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How to: Customize the Lock Screen Text App on the DROID RAZR

When Ice Cream Sandwich finally arrived for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX, a new lock screen came along for the ride. Aside from the unlock option, this new lock screen had shortcuts to 3 different apps:  camera, phone, and text messaging. Now, in most 3rd party lock screen apps, you can customize these shortcuts, however, Motorola wasn’t ready to go that far and left you without options. If you want Foursquare or a Twitter client as one of the shortcuts, you are out of luck.

There is one that can be configured though, after a bit of trickery, and that is the text message app. If you are of the variety that uses Handcent or GOSMS or some other text application, there is a way to get it onto your lock screen, as you are seeing in the picture above.

What you need to do is cruise into Settings>Applications>All and find the stock text message app. Once found, disable it. Your third party text message app will now become the default app and appear on your lock screen.

Cheers Nick!

  • bionic

    You can’t receive mms messages with stock text app disabled.

  • Ross

    Whenever I disable the stock text app, I’m able to send texts (slowly) but not able to receive texts. Like, at all. Even when I enable the stock app, the texts that were sent when I disabled the app don’t come through. They have to resend. Anyone know of any other ways to get past this? I have ChompSMS, but they’re unwilling to work with me on this issue – they give curt answers. I’m looking to switch to another app. Anyone have an answer to my query? Also, which text mess app do y’all like?

  • mynamehere

    I use textfree. It didn’t work for me. The spot on the lock screen was empty where my native text shortcut once was.

  • lethalprophet

    Ok I need some help from you folks. This is the second time I’ve tried to do something with Settings > Apps > All, only to find I have no All option (Razr, stock ICS, rooted). First to disable bloatware apps, and now again to try to get my handcent on the lockscreen.
    Anyone know why I wouldn’t have that option, and how to get it without flashing ICS to my phone again?

  • swagchamp

    if only they had this layout on the stock verizon gnex. i’m surprised jelly bean doesnt havea stock customizable lockscreen.

  • I used this trick a while ago, but can’t seem to get it to work properly. Got the icon to change on the home screen, but keeps giving me double notifications sounds after disabling.. W

  • guli981


  • paul_cus

    Too bad it doesn’t work with Twitter.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I used to use GoSMS but after using Moto’s ICS build SMS app I found I like it ALOT better than GoSMS. Strange since the only reason I used GoSMS was because I *HATED* the AOSP SMS app.

  • jdarronk

    I also had to remove VZmessage app to get hansent to show up on the lock screen. Could not disable VZ message. Really never used anyway, but enjoyed syncing to text from xoom. Anyone have a work around?

  • Cory

    This gets press on here but nothing about the giant battery drain bug with ICS on the RAZR or the two leaked builds that are attempting to correct the issue (214 and 215)?

    • jeesung

      it will be the subject of a new documentary. “Kernels Gone Wild”

      I still get better battery life than my Thunderbolt w/ an extended battery.

      • jeesung

        Forgot my screenshoot.

        On my Nexus 7, Kernel is never above 4th or 5th place. Should fire up my OG Droid or Thunderbolt to see how they compare.

    • Sp4rxx

      Dunno what you’re on about, but I haven’t had any major battery drain after the update (using OG RAZR). The only major drain is when I tether. Other than that, I can keep my phone usable for near 2 days before recharging.

    • Niteperson

      My battery lasts just as long as it did on GB, if not a little longer. No issues here.

    • Droidzilla

      You may want to reflash ICS, since I actually get better battery life (especially on 4G) on my RAZR now that it has ICS.

    • Cory

      Big posts about it on XDA and the Motorola forums regarding issues. My battery degrades 10% for every 5 to 10 minutes of screen on time regardless of any of the brightness settings being set to any setting. Factory resets, cache wipes, etc arent helping a lot of people.

  • for me, all I had to do was setup GO SMS and replace the stock texting app with GO SMS at the dock and it changed the texting option on the lock screen

  • Knlegend1

    wouldn’t that mess something up though?

    • Droidzilla

      No; it just makes it so the stock, text app doesn’t work.

  • Or you could just install Widget Locker.

    • Big_EZ

      The only problem with that is lag, and occasionally double lock screens.

      • Have you used WL lately? The lag is gone and I’ve maybe had a double lock screen once in the last 3 months that I’ve been using it on my D4.

        • Big_EZ

          A few weeks ago it still lagged when I used it. Its not WL fault, its any 3rd party locker because of limitations put in place by the stock locker.

        • Droidzilla

          I still get the issue with GO Locker.

  • does the camera app work the same way? I use the stock camera, but I’m just wondering

    • Jason Purp

      You can’t disable the camera app normally. You have to freeze it with a root tool. But once you do that, yes, it will work the same way.

      • Knlegend1

        Would freezing mess something the app up some how? I use ICS camera btw.

        • Jason Purp

          It’s just the camera app. Nothing would happen even if you deleted the app. Just make sure you have something to replace it with and everything should be fine.

      • thebluegod

        Cool, that actually works quite well. Thanks! Now my only problem is that the Camera ICS text gets a little cut off on the home screen. Not a huge deal but is there any way to rename the app?

  • Franklin7777

    Does this work for Google Voice?

    • Brian Olmstead

      Does not work with Google Voice 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      I wish it did. I have the stock app disabled, so there’s nothing on the bottom of my lockscreen ring. It was a big fail on Motos part, in my opinion, to not let us choose what we put in there. I haven’t seen it in any custom ROMs, yet, and lockscreen replacements are still wonky in my opinion. Too bad.

  • Hey guys I was trying to flash an ICS ROM for the Razr for my friend, but couldn’t find anything. He’s on stock gingerbread + rooted. Anyone know where I can download the stock ICS rom (rooted) to just flash in CWM? Thanks!

    And stock isn’t 100% necessary, I just want an ICS ROM that won’t have bugs and I won’t have to update his phone…. ever. 🙂

    • check out the stuff over at droidrzr.com …… They have everything you’d ever need there

  • Vance McAlister

    But my understanding is that with the stock app disabled, you can’t send or receive MMS messages.

    • Jason Purp

      That is incorrect. I froze the stock app and replaced it with the Vanilla SMS app and it is perfect.

    • tizorres

      I did this a couple months ago and everything works as it should.

    • Max

      I had this problem with GO SMS. But all I had to do to fix it was go into the setting of GM SMS and set it to handle MMS messages.

      • lzcooln1

        I am having the same problem. What did you change in the settings?what configuration did you use? Please help