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Spotify Launches Free Personalized Radio for Android, As Long as You’re in the States

Spotify was apparently not content with only being one of the largest music streaming services in the States and have now set their sights on the personalized online radio sector. Long dominated by applications like Pandora, the latest update to Spotify brings a free radio section to the application, but it only works if you are in the United States at the moment.

Now, this does not mean that you can access Spotify premium, that still costs $9.99 a month to stream your music from your computer to your phone. However, Spotify’s plan may be to lure you in with the free radio and hope you will upgrade later on.

Do any of you pay for Spotify or use other music alternatives?

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  • My wife and I have been using Spotify for the last few months, and I must say, so far we have been impressed. There are some notable bands missing (I’m looking at you, Eagles), but for the most part I’m satisfied. Tried rdio and slacker premium for a bit, might see if their catalogs are any better in the next couple of months.

  • BeavertonSteve

    I’ve paid for Spotify for about 6 months. I tried both pandora and Slacker before that. For the music I listen to they both just didn’t cut it. I certainly get my money’s worth from Spotify, but I’m wondering if it’s worth it considering what they are giving away for free going forward. (about to end my Sirius XM subscrition too)

  • devator22

    I paid for Pandora One, $3 a month wasn’t a problem considering how much I use it. The quality is much better, and I get unlimited skips. I’ve never tried any other personalized radio option, just because I have no problems with Pandora and I find that it tends to find a lot of music I like, so the limited skips were never a problem for me before I subscribed. I really like Pandora and would need some pretty compelling evidence to use something else.

  • satsmine2k4

    Wow spotify has “Gingerbread” on the Galaxy NExus….:)

  • jonathonflores

    Been using spotify beta downloaded from online. Where’s the radio feature? Do I have to install the market version?

    • UnknownMember

      I think it’s out of Beta now. The market version is the ‘new’ version.

  • CopierITGuy

    Apparently, I’m a frickin’ idiot who is too stupid to deserve this app because I cannot figure out how to create a frickin’ Spotify account without signing in with Facebook! Their website says, and I quote, “You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify. ” Other verbage on the site says, “Alternatively, you can create a Spotify account here on the Spotify website.”
    However, this takes you back to the same frickin’ page that requires a frickin’ FB login. No thanks! I’ll try one of the other 7,300 radio apps on Google Play!

    • Teabling

      You aren’t an idiot, that’s how it is. No Facebook, no Spotify. Ergo, I don’t (and will not ever) have a Spotify account.

      • CopierITGuy

        @Teabling Good to know I’m not the only one! BTW, nice interjection of “ergo”. Always reminds me of the scene in the white room in The Matrix Revolutions with the old guy who looks freakishly like an old Will Ferrell. That scene always makes my brain hurt!

  • Can’t believe nobody mentioned AudioGalaxy. It is free and I use it to stream my music from my home PC to any web enabled PC or my phone via their free app. I’ll use spotify sometimes, but I just created a play list of all the songs I want to hear on AudioGalaxy and put it on shuffle for my car and work.

    • My drive-time android use is 90% Audiogalaxy / 10% Pandora. It might not be as sexy as some of the newer alternatives, but it just works.

  • lovehate

    i use jango just like pandora only you can skip as many songs as you like

  • Pooh

    i pay, $10 a month for almost any song i’ll ever want? works for me

  • LastFM used to be the best. Then they got greedy. I hope this is as good as lastfm was and they dont get greedy.

  • rb

    how does the audio quality compare to pandora? I know pandora had an option for “high” quality that was marginally decent…maybe 92kbps if that. I want 128 minimum.

    • UnknownMember

      Spotify offers “extreme” quality in their app, 320 kbps. I don’t know if you need premium to use it or not though.

    • Diablo81588

      High quality is 128kbps I believe, at least without a one subscription.

  • Rolton

    Spotify Premium is definitely worth it. The catalog is ridiculous, even though some labels pulled their music out (I’m looking at you Century Media)

  • maratu

    Awesome. I never thought Pandroa worked exactly the way I wanted to, and jumped ship to Slacker and feel the service is better in every way. But the app….. well the app is just awful, to put it lightly. I am definitely give Spotify a chance right now.

