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LG Posts Spectrum User Guide as if the Device Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

At the end of last week, an LG employee notified members of their forums that the Spectrum’s Ice Cream Sandwich update is ready to be rolled out. All they are waiting for is Verizon to press “Go.” The following day, it appears as if they were trying to prove how ready it is by uploading a new user guide for the device which includes all sorts of Android 4.0 tips and tricks. 

Included in this guide, LG details the standard ICS stuff, like task switching, notification swiping, and simple folder creation. They also talk of new and improved features though, some of which we wish other OEMs would adopt. LG has apparently built in the ability to create or use custom icons (without requiring a 3rd party launcher) and a “Clean View” gesture for temporarily hiding everything on your home screen.

From reading through bits and pieces of this new user guide for the Spectrum, you can tell that LG is doing everything in their power to make their phones more appealing, even it has to be through software.

Still no word from Verizon on when this update will roll out. If you are keeping track, this would be two Android OEMs that have grown sick of waiting for final approval and went ahead and published details for their Android 4.0 updates, the other being HTC and their Rezound.

Via:  LG [Download]

Cheers Phillip!

  • Macdaddio

    Update my Spectrum. Its not all that great. Theirs some gives and takes. More widgets, different styles for your front swipe page. Add a battery percentage next to battery life, battery saver @ 30%. I hate the same video, playlist, album, photos, artist widget!!! I dont like the setting page which is white im use to all black pages, I liked the phone dail pad on the older version better. So I gotta love it because theres no going back…

  • spectrum owner

    lg has pulled the page with the ics guide and the product support page for the spectrum.

  • CHRIS42060

    Yea if I still had an HTC Rezound I would throw my phone in a garbage disposal if an LG phone gets ICS first. That’s why I love my G-Nex will get JB…… as soon as Verizon OKs it. Ok maybe Verizon just sucks!

    • I think you should know

      congrats on being a petty d-bag!

    • michael arazan

      Freaking funny how well the oem’s are trying to keep their phone updates fast for the consumer now, way better than just over a year or two ago with gingerbread, and its verizon’s dumb ass holding back every single phone update now. Verizon needs to take some of their money and invest it in a tech department and more employees to work it to push out all these updates that they are way behind on now.
      Verizon is becoming the problem with fragmentation, the oem’s are getting their [email protected] together, how about you verizon?

  • Hunter N.

    My friend just got herself a LG Spectrum today… I tried to talk her out of it, but she was positive she wanted it since her last phone was the LG Vortex (YIKES!). At least I can give her some good news that ICS is indeed coming.

  • so if legacy devices with physical buttons are using longpressing home to get to the recent apps menu, how will they activate google now without locking the phone again?

    • BrianLipp

      if they keep the search bar on the homescreens, then they would be able to get to it that way, kinda. And for older phones that still have a search key (as in back, home, menu, search) i would assume that would be remapped to go to Google Now

    • Detonation

      By not getting upgraded to JB

    • Locutus

      Long-holding the Search key.

    • PC_Tool

      I’ll have to check that out. I just put CM10 on my old Fascinate last night to see how it runs (amazingly well, actually). Brought up Google Now a few times, but never tried to bring up “recents”. Will have to try that when I get home…

  • Julian Monroy

    LG is getting back in the game. Took the GNEX about the same time (6 months) to get this update. Sucks ass. Anyway good for LG, am looking forward to updating my retired Spectrum. Revitalization is about to begin for this phone.

  • peacekeeper05

    damn carriers. ICS update for the optimus LTE has been available for more than a month now. So I think the ICS update for the Nitro is being held back by AT&T and Verizon. Not LG’s fault anymore.

  • Seth Merritt

    I would love if more OEMs did this. Make the average consumer know that it’s the carrier holding things back, not Android.

  • fixxmyhead

    just stay away from ass raping verizon. even that nexus is at the mercy of verizon

  • Guy

    it probably does and verizon is holding the update back so the razor looks better, see HTC Rezound

    • Champion1229

      F Verizon, Im running a stock Rezound and ICS is no where to be seen. A shame considering the Rezound is a way better phone than the Razr!

  • in the LG product support section for the Spectrum, there is a link to download drivers and a system update–I’m not home, so haven’t been able to check it out. Anyone know if the downloadable update is ICS?? I’m not able to pull it on the phone, but if this is it…

  • Michael_NM

    LG is still in that phone game? 😛