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Vizio’s Co-Star Google TV Box Up for Pre-Order, $99 Well Spent

Vizio’s new Co-Star box has hit their website for pre-order. The price tag is only $99 and for anyone looking into Google TV, that’s not a bad price. Google TV can turn any TV in your home into a smart TV by bringing tons of applications and the full Chrome browser right to your living room. Another sweet little addition to the box is the hybrid remote that comes with the package. It features a full keyboard on the backside, while having all of your remote needs on the front. Much more compact than what came with the Logitech Revue. 



Cheers Ken!

  • Wizz

    Test the Vizio Co-Star out for yourself, don’t believe eveything you read ….. Works like a charm for me, yes ….

  • myremarq

    Ahh.. Co-Star Stream Player SOLD-OUT but i will wait and soon as i get this,
    Bye, Bye to ROKU, I am done with Roku

  • Neel Patel

    Does it work on every TV like LED or does it have to be vizio LCD>

  • egnilk66

    Why no support for .ISO??

  • RussyJo

    Pre-orders are back up again

  • RussyJo

    Is the co-star only available for pre-order in certain areas at this point in time? I see below some have pre-ordered but it tells me it is “coming soon”. Can’t find how to pre-order -__-

  • elselsels

    looks like the free shipping is gone and now the ship date is August 21

  • jab416171

    🙁 they say they’re out of stock, does anyone have the actual preorder link, or a cached page?

  • KenBarnum

    LOL! I got a shout out! And I pre-ordered!

  • picaso86

    Can this be hackable?

  • idk. I think the Sony GTV is far more advanced and full featured. I was hoping for a Q type device that could essentially just run Android purely. That’s what I want and that’s what GTV should be. Not a 3rd tier, but a Android UI designed for TV screen size.

    I sincerely hope the PS4 or WiiU run Android in some form so I can have this type of product.

  • Kylo

    How does this device compare to the Roku XS aside from running Google Apps? Can they stream the same channels/programming?

  • I already have a box full of Logitech Google TV devices we threw in the towel on, no chance I’m falling for this again. Stick with the WD devices.

  • Maui

    What version of GoogleTV/Android is this running?

    • jonny6pak

      It should be Android 3.2, the most current version used for GoogleTV.

      • Maui

        Thanks, but it just doesn’t look the same (menu structure) as my Sony Google TV

        • Reggie Richardson

          It’s not. Vizio skins it.

  • Lost me at “full keyboard”

    • Phil Onyschuk

      It’s on the backside, that is a great idea

  • Any idea if I can stream movies from external drive with this? Would be great to try out XBMC once it comes out for Android.

    • http://www.vizio.com/costar/specs

      Video Playback
      H.264, MP4, MKV

      • Not that the link will answer your question, but it would seem to indicate that it will. How else would one get a huge ass MKV over to it… well, streaming I guess. Oh well, I admit, I don’t know.

      • egnilk66

        But…..no ISO??

  • I have a question, all Google TV players only accept HDMI in and not Coaxial yet at college and the second TV at my moms both are no box set ups which would be where I would use a Google TV. So is there a way to use this in those types of scenarios while still getting my cable content?

    • I believe Google made HDMI a requirement on GoogleTV to appease to content owners since HDMI has copy protection.

  • derek connolly
    • Clay S.

      whats annoying is that app hasnt been updated since its initial release in december 2010

      • brandonmee

        Try able remote…it’s awesome. I have a Sony and the remote app they released works well too.

    • Blood

      Is the Vizio box running froyo as well? I was going to say that it runs ICS because of chrome browser but then I remembered even the old Google TVs running gingerbread had chrome installed.

      • jonny6pak

        It’s using the latest GoogleTV, which has a Honeycomb base.

        • Blood

          Hopefully it gets at least updated to ICS then.

    • duke69111

      That’s kind of scary that the people who develop, market and sell these types of products don’t know enough about the different versions of Android to even get a picture right.

    • Michael

      They also got rid of the navbar

  • Shannon Kerr

    I just dumped cable due to family cost cutting (bad economy). Is there anyway to watch NFL football (or college for that matter) with one of these if you don’t have cable or satellite? If I could get that, I could probably convince my wife to let me spend $100.

