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Will the HTC Rezound See Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update Today?

Folks, today is the last day of July. As you may recall, we were told by HTC that the Rezound should see its Ice Cream Sandwich update in either June or July, so we are quickly running out of time. What we aren’t sure about, is if it’ll happen today or this week or any time in the near future. The odd thing here, is that Verizon has apparently approved the update, something we first reported last week, but has yet to release it to the public. It could be that some last minute test came up or that they were waiting to get the DROID Charge update out first. Your guess is as good as mine.

You may also remember though, that HTC has posted the official changelog for the update twice now, only to pull it moments later. The first was on June 20 – the second posting was on July 18. If that’s not a sign that this thing should be ready, then I don’t know what is. In fact, the build that HTC references in their official changelog, is the exact as a leak that dropped in early June.

Any bets on whether or not we see the initial push begin today, so that HTC can meet their deadline?

  • Jordan

    Just spoke with Verizon wireless, they told me that the update has, in fact been released, and we all can expect it very soon. Now let’s see if this is another lie, courtesy of Verizon. Or possibly the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Fingers crossed…

  • Never Again

    So who did see this coming? Im never buying htc ever ever again!


  • I just sent and email to my local news TV station. I know its a long shot, but i’m hoping they will investigate it and run a story on Verizon deceiving and lying to customers. with any luck, the TV station will at least get the word out that after signing a two year contract you are probably going to be stuck with phone Verizon won’t upgrade even though they tell you it will be, to get you to buy it.

  • Tam


    Just an FYI guys,

    I just checked my rezound for ICS and was pleasantly surprised to see a 7MB update which is more like a patch that prepares the phone for the ICS update.

    After the first patch was downloaded and installed, i checked the phone for update again and VOILA! It says android 4.0 update and it’s around 300MB.

    Seems pretty substantial to me,

    Anyhow Just wanted to give everyone a heads up while I am waiting for the massive update to be downloaded.

    Good luck Udating

  • John

    Just got off the phone with Verizon. I was told that the update was sent out on the 20th for testing and should be available today. He said to keep checking for the update at least twice a day. Also, this update is supposed to unlock the phone to global (GSM) use. If it is not available today, should be in the next couple days.

  • chapman1969

    I just contacted htc regarding ics for us rezound owners they told me that htc would post details on the update about a week before it come out. Then I said that post was on there web sit on 6/20/2012 they where not aware of it figure that out this is total b.s we all have been lied too and as rezound owner I am pissed. Thanks htc and verizon

  • Champion1229

    Am I the only oe having severe data connectivity issues with my Rezound. I know most 4G phones have trouble because of Verizon’s authentication for 4G devices but my phone seems worse than any other (My Thunderbolt had nothing this bad). I’m even considering calling Asurion (My phone is a new replacement from them) and demanding them send me an S3 or a Razr.

    • abrego47

      mine was doing that but i was on a different rom then switched back

  • kris

    Thunderbolt had same problem with getting gingerbread. Its pretty sad jellybean is out and we are still using gingerbread. We should be complaining we want jellybean…not ics

  • iseenolight

    Please if you consider to be deceived by Verizon Wireless actions, fill the complaint with BBB or FCC.
    The complains do work, judging from FCC decision regarding tethering.
    We are not spoiled brats asking for world to be the way we want, we simply have beren deceived by promises and statements by Verizon Wireless. Are we naive to believe they would actually deliver on promise? You bet. But still makes us victim.

  • stevesharkman

    i just filed a complaint with the fcc. hammer verizon on this one. here is the link.

  • Matt

    I also just filed a complaint with the FCC. This should be posted on the various Droid forums. I will never buy another HTC phone again. The Thunderbolt was a rushed phone with obvious issues that they just abandoned. The Rezound is going down the same path. Google really needs to interject with these updates or they will start losing more and more customers to Apple.

