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Icy Joe Extreme Lands on Google Play – For Fans of Bears, Glasses, and Hammers

Icy Joe Extreme is a good mix of Doodle Jump and smashing stuff with a hammer. You play as a character who’s sole purpose is to climb to the top of each level while smashing through ice, penguins, and bears without taking too much damage. You collect items along the way for additional points and you can bump up the difficulty if you feel the game is too easy for you. 

I will admit, the trailer confuses me, but I did enjoy playing the game. Check it out for free in Google Play.

Play Link

  • Steven Corsby

    Nice extreme mode and minigames, I like it

  • Prime7

    I honestly don’t think Droid-Life should be pushing sales for such an egregious knock-off. Things like this deserve to fail.

    • Toby Gierson

      Just like how Call of Duty is a knock-off of Doom cause they’re bothing shooting, ja?

      • Prime7

        No, not at all, and you’re being disingenuous with your comparison.

        Call of Duty and Doom share similar gameplay mechanics, but that’s it. This game has, aside from the same gameplay mechanics, the same aesthetics, character design, enemy design, stage design, player character (the hooded ice climber with a mallet), etc.

        In which Call of Duty do you shoot at demons with rocket launchers and plasma cannons?

        • Toby

          Oh I thought you meant cause it was a jumping game.

          But the gameplay is not the same and it mentions Ice Climber in the app description so I don’t think they’re trying to cheat here; it’s just an homage.


    • JMonkeYJ

      As a pretty big fan of the original ice climber, I have to say the gameplay on this game is pretty significantly different. That being said, I think this game is not at all fun.

  • paul_cus


  • Jordan

    Why is it that I can see this by going to the Play Link, but when I search for the exact name on my phone, it finds nothing. I find this to happen with several new apps released on the market =/. Any ideas?

    • Stefan Knorr

      The game is not supported by your phone probably :/

  • I admit when I saw the title I read “For Fans of Beer Glasses and Hammered”. It MUST be 5:00 somewhere

  • ArrowCool

    Reminds me of Ice Climber for the NES

  • Someguyperson

    This is literally a rip-off of Ice Climbers for NES.

    • Was gonna point that out myself.

    • John Davids

      Yep. Glad to see others picked that up too 🙂

    • James Thompson

      I dunno, the Ice Climbers is just a part of the whole game, minigames and stuff, I like the bear fishing

    • Heycell

      LOL, i love ice climbers. and yeah it’s NES inspired fo sure.

  • DidIt

    Looks cool.