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Custom ROM Friday: Liquid Smooth Alpha 6 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Yea, we know – it’s been too long. For today’s custom ROM, we have Team Liquid’s Jelly Bean Liquid Smooth Alpha 6 for the Galaxy Nexus. Liquid’s goal is to create the smoothest and fastest ROM’s out there, while also being able to deliver plenty of visual customization options. Some of the custom features include 5 lockscreen targets, a custom kernel for overclocking, and notification bar toggles for those who need instant access to system settings. 

We have laid out the instructions to flash this ROM down below, but please make sure to create a backup and have a rooted device before attempting. If you still have yet to unlock and root your Galaxy Nexus, now would be a good time. You can find instructions for all of that fun, right here.


  1. Download ROM zip file (Gapps are included) and place on phone’s storage.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Create Nandroid backup immediately.
  4. Wipe data/cache.
  5. Install ROM zip file.
  6. Reboot and enjoy.

If you have any questions or want to suggest another ROM for us to feature, feel free to let us know down below.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Freedom!

  • The best rom I’ve been on big ups to team liquid love ui with the deep colors I’m waiting on a rom from you guys where you can change the color soft keys that’ll be cool on a new alpha rom

  • Anyone have a suggestion as what to do now? I followed the directions above and my phone no longer boots. The Nexus “X” just pulses and glows

  • I just followed the directions above, now my Nexus is taking forever to boot. The glowing “X” is just shining…

  • Why is it that every JB ROM I have tried the camera does not work properly. Someone please help!

  • Broke my tether. Anyone else have that problem?

  • We use it and really happy with Liquid Smooth ROM…. Currently in Beta 1

  • Bugless beast is OK. The only things that I want in a ROM are power notification toggles, advanced power down menu for fast reboot into recovery, and customizable soft keys. That’s it, that’s all I need in a good ROM.

    • Amenemhat1

      Likewise. Everything else is just fluff.

  • spencer

    I tried Bb, euro, liquid and now on get jar Jr 4.1.1 with lean kernel
    Bob is good, euro and other cm my blue tooth wouldn’t work, liquid for some reason
    The Google now wouldn’t work my current everything works haven’t
    Tried WiFi but everything else does. Just saying…

  • how do you start in clockworkmod?

    • Tyler

      You must have root, and flashed clockworkmod recovery as well. Once you have root you could download ROM Manager to flash recovery and stuff.
      Edit: There are tutorials on this site to get root and stuff for Gnex.

  • Darrell Fuller

    Anybody having issues with Google now with this ROM???

    • Google Now doesnt work on mine….

      • Greg Smith

        Just go to the Google Now settings, choose Voice then Language and download the English file.

  • Firelight

    I’ve been running BAMF Paradigm since Wednesday. Great customizations, especiallyonthenotifications & LED settings. Best battery life on a JB ROM so far. 24hrs since I plugged in and just dropped below 10%

  • Jared

    Isn’t the Maguro for GSM phones? I can’t get this installed on my VZW phone.

  • Why does it say Thursday Twice in the notification pulldown?????

  • Bugless Beast + Power Controls = no issues at all


    I have had 2 different JB roms mess up my phone, soft brick. Stuck in bootloops, or stuck at google screen. Couldnt restore a backup or install a new rom. Had to use fastboot to restore my phone to stock.

  • Ken

    Does anyone know of a custom rom for a lucid?

  • dean2359

    Also Google Now is not working…..

    • adb.push.Freedom

      ** In regards to 3 issues that i see in the comments on this post there are easy fixes..
      1. Google Now is not working – Open Google Now go to menu/settings/voice/download offline speech recognition and download your language
      2. Camera lock screen shortcut broken – Go to settings/lockscreen/slider shortcuts and slide to the camera icon. Long press the path that is set and choose the camera app under ‘applications’
      3. Boot animation stuck for long periods of time – Download the Jelly Bean Bootloader from Jakeday and flash in cwm here is the link

      You will be good to go after all that.
      This ROM is great don’t hesitate … just FLASH!

  • dean2359

    Anybody else’s camera lock screen short cut not working?

  • Kerry Davies

    I was using vicious but I think i like Liquid better thanks!