  • d8labs

    This is all a plan to get people of unlimited data and on tiered data plans, and to make money.. We might not even see ICS till the mid/end of Sept when schools is beginning. VZW is timing everything at the best times of the year so they could pull in some money. VZW probably are going to make some free deal with ICS promotion with the Rezound in September. Its all a money making scheme!

  • kris

    Also HTC isn’t doing so good, they just sold back 25 percent of their bbeats by Dre audio stock and closed up offices over seas. I loved my thunderbolt, I love my resound and I think one x is top of the line, but I may be moving away from HTC with my next phone.

  • kris

    This is absurd, I filed FCC complaint even though it was likely a waste of time. First Verizon has the new phone surcharge, then the horrible shared data, now we cant get an update in a remotely reasonable time. Galaxy note has ics and it came out 3 or 4 months after the rezound. Only thing keeping me on Verizon is that i still have unlimited data and the 4g network truly is awesome. But I dont think I can ever do shared data, Verizon needs a reality check, anyone without 4g or living in a city with at&t Ltd should leave Verizon. At&t has the one x anyway.

  • ljg500

    While this ranks on the absolute bottom of my priorities, it is getting ridiculous, even by Verizon “standards.”

  • When i talked to a Verizon support tech, he told me: “Last time I pressed
    on one of our analysts he stated that we are waiting to release the
    update until we get the rights for the global radio settings. We just want to make sure that
    when we do release this update that will change the entire operating
    system and add many different features including global features does not
    turn your phone into a glorified paper weight.

    Nathan: Once
    an Android update goes through there is no going back to the old
    software. we want to ensure that we allow our customers to have the best
    quality update.” I too files a complaint with the FCC. Hope it lights a fire under Verizon’s Ass.

    • stevesharkman

      that’s a pathetic excuse…
      “early 2012” was the original time frame.
      i filed my complaint too.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Perhaps they just decided to make it Jelly Bean instead (high hopes I know)

    • Can you pass the bong when you’re finished with it?

  • Tom Davis

    There are no plans to upgrade Rezound to ICS, only plans to make many announcements of upgrade to ICS.

    • Tony Perez

      The HTC Rezound was already upgraded to ICS. It’s just one had to root, install a custom ROM, test it, update it as the bugs were worked out, and hope that you could recover it to the stock GIngerbread ROM if you had any hardware issues. All of this was possible a few months ago for those brave enough to take the chance. I’m pretty brave and I did root my OG Droid the week after it’s warranty expired but it was a lot easier to root the Droid over doing it to the Rezound. Although I’m sure I can get better performance out of the Rezound once it’s on ICS, I have to admit the current stock ROM is good enough for everything I need to do at this time.

      However, either the ROM is issued in August or I will have to consider my alternatives. Market pressures will bear out. We must be patient. In the meantime, tech companies should get some older folks (over 40) working with them so they can infuse some traditional values into their operations. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS OR THEY WILL BECOME SOMEONE ELSE’S CUSTOMERS. The smartphone industry will saturate and companies will have no option other than to focus on customer retention. The companies that go back to taking care of its customers NOW will be way ahead of the game. Business 101: If you give a customer a dissatisfying experience and don’t make it better, you just gave your competition a gift! A new customer! My dad taught me that and he was born in 1922 and wasn’t able to go to college because his dad died in the depression. However, he was able to embrace ideals that are still valid today. Integrity, honesty, and loyalty. It works both ways between companies and their customers.

      • Tyler Chappell

        Rooting wasn’t necessary, all anyone had to do was download the ~600MB leak from june, copy it to their SD card and boot into the bootloader and whammo! ICS.

  • Howl

    Yes all disgruntled HTC Rezound owners should file a complaint – this is the only way to get VZW to push out the update and stop them lying in the future about new phones. The FCC complaint form is fast and easy: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints/ and use this page on VZW to show the deceptive marketing used: http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2011/11/pr2011-11-03e.html.

