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Nexus 7 Receives Tiny 859KB Update, This Time to JRO03D

The Nexus 7 has an update rolling out to it tonight as build JRO03D. It’s still Android 4.1.1 and is tiny enough (859KB), that we aren’t even sure what it changes. The Galaxy Nexus received JRO03C last week, so if anything, it’s a slightly newer build. It doesn’t appear to be a dumbed down Search as I was able to search for contacts and apps from within.Β If we find out what was changed, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the mean time, jump into Settings>About tablet>System updates to pull it.Β 

  • haven’t even got my shipping email ;-[

  • I should have pleaded with the wife to get it when we were at Sams on sunday and refused the one from Google.

  • Justin

    Scheduled Delivery Updated To:Tuesday, 07/17/2012, By End of Day
    Pre-Ordered from Google Play July 27th. Just got my tracking number this morning and it just updated.

    • Bionic

      so your’s has gone back in time? cool i didnt know UPS could do that

  • Bionic

    Ups tracking says mine was shipped on the 11th so if that’s true I should have it today

    • ddevito

      you see…and you were worried :p

      • Bionic

        Yeah I hope it actually did ship though and not just sat somewhere. Still waiting for my tracking info to update.

        • ddevito

          07/16 delivery date. Not bad

          • Bionic

            Huh? My info still isn’t updated. So I’m doubting today I gonna happen for me.

          • Γ‰clair

            At least you got a tracking# already. I preordered on the 27th and haven’t heard from the Playstore since…

          • Bionic

            Says mine will be here tomorrow. Which really sucks because i work until 7pm. It does not say anything about signature being required so im guessing he will leave it at the door.

          • ddevito

            You can change delivery options on UPS’s web site (tracking info page), you can specify NOT to leave it. Usually anything over $100 they won’t leave around, and requires a signature; unless you’re a repeat customer that has specified leaving the package at your door.

            The $100 rule used to be in effect when I worked there, unless that’s changed.

          • Bionic

            That is only for premium members who pay 40 bucks a year. I just chatted with UPS support and he said there is no signature required however its up to the driver if he is comfortable leaving it. He said to leave a note telling him to leave it at the back door if needed.

        • Booyah

          My info just updated within the hour. Will be shipped by COB tomorrow. Seems a lot of other folks on here are in the same boat.

    • ddevito

      actually, not to burst your bubble – all that means is that Google created a shipping label and it hasn’t been scanned at the nearest UPS hub/facility yet. Once it does then UPS can start tracking it. Google shouldn’t have sent our emails until they were scanned. For such a large account UPS usually handles it for large companies, I’d say it’s an amateur move on Google’s part, probably just a PR move to save face from us geeks last week :p

      I know, I worked on the team that designed and implemented the UPSScan tracking system πŸ™‚ Worked in their IS division for 8 years.

  • YankInDaSouth

    Yup … very happy with my impulse buy at Sam’s Club this weekend πŸ™‚ Was kinda on the fence as if feels like a big version of my Gnex. But after playing for a day and a half and receiving TWO updates I realized I made the right choice!!

  • Since I pre ordered through Google I already have mine so let me go ahead and pull this update…oh wait…

  • Havoc70

    If only Google would get them shipped out we could all see the update

    • KleenDroid

      Wouldn’t it be possible to just cancel your orders and run down and pick one up at the store? Or just go pick one up now and then return the ordered one if it ever gets to you. I’d say the heck with waiting for it when I could go down and buy one at the store.

      • Nope, Google doesn’t let you cancel the order. You have to refuse delivery and/or send it back and get a refund processed two weeks later. This is not Amazon, sadly.

  • WinDroidGuy

    Steps to update if you have ROOT and CWM installed…http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28577629

    • reeby

      Thanks..wasn’t sure anyone would have a fix yet.

  • John Pisano

    I think this update actually fixed my touch screen messing up. it acted like it would develop dead spots but locking and unlocking the screen would fix that now it just works and seems a hell of alot more stable

  • Tim Lawlor

    FCC ID and IC, were not there in JRO03C. Hell of an update if you ask me. Seems like a whole new device.

  • I like jelly bean, but the dumbed down search has really pissed me off. Used to be that I could say, call Autozone and it would call the nearest autozone (not in my contacts), now it just googles it. Worthless.

