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L8 SmartLight Kickstarter Project Can Turn Your Notifications into Visual Cues

There has been an ever increasing number of cool projects popping up on Kickstarter, and L8 SmartLight is no different. With L8, you can use a box packed with 64 LED’s and one Super LED to give visual cues for notifications when hearing them is not an option. For example, you can personalize a color or pattern you want to see for incoming calls, emails, and text messages. This is definitely the most unique notification/light system we have seen.

It does much more than just notifications though. Through an application that gives you complete control of the light and color output, you can use it to set the mood with special lighting and even turn it into a strobe for your next rave. It has a proximity sensor, can show temperature levels thanks to another sensor, connects via Bluetooth, informs you of new social network updates, and will express your mood in a variety of fashions.

With manufacturing and delivery expected to be done by November of this year, this is just in time to become a nice Christmas present for a tech lover (wink). Check the video below to see the wide variety of tasks that you can use the L8 SmartLight for.

Via: Kickstarter

  • Beka27

    I’d like to see something built-in that projects the image onto a wall.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Would rather just have Light Wave fixed to work with ICS properly

  • storm35x

    Come on folks, This is a cool piece of Tech, I backed it just now and ill be getting one of these when that are built. Help this company out.

  • What a completely pointless device. I must own it!

  • Daniel Flanigan

    its cool, but I’d get bored with it after a week….also, some of the price comes from the addition of unnecessary sensors. If it was just the light+bt, perhaps it might be more reasonable.

    • michael arazan

      Some phones have a light already on it that you can customize with different light colors and speed rates that it blinks too. I don’t see anyone carrying this around with them, more of a novelty item for your work desk.

    • gimlet72

      I agree. It seems like a cool device but I question how much I will use it. I am waiting to receive the Pebble watch which also work via bluetooth. From what I understand you can only connect to one BT device at a time correct? If they had MIMO I would get more bluetooth enabled devices.

  • Flatfloridasurf

    If it was a hologram i’d be impressed.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I would pledge some money to this crazy cool project, IF I wasn’t already pledging two big ones and some change to that crazy insanely fantastically great OUYA project.

  • Take my money!!!

  • Jonny

    anybody else notice Ron Burgundy on the jazz flute?

    • JustTrollin69

      You just made my day, thank you.

  • David Larsen


  • teejaycard

    It’s cool and cute and all but for 85 bucks it seems to be a bit pricey. Actually very pricey.

    • EvanTheGamer

      EDIT: Never mind…it’s $15 for international shipping, so you must be living internationally. Statement retracted.

      It’s actually only $69 with free shipping to USA & Spain(???), so…not $85.

      • teejaycard

        I’m talking about the price if you don’t get it during their Kickstarter. If you go to their Kickstarter page and go to their last Update, it says Retail Price of 85 dollars after the Kickstarter is done. And that’s without them mentioning shipping to anywhere. I live in the U.S. so I honestly feel sorry for anyone living internationally because then if the $15 shipping sticks for them that’s a good bit of change all together.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, for sure, damn, but cool.

          You should just pledge the $69 with free shipping then, not too bad of a deal.

  • MrToTo83

    I think I would like to use this.

  • FIRST??