  • cloutist4

    It’s can almost guarantee that I’ll be switching to AT&T when my contract with VZW is up. I’ve had good experiences with their customer service in the past, but nothing that other big carriers couldn’t match and certainly not enough to make up for their lies…

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Verizon is a $h!t storm waiting to explode. Just switched to ATT a few weeks back, Tired of berizons horse-$h!t. ATT’s network is good here and Att’s LTE speeds blow Berizons schiznit right out of the water. Verizon is quickly becoming the phone nazi.

    • Champion1229

      At&T is no different, their prices are actually on average more than verizon!

  • chapman1969

    I have bought the htc rezound do to the fact reps at the Verizon store said it was going too get the ics update soon and here it is the end of July and still no update.they have not told the truth from day one thanks Verizon and the employees that work there and htc for lying too us htc rezound owners

  • dpeeze

    No ICS for Rezound owners like me. End of July, eh? This ineptitude is a danger to HTC and Verizon. Do they not understand our eagerness to get our promised update? Not smart guys.

  • blah blah blah

    Here’s an idea all these plat forms should stop posting anything on the rezound until they get official news from a customer that has an oat up date or official report from Verizon who suck sucks Sucks VERIZON YOU SUCK just so you know……All this reporting is speculation. Getting rezound owners hopes up.

  • Very frustrating that it was promised upon purchasing this phone and they still refuse to release this update. Really tired of waiting at this point.

  • To those of you who are hating on Verizon, remember, you pay more because they have the best mobile connections in most parts of the country with 4G LTE. I am sure they could hire more programmers to push updates faster, but that’s not going to bring much more revenue. I am a Bionic user who would love ICS but I am still satisfied with Verizon because LTE freakin ROCKS!

    • George264

      I think I’m going to AT&T Next, they seem Okay in NY, and at least they push updates, and if they don’t I could always use an unlocked phone on them. That or T-Mobile.

    • nuny biness

      Ok… did u buy a phone for 300 just to have the phone marked down to 50 dollars 18 weeks later take ur bionic and put in your self righteous area where the sun dont shine p.s. did they tell u that your phone would be upgraded in approx. 3 months

  • Caleb Martin


  • I just got my Rezound two days ago and it’s a sweet phone. Sucks that it isn’t officially out, but you guys realize you can download the leak that goes with the changelog right? You don’t even have to root the phone or anything.

  • WTF!?

    I just asked a buddy of mine that is a Verizon rep and he said they told him that the rezound wasn’t going to get ics…

    • Nah, they already have working builds that have all of the VZW bloat in them. They’ll put something out eventually.

    • Sith77

      I have heard this also from a few friends whom have relatives within Verizon . I’m hoping it’s just speculation

  • Q

    Rezound lol

  • steve30x

    This is the email HTC gave me 6 days ago.. doesnt sound like its anytime soon 🙁
    Dear Steve,
    When it comes to the release of updates for our phones Steve, we don’t get much information ourselves when it comes to release time lines. Our developers at HTC do extensive testing of the update and how it works with all of our phones before pushing it out to our customers. As a result, it can sometimes take a long time for them to get pushed out to the end customers as at any point during the testing process there may be bugs or errors that arise. Since there is no way to know before hand how long it will take to fix these bugs it’s impossible for us to announce a release date until it’s pretty much read to go.
    Let me know if I have successfully answered your question, please click here to complete this.

  • EvlNvrDys

    We’ve all heard the story, but oddly enough I was at a verizon store sunday asking about that. The guy behind the counter told me August 1st available for download. But like so many other times we’ve heard, we’ll believe it when we see it.

  • sith77

    made my complaint to the BBB everyone needs to start the complaints to get on verizons ass

    • Champion1229

      Don’t forget the FCC, they take complaints to!

  • cmerolling

    I have also filed a complaint with the FCC regarding VZW’s continual promises for awesome phones with timely upgrades, and how they always seem to disappoint us. Here is the website, guys. The form literally takes 5 minutes to fill out. Let’s bombard them with complaints.

    • Thanks for the link. I just filed my complaint.

