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Dead Trigger’s “More Blood, More Guns, More Gadgets” Update is Live (Update: It’s Now Free to Play)


According to Madfinger’s Facebook page, the Dead Trigger V1.1.0 update is live. Now that the app is uploaded to Google Play, all we have to do is wait for it to become visible to users. The update brings additional gadgets, guns, and brain splattering goodness to the title which was already a huge hit with most FPS lovers. 

Update: Along with the update, they have also made the game free for everyone. No more $0.99 purchase. You now have zero reason not to try it out.

For only a dollar, it’s probably the furthest a single dollar has ever gone in the history of mobile gaming. Get it.

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Via: Facebook

  • EvanTheGamer

    Now that the game is free…where’s my dollar? I want it back! You know, because a bloody freakin’ dollar is SO MUCH to me and everyone else who owns a freakin’ smart phone and pays monthly bills! Come on, give me a break…stop your whinin’!

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    It’s free now because of the backlash over the fact that are scumbags who charged a dollar for a “free-to-pay” game, and they didn’t even mention that the game was crippled to all the people who bought it to begin with. So basically it was classic bait-and-switch criminal actions from the very start. And they are now trying to do damage control, because they recieved a huge amount of negative feedback and bad ratings from all the people they mislead, purposefully, and ripped off. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too, and they figured your average consumer was too stupid to see through their criminal actions.

    It should have been free from the beginning, and I feel bad for all the people they stole from, but of course they will get to keep that hundreds of thousands of dollars they got from decieving so many people. But sadly this isn’t surprising, it is a constant theme going on with large and small developers alike today. Let’s take Halfbrick for example, the creators of the beloved Fruit Ninja, they have also joined the criminal ranks recently, and of course this all condoned by Google, since they do nothing to stop it happening on their Market. But Halfbrick offered two versions of the Fruit Ninja game, one free with advertisements, and one you pay for to get rid of the advertisements. Well that has been working out just fine for Halfbrick for years now.

    What’s that you say, they just became greedy evil criminals? Yes you are correct good sir. Halfbrick decided to introduce advertisements into the PAID version of Fruit Ninja, and to add insult to criminal injury, they had the gall, the sheer nerve to deceptively call them “Rewards”. That’s right, when you build up enough points in the game, you get a reward! And what is the reward?! Well it’s nothing more than a disgusting advertisement in your PAID game! So Halfbrick views the intelligence of it’s paying custoners, well they think we are all just dumb as hell. So they’ve easily made a million dolkars plus off of selling the ad-free version of Fruit Ninja, but greed rears it’s ugly head again, and they also want to have their cake and eat it too. The fact that every single customer of that game hasn’t demanded their money back, changed their rating to one star, reported Halfbrick to the FTC, reported them to Google, well it’s beyond me why each customer has not done this. I know I have done each one of those things, and I suggest if you own either of these games that you do the same. All it takes for evil to prosper, is for good men to sit back and do nothing.

  • JulianZHuang

    i still have a reason not to try it out, no keyboard and mouse.

  • this would be an awesome game on a pc,hard to play it on a tablet

  • k_nivesout

    Wow. Never before have I seen so many people b*tching about $.99

    Android users – it’s OK, good even, to pay for quality apps!

  • Whoa, 10 minutes of playing = 20% of my battery?

  • wtf why make this free? waste of a dollar the other day

    • there goes your trip to disney world lol

  • xXAaronSXx

    So, if I bought it for $.99 and now its free, do I get anything different from the Free version? Or am I just the sucker that shoulda waited a few days?

    • johnq

      sucker same as me

  • keithsmith22

    Does anyone know if this breaks the graphics tweak for making Tegra 3 graphics work on non-tegra 3 devices.

  • From their FB ”
    For all GNexus and Nexus 7 users with 4.1.1 . Please do not download the update for Dead Trigger. There is a major bug causing Dead Trigger to force right after start. Unity devs already found the issue, unfortunately its a google’s side issue. Please be patient”

    • c4v3man

      Ahhh… the blame game. Good times…

    • c4v3man

      If you delete and redownload the game it will work, but you will lose your current progress. So proceed with caution.

  • I paid a dollar and now it is free and the purchased app no longer exists 🙁 sigh lol

    Edit: bought in browser, went to install on Nexus 7 and package was invalid

  • Mike Cox

    and i paid for it 2 days ago

  • oskar kings

    It kinda became better..hasn’t crashed or force closed on my rooted Xoom tablet pics 4.0.4
    How do I spend or use my earned money to buy weapons, without having to pay extra money ??? I see on left top of game a symbol of $ and next my earned money….but how do I use my earned money???? Please tell me , i haven’t play this game a lot so I don’t know much about it…

  • Tweekex

    Well, glad I paid for it.. /s

    • c4v3man

      Yeah… that kinda sucks. They initially made it sound like they were offering it on sale for $1, so I bought it as quickly as possible. Now it’s free? Meh.

