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Adobe Reader Receives Sizable Update – Text Adding and File Organizer Included


Adobe Reader received an update this morning that brought with it an “Add Text” tool. In a previous update, Reader was given signature support, form filling, and doodling fun, but you weren’t able to simply add text. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried either, so I’m excited for this new addition. The Reader team also improved the file organizer, allowing you to create folders and copy, move, rename and delete files. They included more form filling options as well.

  • Add text to your PDFs with the Add Text tool
  • Use forms that have Field Validation, Calculation, and Formatting
  • Organize and manage your documents in Reader’s improved file organizer. Create folders, copy, move, rename, and delete files.
  • Help us make Reader better by optionally sharing anonymous usage data with us
  • Fixed several bugs and performance issues

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  • michael arazan

    So adobe is still supporting this even though everyone uses google now for their readers. They need to continue flash support until they get HTML5 up and going, because 90% of the internet uses flash. Until all sites change to html5 which will probably take years, I think it is a bit premature to stop flash on newer os on android devices. It’s just going to add to the stupid fragmentation issues. People got android because of flash support.