    • d8labs

      The “ICS” lie begins 22:07 in the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkf6Hdd–4E

      • Frustrated rezound owner

        I just watched this video, wow!! How can they make such a statement at launch and not follow through, bogus. I am jumping ship to the iphone 5. As much as I will miss my Android, at least I won’t have to be wondering if I will get the latest update. Like everyone else, I am waiting and quite upset with HTC/Verizon right about now.

    • Sam

      Just file a complain with the FCC…

  • This update isnt coming today. I’m putting my ReZound on sale on eBay and getting a Galaxy Nexus. This is absurd.

    • R u Serious?

      galaxy nexus is crap hardware with piss poor reception and a bad track record of build quality. why don’t you at least get a quality samsung like the S3?

      • capecodcarl

        Because the S3 costs over twice as much as a Galaxy Nexus.

  • caralena

    I don’t think anyone is holding their breath on this garbage anymore. It’s not an HTC issue, it’s a Verizon issue and they’re about to loose many customers over this come contract time, myself included. I’m all in for filing a complaint with the FCC, and a class action suit. I don’t like being d**ked around like this. I’m about over the expectation of even getting an ICS OTA on the Rezound, period. Verizon cares more about new sales and new customers than loyal 10 year ones. Screw them!

  • Not a snowballs chance in hell the update starts today.

  • skater57

    #FuckVerizon use it

  • I have no faith in Verizon. I believe HTC is doing their best and if the carrier is holding it up, there is nothing anyone can do but complain. I’ve done my share by filing a complaint with BBB. Let’s flood their inbox.




  • Bailers77

    So I downloaded the most recent leak, but have been holding off on the idea that the OTA will be soon. If this isn’t going to happen, any downside to flashing it now?

    • I’ve been running ICS since March in various Sense and De-Sensed varieties. Don’t bother waiting for the OTA.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        You’re talking about a root option — Bailers77 is talking about the OTA that leaked about 2 months. It can be flashed to any NOT rooted, NOT unlocked phone. Sounds like he/she wants to install that and no root the phone.

  • ddevito

    Not only did we forget about the Rezound, so did Verizon

  • Ryan long

    Anybody on the HTC Thunderbolt, getting a update notification for Android 4.1 Jelly bean? I just received one, i can post pics. I have no idea what is going on, it has various symbols in what I believe is Mandarin and the only English on it says ” Android 4.1 Jelly Bean” and ” Update found, would you like to download?”

    • Please post pics of this

    • Pictures pl0x.

      • You guys are just feeding a Troll. I just got a notification that I have a Key Lime pie update waiting for my Thunderbolt! I mean really come on…

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      You should go ahead and download that.

  • sith77

    well here verizon started their lies


    press release stating

    Additional featuresMobile Hotspot capability: share 4G connection with up to ten Wi-Fi-enabled devicesOperating System: Android 2.3™ (Gingerbread) with latest HTC Sense – an upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be available in early 2012

  • Champion1229

    I saw this post and got all excited for the update but then I read the title and got disappointed…I even posted on HTC’s Twitter and it just got deleted! They have officially lost me as a customer!

  • sith77

    yeup got the same response from a Verizon rep at the store AND via email . stating that theres NO guarantee for ANY phone to get an update , just speculation on the end users part. i almost flipped when they said that too me . unfortunately i think we as rezound owners have received the large F U middle finger from verizon .

    • Champion1229

      We have and we feel every bit of it! F Verizon, F HTC, F google for not putting their foot down and forcing updates! End speculation my a$$, the sales person in the store was PROMISING customers that they would get it in the beginning of 2012 and we’re almost in August and not a single update….someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against HTC and Verizon for false advertising.