    • currentsupply

      Mine still does this.

      “Google, Call Sams Club in Santa Clarita California.”


      • I just tested and it does lol. I swear to god it didn’t yesterday. I had to google it for the number or use maps.

      • Lakerzz

        Hey neighbor!! (Kind of…Quartz Hill, Ca)

  • MJZ

    Just pulled the update.. installing now.
    Wow.. that was quick.. it’s already rebooting.

  • Harry

    I have a couple questions about this tablet. How is the gaming on it? And can you use a PS3 controller for the games, I’m not too fond with the touch screen controls. Also, is this a better choice than the newest Infinity tablet, and is it more comfortable to hold?

    • WinDroidGuy

      Yes, just need an OTG cable and your PS3 controller and it will work out of the box πŸ™‚

  • mine said it shipped at 2am july 14
    ups tracking still isnt working… smh!

    • UPS tracking doesn’t work for me either. Makes me wonder if it’s a Google cover up.

      • niuguy

        Mine says a label was printed but clearly it hasn’t been picked up yet. Expect to see it change Monday.

        • Mike Menard

          Off topic but good to see a NIU fan out there.

      • I’m just hoping its because its the weekend… hopefully it updates today!!

        • michael arazan

          Sometimes UPS goes through USPS depending on the area, if the tracking seems paused it could be being handled by USPS.

      • ddevito

        UPS tracking works fine, Google just simply created the shipping label 1Z tracking numbers, but the shipments haven’t been scanned at the nearest UPS hub/facility yet – which is why they can’t supply tracking info. I worked at UPS’s IT division for 8 years and worked on the UPSScan tracking system.

        Once it does then UPS can start tracking it. Google shouldn’t have sent our emails until they were scanned. For such a large account UPS usually handles it for large companies, I’d say it’s an amateur move on Google’s part, probably just a PR move to save face from us geeks last week :p

    • It didn’t ship until UPS picked it up, just cause they made a label means nothing πŸ™‚

      • Updated to deliver by end of Tuesday hurrrrayyy!!!

        • matt

          Me too πŸ™‚

          • Awesome!! I can’t wait. I also can’t wait for the custom ROMs like AOKP to roll out for the Nexus 7!

        • Ryan Powell

          Just got the same delivery update for EOD Tuesday. Perfect end to the work day tomorrow.

  • Frank F

    By Tuesday I better have this in my hands if not I’m returning to sender… I don’t like pre ordering straight from Google 15 minutes after Site went Live to only have my annoying coworker have it since Thursday after he pre ordered it only a week ago from games top… That’s BS

    • Patience

      I realize that we are all gadget lovers here, but it is just a tablet. You pre-ordered so you are now guaranteed one, not every retailer has them, most are sold-out. Just live your life and this will arrive at your door stop and it will be a wonderful surprise. Plus, you only have to deal with Google on customer support issues, which I have heard is much better than dealing with Asus.

    • adam

      while millions of kids are starving worldwide you complain about a dumb tablet with your stupid Famous Stars and Straps logo (who the hell still wears that? It isn’t 2007 anymore). Should have known better than to pre-order from Google, way to go.

      • If you cared so much about starving kids you would get off your laptop and do something about it.

        If a large number of people complain there is a greater chance of it being fixed next time.

        • george

          yeah because google is on droidlife reading people whine and complain about their first world problems

        • For all you know, he could be donating money each month to Africa or something. He made a valid point either way.

          • Luxferro

            And if he was, good for him. But this is a tech site and the audience is tech geeks, so his point isn’t valid at all – this isn’t CNN’s page.

      • Frank F

        First off I like the shape of the F and it has my name if u bothered to examine it…secondly I have donated to several charities ..good will..aids project LA…raised over $1500 for junior achievment and given much at my local church St raymonds…I have worked hard for my money because aside from voting for my political leaders I vote with my wallet by purchasing with who and when I want …excuse me for complaining about how I spent my hard earned money …oh and also I am sure tons of people here donate way more then me I just wanted to let it be known that I am not as u portrayed me with ur bad humor attempt …

  • EvanTheGamer

    Sweet! I’ll be sure to pull the update later tonight.


  • whosinaname

    now if I could just get my nexus 7…

  • currentsupply

    Got it. thanks droid-life you the bombest.

    • Static_prone