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Fun Fact: Google Refers to the Android Home Screen Dock as the “Hotseat”

Trivia buffs, here is your question of the day. “What does Google and the Android team refer to the home screen dock as?” After trying to add a sixth icon to the area in Jelly Bean, it’s pretty obvious that they are referring to it as the “hotseat.” Not much else to say, but thought it was interesting enough to share.

Cheers Inquizitor!

  • Inquizitor

    I am very proud of being the first person to report this. I googled the exact phrase in the toast last week and got no results. Didn’t realize it was a scoop. Yay :D.

  • mikeym0p

    I remember them bringing up the hotseats in a Nexus 7 video. I dont remember the specific video though.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hot seat huh? I like that. Hot seat it is from now on then. =)

  • droidarmy

    Can I get a link to that wallpaper?

    • that’s actually JB’s default live wallpaper that is loaded when you first load it up.

  • JoeInMO

    Slow news day I guess.

  • Weird, I always called it the chillscreen its where my favorite apps and folders….chill

  • jeesung

    shouldn’t it create a folder with the new app added to the existing one in the “hotseat”?

  • Detonation


  • Slow news day much?

    • Yeah I figured this out like weeks ago….

  • KreeTerry

    i remember seeing this before…on gingerbread i think. nice catch though

  • s23

    This should be on the front page of USA Today: Hotseat: A new discovery

  • They call it hot seat because it’s their work around since Apple patented the word dock.

    • Ha! +1

    • E A butler

      I think they patented hotseat too, but their is a heated seat charged through a thunderbolt port.

      • it’s actually a special chair called the iChair and you have special iPants that you wear with very small aluminum coils in them and the iChair detects the coils in the iPants and heats your bum. You can always upgrade your pants to the special iPants S with special Gluteus style that contains copper coils instead of aluminum and has a voice function to let you know when optimal heat is produced. You can supposedly talk back to the pants to adjust the heat level but its vocabulary isn’t the best and only recognizes when you say hotter. Check’em out sometime, only costs $900 for the chinese built chair with a glass slab on the back. Be warned though. If you lean too far back the glass cracks. I would invest in a wedge to prevent this. iPants dropped with the introduction of the iPants S so $400 for iPants and $700 for iPants S

  • I’m pretty sure it’s been called that since Froyo. Loading up my emulator to dig up proof now.

    • eddieonofre

      yes you do sir