      Oh well… now we get to watch people complain about IAP in a FREE game that can be played through without buying anything. Apparently spending $0 entitles you to everything nowadays.

    • That $.99 really meant a lot eh?

      • Tweekex

        You’re missing the point.

  • edude03

    Sigh, FINE I’LL TRY IT. Bu seriously, I wasn’t put off by the $0.99 purchase price, I was put off by the in app purchases just charge me $5 for the game and I’ll buy it like Shadowgun.

  • damn, i wish I could get it on my pc

  • Detonation

    Is the game showing up as Free for anyone else? Downloading now…

  • c4v3man

    Crashes when opening on my Nexus 7, works well on my GS3. Hope they can get it fixed by the end of the day.

  • Crashes on start up on my zoom….not a good start……I am not impressed….

    • Same on my GNex and Nexus 7. It’s bad enough that I never got the gold I paid for but now the game I bought won’t even load. Last time I ever buy a game made by Madfinger Games.

      • Don’t cry about it. Fix it. It loads perfectly fine on my GNex. PEBCAK.

        • hehe PEBCAK… I like PICNIC (problem in chair not in computer) better though since it’s a real word.

    • Anthony_Armando

      No issues on my nexus 7 nor my galaxy nexus. Both stock but rooted.

      Also this update is amazing!

      • EP

        it says its in compatable on my rooted nexus 7

  • SirSoloDolo

    Must spend more money on games 😀

  • What’s a good controller to play this with?

    • c4v3man

      Plays well with a PS3 controller.

  • jjrudey

    I don’t see it either.

  • not live yet……

    • Come on, folks…
      “Now that the app is uploaded to Google Play, all we have to do is wait for it to become visible to users.”

    • JDHokie

      Live now.

  • r0lct

    From reading reviews it sounds like you severely limited without in-app purchases of upgrades and won’t make it too far in the game without spending more money. Anyone with the came can confirm?

    • That is incredibly inaccurate.

      • r0lct

        I’ll trust you then and give it a whirl.

      • Higher_Ground

        Depends. There are two forms of currency, and only one is available for free. There are guns you will never get to use without IAP. You earn a few hundred coins for a mission but guns are a few thousand so you have to grind to make decent progress towards upgrades.

        Of course you can technically play the entire game with a the first few guns but it’s not nearly as fun as it would be if they didn’t intentionally steer you towards IAP. You can’t deny that the game is nerfed – if it wasn’t there’d be no reason for anyone to buy IAP

        • I personally have not had any problem blasting through thousands of zombies with an upgraded AK-47 and SPAS-12 shotgun. I have earned and spent all of the coins needed for the upgrades and have not become bored at all since.

          All of this nerf and boredom people refer to is all personal opinion. If you want extra features, then just pay for it. For the quality of game it is, I think it’s crazy for people to complain.

          Like on Call of Duty, if you want the extra map packs and gun camos, pay for it.

          • Higher_Ground

            do you use a controller? I don’t think the grind would be generally as annoying if the screen didn’t randomly aim 180 degrees away when I get cornered. I could justify spending $ on IAP if it didn’t bug out on my tf300t.

            For $1 it’s not bad at all. Once that one glitch is removed it’d really be worth more IMO

    • Heartless12

      I’m hearing the same thing and that’s keeping me from buying the game because I hate those “pay to win” games

      • It is not a pay to win game. I repeat….NOT a pay to win game.

        From Madfinger – “Regarding your complaints about IAP. We stand our ground. The only reason for IAP decision was to provide DT to as many people as possible. We have responded to greivance of fans who didn’t want to pay 5$ for SHADOWGUN. So we brought down the DT price while keeping it funny and fully playable without necessity of using IAP. According to us, IAP is only icing on the cake, nothing necessary to enjoy smashing gaming experience.”

        • EvanTheGamer

          People just don’t understand the “in-app purchase” model. It’s there if you want it, it’s an option, but won’t limit you from reaching the goals in the game. Or any game.

          • r0lct

            Well that’s not true of all games, that’s true of good devs. I’m not an expert as I play very few games with in-app purchases but I’ve heard of ones from “bad” devs that basically require purchases in order to get through the game.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yeah, that’s just wrong. But great thing that Madfinger isn’t one of the bad and evil devs out there. Right?

          • r0lct

            I have no idea who they are. That’s why I come here. I’ll trust input here more that play store reviews.

