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Official $20 Nexus 7 Case Selling for Over $100 on eBay

When the Nexus 7 first went on sale, early adopters had the opportunity to tack on an official $19.99 case to their order. According to eBay listings that a reader just sent us, you would have been wise to have done just that. Since the case has been backordered for weeks, Nexus 7 owners have been forced into buying cheap knock-offs from Amazon and then modifying them a bit so that they work with the Jelly Bean running beast. If you want official though, you better be ready to pay up to 5 times as much as the case is worth. If you cruise around eBay for a minute, you’ll find the N7 case anywhere from $60 to over $100.

Is it really that nice of a case?

Via:  eBay

Cheers Teng Taing!

  • John

    Just get one of the rubber ones on ebay. I have one and it works just fine. It’s about 6-7 bucks shipped.

  • garbagedick

    I went with a sleeve over a case because I love the design of the tablet and didn’t want to hide it while using it (also for the assumed upcoming dock) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004ULOZHO/

  • EvanTheGamer

    Why spend $200 on a $20 case when you can spend a mere $15 on what looks like a $30 case at Office Depot? Seriously, this case is AWESOME! Perhaps not as thin as the Nexus 7 specific cases, but still does a fantastic job at what it’s meant to do in the first place…protecting my Nexus 7! And it looks great while doing so, as well.

  • ElixirBlack

    Wow. I almost didn’t get one from Google. Glad I did.

  • Osborne195

    I am waiting for a case that is actually molded of some sort…I imagine with the popularity of the device something like that will come along. Almost like a cell phone snap on case that just protects it from accidental drops and adds a bit more grip to the thing – mine always feels like its going to slip out of my hands. I think it’s because my hands are a bit too big to be able to grasp it so the side rests in my palm, it’s always held in my fingertips. And to be honest, this is my first tablet – but I was surprised at the weight of it, I really thought it would be lighter.

    PS – I was also a pre-order from July 6th that never got fulfilled (but did get the payment deduced TWICE from my checking account, then sitting in the pending charges area for a day or two before being removed) so I called all the Staples in my area and got lucky. About 45 mins away the store had SIX 16GB’s in stock, right on the end cap like they were nothing big it was awesome haha.

  • ddevito

    Waiting for more KFire cases on Amazon, then will DIY it into a smart cover

  • I-blason case on amazon is amazing and is made for the nexus 7. Has the magnet to wake the n7. It also comes in 3 colors. Really is a amazing case.

  • fanboy1974

    Where in the heck are the tough cases? It’s almost been a month since the design came out and the tablet is selling like hotcakes.

  • Dan

    I have the case on mine, it’s nice but, the ‘flap’ is pretty plain. It would be rock solid if it were a smart-cover that would turn the screen on and off. Definitely not worth $100 however–$20 is an excellent pricepoint.

  • Dylan

    Earlier in the day this case was available for preorder for only $5 with free shipping. Due to popular demand, they have bumped up the price but still a great deal


  • paul_cus

    Damn, should have bought one with my pre-order just so I could flip it on eBay. Oh, well.

  • j__h

    Could be companies who want to get it to model upon.

  • Ny Reynolds

    This is why so many people are in debt. Only a fool pays more for an item than its worth.

  • I think it is about time for DL to do a N7 case review and let us know which case (knock offs, DIY, or straight from Google) is the best for our new N7s.

  • quiklives

    If I get around to it this weekend, I’m planning to make my own case with a Moleskine notebook, some sugru, and a lot of patience. And maybe a magnet, if all else goes well.

    • paul_cus

      Good luck, hope it goes well.

  • RW-1

    WTF with the virus detected redirects on DL? Scan your site server mon !
    I’ve got three clean machines and for the last two days half the links here have occasionally come up to a fake MS security Essentials page trying to scare me into fixing a non existant problem.
    Trust me, it isn’t me or my systems here …

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    I like the case a lot, it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk, and and it still fits in my jeans and shorts pocket, it’s a shame I only bought one though.

  • Alex

    Im sure thats what verizon sells it for, after the rebate ofcourse.

  • Bionic

    Society = fail

  • Michael_NM

    Official Nexus 7 case meets basket case.

  • Apostrafee

    “Selling” or just kind of sitting there NOT selling

  • MTPenguin

    For whatever it is worth, I bought this case:

    And am EXTREMELY HAPPY with it. It is genuine leather. It is made specifically for the N7. Fits and functions exactly like you expect, even better. The auto on/off works. Nice Case.


    • saimin

      The Amazon ad says ‘PU leather’ , which is fake leather.

  • Jeremy

    Ordered a hardcover DodoCase last night made specifically for the N7. Has auto sleep/wake too.

  • kwh32901

    I picked up a rooCase smart case that wakes up the Nexus when I open it from Amazon for $14.95

  • People have found a case similar that actually has the magnet in it


    Does not ship until the 20th

    • Wow, I like this one. Thanks!

    • haha, awesome. I bought it a week or so ago when it was on sale for $10, free shipping. Hasn’t arrived yet (expected next Tuesday)

    • Omz

      Nice one! Thanks!

    • I didn’t receive the case, yet, but I got this message this morning.

      Dear Valuable Customers,

      Thank you for purchasing Poetic HardBack Protective Case for the Google
      Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Asus. We have found there is slight problem on
      the case. The magnet inside the case is too strong to make case sleep
      while fold back the cover and hold like a book. Sorry about nothing
      seeing this problem while designing this product. Please keep the
      original one as backup, you don’t need to ship back to us. We are
      managed to provide a free replacement update version case that correct
      this problem as Poetic stand behind of their products within 2-3
      business days. We are shipping updated fixed version out within 2-3
      business days. You will definitely receive the update fixed version by
      the end of next week (August 3th). Please give us a chance and wait
      until update version products before give out product comment on this

      Best Regards to all that support Poetic, we will continue provide more
      innovative products for Google Nexus 7 device before anyone else.

      TLDR: The magnet is so strong that if you fold the cover open 180 degrees, the magnet will turn the screen back off again. They found and fixed the problem and will be shipping out replacements to everyone that bought one. No need to send back the original. A++ customer service in my book, and I don’t even have the case, yet!

  • MKader17

    Must be the same guy who paid over $1800 for the developer Nexus 7 and now he has decided he really doesn’t want the white version

  • EndiSky

    Thats just dumb

  • Paradisimo

    After seeing a review on the case i don’t think I would pay more than $10 for it. The cover doesn’t stay closed well at all and it doesn’t even make use to the under-screen magnets that allow the screen to automatically come on when opened up. Think I’ll wait and use my rigged Kindle case until something worthwhile comes out.

    • sk102704

      I agree. The review I saw pretty much said it sucked. I just ordered a $10 case on Amazon last night that had a bunch of good reviews that has the magnets in them so hopefully it will do the job.

      In another note, this is my first post from my Nexus 7 and I love it!

  • I think a lot of those bids are stupid people not reading and thinking they are buying an actual Nexus 7.

  • I’m disappointed in the case. It adds a considerable amount of weight and unless I’m traveling somewhere, I keep it off. I just wanted extra protection when I throw it into a bag or something. I guess a sleeve would do the job just as well.

  • MJZ

    There’s an idiot born every minute.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Every second.

  • LOL…that is all…

  • moelsen8

    it’s ok until i can get a different one. didn’t know the going rate for a freakin’ case would be so high.