  • NothingsShocking

    I am still that tool who can’t get past the boot animation on any JB Rom. Man I want to join the party.

    • what phone do you have?

      • NothingsShocking

        Verizon Galaxy Nexus

        • I’m assuming your bootloader is unlocked and you’re rooted. Did you wipe data, clear cache and dalvik, install and at the end do a fix permissions? I’ve actually found with JB roms that fixing permissions does wonders.

          • NothingsShocking

            I have used TWRP and CMW, I have wiped all of the above, plus System and while Mounted. I have tried fixing permissions. The only thing I have noticed when going to fix permissions in CMW is that it does it really fast, so I am wondering if it is not actually going through the process, but I have fixed them in TWRP. I think I might have a disc error somewhere and so it won’t boot past a check. I can flash an ICS Rom with no problem.

          • PC_Tool

            If you think it’s a partition/disk error, your best bet might be to ODIN back to stock, which should re-write all of your partitions from scratch:


            (this is the first link Google spewed out, there are probably many others)

            Good luck!

    • adb.push.Freedom

      Download the Jelly Bean Bootloader from Jakeday and flash in cwm here is the link

  • Tim Swann

    Liquid turns out the BEST ROMs….going to flash this now!! Bugless is also great, but there is no customization and the toggles and other customization like you get with Liquid or CM. Plus Liquid has a track record of pumping out very fast ROMs (but we have to wait for them :-p because they take their time and do things right!

  • This is not “Vicious” people. This is an official Liquid release. Straight from the horse’s mouth in the Rootz thread.

  • Should i stay with aokp jb or switch to this?

    • PC_Tool

      It’s a nexus. Try them all….pick your poison.

  • Bonzix

    IMHO Liquid has made the best ROM’s for the GNEX hands down. Very excited about this. Thanks for all the hard work Devs!

  • Thomas Pierson

    here is another link to the best rom out there the LIQUID JELLY BEAN 4.1.1 Alpha 6

  • Thomas Pierson

    to FD – as far as copying,these guys have never copied I see the stuff everyday on git that they are changing and rebuilding and as far as the Liquid roms they are the best,and it is open source – ,Just saying

    • FD

      Umm..exactly my point. Look at their GIT. There are TONS of commits from CM. Just run the two ROMS back to back. They have the same lockscreen shortcuts, same lockscreen weather, same performance options, same LED settings, same status bar and notification settings…. The list goes on and on. I’m not saying that it isn’t a good ROM. What bothers me is that these guys like to pass others work off as their own. If you look through one of their changelogs, they’re always thanking other team members for their ‘work’ on on features when all they did was port it from someone else.

    • FD
    • Liquid has been copying and stealing by not giving credit for a LONG time. It wasn’t until recently that they started giving credit and that’s only if they’re called out on it. Meanwhile they slander next to every other dev out there. These guys are pieces of …. well you know how it goes. Jus sayin.

  • Thomas Pierson

    Liquid Jelly bean is by far the best rom I have run and I have been testing all these,Liquid is great for the battery and they are getting the nice little perks added in on each update,I am really glad to see liquid Jelly Bean,thanks Liquid

    • Brian Sargent

      want to try it but someone said it was buggy….has that been your experience?

  • Brian Sargent

    Back when I had the OG Droid (only other device) I preferred Liquid’s ROM’s over BB (or any other for that matter). Have got BB on my GNex and have no real complaints about it. I have been having some delays to touches but other than that…been good. Am curious about Liquid’s tho. May have to give it a shot.

  • Amenemhat1

    Still waiting on CM10 or AOKP official releases….

    • Tim Swann

      once you get a taste of some liquid goodness, you’ll never want to try anyone else’s work…

      • EvanTheGamer

        THANK YOU for saying that. I wasn’t too sure about this ROM, but everyone seems to really like it. Well…I think I may have just found the ROM I’ve been waiting for. Finally!

        • Tim Swann

          I just flashed this and so far I’m liking it. They brought it some things from their ICS ROM that I liked a lot. I have a feeling I’ve flashed my last ICS ROM as long as this as smooth as their previous work

          • Is Google now working for you? Mine doesn’t stop listening therefore never searches. Help!