    • Jeff C

      yeah i hot the same response. but if the manufacture says there is an update then the carrier obviously has to update it and if HTC says end of july then VZW should have at least a timeframe of the updat they could announce to us. Verizon is just being stuck up SOB’s

  • Readydave

    This bs that they pulled with the Rezound is how Android lost a customer and Apple gained one. I purchased the Rezound specifically beacuse I was told that ICS would be out in early 2012. I also had an HP Touchpad that I put gingerbread on and then ICS, but after repeated delays of ics on my phone, I sold the touchpad in frustration and purchased a new iPad to replace it. Haven’t looked back since. I know it isn’t Google’s fault, but they should have a little more pull with their vendors. I feel betrayed by Verizon, HTC, and Google.

    • znewman

      The Touchpad was never an Android device and Google, HTC and Verizon have nothing to do with it.

      • trumpet444

        Haha, yeah exactly…… “My phone is frustrating me, I’m gonna sell my tablet!”

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I was wondering when you guys would get around to remembering this was due this month.

    I force checked my wife’s this morning about 9am EDT and it claims it is up to date.

    No I don’t believe it will be available today.

    I just wish they’d get around to it. I couldn’t convince her to spend 299 on the GNex in April when this was so much cheaper. But i wish every day i use my GNex she had one too.

    • Champion1229

      I think Verizon is delaying this update so they can sell more S3’s, Gnexus, and Razr Maxx’s for twice the price of the Rezound.

      • guardian

        The nexus is free on contract as of right now.

        • Champion1229

          but the S3 is $199 on contract!

  • E M

    I ordered my Nexus from Google today so I will get rid of the Rezound and Verizon in the next week, will be switching to Straighttalk at least the nexus will get the updates on time, the Rezound is still a better phone. If I knew anything about flashing the phone I would flash the Rezound to Venosaur or whatever it is called and use it on Straighttalk on the AT&T towers. If anyone wants to hand hold the old guy thru flashing the Rezound let me know.

  • safsdfas

    Phone isn’t worth a pot to piss in.

  • “Here’s our new phone, in collaboration with Verizon Wireless….meet the HTC ReZound: The first phone with an HD 720p screen, and is ICS Upgradeable” – HTC, October 2011

    • Champion1229

      Over 6 months later……Sorry, we were too busy promoting out Shared Data plans and making money, you should get it by the beginning of NEXT year.

      • R u Serious?

        You do know that VZW does not make the phones or software, and only does a final approval of them right? Why don’t you blame the actual makers of your device. And for forum warriors that are impatient… You are stupid. If you want the official release of it Download it from any one of the many sites hosting it, and have hosted it, for nearly two months already. This VERY article already stated for the way too manyith time that it is the exact same as the earlier leak release.

        • Champion1229

          Considering leaked builds have been available since the beginning of the year and those builds are almost complete (some bugs but its workable). It seems HTC has finished their job and Verizon just wants to promote their new s3 that costs 2x-3x as much as the Rezound does. On the fact of me not downloading the leaked builds, I feel that if I pay $200-$300 for my device, it should be updated in a timely fashion and without requiring me to find a leaked build, risk all the data on my phone, and risk bricking my phone! So don’t call someone stupid before you know all the facts.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Damn straight! My sentiment exactly. It’s like I’ve said so many times, a huge majority of rooted users, feel this uncontrable, unjustified, pedantic, insecure, b!tchy, condescending urge to berate and try to belittle anyone who…..dear God! hasn’t rooted their phucking phone. I mean are you some kind of damn moron?! How could you not root your phone?! Idiot! My phone was rooted before I ever heard about rooting aphone, you are so stupid, root your phone, I have the word root tattooed on my dong, it gets me off better thinking about how magical i am for rooting, and how utterly stupid those others for not curing cancer by rooting their phone’s, non-root morons, there is only root in life, hallowed be thy root, amenroot. Yeah, even though its unthinkable in your scared elitist mindset, not everyone wants, needs, or has to root their phone, and their concerns and objections are just as valid as yours if not more so. So go and suck my root please you rootard panderer. But what Champion said was also spit on and very valid as well.

