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Google Teaches New Nexus 7 Users How to Use Google Now


Google’s video tutorial series for the Nexus 7 continues on with a quick look at what we think is Jelly Bean’s top feature, Google Now. On the N7’s big beautiful 7″ display, you can ask that Google Now track your favorite sports teams, show the weather in your current location, tell you directions and the time it will take to arrive at your next appointment, and always have the quickest route home just a fingertip’s click away.

  • Joe Frederick

    I have issues with it trying to always set my workplace as my home address for traffic and such. Granted I am at work a lot more than at home but really? I can’t get it to take my home address as “home”.

    • Joshua Byler

      If you have a google account, you can log in and go to your maps. Search for your home address or work address, and then save them as a favorite and call one home and the other work. I had this problem for a while because I switched jobs, and I finally got it to work. Now if only I could get it to add all my favorite sports teams 🙂

  • Brian Sargent

    I am having a problem with Google Now selecting my favorite team. The team that I have searched for many times is not even a choice in fav team settings while at least 2 teams that I know I didn’t search for are options that I cannot get rid of. It would be nice it GNow had an over-ride setting where I could manually input the team that I want instead of not having it at all.

    • MikeSaver

      Yeah I’m having the same problem. I’ve searched for Red Sox scores several times, I don’t even have any options to pick teams the “Edit Teams” is grayed out.

      Really I don’t even care about the Red Sox just wanted to get that up there.

      Plus, I read Patriots and Celtics stuff all the time. Will it automatically pick up on that once those seasons start?

  • xxdesmus

    It refuses to follow that Red Sox for me …how do I select a favourite team?

    • jeesung

      I searched for ” scores” and cards started popping up almost immediately

      • michael arazan

        My local radio station just sends me text messages every day the cardinals play with the highlights for free. KTRS AM

    • LionStone

      I imported the Giants schedule into my calendar…get notices before/after games, as well as directions to the ballpark.

  • SeanBello

    the only thing that sucks is that your data gets wiped if you do a clean flash and Now works better the longer you use it, so it’s almost counter productive to flash often

    • jeesung

      It links to your Google account. I flashed my phone and installed the GoogleNow for ICS and cards based on prior Rom searches were popping up.

      • SeanBello

        good to know!

  • WR

    Mine always just shows the weather and the commute to work (or home, if I’m at work). The commute isn’t even the route I take.

    How can I get it to do more useful stuff like remind me of my Google Calendar events? I have web history enabled (do you have to search in the Google Now search bar for your searches to take effect?)

    • jeesung

      goto settings of Google Now and make sure the “next appointment” card is on

  • Michael LoCastro

    I can’t seem to get Google now to look up my favorite sport team anymore . Any suggestions?

    • Jason

      I’m having the same problem. It worked great for the past week, but stopped today (Tuesday, 31st). What gives?

  • Haskell Gray

    Anyone get Google now to save a NFL team as a favorite?

    • Tyrian

      i think it only works for teams/sports that are currently playing.

      • Haskell Gray

        Then is it unreasonable for me to ask it to remember my favorite team even though there may not be any news for them (and there is news for them, see Dez Bryant assault stories)? If that is unreasonable, then when baseball season is over and no longer currently playing, will it forget my who my favorite was? I love Google Now, but I don’t think they fleshed it out enough. It needs more

  • drpoopface

    the weather is 69 ahaha. sorry i just had to mention that

    • Michael_NM

      That explains your name. 😀

    • Trolololo

      your mom is in 69 position ohhhhhhhhhhh