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Google Wallet Update Allows You to Add Any Credit or Debit Card (Updated)

Google announced this morning that Google Wallet will now accept any debit or credit card to be used when making mobile payments, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Their approach has changed, meaning they now store your cards on secure Google servers, rather than in the secure element of your phone. This should speed up the process for banks to make their cards available to the service. 

Along with this massive change, they are also allowing you to remotely lock your Wallet app on a stolen or lost device. You can visit the online Google Wallet site which should list out your active devices. Once disabled, the device can no longer make purchases or participate in transactions.

When you first login to the new app, it should ask if you would like it to import your stored cards that are currently used through your Wallet account in Google Play.

From what we can tell, this move still hasn’t made the app available to Verizon phones.

Update:  If you cruise into the comments, you will likely find the .apk to download directly to your Verizon NFC-enabled phone.

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Via:  Google Commerce

  • Larizard

    Call me scaredy cat, but I still haven’t opened the Wallet app on my GNex running Bugless Beast, just because I’m scared of frying my NFC’s secure element thing that was discovered a few months ago.

    Should I give this a try? Can someone refresh me of what can kill my NFC? I remember it was a factory reset, wasn’t it?

  • Curtis

    Whats the apk for this I tried doing the play store and it does not work plz help thank you

  • natez0r

    and you can use it on like one phone officially! woooooooo

  • Jamey Bly Williams

    Feeling kind of awesome: got it updated via the Play Store on my VZW GNex. Exact steps: took snapshot of QR for Play Store using Goggles; exited Goggles; cleared data for browser (probably not necessary); cleared data for Google Wallet; cleared data for Play Store; uninstalled updates for Play Store; QUICKLY switched to Goggles; selected “Play Store” to complete action; clicked “Continue” and “Accept”; switched back to Goggles; selected “Play Store”; clicked the blue install/update button (I forget which it said); VOILA! You need to do everything after uninstalling the updates for the Play Store quickly – WiFi or 4G only – because if the Play Store updates itself mid-download, it will stop your download. As a bonus, Wallet now shows up in my list of “All Apps” in the Play Store! So future updates should be a breeze.

    • Jamey Bly Williams

      Also is now compatible with my phone at the browser Play Store!

      • Ivealwaysgotmail

        I had to swap my Build.Prop to A Sprint Galaxy S3 To get it to work without saying “carrier/device not supported” IN the APP… But it downloads fine from the Play Store! maybe the BLOCK C Rules do apply to Wallet after all! 😉

  • robotturkey

    In the words of every guy on South Park. Niiiiicccceeee. *Head Nod*

  • Jon G

    So if on my Gnex, it says “unsupported device” will it still work to make purchases. On Aokp, and previously tried at a Mcdonalds and it failed to process.

    • Michael Martin

      yes it works absolutely fine. my suggestion is to go to a place with a self checkout like cvs to make sure all is working fine. sometimes the places wit the nfc (damn bestbuy) have the option but refuse to enable it or use it……so they pay for not using a service

  • I had hopes this might fix the secure element error since stuff is in the cloud now but it didn’t.

  • Michael Martin

    “Their approach has changed, meaning they now store your cards on secure
    Google servers, rather than in the secure element of your phone”

    so am i stupid to ask if this statement means my gf can now use it on her GSII

  • Hothfox

    Sweet balls, this is amazing! I can actually use Google Wallet now.

  • jonathonflores

    Keeps telling me my card info is incorrect and to try again.

  • I want this on my VZW S3 damn you Verizon! When some one figures out how to make this work for us I’ll be happy.

    • Ivealwaysgotmail

      Hey there, I got it working, you need root and edit a file on your device to make Wallet think your a GS3 From Sprint, I modified a previous way of getting the old wallet working on the GS3 verizon. Enjoy!

  • This is great news. I’ve been waiting for this to happen

  • Whats the process for the Galaxy S 3? I assumed it would concern this phone because it is NFC enabled.

  • gadgetryan

    Any know why im getting the unfortunately, Wallet has stopped working?

    Rooted, running Liquid Beta. didnt have google wallet so i updated from the play store.