          • Champion1229

            If I end up sending my phone back to Asurion and getting a new replacement (my Rezound has the WORST data signal of any phone I have ever seen!) , I will probably root it because 1) I will have to deal with backing up my data, contacts, etc anyway (just like getting a new phone) and 2) I’ve been saying I’m going to root my phone since I got my first Android 2 years ago but every time I go to do it someone announces that an update is immanent and I don’t want to miss out.

    • easye1220

      Thats because it IS ics upgradable…

  • JeffE

    I used to be a big fan of HTC. I had the G1 when it first came out and i really liked it. Once that broke down on me after several year, the Thunderbolt was getting ready to come out. As everyone knows, that was a huge mess/pain. I dealt with a cheap replacement phone until that Thunderbolt was out and finally got over it and liked the phone. Updates with it were nothing but a pain and i made the mistake of buying the rezound after i lost my thunderbolt. I don’t see myself buying an HTC product again. they seem to be the worst with updates and providing accurate information to customers. I guess i can only blame myself for continuing to give them a ‘second chance’

    • fixxmyhead

      its not HTC its VERIZONS FAULT. idk why u people keep giving them money every month. verizon is the WORST carrier when it comes to updates just look at the nexus a big joke

      • JeffE

        I probably keep giving them money because i have to have Verizon for work. thanks though

        • Why doesn’t your work pay for it?

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            With some companies, if they pay for the phone, they have access to all parts (text, voice, email) — he might not want that. Better to have your own phone and use if for work purposes… he might get lucky, though, and be able to get a discount (8 -10%) if his company is signed up with VZW (this is extended to individuals of the company but it does not allow the company to access personal phones)

    • jsin

      worst than Moto?

    • George264

      Nah man. HTC already got ICS to the Sensation in March. They(99% chance) have the final version of ICS for Rezound ready probably for a couple of months. They gave it to Verizon, and Verizon installed ALLLLLL of their bloatware, then gave it to the 2 people at Verizon to test it, which takes a couple of months, then Verizon decides if they should push it or not which takes aNOTHER couple of weeks, and then it might come out. Which is why I’m either going to ATT, Tmo, or unless Verizon gets off their ass and say, okay we’ll hire 1000 people to do testing, and will get it out ASAP.
      There’s always the iPhone I might be considering though……

  • paul_cus

    Nah, it’ll miss the deadline.

  • ddevito

    Remember when this phone launched and everyone said it was WAAAY better than the GNex?

    How’d that work out for ya? :p

    • Mister Me

      pretty well ……still a powerful phone o.O

    • skater57

      still is, the radios are 100x better and we got aosp better screen better camera etc

      • ddevito

        have fun with capacitive buttons that are useless in 4.0+

        • George264

          Not exactly, at times, I REALLY wish I gotten the Galaxy Nexus, because I stare in jealously at my parents’ Nexus. But then, when they complain to me, how they keep losing signal, drop calls, and their 4G fail(Youtube starts derping and has to buffer), I realize, I still have a better phone, even if their Nexus(i?) get Jelly Bean, when I get ICS. But when I do, the Back button still does its thing, Home button still does its thing, and the menu button is good(sometimes), and the search, well that’s the only thing, that might be useless. It was always useless though.

          • Havoc70

            Got a nexus and havent dropped one called or lost 4G so not sure what their issues are.

          • Bcorrell

            Neither have I.

          • Brian

            Wait that’s a lie. I lost service in an airplane once.

          • George264

            It’s not just us who’s getting the problems. It’s not even only happening on one batch of the phones. It’s really widespread. Google it. You’ll find it.

    • fixxmyhead

      lol yup i remember

  • is it bad that i completely forgot about the Rezound 🙁

  • We will not see ICS today for the Rezound.

    I asked VZW Support on Twitter and this was their reply, ”[email protected] @acpleus …. There’s no guarantee that updates will be provided to any phone ^DGM'”
    I have already filed a complaint with the FCC for misleading advertising, as the ICS update was promised in early 2012, and it is now seven months in to the year.

    • dlow


    • PissedOFFRezounder

      Any way we can get a petition or something we can all sign up to for the FCC complaint?

