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Quick Look: Official Nexus 7 Case

When stock of the official Nexus 7 case returned late last week, we made sure to order a few in case the demand was still high enough that Google could sell through them. Well, they arrived today, and we decided to take a quick look at one before we dive into a contest. Yes, we just said “contest.” 

As expected, the case is TPU, so it feels just like rubber or any of the many cases you have likely placed on a phone over the years. It has a soft texture on the back that mimics that of the device, along with cutouts for all of your ports. There is a front flap for protection and nothing to actually latch it into place. If you give it a press, it will stick for a while, but once you turn the device over with case attached, it will open up.

It feels well-made, but for those that are curious, it does not include a magnet for auto-sleep and wake functionality. Is it worth $19.99? Eh, maybe. Again, it feels like a quality product, but we have already highlighted options that will run you under $10 that include the auto-sleep fun.

So enough of that talk, let’s jump into a video. After the video is done, check back to the home page for a contest. Like I said in the beginning, we have a handful to give away.



  • The roocase is perfect. Has a zipper and slots for credit cards and a stand.

  • matt

    Got mine today. I’ll be returning it. Just not worth the money. Plus the screen cover does not fold back nicely. Ugh.

  • yuxing

    welcome to the tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

  • Migamix

    the thin magnet on blackberry cases does the job, just like that same magnet can put the DroidX, and im sure many other moto phones into a dock mode (polarity dependent)
    on a side note, the N7 fit and seals perfectly into a Quart size ZipLoc bag (just in case you are playing in the bathtub with yours… what, am i the only one

  • Meh, well I officially ordered my “official” case, but am disappointed with the fact that it won’t stand on its own, doesn’t have the auto-on capability, etc. Aside from basic “in your bag protection” and the Nexus branding, what are you really getting? Not much.

    Emailed Google Play Support to initiate a return of the case, which is waiting for me at home… meh.

  • r0lct

    I settled on this one. Going to arrive this week. Looks good and has magnet. $15



  • Kellex – I had asked you about your misplaced Nexus 7 unboxing video a couple weeks back.. I’m content now after watching you open this! Ha! 🙂 That was funny.

  • Tyler Chappell

    I ordered mine on June 28th with my 16GB N7 (to avoid the extra $10 shipping for the case by itself). My N7 arrived monday, kinda pissed that my case still isn’t here yet….

  • g’d up

    What a pos, should of came w the n7, doesn’t even stand on its own, for 20$??! No thx!

  • Vyrlokar

    Definitively not a looker. Still, it seems like it will protect the Nexus 7 from being scratched while in a bag or pocket. I’m sure that we will see some Chinese knockoffs quite soon

  • I found a leather like flip case on Amazon for $8. It looks and feels way better than this Asus case.

  • cransr

    got mine today, gotta open it from the bottom though. the top is a pain.

  • 20 bucks for that? Yikes.

  • jeesung

    $30 w/ shipping? No magnet? Doesn’t stand on it’s own? Bah!!

    Still entered the contest, though! 🙂

    • JoshGroff

      ^ this, for $30, it’s a bit hard to justify as there are better cases at that price point, $10-20 I could swing though.

      I’ll probably go to Staples and what not to browse G-Tab 7″ cases.

  • Still waiting on the color cases… apparently still no word on those?

  • Michael_NM

    I got a poetic case with a magnet. I removed the magnet, because everytime I held the case fully open (flush with the back of the Nexus 7), the screen shut off. I think Google has it right not putting a magnet on this, but the rest of it seems pretty lackluster.

    • ericl5112

      The company itself admitted that problem and is working on a solution. Seriously won’t be hard at all. In fact, others I’ve seen buy this case are getting a fixed model free.

    • JoshGroff

      Umm, I thought we were supposed to keep magnets away from electronics, especially screens. Doesn’t that pose a risk to the display?

  • $31 with shipping!!! WTF?!

    I see they have learned the absurd accessories mark-up model of other manufacturers.

  • wow..what a POS.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Go to Office Depot and buy a Galaxy Tab specific case for $15. Doesn’t have the magnetic feature, but you can do that yourself. It’s a pretty awesome case.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Who cares about the magnet? . . . Where the hell is the ability to make it stand on it’s own.. ICan’t hold the damn thing forever while I watch Netflix Google!

    • paul_cus

      I know, that’s what I want too.

    • EvanTheGamer

      This is the one I bought from Office Depot for a mere $15. It’s designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab, but it works perfectly fine with the Nexus 7, as well. Doesn’t have the magnetic feature, but it can stand, which is the most important feature anyways, right?

      • That actually looks like a cool case. I might have to check it out. Do you know if Staples carries it?

        • EvanTheGamer

          EDIT: I looked at staples.com and it doesn’t appear they have it, at least not online. They could still carry it in-store though.

          Here’s the one I bought from Office Depot: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/417028/Targus-Truss-Case-Stand-For-7/

          It shows it as being $29.99, so I may have purchased it from in-store when it was on sale. It could still be on sale though. But honestly, even at $29.99, it’s still highly worth it. It looks wayyyyyyy better than the Nexus 7 specific case. lol

          Ohhh…I’m not too sure about Staples, but they should since it’s just a case for the Galaxy Tab. I’d call first though. 🙂

          And yes, this case is awesome! I mean…it does what it’s meant to do, and it does it with style! haha

      • michael arazan

        That case will definitely protect your nexus 7 as well looking at how thick its design is

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yes, true, but it’s still a kick-ass case damnit!

  • So where is this contest?

    • 4n1m4L


  • itomeshi

    Funny, I ordered mine on 6/28 with my Nexus 7. Mine still hasn’t shipped, and Google support has no idea when it will.

    Then again, I do want an on/off magnet anyway – ideally not on some cheap, ill-fitting pleather case though.

    • Michael_NM

      Google device support must have been trained by VZW…

  • Liderc

    The company that makes the device doesn’t include a magnet? Madness. Overall, looks nice and fits well.

  • faganm24

    Glad I didn’t hold out for this…

  • Jake

    Why oh why would they not include the auto on/off magnet..