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Swiftkey Updates UK and US English Languages Packs to Support Summer Olympics

The Swiftkey team announced last night that they were releasing updated English language packs for both UK and US keyboards. These new packs were made with the summer Olympics in mind, so that as you send Tweets and texts to your friends over the next month, famous athlete names and key Olympics terms will be extra handy. 

To find the updated pack, follow these instructions:

SwiftKey users can update their language packs now by going to Settings > Languages & layouts and then tapping “Update” when it appears next to their active languages. To refresh the updates available, tap your phone’s menu button and choose “Update languages”.

If you hit up the source link below, you’ll notice that they won’t actually mention the Olympics by name and refer to it as the “One Thing.” Licensing, trademarks, and copyrights surrounding the biggest money maker in the world are likely to blame.

Via:  Swiftkey

  • TheWenger

    Swiftkey’s been broken for me since JB. It can’t predict a word correctly if I miss the first letter. Hit the first letter, and I’m fine. But miss it and it’s done.

  • Andilicious217

    My Swiftkey currently isn’t working. I get “Network error. Could not download language pack. Please ensure that you have a data connection available (preferably WiFi) in order to continue. You may need to try again later if the network is busy.”

    The issue started happening after I unlocked and rooted my phone. So far, non of Swiftkey’s workarounds have fixed the issue. 🙁

    • Jason Smith

      Me too! So annoying…

      • michael arazan

        Same here, this weekend i couldn’t use speak to text audio, it would pop up but not record/recognize what i was saying, like it couldn’t connect to the network.

  • Bsody

    Now if they would just get the predictions figured out for JB…

  • frankandsimple

    This is to all Europeans.. regarding the bag company in London that printed bags with “I just rented my flat to a fat american”
    American win in Olympics = 2296 medals
    Great Britain win in Olympics = 715 medals
    USA… USA.. USA..

    • michael arazan

      Fun fact: about 35.7 percent of American adults are obese, whereas about 26.1 percent of adults in the U.K. earn the “obese” label.–Huffington post
      They have their fair share of Fatty’s too!

  • frankandsimple

    Swiftkey is waayyyyyyy overrated. Stock JB keyboard is so much better.
    I guess it works for people who depend on prediction… I would rather have a keyboard that has a fantastic auto-correction system. I can’t seem to get into the habit of CHOOSING predictions rather than focusing on what I need to type.

    • I don’t like the look of or prediction of the stock JB keyboard but to each their own.

  • QQpayne

    I do love me some swiftkey awesomeness!!! Glad to see them hard at work keeping things updated for the unexpected.

  • Trevor

    Whats so great about swiftkey? the stock keyboard is more accurate for me and swype is so much better.

    • TheDrizzle

      Wondering this myself. I feel like Swype + stock keyboard is all I need. People say the word prediction is great, but I feel like word prediction slows me down.

    • John

      Stock has slower prediction (in JB anyway). It works great just not as good in a lot of cases. Once you use Swiftkey for more than a week, you realize how damn good it is. It was VERY hard from me to move away from Swype style typing to the Swiftkey style. Once I made it over that hard to change period, my typing speed doubled. Also, Swiftkey scans your Facebook/RSS/SMS/Twitter/& Gmail for keywords you normally wouldn’t go & put in your dictionary. It adapts to your style over time & really does come pretty freaking accurate with its prediction. It also comes with themes + misc other features. There’s a reason it’s so popular nowadays on Android.

  • ddevito


  • Michael_NM

    USA, USA, USA!

  • John

    G damn I love Siftkey!

  • Trevor

    Absolutely love Swiftkey, except they got rid of the smiley key in Jelly Bean when using Google Talk. Not sure why this happened, but it’s rather annoying.

    • John

      It was probably for the better 😉
      But it is there for me on Talk on JB 4.1.1


      • Trevor

        Hmm, strange. I have an envelope with an arrow above it that’s pointing up. It is essentially an “enter” button and will send any text that I’ve typed out. It shows up on my GNex running Bugless Beast 4.1.1 and it shows up on my Stock Nexus 7 (using Swiftkey 3 Tablet). Too lazy to upload screen shot at the moment.