I would love the Infinity White.

  • Cprsmrrcr3

    I love the beuatiful screen and the ease of use. I would love thatneo hybrid in sparkling blue

  • Love the big screen. Sparkling blue Neo Hybrid please 🙂

  • chris m

    If I had to pick one it would be the camera, the quality on that thing is awesome.
    neo hybrid-infinity white

  • theresamorrison

    I love the ginormous screen. Mandarine rosa would be my color choice. Thank you!


    My favorite thing about my Samsung Galaxy S3 is that its sleek in design and how the lights are completely invisible until lit.
    I’d love to get a Neo Hybrid case in Infinity White.

  • Spyro Giannikas

    My favorite thing about the galaxy S3 is the gigantic screen! I’d like the mandarine black illuzion case!

  • Joseph Allen

    I really like the camera the best…the zero shutter lag rocks, and it takes some mighty fine pictures. The neo hybrid in Sparkling Blue is quite nice 🙂 or the Illuzion in Mandarine Rosa is also nice

  • Oh, and Can I get the theme on the launcher too? that looks awesome!

  • Favorite thing is having the super crazy black levels on the screen.

    Infinity white or Mandarine black.

  • TofuDelivery

    My favorite thing about my galaxy s3 is the fact that it feels so comfortable in my hand while still giving me a stellar large display to look at streaming the Olympics live on my s3 always shows off how capable it is. The case I would like is the illuzion in lemon indigo!

  • bikerbill12

    I have to say pop up play or their music player is really nice with good sound. And I’ll take either of the hybrid cases . Blue first and if not then the whit will do . A d if I have to have the illusion I’ll take the red one. Thanks .

  • I think the most impressive is the simple feature that lets you watch a video while doing other things. I would LOVE to have a Spigen Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue.

  • Ryan Dombroski

    I would have to say my favorite thing is the “speed” followed by the Battery Life ( It last 12 or more hours on a single charge w/4G and moderate to heavy usage)

    Neo hybrid white or illuzion madarine black is what I would prefer

  • jothen2002

    Just got it today! So far I like the camera..especially the way it takes like 20 photos at once.Great when you have kids playing sports.
    Mandarins Black!! PLEASE

  • ben

    I love the smart stay feature. Pretty sweet.
    I would love to have the Illuzion Mandarine Black case!

  • really love the huge beautiful screen

    Neo Hybrid in blue or Illuzion in Lemon Indigo

  • My giant beautiful screen that makes everyone who sees it jealous! Sparkling blue!

  • David Powell

    My favorite thing about my Galaxy S3 is the battery life, coming from the Motorola Droid Bionic with the extended battery I am blown away that a smaller battery lasts far longer than my extended battery ever could. I would like the Neo Hybrid in “Sparkling” blue please.

  • R. Karas

    the camera is a big step up and the screen capture. Neo Hybrid Infinity White. sweep the leg.

  • xformulax

    my favorite thing about the phone has to be the snappy performance, closely followed by the screen and then camera…. love to have one of those Illuzion cases!

  • Darlin Gil

    my favorite feature on my Sprint S3 is smart stay….it works soooo well

    I would love to win the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue !

  • My favorite thing is that I’m already running Jelly Bean, and the NFC
    I would LOVE a Neo Hybrid color: Infinity White

  • Hunter N.

    My favorite feature of my Galaxy S III would be the camera. Compared to my old DX, it is a huge improvement. The swiftness, as well as the speed, make it a feature worth mentioning. I would be honored to win the Infinity White Neo Hybrid Case!

  • Sapko82

    the camera on my S3 is great.
    Neon Hybrid White or Illuzion Mandarine Rosa

  • Scott Meyer

    I love how it was inspired by nature. Okay, truthfully I love the screen size. Coming from the x, having this much screen real estate is really incredible. Would love the illuzion in Mandarin. Black.

