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Will the HTC Rezound See Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update Today?

Folks, today is the last day of July. As you may recall, we were told by HTC that the Rezound should see its Ice Cream Sandwich update in either June or July, so we are quickly running out of time. What we aren’t sure about, is if it’ll happen today or this week or any time in the near future. The odd thing here, is that Verizon has apparently approved the update, something we first reported last week, but has yet to release it to the public. It could be that some last minute test came up or that they were waiting to get the DROID Charge update out first. Your guess is as good as mine.

You may also remember though, that HTC has posted the official changelog for the update twice now, only to pull it moments later. The first was on June 20 – the second posting was on July 18. If that’s not a sign that this thing should be ready, then I don’t know what is. In fact, the build that HTC references in their official changelog, is the exact as a leak that dropped in early June.

Any bets on whether or not we see the initial push begin today, so that HTC can meet their deadline?

  • Jordan

    Just spoke with Verizon wireless, they told me that the update has, in fact been released, and we all can expect it very soon. Now let’s see if this is another lie, courtesy of Verizon. Or possibly the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Fingers crossed…

  • Never Again

    So who did see this coming? Im never buying htc ever ever again!


  • I just sent and email to my local news TV station. I know its a long shot, but i’m hoping they will investigate it and run a story on Verizon deceiving and lying to customers. with any luck, the TV station will at least get the word out that after signing a two year contract you are probably going to be stuck with phone Verizon won’t upgrade even though they tell you it will be, to get you to buy it.

  • Tam


    Just an FYI guys,

    I just checked my rezound for ICS and was pleasantly surprised to see a 7MB update which is more like a patch that prepares the phone for the ICS update.

    After the first patch was downloaded and installed, i checked the phone for update again and VOILA! It says android 4.0 update and it’s around 300MB.

    Seems pretty substantial to me,

    Anyhow Just wanted to give everyone a heads up while I am waiting for the massive update to be downloaded.

    Good luck Udating

  • John

    Just got off the phone with Verizon. I was told that the update was sent out on the 20th for testing and should be available today. He said to keep checking for the update at least twice a day. Also, this update is supposed to unlock the phone to global (GSM) use. If it is not available today, should be in the next couple days.

  • chapman1969

    I just contacted htc regarding ics for us rezound owners they told me that htc would post details on the update about a week before it come out. Then I said that post was on there web sit on 6/20/2012 they where not aware of it figure that out this is total b.s we all have been lied too and as rezound owner I am pissed. Thanks htc and verizon

  • Champion1229

    Am I the only oe having severe data connectivity issues with my Rezound. I know most 4G phones have trouble because of Verizon’s authentication for 4G devices but my phone seems worse than any other (My Thunderbolt had nothing this bad). I’m even considering calling Asurion (My phone is a new replacement from them) and demanding them send me an S3 or a Razr.

    • abrego47

      mine was doing that but i was on a different rom then switched back

  • kris

    Thunderbolt had same problem with getting gingerbread. Its pretty sad jellybean is out and we are still using gingerbread. We should be complaining we want jellybean…not ics

  • iseenolight

    Please if you consider to be deceived by Verizon Wireless actions, fill the complaint with BBB or FCC.
    The complains do work, judging from FCC decision regarding tethering.
    We are not spoiled brats asking for world to be the way we want, we simply have beren deceived by promises and statements by Verizon Wireless. Are we naive to believe they would actually deliver on promise? You bet. But still makes us victim.

  • stevesharkman

    i just filed a complaint with the fcc. hammer verizon on this one. here is the link.

  • Matt

    I also just filed a complaint with the FCC. This should be posted on the various Droid forums. I will never buy another HTC phone again. The Thunderbolt was a rushed phone with obvious issues that they just abandoned. The Rezound is going down the same path. Google really needs to interject with these updates or they will start losing more and more customers to Apple.

  • d8labs

    This is all a plan to get people of unlimited data and on tiered data plans, and to make money.. We might not even see ICS till the mid/end of Sept when schools is beginning. VZW is timing everything at the best times of the year so they could pull in some money. VZW probably are going to make some free deal with ICS promotion with the Rezound in September. Its all a money making scheme!