          • Tim Swann

            Initially it didn’t. You need to download offline voice recognition and it works fine.

          • The ROM is great. That was its only flaw. Thanks for helping the droid-life community.

  • Jim McClain

    Can you post a pic with your post on here?

  • Jacob Svonavec

    if you see the Date and time in the pull down it’s JB, and the bar at the bottom of the pull down is a dead give away! JB Rules

  • Dave Miller

    Liquid’s goal is to make the fastest and smoothest roms? lulz

  • Marty jones

    I can put this on my sgsiii, right?

  • Manny

    I think Paranoid Android should be reviewed next. I don’t feel that enough people know about it even though it’s a great ROM. It’s pretty much CM10 with a few tweaks but the thing that sets it apart is how you can choose from having a phone/tablet/phablet hybrid UI. Very sexy, indeed. You can also choose the DPI for individual apps and such, if anyone is interested in that.

    • PC_Tool

      Does it have any of the custom tweaks the other ROMs are beginning to incorporate? (Nav-Bar settings, Notification toggles, etc…)

      Always been interested in it, but haven’t quite made the jump to try it out yet.

      • Manny

        I just got it yesterday and I’m blown away. It’s something new to try and you won’t know if you dislike it if you don’t try it. I highly recommend it 🙂 You can customize lockscreens, apply a theme via the theme-chooser, and do a mild amount of other modifications. A rule of thumb is if CM9/10 has the themes, this either has them also or is building towards having them.

    • rodney11ride

      yes this rom is awesome… hybrid modes that are derived from CM10 but nothing like you would think… think tablet mode sucks? then this thing will blow your mind and make you forget about those stupid tablet roms..

    • AcePerkins

      I also use the Paranoid Android ROM and love it. Had BB for a while but like PA better

  • nhizzat

    Why don’t I ever see blogs give Team BAMF any love? Their roms are easily among the best available.

    • Jwhap

      I have seen them a lot. Have never used any of their ROMs however. Any recommendations?

      • nhizzat

        They have roms available for both the Galaxy Nexus and N7.

    • nhizzat
      • Bookmarked for next week 🙂


        • MCDroid

          Please when you do the review for BAMF also mention the themes Cobalt themes from Dustin B. They are great, they work with Theme manager which BAMF integrate it in their ROM. Play store link for his themes http://goo.gl/fN9Bn

    • jonny6pak

      Team BAMF is my favorite all the way! I didn’t even realize their JB ROM was out. Sure, they are slow to release updates, but that’s because they only do major releases that are bug free. I love that their ROMs are focused rather than trying to include every possible feature. They seem to stick to the things I personally find important. I’ve also had the best battery life out of any ROM on my GNex with Team BAMF. The only reason I ever switched off was because I couldn’t get a complete bluetooth connection between my car stereo and my phone when using Team BAMF. I’m going to have to give it a try again now that they have a JB release.

  • FD

    It’s stable because it’s based mostly on CM10. Liquid never does much in the way of original work. They use someone else’s base and add some tweaks and features. It’s nothing more than a glorified CM Kang. Try a recent CM build. You won’t notice much difference.

    • Droosh

      FYI – Here is the link to the latest official CM build:

    • flosserelli

      In a sense, the same can be said for *all* roms. They are all kangs of AOSP.

    • imneveral0ne

      FD, quit hating cause you don’t do anything productive. Back-up your comment with some facts, and maybe then we can talk.

    • to all the people bashing FD asking for facts, all you have to do is check their git. Almost the entirety is pulled directly from CM source. And gives no credit.

  • #Bugless Beast bitches….

    • DanWazz

      Just flashed BB yesterday. Very smooth and very fast. No problems thus far.

      • Tony Allen

        I’m using BB as well.. I’m missing the customization though, and more specifically pull-down toggles for things that aren’t in the standard power control widget.

        • Trevor

          I’m using BB too. My first and only ROM (finally rooted my Nexus a week ago!). Bugless Beast is awesome so far! I would also love to have power toggles in the notification bar though.

          • Brien Gerber

            I’m in the exact same situation, but Bugless beast has been awesome!