  • James Jelkin

    1. My favorite feature is the speed. Having a phone that isn’t choppy ever rules.
    2. I would be honored to win the Mandarine Black Illuzion case

  • I love my siii because it will automatically connect to any dlna box in my house. Whether it be my tv, computer, ps3, or WD tv live. It automatically connects and I can see all my media. Also 50 free gb of Dropbox doesn’t hurt either. I would love the chance to win the Neo Hybrid in blue.

  • Andrew

    My favorite thing about it is the beautiful screen. I would like the Neo Hybrid in white!

  • I love being able to share photos with my other friends that have their own S3, and the ones that my friends and I have convinced to ditch their iPhones for one because all of the other awesome things it can do.

    I’ll take the infinity white neo hybrid.

  • Pop up play is awesome! although I rarely use it. I’d like a Neo Hybrid in white.

  • Nnamdi!

    My Favorite thing about my Galaxy S3 would be the screen shot capability. I use it all the time!.
    And i would like the Neo Hybrid in White and the Illuzion in black

  • CaptainGP

    Coming from the OG Droid, my favorite feature on the Galaxy S3 is the camera. The camera on the Droid was horrible, and while the camera on the S3 is not the best out there, it is certainly a major upgrade from the Droid’s camera.
    That being said, I would love to have the Illuzion Case in Mandarine Black to protect my little treasure 🙂

  • I LOVE the Galaxy S3 and its ability to multi task so smooth and efficiently! The camera rocks as well! I would love to win the neo hybrid in sparkling blue!

  • the sgs3 is the 8th wonder of the world and you want me to pick a favorite? ok ok ok ill go with the palm swipe for a screenshot feature. (neohybrid grayblue)

  • I have to be honest. My favorite feature of the S3 is the Camera. I have never been so satisfied with a cell phone camera until I bought this phone. The camera killed the Nexus for me and I returned it. This phone despite the verizon road blocks on several apps and the bootloader hands down has my free advertising. I love it. That being said, It would be spectacular to win a Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid !!!!!

  • I love the HD Super AMOLED screen. Coming from the Bionic, this screen is marvelous. Actually, coming from anyphone, this screen is excellent. I would be honored to win the NeoHybrid in blue.

  • My favorite thing about my s3 is the way it feels in my hand even though it is quite large!

    I’d like the neo hybrid in infinity white please

  • What’s In A Name

    The S3 speed, screen and overall form. Neo Hybrid Galaxy S3 Infinity White case. TQ!

  • javikid

    Love the big screen on my S3 and would love the Infinity White case

  • John P.

    My favorite thing is the overall snappiness of the phone. I was plently pleased with my droid x but after using my S3 for a few weeks I do not know if I can go back. If i were to win i’d be honored to win the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White but if not that one, any of the others would do just fine on my currently naked pebble blue S3!

  • Shaun

    I love the large screen and speed of the S3 and I would like to protect that screen in a Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue or the Illuzion in Mandarine Black.

  • theShamrocker

    I love the camera on this phone! It is incredibly useful and am excited for when I get my car adapter and will be able to take pictures and record video while driving. Way cool!
    I would like the neo hybrid case if I win with the grass or lightning yellow colors.

  • skrusrnmz

    My favorite thing is the locked bootloader. I kidd, I kidd! Seriously, how do you pick one thing? It’s such a beautiful device from the screen to the power to the speed to the LTE to the design…

    So I’ll say the beauty is my favorite feature.

    And that Neo Hybrid Infinity White will look nice against my Pebble Blue.

  • I like the quick launch icons that can be switched on the lock screen

  • Vezmar

    My favorite feature of the Galaxy S3 has been the blazing 4G LTE speeds that it provides. I can access so much content in so little time, and sometimes it’s faster than my Wi-Fi! I would be honored to win an Infinity White Neo Hybrid!

  • tedbrian

    I’d be honored to win the Neo Hybrid Infinity White. I’ve bought cases that you have featured before, but it’s always nice to have options,especially if it’s free!

