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Google Play Music Updated to Version 4.3.606, Brings Improved UI, Enhanced Widget and Other New Features

Google Play Music received an update just moments ago and it brings quite a few new features to the table. Users now have the ability to reorder and queue up other tracks in a Now Playing playlist, larger album art under the recent section, new UI on the action bar, and lots of other goodies. Here is the full changelog:

v4.3.606 Changelog:

  • Now Playing queue that allows for queuing and reordering of currently playing music.
  • New UI for navigation with transport controls on the action bar.
  • New large album art view on Recent.
  • Playlist art is now constructed from album art of songs in the playlist.
  • Now Playing widget has album art and support for thumbs up.
  • Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Go grab the update and start rocking out.

Play Link

Cheers Scott!

  • Steve Lambert

    Has anyone figured out the queue on he app. I was trying to add songs to my current playlist and they wouldnt play them? Has anyone figured out what the queque is for? Is it for just the nexus Q?

    I have a adroid razr maxx with ics.

  • Is it just me, or did they add/update the support for song info over bluetooth? It never worked for me from my D4 before this update, and now it does…

  • Nick0las

    Attention : not compatible with UMS ! When you unplugged the phone (like a HTC One X), all your is deleted and you have to resync :-/

    I downgraded to the previous version because w/ HTC there is no MTP support

  • Waka Flocka ftw

  • Allen Byrd

    Updated just now. I gotta say, I like it a lot. There were some glitches, they’re all fixed with the new UI. Nice one, Google.

  • TheWenger

    It needs gapless playback. Bad. Then it’ll be perfect.

    • Tom

      Mine are gap-less when I play FLAC files

  • G

    It broke my bedside dock for the Bionic.

  • ericsorensen

    It still can’t get my album art right. I’ll stay with the Amazon player and Spotify.

    • Jordan Long

      My album art is perfect. much better than with stock HTC app.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    If they got rid of that stupid like button on the widget and put a back button the widget would be perfect.

  • mbanicek

    I am seeing this as not compatible with the Logitech Revue.

  • fitim29

    i just updated the app and when i open it i get an error message saying unfortunately, google music has stopped. Im running Liquid 1.5mr on Galaxy Nexus. Has anyone else experienced this.

    • mazbonning

      strange, I’m running the Liquid 1.5mr1 on my HTC One S and this happens to me. Tried a wipe and reflash without luck. It sucks

    • basisforbart

      Same thing for me, Gaalaxy Nexus CDMA. I have cleared data before updating and uninstalled the old app prior to updating. Wish I knew what was going on.

    • DefinityX

      Same here. I am on a Motorola XOOM, TeamEOS, on their last nightly before Jelly Bean… No fix I know of so far… You guys work anything out yet?

    • I am experiencing this exact issue as well. Just flashed Liquid 1.5mr1 on Toro, Anybody aware of a fix for this as of yet?

  • Jim

    Still upset because I can’t delete music from my devices. Still. After like a year and a half.

  • This update didn’t show up in notifications for me. I just happened to be checking some of my previous DroidX apps in the Playstore to see if they were updated for ICS (and my new S3) when I saw “update” next to the Google Play Music icon in my list of apps in the “ALL” column. I had to manually discover and pull it.

    The Google Play Music app still does not have access to the actual music folders so can selectively play certain collections — like my Misc Music folder full of 200 random songs I like. I have to select them individually from the entire list of about 2,000 songs (AGAIN — which is why I put them in their own Misc folder in the first place) and then add them to a custom playlist. No biggy though — only took about 20 minutes.

    The shuffle was a bit sketchy right after the update but after I shut down and rebooted my device the shuffle seemed to work fine again. It’s still an all around great stock music player — except for that folder option which is just basic and still not included for some whacked out reason we’ll probably never know — but I don’t feel compelled to add a 3rd party app to replace it just because of it.

    • mike

      this isnt a stock music player…learn about what you type about.

      • Oh… the Google Play Music app came preloaded on the phone when I got my Galaxy S3 so I thought it was a stock player because it’s google — and it came preloaded.

