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Motorola MOTOACTV Drops Significantly in Price to $149, Includes $30 Watch Strap

The Motorola MOTOACTV fitness tracker has been reduced significantly in price over the last week or so. Originally introduced at $249 for the 8GB model, you can grab one today for as little as $140 at some stores, but $149 seems to be the standard price. When purchasing, the MOTOACTV also comes with a watch strap now, something that was an extra $30 at initial launch. If the 8GB model doesn’t sound like it contains enough storage, you can find the 16GB version for as little as $180 at retailers like Walmart.

For those that haven’t followed our coverage of the MOTOACTV, just know that this has quickly become one of the finer fitness products around. This fitness tracker has golf software for scoring rounds, tracks dozens of fitness activities, syncs with a solid web interface, has companion apps that allow you to receive Facebook or Twitter updates, shows you notifications for calls and texts, and even has built-in GPS. This may also sound odd, but Motorola updates this thing like crazy and is always listening to users on how it can be improved. At launch, it may have been overpriced. Now, this almost seems like a steal.

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Cheers Tony!

  • Michael Yuen

    8GB version dropped another $10 on Amazon just now. It’s $139 with strap

  • Brace yourselves….The Pebble is coming.

  • Robhimself79

    The article mentions the wrist strap but Motorola does not say it comes with
    Can anyone clarify?

  • Br_d

    It’s too bulky to wear as a watch when not working out. Endomondo has all the necessary features for running as far as I’m concerned. I picked up the pro version for 50 cents which is significantly cheaper than $150. I don’t see the appeal.

    • av3ng3r85

      I wear this as my primary watch everyday. It’s great and I always get questions like “what kind of watch is that?” or “cool watch” when they see what it does, every person I’ve met is very impressed. it’s definitely an attention grabber.

  • its a shame Verizon wont honor the same prices. would be nice to bill it to my account

  • imronburgundy

    Does anyone who owns this know if it will count timed intervals and signal when each is over? If you don’t know what I’m talking about setting running/walking intervals of say 3 min run and 1 min walk.

    • kds

      Yea you can set your lap distance and it will notify you every lap with the time. You can set different intervals for different activities, Walk/Run/Bike/etc

      • imronburgundy

        Can that be done directly on the watch or do you have to go onto the website to set that up? I was reading online that you have to login to set it up.

  • who cares?

  • dmoto

    What’s the battery life on this watch? Is the watch compatible with Jelly Bean?

    • av3ng3r85

      After a full 8 hour work-day of wearing it as a watch, expect the battery life to be around 80%. Doing any type of workout may lower the battery level. Yes, the watch connects just fine to my Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean.

      • Philip Wesley

        I think he means if there is a custom ROM for is that is Jelly Bean based.

        • av3ng3r85

          Not that I know of. Here’s pretty much everything about the rooting aspect of MotoActv, that you would want to know all in one place: http://motoactv.wikispaces.com/

  • robotleader

    whats a good BT headset/earplugs to go with this?

    • Plantronics Backbeat Go has worked very well for me.

    • Michael Yuen

      LG Tone HBS700

  • nightscout13

    $100 and i’m in.

  • purchasable price range now.

  • Stewie

    Moto drops price because it is about to screw all those who have it with the MOTOACTV 2 … You heard it here first.
    Second, that plasticky crap for a strap isn’t worth 10cents, let alone $30.

    • Jimmy Garzon

      I bought mine used out of ebay for $149 and it’s great and 100% happy w/ it.
      It’s not like Motorola is screwin anyone, ppl buy it cuz they want it. I’ll buy v2 when it comes out. Hopefully it’ll have a camera and barometer.
      The only thing I agree with is how ridiculous it is to charge $30 should be $10 because it’s actually a pretty nice wristband

  • jonny6pak

    This is the best workout device I own. Compared to the price of a Garmin watch with similar functions, this thing kills it.

    • kstrickland05

      I think that’s what people don’t understand. For this price I am probably going to order one because it’s still cheaper than a lot of other heart rate monitors out there on the market.

  • I really want this but my wife says I already have a smartphone =0(

  • john

    I guess Google got their feet in the door.
    Now just you wait.

  • Al

    150 for a Nice looking watch lol

  • spickle

    i bought the Pebble as a backer. i’ll wait until September.

    • noc007

      Ditto. No one could hit the price point of the Pebble at tht time. Part of the point of wearing a watch for me is to be able to glance at it to tell the time. If I have to hit a button to turn the display on just to see the time, it’s already lost a critical feature. Sure, it’s an awesome feat that the crammed an Android OS with GPS and BT radios into the size of a watch, but what’s the real advantage to having all of that? I can only assume software and if that’s the case, why not put that functionality into an app for a smartphone?

      The Pebble just made more sense for me. If I wanted a computer on my wrist, I would go for something like what the military uses, Leela’s armband from Futurama, or
      whatever Aki was using in FF: The Spirits Within.

  • Amenemhat1

    I love your jokes Kellex: “This may also sound odd, but Motorola updates this thing like crazy…” LMBO

  • Futbolrunner

    That blows that the notifications for calls and texts only work for Motorola phones. I would buy it if it worked for more android manufacturers.

    • The app works on every android based phone running GB, initially it was only MOTO

    • bacchus71

      It works with any android phone now, I have notifications from my Samsung GNex sent to it.

    • Futbolrunner

      Say what! I’m buying it today!

    • engmex

      The app now works with all Android phones!

  • AndrewScottRox

    Best piece of workout tech I own.

  • KleenDroid

    This is where the price should have started in the first place. Now I want it lower.

  • s23

    $150 is definitely a steal! Do yourself a favor and go to xda development for this device. I browse the net…check Google maps…watch videos….and use the fitness functions. All of this power on your wrist.

    • Hoser

      can you put runkeeper on it?

  • I have my 8gb rooted and running DpRom which has been updated to 1.7.10 and it is awesome, his rom does include golf for the 8gb.

  • love my motoactv lil frustrated that it went down so quickly in price since i got mine when it first came out, but rooted and running android on it rocks!

  • I’m not biting until it AT LEAST hits $99…

    • BA_Carroll

      Seriously!! Lets put it in perspective. I could get an 8gb Nexus 7 with camera, GPS, and run apps for 50 bucks more? Now I now you can’t run with the nexus 7 but it’s the price point. I agree Jubby, the picture disturbs me, I won’t look at it till it is a sub $100 machine and the wife said I already had a smartphone >:S

      • michael arazan

        seriously, you had to pay $249 originally and then pay another $30 for the wrist band? Seems ridiculous not to come with a band. Does it work with all phones through their app? Could be a nice xmas present for my bro.

        • av3ng3r85

          When I bought mine back in March 2012, it was $199 on Amazon and it came with the wrist strap. Yes, Motorola updated the app on the Play Store to be able to work with all Android phones.It is a very nice all in one fitness tracker/mp3 player/general purpose watch and it gets regular updates. I highly recommend.

  • carefull on golf edition it is the 8gb model which they dont support for golf i am sure it can be hacked on but last i know it was only the 16gb model that would get the golf. although the 16gb is available which should get golf