  • love the gorgeous screen!
    Neo hybrid white or illuzion madarine black thanks

  • FknTwizted

    I love the picture in picture feature where I can text, but email whatever without leaving a video I’m watching! As for cases I love the neo in sparkling blue sir.

  • timbo

    I would say my favorite part was not being completely disappointed with the pentile screen. The size and resolution are amazing! That and being able to keep my unlimited data!!

    If I win, I definitely want the Neo Hybrid Infinity White.

  • felix

    My favorite feature of the s3? The locked bootloader of course….

    All joking aside I really like the idea of sharing photos almost instantly without having to ask everyone around you. However none of my friends have the s3, rendering this feature pretty much useless (for now).

    I would love the illuzion black case if I somehow win!

    • Liderc

      I know, I’ve been waiting for someone else to get an NFC enabled phone since I got the Nexus. Stuff is pointless until everyone has it.

  • wizardtho

    The camera by far. Using it way more than my old Droid X camera.

    Neo hybrid in blue or Illuzion in black please! (or anything, really)

  • Owewil3225

    I love the s3 smart actions such as it vibrating when I pick it up to remind me that I have a new notification. Very intuitive and beneficial.
    I would like the neo hybrid in infinity white

  • Radyoactive

    The S4 processor.

    Neo Hybrid in white please!

  • Vipergtsr66

    Love the screen and 4G. The Neo Hybrid in Infinity White would be most excellent

  • My Favorite feature on my Galaxy S III is the lockscreen ripple. I know it’s small but love seeing it vs any other lock I’ve ever seen.

    Infinity white is first choice but would take sparkling blue too if the white isn’t available. 🙂

  • Feature ? Features .. that come with the camera. This camera phone has more features than most digital cameras. burst shot by itself but also has the feature of best shot, panorama, single shot, hdr, smile beauty, cartoon, share shot and the list continues. Also, all the scene and lighting settings, 8 mp’s on a phone and 1080p recording .. ridiculous !! 1 of the most customizable cameras out.

    The Infinity White Neo Hybrid case is the Droid case I am looking for !!

  • collegepunk

    I really like the smart stay feature. It’s great.
    I would like the blue neo hybrid. Thanks!

  • dsnotgood

    I like that it’s white and smooth. Plus the fast 4g doesn’t hurt.

    I would like the white case .

  • My favorite thing about the S III that hard one. It’s quick as “the Flash”, tons of ram, 4G but thing I like the most is watching to see if I’m still using it before the screen goes dark. lol

    I would like the Illuzion Black but I would love any color.

  • I am in love with the Smart Stay! Works well when im reading long posts on DL. 😀
    Neo Hybrid colors: Infinity White

  • cyruss69

    I love the smart stay feature It saves me a ton of battery life by keeping the time out at 15 secs that way my screen never stays on unless im looking at it just awesome! and I would be honored and humbled to win the
    Neo Hybrid sparkling blue case please!

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Favorite feature is recording in 1080P while snapping pictures. Would love to win a Neo Hybrid Infinite White.

  • My favorite thing about my S3 is that it is a beast with 32gb phone storage and a 64gb class 10 memory card. HD videos all day! I would be thankful for a Mandarin black illuzion

  • john huie

    the reason why i love the galaxy s3 is because of it’s speed/multi-tasking ability, and the camera. I love that I can run launchers on top of touch wiz and it is almost perfect. also, the nbc olympics app runs flawlessly on my phone, the image is flawless and i’m amazed at the things that my phone can handle!

    i love the camera because I have 3 kids and i need to get some quick pics! fortunately the s3 has a fast camera and the image quality leaves me with cute pics of my kids. nice!

    if i were to win a case, i’d love to win the spigen neo hybrid in the sparkling blue. although the infinity white is not to bad, either! i love gray though, and that blue makes the case pop.

    thanks for having this contest!