        Also — excuse the fark out me, Douchebag Mike.

  • Still missing swipe controls and a lock-screen player

    • mike

      get ics and its there

      • Jase Quintanar

        the lock-screen player is such a hit and miss at least on my Razr. Not sure how well it plays on stock but it still needs plenty of work. A good step up though.

    • kapeman

      I need this feature too. Guess I am stuck with the stock player until I can get a new phone. I think I am going to wait for the next Nexus.

  • compwagon

    Yup, too bad it doesn’t shuffle properly anymore… rolled back, and shuffle worked perfectly.

  • Alex Kirkpatrick

    I really like the queuing and reordering of music, but I wish they would remove the 1000 song limit from playlists already.

  • Detonation

    Until it gets swipe gestures I’ll stick with Power Amp

  • Wyveryx

    Give me a damned sleep timer already and I’ll be happy!

    • michael arazan

      Another option in tune in radio is a sleep timer and alarm, not to mention you can record music, comedy, podcast’s, and so on for free and its nice to rewind the song in live play to record it or listen to again.

      • Wyveryx

        true, but I want to listen to my own music and a sleep timer should be something extremely easy. I doubt I’m the only one who would want it.

  • Woooooot! Rammstein!

  • Lambo_21

    i really wish they would add offline download to SD card not just internal memory

  • mmoreimi

    Any word on it finally “obeying” basic folder structure? like just playing misc songs in a Rap folder or Rock folder or Classical folder, etc…? I wouldn’t think this is so difficult and I can’t imagine I’m the only one???

    • Jordan Long

      We ICS folks dont have that widget. only the 4×1 widget.

      • That is actually a JB thing does not come with the app

        • Francis Dirikx

          droid live with a speed of light? were humans

  • Josh Flowers

    4.0+ only? no update-love for my 2.3.7 TB via the website
    (not seeing 4.0 specified anywhere)

    • ChuckDz3

      You might have to click on the Google Play Music app in your my apps section of the store in order to update. It didn’t show up like normal updates for me.

      • Josh Flowers

        there it is. i’ve had hit/miss luck with the Playstore so far. had to go in via the phone PlayStore & my Apps. good call.

  • Stinker

    Still no option to sync to external SD. Weak.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Agreed. I got excited when I saw there was an update but still don’t understand why there’s no “save to external SD Card” option. I’m using Offline Music Importer which is working great but it would be nice to have that ability built into the app.

  • AranelAlasse

    What I would love is to browse songs by Composer. I have a lot of classical music, and would love to just play a randomized list of music. I already have probably 25 different playlists, and I don’t want to create 10 more of my favorite composers… (numbers are estimated. you get the point.)

  • ChuckDz3

    All of these features were already in the JB version of Play Music correct?

    The queue add/remove and reordering feature is amazing!!!

  • Jordan Long

    Nexus Q settings now available with this build

  • .codyb.

    I really hope when I update my app, the songs play in chronological order rather than alphabetical.

  • Bryan

    deftones! alright!

    • Bauce40

      Right after Rhianna and Rammstein, quite an interesting mix

  • Deftones!

  • I really wish they would add a way to sort Artists by most recently played.

  • Mack

    Google finally gave us a better looking widget. THANK YOU. 🙂

  • Is this just an update to the Jelly Bean version for those unlucky enough not to have JB?

    • Larry Rosenman

      ICS as well (at least). I suspect it’s all. I got it on my ICS phone, and JB Nexus 7.

    • fartbubbler

      I feel for you people. Really. I love JellyBean so much, I’ve saved my money to buy a Galaxy S3, but I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger because I don’t want to go back to ICS 🙁

  • Jared

    Still can’t fast forward? Stupid.

    • Drag the thingy majiggy.

      • D4niel

        Can’t do that from the widget or lock screen.

        • Ohh, well come on. Gotta specify 😛

        • gmoney

          Who needs to do that?

  • Harder, better, faster, stronger.

    See, this is why we like you, Google.

    • Great app. Love it.

      Also love your channel Marques

    • Allen Byrd

      My thoughts exactly.