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Kovdev’s New Tersus Icon Pack is Pretty, Clean, and Perfect for Minimalists

Our buddy Kovdev pushed his newest work to Google Play last night and we’re completely in love. The new icon pack is called Tersus and we believe he named it with the help of a few of our readers. Inside you will find a nice assortment of custom wallpapers that match up well with the 400+ icons in the set that give off a clean, yet colorful feel that makes a minimalist like myself feel right at home.

He is always open to suggestions and recommendations (I bother him at least twice a week with requests), so you can rest assured you will always see updates for the pack. Go support a hard worker.

Play Link ($1.49)

  • paulloops

    complaining that these icons look the same as the last set is like saying “I like Radiohead, but their new stuff sounds too much like In Rainbows!” these icon packs are art. the dev is an artist. and all artists have a certain style/voice/etc that is usually consistent across their many works. as a user of both Lustre and Tersus, I just wanted to say that they are indeed different, while still maintaining that consistent feel.

    and now for my complaint: why doesn’t the default camera app get auto-skinned! same thing happened to me with Lustre (running Apex/JB 4.1.1)

    • Camera will be fixed in next update.

  • Joshua Colon

    Don’t laugh at me for asking.. lol – but you have to have a separate “launcher” right (like Nova or ADW)? In other words, I can’t just add this on my stock launcher?

    • You do require a non-stock launcher to utilize. Well, you could use a stock launcher with a shortcut creation app, like Folder Organizer but you’d have an easier time with one of the launcher options.

  • I really can’t justify purchasing this, as it doesn’t look any different from Lustre — minus new wallpapers.

  • David Weeden
  • Booyah

    Is there a way to automatically assign apps, or does it have to be done manually?

    • Apps are automatically themed as long as I have an icon for it.

  • David Weeden

    I am downloading this now. I’ve been needing a little bit inspiration on my homescreen… These will do nicely. I’ve been rolling with a really boring one as of late…

  • Matt Gondek

    Bought it for my GNex on JB using Nova and it wouldn’t switch. Contacted kovdev and they fixed my issue in no time. Great support and will definitely look into more of their stuff.

  • Jackie_Treeh0rn

    So all they did was take the icons off the Lustre pack and start selling them seperate?

    God I wish I had a business mind….

    • I wish it was that simple. Yes, they share the same vectors as Lustre but each icon was given treatment and altered by hand for Tersus. No batch jobs here.

      • Jackie_Treeh0rn

        Well thanks for the bang up job. Have loved Lustre’s icons since the day you released. Will be buying these ASAP.

        May not the place for it but any ETA on a Sirius icon? Only thing keeping my desktop totally non-HD.

        • I’ll make that one happen in the next icon update.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    What’s the difference between this icon pack and the Lustre one? Other than a white boarder on the Lustre icons I can’t really tell the different.

    • Size, metal framing, shadowing. The icon contents have a lot more room to breathe. Here’s a comparison for you

      • Dr_Buttballs

        Ah, ok, I can see it now. I was on my phone before but once I viewed it from a computer I could tell a clear difference. Great work!

      • r0lct

        I like how it’ll make the un-themed icons stand out less without a framing. So you got yourself a repeat sucker, i mean customer. 😛

      • Eh, i appreciate your work, just seems like you took an update that could have been for Lustre and made a purchase out of it. I am assuming by the amount of updates there are for lustre that its one of the more popular of your icons you offer and based on that, makes sense to sell something very similar.

      • michael arazan

        Would love an icon pack that you wouldn’t need a launcher for. Any chance to make an icon pack for stock android os?

        • jacob

          this is like saying you want to paint your house but don’t want to buy a paintbrush.

  • bmos

    Looks like his lustre theme to me. What’s the difference.

    • They are quite similar, no doubt about that. The difference here is that I’ve removed the metal frame and shadowing that is present in Lustre and increased the size of the icons. What you end up with is a very clean and bright icon with really crisp edges. I think those alterations make a world of difference, but to each their own.

  • Sean Zubrickas

    Wasn’t working with nova launcher on BB JB so I just switched over to APEX nbd. Looks awesome!

  • Why is everything squares?

    • I like the silhouette to be similar across the set. However, these are not perfectly square. They have a 3 pixel rounded edge.

  • hatboysam

    Not working on Android 4.1.0 Galaxy Nexus with Nova Launcher.

    • You sure its not version 4.1.1 of Android? If so, that would be the reason its not working. Send an email to support[at]kovdev.com from the Gmail you purchased with and I can send you a copy that won’t be encrypted by the system.

      • Zach Grabill

        I’m having the same issue with 4.1.1 on bugless. I’ve sent an email to support, so I’ll wait to hear from you. Thanks so much, looks great.

  • I wonder how it looks like on tablets..

    • Here’s a screenshot for you from my tablet. 🙂

  • TheDrizzle

    Didn’t want to work with Nova Launcher on a stock Nexus 7. 🙁

    • Did the N7 system update to 4.1.1? If so, email support[at]kovdev.com from the gmail you purchased with and I’ll get you the unencrypted copy.

      • TheDrizzle

        Yes, it updated to 4.1.1. I actually refunded it while I was waiting for a fix. And I actually already emailed your support with the same info. Do you think there will be a way to get the market version to work in the future?

        • Not until the launcher developers come up with a new method for themes to assign the icons. I’ve spoken to a few of them and we’ll hopefully be able to come up with a solution soon.

    • Sean Zubrickas

      I am having the same issue!

  • matt

    I checked it out on Google Play and looks nice. I am a little confused though. Does it change Icons automatically or just give you a bunch to choose from and use how you want? Thanks.

    • Michael_NM

      You can apply as a theme or choose icon individually. Best of both worlds.

    • If you use a launcher, such as Apex, Nova, ADW or Go, you will be able to change all icons automatically. The icons will also be compatible with other numerous apps that allow you to create customer folders or icon shortcuts.

  • Michael_NM

    Probably won’t use this, but buying to support an awesome developer and Droid-Lifer. Hoping for some circles in the next theme. Hint, hint.

    • I don’t see circles on the radar, but can look into it.

      • Michael_NM

        Stealth circles huh? Sounds awesome! 😉