  • Julian Monroy

    My favorite feature of the galaxy s3 is the camera. I have taken many picture perfect moments and this phones camera has become an essential part of my life. Illuzion Lemon Indigo please, and I would like to thank Droid-Life for having such a great color scheme and an even greater website and team

  • I for 1 love the processor, this phone is snappy as can be!

    I’d really like the Neo Hybrid in the Infinity White please!

  • My favorite feature definitely has to be the sheer power. Whether it’s browsing, playing games, watching videos, I rarely encounter any hiccups which I had slowly grown accustomed to in the OG Droid.
    And I would be honored to win an infinity white neo hybrid, or a Mandarine Black Illuzion.
    (though really I’d be honored to win anything :3)

  • My favorite feature of the Galaxy s3 is the ability to personalize the lock screen. Especially the news ticker. My favorite case is the Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid case.

  • serrastone

    My fave feature about the S III is all of the ram, the phone never drags because of lack of ram like my Gnex did.

    I like the Infinity White, Sparkling Blue, and all of the Illizion cases except for the yellow!

  • Denise Morenk

    I really enjoy the elegance and quality of the Galaxy S3’s appearance all together. Very sleek and lightweight, eye-catching and full of intelligent features.

    Illuzion Flip case in Mandarine Rosa

  • I love the screen on my S3, it’s beautiful! And I’m sure it would look even better in that Illuzion Golden Mocah case 😉

  • My favorite thing of the Galaxy SIII is that it comes with a lot of neat software features that I at first thought I would turn away in place of a custom launcher and some other 3rd party apps, but I was (clearly) wrong and I ended up using them because they were integrated into the system and they worked well; I didn’t need to replace them because of that.

    And I’d like the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue 😉

  • Annduhroo

    My favorite feature of my phone is the Smart Stay. I want the Mandarin Black Illuzion

  • My favorite feature would have to be the screen. Going from the Bionic to this is amazing.

    I’d love the either of the Neo Hybrids.

  • Edvard Major

    Great battery life while being fully 4G/LTE, extremely thin and having a huge screen

    Iluzion Lemon Indigo please

  • My Favorite feature about the SIII is the native video in window feature and the almost infinite amount of codecs it supports.
    It we be an honor and a privilege if the Neo Hybrid infintiy white were to grace my SIII with its presence.

  • My favorite feature is the smart stay .
    I would like Neo Hybrid : Sparkling Blue

  • My favorite feature of the S III is the user unlock able bootloader… Wait, I’m on Verizon

    The White Neo Hybrid would be pretty sweet. Thank you for this awesome site.

  • Most certainly the biggest and most beautiful screen i’ve seen. Face recognition is also sweet. And the speech camera features are also very helpful. Sorry, can’t limit it to just one!
    I would love the infinity white neo hybrid!

  • Jawbox

    SIII best feature is that it’s ultra smooth no matter the task. Even the butter on my Nexus 7 cannot keep up.

    Neo hybrid infinity white good sir.

  • Nickxzr

    Favorite feature: S voice
    Case: Neo hybrid sparkling blue <3

  • Slide hand to screen shot (with setting toggles in notification bar a close second), Illuzion Mandarine Rosa

  • KB650

    LTE and bIg screen ive gotta say.
    I would like a illuzion colors: Mandarine Black

  • My favorite feature is smart stay. When first reading about the S3 I thought it would be a gimmicky feature, but it works perfectly and is really usefull.

    Neo Hybrid white please!

  • The smart stay is pretty awesome.
    I would like the neo hybrid in sparkling blue or the Illuzion in Mandarine Black

  • JagQpopZ24

    Coming from OG Droid that took a swim, then to Droid X and now GS3. What a different world. ROM’d Droid X to make it last until had to upgrade b4 unlimited deadline from Big Red.
    The greatest feature of S3 is SPEED. The CPU and graphics processors and LTE are blazing fast. Even after loading more than 300 apps (kids love playing games and I like to see what the S3 can handle) its still ultra smooth.
    Just rooted, got rid of the permenant WiFi notification/pop-up and added wifi button in notification. Android and its hackability are phenomenal. Can’t wait till the devs are able to unlock bootloader and make ROM/Kernel easier.
    If i get randomly picked for drawing I would prefer Mocha, Indigo or Black.

