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SlingPlayer for Phones and Tablets on Sale Through Google Play for 50% Off

Owners of a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD can go grab the SlingPlayer app from Google Play for a whopping 50% off. For those in the dark, the Slingbox connects to your cable box and home network, then allows you to watch live TV and control your DVR from a laptop as long as you have a data connection. Basically, if you can’t get enough ESPN or Hardcore Pawn while you’re at home, you should own this. 

For a limited time, you can get the SlingPlayer app for only $15, which will then allow you to stream all of your favorite shows and TV content right to your Android device. If you have a Slingbox, it’s a must.

Play Link ($14.99)


Cheers Jbartcaps!

  • NYCLawyer

    I bought the phone version for my phone and the tablet version for my tablet, both for full price. I now have it on my brand new Nexus 7. Even in standard quality, the picture is amazing – so much better than on the Xoom or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. The additional horsepower really helps. High quality is almost overkill. It’s a device and an app which just works. Great for football season and hockey season.

  • ScoobySnack

    DL: you should like to the Tablet version as well.

    SlingBox should be neutered for not only charging so much for their mobile player apps but also for requiring separate app purchases for tablet and phone form factors.

  • jeesung

    If you have Dish Network, their Remote Access App has the Sling functionality for free.

  • the app hasn’t been updated in over a year. thats what pisses me off about them. i paid for this app on windows mobile 5 years ago. not paying them again. glad i got the pirated version.

  • gime

    Sling App Sale expires 7/22, so if I buy a Nexus 7 now, I won’t have it activated in time to install on this device — anyone know of a way to buy the Sling app now and apply it to the device when it comes in?

    • Sting

      Id like to know this as well….

    • ScoobySnack

      Do you have any compatible Android devices? You should be able to purchase it now with your existing Google account for your other device. Don’t have a device? Rent one from BB…

      • gime_time

        I do not have an Android tablet, and the steps to purchase the app require that it be assigned to an Android device at the time of purchase. Don’t really want to go the “renting” route…but thanks.
        Any other ideas?

  • I don’t have GoogleTV so I am only guessing: Since GTV can also control your DVR with your phone, Google could easily integrate this feature and stream to any Android device? Apart from the patents/royalties this would give GTV a valuable feature. Also, whenever I watch a YouTube video on my phone/tablet at home I should easily transfer the video with a swipe-up onto the TV. Are the Google Movie rentals and Music available on GTV already? Come on lets build something.

  • pmoney

    I wanted to try it before I bought it (not with the Play Store), so I downloaded and installed the APK on my Nexus.

    Surprisingly it works pretty well and I plan to buy it at the sale price. When my N7 arrives, will the phone version work on it?

  • Wow

    What a bargain!!! Get the hacked version

  • Paul Harper

    They also have a sale on the slingbox solo and throw in the turbo for no charge I just picked up both for $150 and grabbed both of the apps all under two hundred bucks.

    • videofrank

      Who’s they?

      • Paul Harper

        Sling Media Inc

    • r0lct

      The PRO is out of stock and they are giving away the turbo as you stated. Wonder if they are about to release new hardware/software.

  • spickle

    of course i buy the app 2 years ago for $30 and it’s half off. blah

  • LionStone

    Theres a Slingbox app loaded with the DROID Inc4…I guess VZW has their hand in this somehow because it has their funky little V next to where it says to download. 9.99/mo and 49.99/deposit…for the unit.

  • Thanks to Dish owning Sling for the last couple of years, I get it free

  • Silver Veloz

    TWC TV is an app for Tiime Warner Subscribers. It’s only available (it seems) for ICS platform. I have the Droid Bionic, so I’m anxiously waiting for the official ICS release. This TWC TV app already does the above.

  • Q

    Hmm.. I might get the tablet version even though I dont need it.

  • It always bugged me that Sling Media tries to scam you out of a few more dollars for this player… You already bought the hardware, why are you charging me again?

    • dani3l

      i hear ya.

      Western Digital did this as well with their WD2GO Pro app that let’s you connect to your $200 MyBookLive hard drive. Eventually they learned better and now offer the app for free but they have a lot of upset customers that already paid for the app.

  • Matt Gondek

    I noticed that the app is called “SlingPlayer for Phones” which leads me to believe they will release a tablet version and expect you to shell out another $30 (normal price). They do the same thing with the iPod/iPhone and iPad versions and I find it ridiculous

    • They already have one out and its on sale too, however, the Phone version works with Tablets. I have it on my Prime and it works fine.

    • Same SW, have it running on my Xoom and Gnex.

    • Blood

      I thought ICS was going to take care of these sort of problems having one app for both tablets and phones? Am I wrong?

  • tomwatez

    thank you in for 1 🙂

  • mikel61101

    I have the sling with dish and Dish in turn gives me a free app to use it with so I dont really see a need for this.

    • sporttster

      I’ve got it, too but was wondering if this app would be compatible with the Dish slingbox. The one that comes free is buggy and doesn’t always work right. Would a paid version work better??

  • Jason Scofi

    or you download the apk for free like i did

    • Yeah, I did as well. Sling refuses to transfer my license from WM6 (a dead platform) to Android or iOS, so screw them.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Damn, don’t have a Slingbox!

  • It should be free with the prices they charge for the initial equipment!!!

  • Matt Gondek

    Does it work with rooted devices?

    • Yep. I haven’t had any issue.

      • Matt Gondek

        And small world award of the day goes to Dennis! Bring your A game this weekend

  • Mark F

    Just bought it thanx