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Path Receives Huge Update, Adds Movies, Books and New Photo Cropping Tools


Path is one of the smaller social networks, but it’s meant to be that way: tight knit and personal. The application for Android received a pretty large update today, adding in a lot of new features to keep you updated on what everyone in your network is up to. The ability to share what you are watching and reading with movies and books has been added, but that’s just the start of the changelog:

New square and landscape photos, and Glo and Crop photo tools — use Glo to enhance details in dark or bright photos.*
New rich notifications for your activity and your friends’ conversations.
Invite friends to Path with personalized messages.
Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
Nudge friends for photos and check-ins.
Bug fixes.

Updates like these are always welcome to big name Android applications. If you’re a dedicated Path user, head over to the Play Store to download the update now.

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  • feztheforeigner

    I don’t use Social Networking. Nor will I ever use Social Networking…

  • Too many social networks…

    • Michael_NM

      One is too many.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      You took the words out of my mouth. But, you did it nicely. So, let me give my spin on this…

      F**** are you God d**** kidding me, like we f***** need another stupid a** SOB social networking offering.

    • This one is really good if you want to share with your friends and family, though. Like, at this point, posting baby pictures or something that personal on facebook is pretty sketchy, imo.

    • digitalicecream

      Path is actually pretty sweet. The interface is one of the nicest so far, and doesn’t have any apps to siphon your info over. I’m using it to share between my family without exposing my newborn’s pics to facebook and such. I’ve retired facebook, and I’m strictly on Path and G+ now. It’s nice to have a clear line between what I want on Path and what I want on everything else.