    Long live android and my S3.

  • My Favorite park about me Samsung Galaxy S3 is all the motions Samsung added and the AMAZING screen!!!!! I would like the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White. THANKS!!!!!

  • Reggie Nelson

    i love the battery life and speed of the phone its very good!

  • brian kim

    I love everything about this phone…but especially the 4.8 inch display to watch YouTube and Netflix on!
    I would like the the Illuzio in golden mocah!

  • I’m a photographer do my favorite feature is the awesome S3 camera. I would like the Neo hybrid white or Illuzion black please.

  • Mr. Wiggles

    My favorite thing by far about the S3 is how freaking fast it is. Coming from an Inc2 and then a Tbolt, this thing is amazing. So naturally, I wanna trick it out. 🙂

    I would love the Illuzion in the Mandarin Black to help me do that!!

  • Nick

    4.8 inch SUPER AMOLED screen.
    Neo Hybrid: Infinity White

  • jk43235

    My favorite feature is the camera! Infinity white please!

  • My favorite feature would have to be S-beam i find that i use it all the time for quick sharing of pictures.

    And if i win i’d love the Illuzion Mandarine black case 🙂

  • jbegs23

    I like how much more responsive the touch screen is then my old Droid X. Using a stylus on some art and drawing apps has been night and day.

    If selected I would appreciate the illuzion lemon indigo case. Thank you.

  • William Hirsch

    For me the chipset is my favorite feature. Hands down. Performance is fantastic and battery life is finally really great on LTE.
    I’d be *thrilled* to have an infinity white Neo Hybrid or a mandarin black Illuzion.

  • Themanhere10

    I am a big fan of the screen. I love how it looks.

    I would like a sparkling blue hybrid case please.

  • Playing video while doing other things on my home screen (while still being zippy!) is my favorite feature of my S3. I would like the Infinity White Neo Hybrid if I were to win this contest!
    Thanks for hosting an awesome contest as well as covering everything Android! Truly appreciated!

  • Rob

    Is it OK if I say more than one thing? LTE, camera, overall speed/quickness/snapiness, battery is pretty good for an LTE phone, the list just goes on and on.

    Mandarine Black Illuzion and either for the Neo Hybrid.

  • James Walker

    My favorite feature about my gs3 is the smart stay. I’m always reading things and its nice not to have to change my screen time out just to read something and the case I want is the sparkling blue hybrid case. Goes very well with my white gs3 🙂

  • LGT

    Love the snappy response and multi-task ability.

    I’m digging the Neo Hybrid white.

  • my favorite thing is definitely the large beautiful 4.8″ screen

    Neo Hybrid in infinity white

  • My favorite feature is the 2gb of ram so I can run all the apps I want with no lag. I would like
    Mandarine Black.

  • Ryan?

    The best part of the phone? The idea that mine is blue without a case. That’s pretty sweet and different. It would be nice to protect it a bit with a Mandarine Black Illuzion case too!

  • Sparky Tweek

    My favorite features of the GS3 are the rocking processor and 2GB of RAM. The phone is snappy and super fast when performing any task. I’d love to have the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue if I am chosen. Thanks DL!

  • Best feature is having the NFC and being able to share things with my wife who has a nexus. Being able to sit on the couch and touch our phones together to share a photo is just awesome.

    Would prefer the white hybrid, but anything will suffice. Thanks for your awesome contests!

  • Tom Sturdy

    My favorite thing about the GSIII is how much faster it is than my old Droid X.
    I would like the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White. Whenever I set my phone down in my car it always slides around on the dashboard, so I really need a case for it.

  • So far I really enjoy my unlocked bootloader, drop box storage, and Google wallet. Oh wait, Verizon blocked all that. I guess… The screen then?
    Neo hybrid white

  • Jordan

    I Love the motion controls! Illuzion Mandarine Black please!