  • Love Spotify! Been using it for a year and steadily getting all my friends to use it. Using Shazam Encore I can hear a song I like, play it in Spotify, and add it to a playlist. Best music streaming program out there!

  • I use Spotify for 8 hours a day at least (Im a programmer). Couldnt live without it to be honest. Also use it at home as my music media. So nice to not have to download music and just stream/cache via spotify.

  • paul_cus

    I use Sony Music Unlimited premium. It’s pretty nice.

  • John

    Tune-in Radio Pro has been great for my needs.

  • El Big CHRIS

    FAQing finally! I hate that they bring a feature to a platform but ignore the other one.

    • For now iOS gets features and apps first, that’s the way it is. But iOS is bleeding market share to Android at an incredible rate. Soon Android will get everything first.

  • Michael

    I have Rhapsody premium and like it a lot…but I am testing Spotify to see if there are any major differences in their respective streaming catalogs….the jury is still out….if anyone has info, I would greatly appreciate opinions…..

    • The Rhapsody app is truly one of the worst apps ever made. The Spotify app is beautiful, super fast and smooth, and the songs start playing instantly.

      Spotify is the undisputed king of subscription based “all you can eat” music services.

      • UnknownMember

        I agree. Switched from rhapsody awhile ago. Even though I lost Pink Floyd and some other artists Spotify was just so much easier to use on Desktop and Android that it was a no brainer. Spotify’s offline music syncing also is a breeze. I bought aforementioned Pink Floyd albums and using the local music tool in Spotify on my PC, synched my Pink Floyd playlist (with ripped MP3s) to my Nexus.

      • Diablo81588

        Wrong. Rhapsody beta was crap, but the official version is flawless. The best music subscription service by far. The only reason spotify has more users is because they offer free streaming to pc users.

        • Hmm, if the screenshots in the play store are of any indication, the interface is just as awful as it’s always been.

  • whatmeworry

    does this also require a facebook account like regular spotify? I dont have a facebook (I dont trust facebook), and have not been able to figure out how to get spotify without facebook

    • AngryMan

      Good question, does anybody know if facebook is still required?

      • Charles_Lee_Ray

        i don’t know how, but I do not have facebook, and I DO have spotify. had the free version only and now have the premium trial going….maybe have to set it up first through the website or the pc app?

      • I don’t sign in with my Facebook account, just my Spotify credentials.

        • Same here, I hate Facebook and refuse to use it to sign into anything.

      • Stetson

        You can log in without facebook. They give you 2 options: Log in with Facebook or Log in with Spotify details

        • __bankee

          But you don’t have Spotify Details unless you register an account and when making that account it says ‘You need a Facebook account to register for Spotify. If you have an account, just log in below to register. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one by clicking the ‘create an account’ link below.
          ‘ there for you need FB

    • Mike

      I just installed it and logged in. I used the facebook login option, but it had an option to enter a “Spotify login” as well.

    • michael arazan

      I use tune-in radio pro, i can record songs i hear for free, rewind what you just listened to to hear again, and you can listen to almost any radio station around the world. Not to mention podcast, comedy channels, alarm clocks, sleep timers, fav channels, etc.

  • jmiranda3983

    love my pandora customized radio, will be hard to take me away from that. use it every day as my music source in my car.

    • one bonus I do like about spotify radio is the unlimited skips. something I personally dont like pandora for not having.

  • Michael_NM

    Songza is my new go to streaming music app.

    • Nemesis099

      Never heard of that one I’m going to have to check it out!

    • TheDrizzle

      Why? Is it better than Spotify?

      • Michael_NM

        Not better. It’s just different than the other “personalized” radio stations. I can’t really explain, but I recommend it often since it’s free and can’t hurt to try.