          • EvanTheGamer


          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Nope because they are evil. Just go read the massive amount of bad reviews. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews, all of them. And definitely don’t take Evan’s diluted word for it.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Just because I’m not cheap and you are doesn’t make them evil. Also, learn to play the game. You don’t need to pay one red cent to progress through Dead Trigger. I’m beating each mission fine with the weapons I have. You must not be very good at it, eh?

          • Higher_Ground

            I would say that Robotek from Hexage is like that. I’ve never paid for IAP in that game and I still enjoy it.

            I’ve played enough to level up a few times and I’d continue to play even without buying any IAP if the control glitch gets fixed

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            You’ve just described this game and pretty much every single free-to-pay game ever made.

          • r0lct

            That’s why I prefer up front $5 any day

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            You and me both buddy. It would have been fine if Madfinger actually had ethics and mentined in the description that this was a free-to-pay-more-than-the-game-is-worth-overall-game. But they knowingly omitted that from the description from day one, just like so many other free-to-pay games. If I had known that from the start, the choice would have been simple…DON’T BUY! And they know that many people would not touch it if they knew it was crippled, hence why they are dishonest and do not state that in the game’s description. Plus like I said, it’s just truly adding insult to injury to sell a crippled game to buyers without stating up front that it’s cripple unless you pay. And then it’s like a second slap to the face to then go and make it free like it should have been from the very beginning. Makes me sick that so many people got ripped off and they are free to sell on the Market and rip even more unsuspecting people off. I know one thing for sure, I’m never touching a single one of their games ever again, I won’t support a criminal company. I’m glad I’m not alone either r0lct, thanks.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            You’re a true gamer just like Silence of The Lambs is a children’s film.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Hey now…I never claimed I was a “TRUE” gamer. What is a true gamer anyways? It must be a myth, because I doubt there really are any TRUE gamers out there. Hardcore gamers, yes, not TRUE though. lmao

            Also, for the record, I first seen The Silence of The Lambs when I was a lot younger(a kid) so I guess it actually is a children’s film, because I was a child when I seen it and it’s a film, so…..

        • should hook up the ppl that paid the $1 for the game with something in the app for free, like 1$ towards guns or something

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          It is a pay to win game…. I repeat it is a pay to win game. You think because Droid Life gets paid to plug a game like this, that they are going to tell you the truth? HAHAHAHAHA!
          Yeah if we want to get into a semantic debate, you don’t technically have to pay to beat the game. That is if you don’t mind grinding away a full year, playing 24/7 a day, then yeah, sure, maybe you could gain enough money in the game to buy the powerful guns that you start off with, and that the develop takes away from after level 4, and who will gladly sell you those awesome powerful guns back at a cost, a gigantic cost.

          But it doesn’t matter how much the in-app purcases cost, doesn’t matter at all. What truly matters is that I paid a dollar for a game, a game where the description never once mentioned that this was a free-to-pay game, and they cripple core features of the game, only to sell them back to, and usually at outrageous prices. Yeah, that is what matters, being criminally lied to is what matters, paying for a crippled game is what matters! Greed takes away all integrity. Just look at Madfinger’s earlier games, Samurai Vengenance, Shadowgun, etc. Those were awesome games and I was more than glad to pay for them. They didn’t have core features crippled and then sold back to me. But if you don’t believe me, well run on over to Dead Trigger’s page, and read through the reviews, really sift through a whole bunch of them, don’t just read the first 3. Madfinger can pay Droid Life to plug this game and use them to help do damage control. But one thing they can’t do is erase the very real, objective reviews and ratings of customers on their Market page. So you pick who you are going to believe, and think, what do paying customers who got ripped off, and are now being rippedd off again because the bait-and-switch they paid for is now free. I’d always take the word of an honest review than i would a site that is plugging something. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kellex deleted my comment to try and silence the real truth here, since he seems incapable of telling it.

          Yeah, let’s get into semantics, sure you don’t technically have to pay t

          • EvanTheGamer

            Wow…what a waste of your time typing all of that. Real smart there, buddy. And I have no time to spare to read such rubbish. Mr. No Life.

            Damn trolls…they always run amok. lmao

          • I’m sad for you, bro.

      • JoshGroff

        I’ll take the extra difficulty and play for free. Freemium apps are ridiculous.

      • EvanTheGamer

        It’s a mere $.99! Come on…lol…wow.

        • r0lct

          I don’t mind trying things that I believe will be good and/or have a good reviews. I’ve bought plenty of apps and wouldn’t even mind if I had to drop another couple bucks with in-app purchases. I just didn’t want to find out you had to spend $10+ in order to complete the game.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Dead Trigger isn’t one of those games though. You just won’t get that one incredible piece of gear or that one powerful weapon, but doesn’t mean you still can’t complete the game with the basics.