  • My favorite feature of my Samsung Galaxy S3 is that i can read Droid Life on it…. 😉

  • J

    My favorite feature is its incredible screen, lightning fast response time, and it puts iPhone to shame 🙂
    I would love the Neo Hybrid in Infinity white or the Illuzion in Mandarine black

  • shooter_454

    I have a few that are my favorite including touch-wiz,I’ll choose the wonderful battery life its so nice rooted or stock.I would be honored to win a Illuzion in Mandarine Black.
    Droidlife Rules the Blogs….

  • My favorite feature is the swipe palm across screen for screenshot….
    I want the hybrid infinity white

  • David Hettinger

    I’m really loving the beam feature, its great for sharing pics of our baby with my wife so she can take them to work to show them to her co-workers; preventing her from clogging up her social networking sites and pissing off all her spawn free friends.

    If I won I’d love the Illuzion colors in the Mandarine Black color set, its very sexy!

  • 1. My favorite feature is easily sending pictures to the tv through WD Live.
    2. hot Yellow!

  • buck4225

    My favorite thing is the 4.8 inch screen and the awesome speed and smoothness of the phone. Came from a MAXX, thought I might have made a bad decision but loving this phone since the moment I got it.

    I would love the Mandarine Black Illuzion, that case is really amazing looking, I would be honored to win that.

  • My favorite thing about my S3 is the screen size. The case I would like is the Neo Hybrid in Sparkling Blue

  • lostboiwonder

    the s-voice!! and Sparkling Blue

  • kk

    Love the screen and would like white hybrid.

  • Smart stay! Great for reading I would love the Blue one!

  • favorite feature is the motion controls! Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid looks great!

  • mikestolz75

    The camera and the all share . Would like illuzion in black

  • Im Android fan, and i want CruzerLite cases!

  • Trent Krzykowski

    The best thing about the GS3, hmmm… oh yeah how buttery smooth the device is without even having to root the beast. Which still amazes me every time I use it. I would Love the
    Illuzion flip case in
    Mandarine Black.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Not a fan of these. I have the incipio feather on my gs3 and love it.

  • Hays1029

    Love the motion enabled features! Neo infinity white please.

  • violator702

    I luv showing people (blinding them) with the Burst Shot.
    Neo Hybrid sparkling blue

  • SubMatrix

    My favorite aspect is the 4.8″ screen! I’d like the Neo Hybrid in Infinity White.

  • TRod

    The pop out video. Neo hybrid sparkling blue.

  • justaddh3o

    Nope. Bought a $4 TPU case on ebay. Fits like a glove, thin as hell, looks sharp. Easy to put on, doesn’t fall off, and all ports are nicely exposed. I’m done paying $20+ for a plastic case

  • Tshumamer

    The pop out video. Neo hybrid sparkling blue

  • Steve Tu

    The reasonable battery life while on LTE thanks to the Snapdragon S4.

  • Coming from the iPhone’s 3.5″ screen…the nice big clear HD screen is my favorite feature.I would like the Illuzion Mandarine Black please

  • mustbepbs

    My favorite thing about the Galaxy S3 is the fact that I don’t need to mess with it to make it better. It is the best phone I’ve ever used out of the box, and I’m very excited to see what JB brings to this great device.

    I would like the Neo Hybrid in White if I win please 🙂

  • Ivan92116

    the large screen is my favorite feature.
    (Neo Hybrid in Infinity White)

  • Currently, my favorite feature is “Smart Stay”. Of course, I am always exploring the many features of this phone.

    Neo Hybrid. – Sparkling Blue

  • The best feature of the s3 is that it is NOT an iPhone. On a serious note the best feature is the ridiculous screen.

    Neo Hybrid in Infinity White

  • Brian

    My favorite feature is the radios. In battery stats on gnex, my time without signal, after a days use, would be 60-80%. With the gs3, it’s always 0%! I’d like to win the mandarine black illuzion

  • Jakemerrell

    awesome battery life!