    • capecodcarl

      If you have an HDTV or an HDTV converter box (for older TVs) you could just buy an antenna and get the major broadcast networks. It wouldn’t be all the games you wanted if they air on ESPN, but they still air a lot of them last time I checked. A decent antenna you could mount in an attic or on a roof and redistribute to all the TVs in your house would run you around $50-$60 plus you can get a pre-amp if the signal needs to be boosted a bit to run to multiple TVs or over a long coax run.

      • Shannon Kerr

        I do have an HDTV and have thought of this. I’m about 40 miles west of Chicago and I’m just not sure that I’ll get that good of a signal. I don’t want an eyesore outdoor antenna (and they are a bit more expensive), so I guess I’ll try out an indoor/attic unit and pre-amp booster. Thanks for the tip!

        • SchwannyT

          I live 75 miles from my nearest repeater (according to antennaweb.org) and I put a 20″ digital antenna in my attic and I get perfect 1080p signal on every channel it sends. And that’s in the mountains of Utah. Now if this thing could connect to my HDhomeRun network tv tuner I’d buy it!

    • pezjono

      Not 100% sure it will work with Google TV (but it really is just flash) and t’s not the greatest quality, but it works for those without cable like me!

      • Shannon Kerr

        I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  • Silver Veloz

    http://www.vizio.com/costar/specs – Looks like it has HDMI in/out.

  • chucklez

    What media formats does it stream? I know half my digital library is unavailable due to Revue limitations.

  • JDub

    I need more specs than what the website offers. I want to make sure this isnt going to be another lag box like the revue.

  • Can you use this to stream movies, music, etc from the Google Play store? The Revue doesn’t let you stream movies or tv shows yet…seems the only way to do it is the Q right now but for $299? Lets hope this will let you…

    • TBone

      You can stream from Play Store. Buy it and then go to the youtube app. You watch it through there.

  • Debating buying one of these but random question – I have my old Thunderbolt still, does that have an HDMI out option? Never looked into it.

    If so anything thise device can do the Thunderbolt can cover?

    • ddh819

      I believe the HTC Thunderbolt did not have a (micro) HDMI port. I have a droid charge which does have HDMI, and movies that play directly from phone memory play fine through HDMI, but HD streaming (netflix) does not. I get a lot of stuttering, screen tearing. If you wanted to use an old phone instead of these set top boxes, i’d get at least a dual core one.

      • It’s for my parents actually – really looking to run netflix/hulu… Probably gonna end up getting a bluray player. Worried about quality though cause I’ve read alot of negative reviews on apps with lower end Bluray players.

        • The PS3’s blu-ray player was voted #1 by consumer reports last year. Plus the netflix & hulu apps on it are very polished. I would consider looking into that if I were you.

          • Have one and it works flawlessly – $350 for another is a bit much though! Was hoping to spend 150 at most – get what you pay for I guess…

          • SchwannyT

            Its true. Plus the PS3’s Bluray player firmware us updated so as new stuff comes out it’ll be compatible. And the new update to the Netflix app is super sweet (it’ll just start the next episode in a series at the end and gives you the options to skip the credits)

  • looks like a good competitor for the Roku XS

  • Ouya is going to destroy this when it finally comes out.

    • next year there will be other tegra 3 comparable boxes for same price too though.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Gotta agree with that. The OUYA will be the Android gamer’s dream console…if they don’t screw it up*knock on wood*.

    • Damagickid

      This isnt even comping out till next year around summer time. By then you will have tegra 9 boxes. heck at the rate this stuff goes out of date even tegra 20.

    • OhAaron

      I don’t want an Ouya, though. I want a box for streaming and more casual things. I’m looking for something polished that “just works.”

      • Jason James

        It’s based off of android so it will be able to do that and how do you know it won’t work?

  • Murali Ponnaluri

    Does it do Wireless wifi Mirorring? If so, then it will be well worth getting.

    • Clay S.

      wtf does that even mean, “wireless wifi mirrorring”

      • I believe this person is referring to something like Apple’s Airplay.

        • Jason James

          I think he was talking about the wireless Wi-Fi part because it’s redundant because there isn’t wired Wi-Fi

          • D3fault121

            I think it was asked that way because some devices will only support content a certain way. Like only over Wi-Fi or only over Data like Facetime or Skype mobile video chats use to be.