    • AlexKCMO

      We have AOSP now in beta form. Should be full working in 2 weeks. Might be faster if we get source sooner.

      • mmoreimi

        Do you have a link sir? I haven’t seen any AOSP updates since Jan or Feb.

      • nicotinic

        An old CM9 project that hasn’t been updated in some time and a recently released(7/30) AOKP Beta/Alpha… Just to clarify.

      • Tony Perez

        ICS or JB?

        • AlexKCMO

          TL-DR: ICS

          JB is in the works, but most of it will depend on ICS source (maybe). Since CM10 isn’t out yet, they’re using ICS to build the framework. Once ICS is fully functional, they don’t think it will be too long until they are able to port JB over.

          My best guess is that by the middle of September, we should have a JB beta at worst case… As I said, it depends on when we get source. If we get source today, they could pull out the code they need and port it quickly, and get JB/CM10/AOKP JB up and running. If we get source in 2 weeks, they might have written the code themselves by then or not.

    • Champion1229

      I think a class action lawsuit could also be filed!

    • Champion1229

      At least you got through on twitter, all HTC wants to tweet about is their new, amazing, one x and evo series. Like really, the Rezound was your flagship device on Verizon and it’s still running GB!

      • Steve

        Tbolt another flag ship device forgotten by htc and big red…so you buy a nexus from vz expecting google updates lol no dice.

        • Champion1229

          I loved my Tbolt but the Rezound is everything the Tbolt should have been. Dual core processor, 1gb ram, 720p screen, and beats audio!

        • A little off topic but I just read that the Thunderbolt has been taken off the ICS upgrade list.

          • Tyler Chappell

            Ugh, has it? Because I know they took the Desire HD off due to the way it is paritioned, but the Thunderbolt is different in that regard. This is some bs. Oh well, I am glad I can use my Nexus 7 to leech as much Verizon LTE as I want and they can’t do a damn thing about it.

          • Champion1229

            That sucks, considering I would still be on a Thunderbolt if it wasn’t for Asurion. After I got a replacement for my broken thunderbolt (i dropped it from like 6 feet onto concrete and it shattered) I was being kinda nit pickey and as soon as even a small problem occurred I called Asurion to get another replacement. After 2 new ones they send a different device thats NEW in box!

      • R u Serious?

        So just install the update from the leak available all over the net. No need to root. I have had the official ICS on my rezound for nearly two months.

        • Champion1229

          I was going to do that but I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone about when the official ICS update hits if I would be able to update to it or not. Some people said yes, some people said no and some said theres no way to tell until the offical update hits and the software version/number is available to see if it’s higher or lower.

          • R u Serious?

            This has always been what happens with HTC, it is status quo, it is the exact same one, the only difference is, installing from an RUU means backup your files, it will wipe device, OTA does not wipe, only difference. Fact… You should wipe anyways after any major system update, it works better.

          • Champion1229

            Even tho it is reccomended, Its too much work for me, with all the data stored on my phone (Contacts, Picturs *they’re auto backed up to DropBox*, business contacts, heck even my progress in Dead trigger lol. ) I’m seriously thinking of jumping ship and moving torwards an S3. Considering Asurion has been good to me so far all I would do is call them and they would send me one or a GNex, depends.

          • steve30x

            How could asurion give you gnex by telling what? Lol let me know 😛

          • Asurion is nice and helpful if you have patience. When I had the Thunderbolt, I got a replacement one for a thunderbolt that I shattered and the replacement had a horrible touch screen, it did things without me touching it, weird things lol but I called Asurion back under their 1year warranty and they immediately send another refurb. This one had the same problems so I called again and they sent another
            (against my wishes) which this one had the same problem. This time I called and they wanted to send another refurb but I asked to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor was nice (i was still keeping cool) and she said the refurb thunderbolts had been having problems and she asked what phone I would like. I got the rezound and If I call about my phone not wanting to connect to data, It seems it is a widely known problem so I see no reason why they wouldn’t send a different phone. And considering that there have been no new HTC phones since the Rezound they will probably say a Gnex, Razr or S3.

