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Google Wallet Update Allows You to Add Any Credit or Debit Card (Updated)

Google announced this morning that Google Wallet will now accept any debit or credit card to be used when making mobile payments, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Their approach has changed, meaning they now store your cards on secure Google servers, rather than in the secure element of your phone. This should speed up the process for banks to make their cards available to the service. 

Along with this massive change, they are also allowing you to remotely lock your Wallet app on a stolen or lost device. You can visit the online Google Wallet site which should list out your active devices. Once disabled, the device can no longer make purchases or participate in transactions.

When you first login to the new app, it should ask if you would like it to import your stored cards that are currently used through your Wallet account in Google Play.

From what we can tell, this move still hasn’t made the app available to Verizon phones.

Update:  If you cruise into the comments, you will likely find the .apk to download directly to your Verizon NFC-enabled phone.

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Via:  Google Commerce

  • matti861

    Can somebody please explain this update process to me. I’ve had the Apk since it first became available months back..It’s not in my apps to update and when I search it the app says it’s not supported by my carrier

  • MttFrog13

    I see two problems with this new system.
    1. How am I going to see what is charged to my card if I look at a bank statement.
    2. If google is charging my car and not the merchant directly, will I still get 3% cash back for gas, and 2% cash back for groceries like normal?

  • gpzbc

    It just won’t let me install it. I tried the browser workaround, and no matter what I try, my device is greyed out, and it won’t let me install it. I could do the apk, but I prefer to install from the play store. Any ideas?

  • vitruviankid

    anyone else notice that this picture is taken with an unsupported device? lol. got to love root though, it still works

  • technofile

    I never thought I’d see the day…

  • Q

    Hmmm.. My sideloaded Wallet updated successfully to this new version when I opened the Google Wallet app up.