  • My Favorite feature of the Galaxy S3? Most likely the ability for the notification upon touch when picking up the phone. That slight vibration giving me a heads up that i’ve missed something.

    Neo Hybrid: Sparkling Blue

  • Zachary F

    The 4.8″ HD screen along with the 2GB of RAM. I’d be honored to win the Neo Hybrid Infinity White.

  • Free your S3. It wants to be naked!

  • interstellarmind

    I like the SmartStay features… so simple, yet so convenient!

    I’ll take the Illuzion Lemon Indigo, please!

  • The large screen and damn near weightlessness seal the deal.
    I’d love the Illuzion in Mandarine Black!

  • The camera hands down the best phone camera I have ever used.

    And I would be honored to win the Neo hybrid in infinity white

  • cylon

    The 2GB of RAM!
    Infinite White Neo Hybrid

  • JB

    My favorite feature of my gs3 is probably the zero shutter lag camera. It makes it very easy to capture pictures of my new nephew before he moves again. I would be honored to win an infinity white Neo hybrid case!

  • arthur2142

    My favorite GS3 feature is the 4G LTE and Dual-Core processor. This phone feels lightning fast in everything it does because of these awesome specs. Because of it’s lightning fast speed, I think I’d like the Neo Hybrid case in Lightning Yellow (or Infinity White).

  • Alex

    Coming from a Blackberry everything about my S3 is better than what I had. What I do enjoy about my S3 is the fact that I can listen to Pandora without it crashing!
    BTW, I love all the colors, but sparkling blue is my favorite.

  • nsauce7

    illuzion in rosa and fav. feature has to be the big screen. only a bit bigger then my gnex but still looks way bigger

  • Michael_NM

    My favorite feature of the GSIII is that me money went to Samsung instead of apple. I want a hybrid case, and I wonder why the “buy” link doesn’t take me to the Droid Life store.

  • chris125

    The gestures that samsung included. Neo hybrid in blue looks amazing on a white sgs3.

  • can’t even pick which is my favorite i love pretty much everything about the phone
    and i would love to win the infinity white neo hybrid case 😀

  • Bmc777

    My favorite feature of my GsIII is pop up video! Such an original feature And I’ll take Infinity White please!

  • Honestly I really like being able to open the camera with motion controls. It lets me put a 4th icon there.

    Infinity White or Lemon Indigo

  • Def the best features are the specs. Glad its easily rootable. The neo hybrid in blue would be fine for me

  • My favorite feature is the amount of gestures that were included! Like the tap+tilt to zoom, and the fact that you can bring the phone up to your ear to call someone. And the screen is actually really nice too! If I had to choose one to win, I’d actually take an Illizion Lemon Indigo case!

  • stephen shavers

    hmm, contest. Im getting in on this one. My favorite feature on my gs3 has to be the large screen. Im on there all the time watching stuff on hulu of checking out the internet.

    If i win i would like the Neo hybrid in sparkling blue.

  • nightscout13

    Favorite feature? Long battery life. I’d be honored to win the Infinity White Neo Hybrid Case, thanks.

  • My favorite thing about it, is that it was made especially for me and not some bird or dogs or whatever <3
    But I would like the Neo Hybrid in White
    and the Illuzion in Mandarine Black

    • TheOiulkj

      I totally agree, I’ve always wanted to own a phone that’s made expecially for human beings. None of that android crap.

  • Keyan X

    My favorite feature is actually the look of the phone, it simply looks gorgeous, for an actual feature I guess it would be the gesture feature that easily my me more lazy that i have to be 😛

    If I won, I’d love the neo hybrid case, infinity white

  • Tommy Thompson

    Favorite feature of the S3 is the home button actually. All my other phones had capacitive buttons, I like having the home button. Sparkling Blue Neo Hybrid is my choice!!