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Monday Poll: If Multiple OEMs Produce a Nexus Phone, Whose Would You Buy?

We last asked this back in February, but since then, we have seen reports suggesting that we will have numerous Nexus devices this winter and that there could be as many as 5 partners working closely with Google to produce them. In the past, we had to simply hold out hope that our favorite OEM would produce this year’s Nexus phone, but with multiple OEMs potentially joining the party, you have to start thinking about having options for the first time.

Are you disappointed with the Galaxy Nexus or would you want nothing more than to have Samsung produce another? What about HTC and the boundaries they pushed with the One X – could they make the best Nexus? Is it time for Motorola to shine again and produce something that Moto fans can be proud of? Or is it time for someone else to jump into the fold and “Wow!” us? If you had a choice, who would it be and why?

If Multiple OEMs Produce a Nexus Phone, Whose Would You Buy?

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  • JoshHenry

    Finally!! A poll the majority agrees with me! #GOMOTO!!

  • I’m surprised ASUS wasn’t on that poll.

  • kidheated

    This is a good question. Samsung and LG have not had the best track records, as far as hardware builds (w/ the GS3 Sammy is getting better, but LG has never really gotten there yet w/ hardware/software). That leaves HTC, Moto & Sony. Out of the remaining 3, even though I think Moto would build the best, I would love to see a PlayStation Mobile capable, high-end device made by Sony (that isn’t the size/weight of a gold brick). Oddly enough though, Sony has an exclusive manufacturing deal w/ HTC (atm) for PSM phones… so they would most likely end up building it for Sony. Honestly, I would want them all (minus the Lg, unless it’s stellar). Would be cool if Goog’s somehow worked out a deal where you buy one, get another half off or something. More interesting would be if there was a new tablet made by each of the 5 to go along with the phones.

  • Motorola seems to have the best hardware quality between all the manufacturers. Every Moto I had has been solid (despite older models and the battery cover problem) compared to the cheap feeling Samsungs and older HTC’s. I like Sony designs the best though.

  • No Asus in the poll?

  • Rick James

    but if motorola built it, i doubt the screen will be as good as if samsung did

  • ryanallaire

    HTC FTW!! If they one up the one x, then no one else compares..

  • Jim McClain

    anyone come up with a fix for the mic cut off yet on the nexus ? i’ve had 8 so far and all have had that problem

  • Moto for sure they make the best radios in my opinion

  • Neil

    I’m glad to see that Motorola is winning the poll so far. I don’t think
    I could deal with another cheaply made Samsung Nexus. Give me a
    Motorola built device with their superior radios and build quality any
    day. Quite frankly, all I want are a Tegra 3 processor or equivalent,
    2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 720-1080P display about the same size as the Galaxy
    Nexus, the same battery as the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and make it
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  • joe

    Whichever device comes with a physical keyboard.

  • Marcus Schoen

    To everyone. The Motorola Photon Q is basically a Moto Nexus (if not one running ICS). It has practically stock ICS (plus that cool thing if you swipe up on the phone icon it shows recent calls), an Unlocked Bootloader, LTE, Snapdagon and the Droid 4’s keyboard. But yea, I would like a HTC or Moto Nexus. But sadly I know that Samsung will get the contract.

  • envoy510

    What’s so terrible about the Galaxy Nexus? A lot of hate here for Samsung. I’ve had the LTE version (for 6 months) and recently moved to the GSM on TMO. Both phones worked perfectly and I love them. Yes, the camera could be better, but that’s not at all a deal breaker.

  • Kevin

    HTC for sure. I like their hardware, but I don’t like Sense. I would have said Motorola, but they kind of burned that bridge with all the problems I ahve had with the Bionic.

  • Superguy

    This is a tough call. Historically, I think HTC and Moto have made better quality devices, and they’ve had great reception. Samsung makes very dev friendly devices, but they’ve been known to feel cheap and have less than stellar reception.

    If you could combine HTC/Moto’s quality with Sammy’s dev friendly attitude, we’d have a winner. At this time, though, I’m not convinced that Moto or HTC would ship a Nexus device without a locked bootloader, even if it is supposed to be an open device.

  • Ben Baird

    Asus FTW, I have never had a problem with any of their products.

  • I couldn’t care less who makes it, but I’d love to see a good slider. No matter how good touchscreen keyboards get I still find myself typing faster with good ol’ tactile feedback. It’s the one and only thing I will always miss from my original droid. I actually typed up an entire document at the last minute on that thing…

  • If this happens Apple will $#!+ a brick. They’ll have to get 4 or 5 different phones banned, instead of just one.