          • GawkerRedesignSucks

            I have 1 Tap Quick Bar on my tablet and it’s great! You can put pretty much anything you want in the notification shade.

          • MikeSaver

            I’m running Bugless Beast and have this app installed for notification toggles, it works really well. Check it out!

        • br_hermon
          • xXAaronSXx

            Thanks man! been looking for this type of thing. Its one thing I loved about CM and missed on Bugless

    • Jacob Svonavec

      This is true! +1

    • CoCoCalypso

      Bugless Beast is amazing and just that… Bugless!

    • ChrisTraeger1

      Battery killer. Axiom ANTIMYTH MASTER RACE

      • mikesuds

        Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to differentiate between the Axiom releases? I have no idea which release has which features, when it was released, etc etc. There is not enough documentation with them… and I’ve been flashing since the Droid 1…

        • ChrisTraeger1

          Honestly I’ve only been flashing his JB roms so I wouldn’t know. All his builds seem final and are completely stable on performance and battery life. I’m sure he links to his changelogs though I could be wrong.

      • cheezer88

        Bugless is a battery killer?

        • ChrisTraeger1

          Ran it for a day but and had to go back. I was getting severe drainage on a clean install. Never had a problem with Axiom’s amazing battery life. Although I still have yet to try CM10 and am currently waiting for official AOKP.

          • cheezer88

            Oh, i always wipe battery stats after i flash a new rom after my phone charges all night

          • doh!

            I wouldn’t say bugless is…wel..bugless but…I had GREAT battery length when I first flashed and was so impressed but the second day I ran into an issue with my battery only lasting like 5 hours. Died on me twice. However, I rebooted and took off my wifi and i am running on a strong battery again. I haven’t ran it hard with wifi but it was on the first time I had almost two days of battery so I will turn it on again and see how it does. Hopefully it was just a “bug” and nothing permanent otherwise I am switching roms again.

    • Nah, The best ROM out right now is CM10 Unofficial ROM. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/30983-rom-cm10-preview-build-posted-by-cyanogenmod-on-g/

    • My phone hates BB but I am on it until I can find something better. I always have issues with my phone turning off, and never wanting to come back on unless I reinstall the rom or clear the cache in recovery. It could be because of the Franco kernel I just don’t wanna let go of because I need the fast charge capability.

    • Pdiddy187

      What kernel are people running? I’m on Franco’s nightly and the build from 7//19.

      • erod434

        Fauxs kernel is been amazing for me with liquid smooth alpha 6 the latest one is the bottom one on this website: http://faux.androidro.ms/

  • Jwhap

    Yes, everyone it is Jelly Bean.

    This is vicious’ ROM from AOSP.

    • benito lopez


    • yes vicious is amazing, been running it for a few days now, i tried out bugless, but went back to vicious within a day

  • I’ve been using this since it released yesterday, and aside from a few minor bugs that should be fixed soon, it’s been perfect! Even though it’s technically an alpha, it’s totally stable and has a lot of the customization from the ICS version;

    • We won’t be posting custom roms for the G-Nex unless it’s JB 😛
      Plus, look at that pulldown notification bar! JB! lol

  • benito lopez

    Is this jellybean?

    • napes22

      Yes. Also says so in the body of the above article.

  • Is it a jellybean ROM?

    • Dan Treacy


  • Matt Appleman

    is this based on 4.1.1?

    • Jwhap

      I know….Not a ton of info on this one!

      • John

        Tim just being lazy on his Fri =P

        • Rude! I figured people could see the notification bar and put 2 and 2 together. 😛

          • Jwhap

            LOL!!!! It took me a second too buddy! Guess I have not had my coffee on extra strong today…..Not the first thing flying over my head, this fine Friday!

          • <3 lol

          • John



          • OreoMan

            But that equals 7!

    • Jackie_Treeh0rn

      Yes it’s a 4.1.1 ROM

    • Dan Treacy

      Yes it is

  • Michael Forte

    Personally, I’ve been using the AOKP JB Preview builds with much success. Was a Jelly Belly fan before that, but I was missing those extra options that AOKP offered. The Galaxy Nexus definitely has no shortage of ROM development, that’s for sure.

    • Those preview builds messed with my audio output. Had to switch to vicious.