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Xfinity TV Player Updated for Jelly Bean and Nexus 7 Support, UI Revamp On the Way

Users of the XFINITY TV Player application that own a device running Jelly Bean may have noticed video playback left something to be desired, but things have now changed. Thanks to a recent update, Comcast has opened up beta support for Jelly Bean devices and Nexus 7 tablets, along with some other fixes.

On top of all of this, the company has stated that owners of the Nexus 7 can expect to see a UI refresh that suits the 7″ display much better. No timeline on that, but we’ll keep ¬†our ears open.

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  • Still sucks… most shows/channels are locked. One would think that if you are a Comcast subscriber that shows/channels you pay for on your account would be included in the app. As a Comcast Business Class Triple Play customer this just gets me more irritated with Comcast.

    • sal33n

      Odd, I get the channels that I pay for. So you are saying that you get HBO at home (for example) but on the app it will show HBO as locked?

  • michael arazan

    you know the nexus 7 is selling well when app dev’s start to adjust their apps to allow JB 4.1 to work with it. Now if all the other app dev’s would do it

  • *AHEM* Hey Time Warner. How you doin?

  • KellyS

    My screen popped up. Now what?

  • KleenDroid