  • JD

    I have Verizon and checked “My Devices” on the browser version of the Play Store. It lists two for some reason. One being “Verizon Galaxy Nexus” and another as just “Samsung Galaxy Nexus.” The VZW one was obviously blocked but the other worked just fine and went to my phone. Great if this works for everyone! (Unfortunately my “Secure Element has stopped responding” error persists and prevents me from using this, even with the new update.)

    • Bradley Michael

      on the website, it lists my phone as verizon samsung galaxy nexus and it says my device is compatible with wallet. i hit install and it sent it to my phone; it works with no problems. i’m on stock imm76k

  • RandomJSF

    Google wins the NFC payment war before it even truly begins.
    Isis would have to be something extraordinary for me to even remotely care at this point.

  • Ash Hanna

    Does this mean that wiping data without clearing app first will no longer break the secure element error that kept happening?

    • DanSan

      ive reflashed a bajillion times, restored google wallet through titanium without clearing that first and never had a problem..

    • j__h

      I would like to know this also, and if you did in fact break your secure element will it still work without it now. I luckily have a working secure element but it makes me uneasy when I flash my phone.

  • DanSan

    Nice!!! I had an issue with GWallet early this year when it was buggy. I used it to make a purchase, it said it completely and register printed a receipt but it never removed the money from the prepaid card. I made another purchase that same day but it ended up going through and removing the money. Guess I got a soda and a bag of chips for free that day lol

  • summit1986

    My secure element got bricked long before the whole warning about clearing the account before wiping. Ever since then, Google has been silent on support of the issue.

    • Ivealwaysgotmail

      Wipe your phone to stock and get it replaced through your carrier/Manufacturer… Theres your solution.

      • summit1986

        Maybe if I felt it was worth the $100 that would cost me… Verizon won’t replace it since they don’t support Wallet

  • d’oh! right after i added money to the prepaid card

  • Chase debit card gets declined every time…

    • My card works fine. Try re-adding it at wallet.google.com

  • TheWenger

    Finally. This is what I’ve been waiting for to actually be able to use Wallet more often. Well, that and more pay terminals…
    Sweet move.

  • Im on a Gnex and its just stuck on “Adding your account” anyone else have this problem?

    • Chris Cogan

      I am having the same problem, anyone with a solution for this?

      • Andrew Wegand

        just add the card through the browser and restart the app

        • Chris Cogan

          I tried that also and it still just sits there on adding your account?

          • just let it sit there until it clears

          • Chris Cogan

            David, I have tried that, I let it sit for 10-15 minutes and still nothing, I even was on wifi

    • Nick

      Just close the app completely, even in the multitasking bar, and then relaunch google wallet and try it again, it worked for me

  • Jim McClain

    keeps saying it is not availible on your carrier

  • unexpected62

    Does anybody know how this affects getting points on your CC? Like if I get 5% off groceries or gas, and use this, will it be coded for a Google purchase and not the actual retailer and then I lose the kickback of rewards? If thats the case – this will have to wait.

    • It may depend on how the program works. For my card. I deposit money into my savings. This has worked for all my previous Google purchases including apps.

    • RedPandaAlex

      Yeah, there’s an FAQ about that. It says it depends on the credit card company. Google will post something like “Google*CVS” to your statement and it’s up to the credit card whether they know to parse that as a purchase at CVS. That’s for getting points at specific retailers though. If you get points for all purchases, you’ll still get them for using Wallet.

  • Havoc70

    Stupid Verizon, make it available already

  • William Hirsch

    This is kind of a big deal actually. Glad to see it happen. Now to find a tweaked version of this release so I can use any card on my VZW S3.

  • WR

    Anyone else getting “Add Card Failed” when trying to add one? Verizon GNex JB Bugless Beast

    • MikeSaver

      Running the same thing and I didn’t get that error.

    • htowngtr


    • Yeah I am.

  • Damu793

    does google wallet work with the cruzerlite case?

    • As long as it isn’t metal (it isn’t) the NFC signal will pass through just fine.

      • Damu793

        thank u

    • r0lct

      My NFC Androidn beam doesn’t work with the cruzelite case on so I’m assuming this may not either.

    • It works just fine

  • Alix8821

    Any idea if this update will work with the Galaxy SIII hack??