    • I filed a BBB complaint and they basically said that they have no.

      “Verizon Wireless has reviewed this request for information regarding the potential release of software for Mr. XXXXX’s device. At this time, there is no current release date for this software. In regards to the request of release from the wireless agreement, Verizon Wireless will decline to honor as there is no such written agreement at the point of purchase stating the above.”

      • sith77

        i just filed with BBB with printed copies of my material i received with the phone showing update early 2012 as one of the features of the phone and explained that i have been manipulated into false advertising.

      • jmwinters

        Offical News release even mentions that early 2012 will have it, no word of “might”. http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2011/11/pr2011-11-03e.html

      • Champion1229

        Just finished submitting a complaint to the FCC for false advertising hopefully if they can stop tethering problems with Verizon they can fix update problems.

    • Sam

      We need to all file a complaint with the fcc and also with a better business bureau …
      Better yet I think we should file a class action lawsuit. ..

    • capecodcarl

      What’s stopping you from upgrading to ICS on your Rezound? There are a bunch of ROMs available, including the leaked official ICS build that doesn’t even require root. Just flash and go. Really thought, if you haven’t S-OFF’d your Rezound by now you really should. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities given that it is obvious Verizon is end-of-lifing support for the phone. We’ll be lucky if we see an official ICS pushed out, much less Jelly Bean!

  • lfkiter

    No it won’t

  • I’d hold my breath again, but it’s almost not worth the effort…

  • evilstewie23

    No body really cares anymore. we just want the ota so that the kernel source will drop soon after which helps us build custom kernels and squach bugs in aosp now that we have til working. I mean we’ve had a fully working leak with no bugs since May 7th which is the same build # as the one HTC posted in their changelog.

    • skater57

      Whats’s up stewie its dock lol yeah this we need kernel source for camera etc on aosp

      • jelly beans

        I could care less about ICS.. I just want my dock 🙂

  • moelsen8

    can we just pin this to the top of the front page until it happens?

  • Verizon

    LOL, No

    • Oh I see what you did there.

    • fixxmyhead

      i swear when u sign a contract with verizon there should be a section stating that u will never get timely updates, never participate in other things carriers do, and ALWAYS get fucked by verizon

      • Steve

        no updates just $30 dollar fee’s…

        • R u serious?

          better than 37 from ATT and Sprint, Tmobile and Verizon have the cheapest upgrade and change fees. And Verizon was the last of the companies to do it. They are also the only ones delivering exactly what they promise network wise, and moreso… So if you don’t like it so much go to Tmobile or the others and see how bad it really can be.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Yes of course, because in life and in this case, your only two options are either A) go to another carrier, or B) just take the bullsh!t that Verizon keeps shoving down our throats. I mean it’s unreasonable to expect good service and not to get nickel and dimed at every turn by greedy bastards. What was I thinking, I should never demand more from the people whose salary I pay, no, I’ll just run away or shut up and keep getting slapped in the face. You must be real reliable in any kind of fight or conflict. Perhaps you’re not native to America, I can guess where you might reside if that was the case, wee wee I surely can.

          • easye1220

            Lol “people whose salary I pay”… I always find it funny when ppl think they are entitled to whatever they want from a business just because they are a customer. You signed a contract and until you don’t get what you’re contractually entitled to you have nothing to bitch about. Plus the rezound is still awesome, I’m still waiting for the update but it’s not like I need it.

          • michael arazan

            spoken like a true verizon stooge, I mean exec

      • Ruffster

        AMEN! My ass hurts week after week!

      • michael arazan

        Verizon has been participating in other things carriers do, like no unlimited data, tierd data that is over priced, $30 charge for a subsidized phone, just like att

  • Ahahahahahaha! :breathes: Ahaahahahahaha! That was a good one.

  • lol is it bad that i completely forgot about the Rezound 🙁