  • Before anyone asks, no you can’t delete a station once it’s been created, and no you don’t even need this ability. As you play stations you’ve created, they are moved to the top
    of the list (or to the left as the app arranges them left to right) and the ones you don’t listen to are moved farther and farther to the right. I have no idea if there is a limit to the number of stations you can have. If there is, I would suspect the ones you don’t listen to would eventually drop off the list entirely.

    This is a really good way to keep your stations organized by popularity while also keeping around stations that you may not listen to very often.

  • NYAvsFan

    I use spotify premium on my GNEX. Fantastic for use in the subway, long car drives, at the gym, etc.

  • Pandora is TERRIBLE, but I’ve come to like Slacker over the past few months. Wonder how the two match up.

    • Agreed, their app is truly awful.

      • UnknownMember

        Conversely the Spotify App has grown leaps and bounds over the passed few months. If any of you haven’t used it since the big ICS style update be sure to try it out.

        Meanwhile Pandora is pretty much the same app it was when I first downloaded it on my OG Droid. And buffering has gotten worse and worse on my Nexus.

        • Diablo81588

          Blame that on your phone. I stream Pandora daily in the car and it buffers instantly.

          • UnknownMember

            Do you have the subscription? It only happens if I skip a song. Im pretty sure if I can stream DISH network video to my phone over 3g while driving my phone can handle Pandora measly stream.

            Oh and what NEVER buffers is ads, even video ads. Miraculously those pop up instantly. Must be my phone…

          • Diablo81588

            The only subscription I have is the free version. I used to have One, but didn’t renew it since they removed the streaming limit on the free accounts.
            I havn’t had issues with the Pandora app in a long time. Maybe when I initially got my X two years ago, but not anymore. I never claimed it was a network issue, only that it must be your phone causing problems due to the fact that I have none whatsoever. It could be a bug related to your phone in particular. That being said, you claiming that you stream video content with no issues doesn’t prove anything. My point was that if I’m having no issues with the app, which I’m assuming is the same build you’re using, then how can it be with the Pandora service? So, once again, blame your phone.

        • ckeegan

          Yes, Spotify is way better after the update, but they are still stupid. Prime example, no landscape support after the update, when it was supported before. Where in the world do they think most people are listening?!?!?

          • UnknownMember

            Sitting? Standing? 🙂

            I agree though, I use (would use) it in landscape on my bed stand. Rather I lay down and tip my head sideways to use it. I wish they had landscape too.

    • Diablo81588

      Nothing compares to Pandora from a music selection standpoint. It might not be the most user friendly, but it works great for me and I rarely have to use the skip button.

  • cliffg

    GrooveShark is still the best out there.

    • TinyShark is pretty cool too..

    • Grooveshark audio quality is terrible.

    • Diablo81588

      Grooveshark sucks. The app is garbage and the streaming quality is worthless on mobile.

    • The lack of organization kills me.

  • Jim Dandy

    Tune In Radio, Mixcloud, and 8Tracks are my bread & butter.

    • Stephen Mcknight

      Love Mixcloud and Soundcloud…that’s where I get my “house music” fix…

  • Will use this to replace Pandora now because the Pandora app blows!

  • I pay for spotify because I work in a small shipping department all day and need music to survive. My boss and I both used it but I paid and she didn’t, I quickly became the DJ at work. Also the soundhound integration is priceless, makes it so much easier to find new great music on the fly!

  • Still don’t get how this fully works.. Have to play with it a bit..

    • I get it now.. Just radio, no on demand.. darn.

      • UnknownMember

        You can get on demand if you pay $10 a month. It’s worth it.

  • jofficus44

    I love using Spotify premium on my GNex – my office at work is too close to the trunk of the building, with a ton of interference from steel, concrete, etc.

    So, I really enjoy the downloaded offline playlists, that let me listen even when my data signal drops off to nothing …

  • Steve Young

    Love Spotify premium… works great on my Galaxy Nexus… and as a point of clarity it doesn’t stream music from your computer. It streams (virtually) any music you want any time you want it – whether you own the album or not. Well worth the $10 a month… legally never buy music again!