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Republic Wireless Moves into Second Testing Phase, Motorola DEFY XT the New Phone of the Wireless Revolution

If you haven’t heard, there is a company out there trying to wage war against “Big Cell” and its name is Republic Wireless. The company’s philosophy is based around mobile phones that run off of WiFi calling more than network signal, this has allowed them to work out a $20 per month plan that they have been running for a few months now. The service is still in beta testing, but Republic is releasing the second phone in it’s line up, the Motorola DEFY XT.

The rugged phone has a 3.7″ screen with a fairly measly 854 x 540 display, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera and Gorilla Glass. The whole phone has been IP67 rated against water and solid particles so you can take it anywhere. For the early adopters that still have the LG Optimus, the phone only costs $149, for people just now signing up the price is $249. But, if you are in love with that Optimus, Republic will let your monthly bill slide for the rest of the year, on them. The DEFY is far from the Galaxy SIIIs and even the RAZRs, but is the low, unlimited monthly contract enough to get you to switch?

Via: Republic Wireless

Cheers James!

  • jj

    i feel a bit of bait and switch. i signed up in nov. the phome was $199.00 with $100.00 discount. which incuded first month… now all they have is $249.00 plus first month .. $281.00 is a long way from $99.00

  • Rob

    Anybody in need of a wave j?

  • Quryous

    I would LOVE to join in. However, my eyes are not NEARLY good enough to use such a tiny screen. I was hoping for something like the Samsung Galaxy Note, or Note 2.

  • cgalyon

    I signed up quite some time back. Hope I can get in on one of the beta waves. :-/ It’s a very appealing offer, if only to stick it to the big cell networks. I think we need this kind of competition.

    • JoshGroff

      Beta Wave D here, would love to join in on all the fun.

  • Switch? No. Try it out? Yes. c’mon Wave E…

    • PC_Tool

      Still a somewhat hefty entrance fee as I understand it. Would love to be able to use an existing device…(re: Nexus)

      They have the software at their fingertips…why are they going the proprietary route??

      • JoshGroff

        Well, for a prepaid android phone, 250 isn’t really that hefty, especially when you look at that 19/month price structure.

        • PC_Tool

          Yeah, but it’s not really a phone is it? With it’s software, I doubt it can run on anything but Republic Wireless….and $250 for a device of such low specs (when you can get a Nexus for $350) is, well…as I said, somewhat hefty.

          I’m not knocking the pricing structure, nor the beta or the service itself….just a little miffed about the choice in devices and the cost considering the device in question.

          I’d be jumping all over this if they open-sourced their connectivity code and allowed devs to build it into any device supported by AOSP….that would open up a *huge* amount of options. But who knows, maybe that is in the works…this is just a beta, after all, right?

          • Dan

            This is still beta, yes, but it does run on Sprints network if you read. which makes the unlocked Nexus not feasible. Beta wave C here, I’m going to test it out for the 30 day trial and if it works decent give it to my GF (Note 2 here I come).. For $20 a month it’s a great deal.

    • Cody Clay

      damn dude im in wave j

  • Jack

    If you want to do this on your Galaxy Nexus (or any other phone) just download Tasker and set a task to disable the cell phone radio (go to Airplane Mode) whenever you’re connected to wifi. Then, use GrooveIP for phone calls over Google Voice on WiFi (and the Google Voice app for text messaging).

    This way you’ll use wifi for everything when you’re connected, and then you’ll switch over to 3G/4G whenever you’re not connecting to wifi.

    • None

      Yeah, and your bill is still 100 bucks a month

      • JB

        You could do it with Tmo $30 100min/unlim data&sms. Not quite as good as $19/month but it could still work. There’s also straight talk @$45/month unlimited but then no need for IP calling since you have unlimited minutes.

    • Sirous

      Can I configure the any of the Galaxy series to work for the Republic wireless

  • Frank F

    Let’s face it there are only a few companies that can take on verizon at&t and sprint and under cut their profits and still be popular mainstream …appl and Google…..if Google ever went into the wireless business …I wouldn’t even think twice about cancelling my contract with att … Hello google wireless 🙂

  • Mack

    If something like the unlocked Galaxy Nexus would work I would be all over this but I believe the phone uses Sprint when away from wifi. I don’t think they give you the choice of using any other device either.

    • cgalyon

      Nope, not yet. The official line is that they must test their software on a phone before they can offer it. It seems kind of like a custom-ROM situation (to achieve seamless WiFi-cellular transitions), but I’m not sure. They say they would love to be able to accept any hardware-compatible phone though. Maybe someday… ?

      • JoshGroff

        It is a custom ROM style thing from what I’ve read. Looks pretty interesting, can’t wait for wave D.