            But besides that, paying $.99 JUST to see how incredibly surreal the game looks on a bloody 7″ tab(like the Nexus 7) is easily worth it alone. $.99 is nothing compared to what you’ll experience, gameplay and graphics-wise.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            You are so completely dillusional, or you have something to gain from lying, or you actually paid to play and have no idea how impossible it is to play without buying the guns. Well guess what, I never bought anything and its pretty much impossible to beat the game without buying overpriced crap they sell to you after crippling the game. But I’m sure response will be “I didn’t buy anything and i beat the game!”. Yeah I’ll believe that when the Jersey Shore wins an Emmy for best show and writing. Like I said, don’t believe me or EvanTheConfusedandMisguided. Go read through the huge amount of negative reviews, those you can trust above all else..

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Oh and, lets not forget the thousands of people who actually paid for this crippled game from the get go, do they now get their dollar back because its now free? Whats that, no? Gee, what a good and fully ethical company. I know I sure like buying a crippled game, only to have it become free the next month, yay, I should totally have to pay when others don’t, not to mention the massive amount I’ll have to pay if I want to finish the game. Gee I’m so darn lucky, I wonder if there are other ways I can waste a dollar?

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Plus it’s funny how they never mentoned in the description, from day one, how there are in-app purchases, isn’t it covenient how they left that fact out? It’s almost as if they had sold two really awesome games before Dead Trigger, that weren’t crippled and forced to you to pay to play. And they were counting on that fact to get people to buy this new game, knowing people would assume its a full non-crippled game, and definitely didn’t mention it in the description when they took thousands of unsupecting people’s money. No, no way, that surely wasn’t the case here at all, no, no it coul’t be, I mean the world is perfect after all, right?

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        So does anyone who actually works for a living, and doesn’t like to be nickel and dimed, and whose parent’s don’t give them an allowance, and most importantly, those who have paid for a game up front, a game that had all the features available from the beginning and are not forced to buy those core features seperately. Madfinger says people complained that paying $5 for Shadowgun was too much for us fans. Right, you might want to look at how many downloads the game has before you listen to Madfinger. Crippling the game and turning it into free-to-pay is nothing more than pure greed and poor morals and business ethics. And lets not forget everyone who paid a dollar from the start, and now the game is free….. so what was paying that dollar for again? Don’t think Madfinger will be refunding that hundreds of thousands of dollars for a second. Must be nice to double dip into the bowl huh Madfinger? Should change your name to GreedyFingers.

    • E

      I admit I’m not terribly far along, but so far the IAPs aren’t really annoying. I think there might be weapons that you can only get by paying real money, but the game is satisfying using just the standard pistol. The in-game prices for some of the upgraded weapons seemed reasonable enough. So as far as that goes, I’m pretty satisfied.

      The bigger problem for me was that it is incompatible with anything using an Adreno 205 GPU, which happened to be what I had up until a couple weeks ago. When DT first hit the market, there were no restrictions or notes about this, so I had to just sit on it for a few weeks until I got my new phone. Of course, by the time you download the extra data and try starting a mission, experience the freeze, crash, and reboot, you’re past the 15-minute refund window.

      • E

        On a side note, this also almost seems like a generational issue or something… I know some devs really milk the IAP model, but I’ve been gaming for quite a while, and I’m used to having to grind a little in games to get better equipment, rather than getting the ubergun right away. Also, that proverbial overpowered quadruple rocket launcher in the corner might look cool, but if it unbalances the gameplay, it’s almost like using a God mode cheat code that gets boring after a while.
        /rant off

        • c4v3man

          Agreed. In Dead Trigger, you lose the M16 after 3 missions or something, and have to either pay for a gun using IAP, or buy a 1911. The 1911 makes you go for headshots as opposed to just “spray and pray”, so it actually makes the game better. I’m already at Rank 8, and bought the AK47… still no IAP. It does get a bit repetitive, but it’s still fun. Fantastic deal for $.99, or even $2.

      • E

        Replying to my reply….

        This is now live in the store. I just noticed in the release notes that this update is also supposed to add compatibility for Adreno 205s! I can’t test it out now, but if this is true, good on you, Madfinger!!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    WOW, you just posted about this big Dead Trigger update yesterday, and today it’s live. Talk about a speedy developer!

    • Or just smart developer not announcing until almost ready

      • EvanTheGamer

        Exactly! That’s a helluva smart dev!

  • Adult


    • JoshGroff

      Why today of all days would it be inappropriate?

      • r0lct

        He’s referring to the shootings in Colorado

    • r0lct

      Why don’t you head over to your local/nation government website and petition for better gun laws, it would be more productive than assaulting a game review.

    • Bauce40

      Zombies didn’t attack the theater (I’m guessing that’s what you’re referring to)