  • I am so tired of people talking about Samsung vs Motorola “build quality”. I was a long time Samsung fan before my days of smartphones. I got an OG Droid which was an utter piece of crap. 5 warranty replacements within one year of ownership before VZW gave me a D2G for a replacement on the 6th failure. The D2G proceeded to be replaced twice under warranty. Out of the 10+ Samsung phones my wife and I have owned in the last 5 years, we have NEVER had a warranty replacement. Since then I have moved on to a GNex and couldnt be happier.
    Sure, Motorolas FEEL better built but in my experience are a far substandard product to Samsung. I’ll take Vanilla Android on a Samsung device any day.

  • I voted Motorola, as I think if one of them will make a Nexus slider, it would most likely be them. Plus their hardware rocks, and Nexus = unlocked.

  • Samsung all the way but Motorola would be nice they have superior sound quality, but any sign of that moto trash blur crap ill stay with my Galaxy Nexus!

  • if moto would make a nexus I would be on it like meth heads on a cheeto factory

  • cowdog

    If there is a <=4.25 (ish) inch screen Nexus phone with a great display and hardware (excellent camera required), that's the one I would buy regardless of who makes it. I'm a bigger guy with big hands, but I need a device that is smaller (with great battery life) for activities like running, cycling, and skiing. If I want something bigger, I will use something bigger, like a tablet. I want a mobile device, one that isn't meh with the hardware and features. And I won't buy an android phone that isn't a Nexus.

  • Liquidretro

    Motorola design, build quality, and radios, Samsung Camera, and screen would be a great mix. Throw in some carbon fiber and titanium and you have an uber phone.

  • DanWazz

    I’d have to go with HTC. My Droid Incredible was a great phone, and it still works. The One series has a great designs, and I’d like to see what they can do for a Nexus. I love my GNex and Samsung has made them unique design wise, but I think it’s time to see what other OEMs can bring.

  • PC_Tool

    I’d probably wait to see which had the fewest issues a month after launch (and the most dev support).

    Assuming they launched simultaneously. If they didn’t, I’d probably just grab the one that hit first (assuming the devs would jump on device #1) and go with that.

  • quiklives

    My next phone will be an off-contract, GSM Nexus device…no matter who makes it…but it will probably be, not this coming one, but the following one. I do love my VZW GNex, so I’ll hang on to it through the life of my contract, but after that, I’m going pre-paid & GSM because the only way to change what we don’t like is to vote with our wallets, and I’m really unhappy with the way Verizon has treated the Nexus program.

  • Ken Bosse

    IF..IF..IF a Motorola nexus came out with some pretty beast specs, and a UNLOCKED boot loader on VZW, I would really consider selling my GS3 and using my upgrade for the Nexus

  • Yoric

    I’m not like an Apple fan boy, I like to know about a phone before I buy it. The answer is, the best one.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Samsung or Moto. The Galaxy S3 has changed my mind about Samsung. The Razr Maxx was a great phone also, but it’s close. Samsung isn’t selling 10 million phones a second because they suck. Really like HTC, but every HTC phone I’ve had, the battery life is absolutely garbage.

  • I would love to see HTC be the guys for this. They are introducing a newer S4 Pro chip, which is crazy fast. Now put that with the aesthetics of their devices, layouts, cameras, etc and now you have a monumental phone. I understand the dislike of sense UI, but I am a fan of it. I don’t like 4.0 so much, but I think if it were a bare bones UI from Google and was made with HTC’s small enhancements, this would be a winner.

    In addition, it should be sold thru the play market only without any service provider and we should be able to pick up insurance and whatnot for the small mishaps of dropage, etc.
    If Google is playing the broadband game now and competing against everyone with 1,000mbps up/down, why wouldn’t they be a wireless provider for the US in the future.
    Can someone say 5g?

  • schoat333

    Motorola? Really? I think Samsung has done a great job with each of the last two Nexus devices. Motorola on the other hand has been on a downward spiral since the OG droid.

  • It seems to me that whoever Google tags with the Nexus brand ends up doing really well. HTC, now Samsung…..I could only imagine how sweet a Motorola Nexus would be.

  • brando56894

    It’s a toss up between HTC and Motorola for me, I wanted to vote for Moto but I haven’t had one since the OG Droid so I don’t know how the build quality is now, I’m assuming it’s still superb though. My last two devices have been the Incredible and the Rezound.

  • kenwen

    Is there a multiple choice or ranking option? 🙂

    I’d like to see what Google could do with Motorola, HTC next as my first Android device was an HTC and recent models have had pretty good hardware and finally Samsung. The designs have been decent but I don’t like the flimsy back panels.

  • Motorola’s only issue is UnLockable bootloader and since Nexus comes with easily unlockable (using 1 command) bootloaders, MOTO for me…. Even if Google didn’t own Moto, MotoNexus for me… They had the best battery life, design (variety), build quality, voice clarity, network strength, etc…