  • White Wolf

    Just went to the play store on my computer and it said it was installed. I clicked install again and sure enough it update without problem.

    BTW I am using a VZW Nexus with Liquid Jelly Bean Rom.

    I have love from Google. =)

  • I love Android. Within minutes of this being available, the .APK is available for unsupported, official devices from Google (yeah, VZW I’m talking about you. You cunt.)

    • I’m craigslisting my VZW Nexus and grabbing a GSM one out of spite next week, I really can’t wait. I only hope Verizon feels a bit of pain from the way they handle things right now eventually.

  • Scott Willenborg

    I’ll say it even if no one else will… that hand in the video looks fake.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Question: will the recent ruling about VZW blocking tethering apps have any effect on our ability to download GWallet more easily?

  • Pdiddy187

    Did anyone else lose their prepaid remaining balance? Also, the only transaction I’ve made, back in December, now shows as pending. My VISA I use on the play store is there though…

    • blakjakdavy

      Yes. To fix, remove and re-add the prepaid card.

      • Pdiddy187

        Thanks. I tried that and got an error. Tried again, same thing. Says to contact the bank.

        • Ivealwaysgotmail

          BTW you can always call them and they will transfer your balance from your last card.

          • Pdiddy187

            I ended up calling. Apparently after 6 or more months of inactivity they charge a $2.00 fee which wiped out my balance.

  • Not A Name

    Does a factory image reset fix the security problem by flashing roms without resetting?

    • No, once you get the secure element error you are screwed for the life of that device

      • Ivealwaysgotmail

        Until you do the sensible thing and get the phone REPLACED>…. The NFC isnt working?… Thats a FEATURE… its not working … Lol Get a new one!.

  • It will install via the Play Store for me. http://i.imgur.com/N45ss.png
    No hackery here.

    • Same here! Wondered if anyone else noticed this. I’m not rooted and am running stock 4.0.4 on Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Installed directly from Play Store with today’s update.

      • I’m on 4.1.1 rooted. Patient Zero.

      • Ryan Twombly

        I tried many different ways and nothing worked for me. I had to install the .apk from above

      • Bradley Michael

        same for me. installed and worked fine. 4.0.4 stock imm76k

  • This is huge for Google. I will now use Wallet on a regular basis. Hey Verizon FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  • BobtheGreatII

    This is awesome. It’s what I really wanted the whole time. I have JB on my Verizon GNexus, and it installed and updated from the web (also not in the play store).

  • blakjakdavy

    Added my debit card and it’s been processing for 20+ minutes, plus my Google prepaid card now shows as being “removed from my device by my bank”…anyone else!?

    • Remove it and add it back. Freaked me the hell out too and I called the number they gave. The lady had me do that and it was just fine again.

      • blakjakdavy

        That worked! Thanks all!

    • I did, but removing it and adding it back got me my card back

  • MikeCiggy

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big for google wallet.

    • MikeCiggy

      Now if i could have a legal photo ID on my phone, I could leave my wallet at home

      • 4n1m4L


  • Collin Kleditz

    hell yes, i’m on verizon but running aokp jb nightly and i could install wallet via web (it wasn’t in the play store on the phone)

  • How do I get the updated one on my VZW GS3?

  • Anyone know if the market trick will still get this onto a Verizon GNex?

  • markgbe

    this is awesome!!! I can’t wait to freak out cashiers everywhere now. 🙂

  • NemaCystX

    About time! I’ve been waiting for this on my Galaxy Nexus, yes my Verizon Galaxy Nexus!

  • Anyone else have issues with the payments not authorizing?
    Does the touch to pay have to have a wallet logo on it?

  • MKader17

    I was excited until I realized no useful store in my area accepts wallet.

    • it’s accepted anywhere that uses paywave or paypass, which is basically all walgreens and CVS stores. Lots of places have paywave now, even many newer vending machines.

      To be honest, I’ve never tried, but it says so right on the left side of this page:


  • MikeCiggy

    It even has my card info from the online google wallet. Just needed a small amount of information to be ready to go! awesome!

  • Jigga_Z

    Ugh…I just got a Chase Freedom card for this (I was switching banks anyway, but I would have gotten a different card if I had known about this expansion)