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Office Depot Receives Stock of Nexus 7, Gamestop Sends Texts for Pre-orders to be Picked Up

We get the feeling that today was supposed to be Nexus 7 day, but for whatever reason, Google isn’t ready to release the flood gates. Office Depot stores are getting in their minimal stock, while Gamestops are texting those that pre-order, reminding them to come pick up their orders. It’s not clear if Gamestop is actually selling units to customers or not or if this text was an automated system that was betting on a July 13 launch.

If you are able to pick one up at either Office Depot or Gamestop, be sure to let us know. 

Cheers ___, @KillianOMalley, and J!

  • S. Coffman
  • afy

    Staples confirmed that I am receiving it tomorrow by ups

  • reeby

    Just got one from same club after reading this… so far so good… got $25.00 email from google

  • i pre-ordered my nexus 7 on july 2nd, i got that exacted texted friday morning (July 13th). I went in and they only had mine in stock and was able to pay the rest of it and bring it home.

  • I called my local GameStop and he said that every store in the area
    pre-sold all existing stock, and that if I went in and left a $50
    deposit I would be on a waiting list for units expected to arrive by
    August 7. Then I went online and while Staples was sold out of its pre-order stock, Office Depot accepted my online pre-order today, with free shipping and an estimated arrival date of Tuesday, July 17. We’ll see. BTW, I suppose that if you’re going on vacation and want to take it then a few days matters – but otherwise, does it really matter if you get it before the next guy? The only issue I can see is that if OD in fact delivers mine on Tuesday, I will have received it just as quickly as PlayStore people, and without paying the $14 ship fee Google assessed.

  • StuartDMT

    Just noticed that my credit card account has the charge for my 2 Nexus 7s pending. Ordered from the Play Store on 6/28… so if they ship today, then maybe delivery on Wednesday?

  • GNex Dude

    I received a call from my local gamestop and picked up my Nexus 7 about an hour ago. Had no issues. It was a pre-order unit.

  • gfacekilla01

    Close but no cigar here in Houston. Went to a local Office Depot, they had 4 in stock. When I went to check out the notice came up to not sale. Oh well, maybe next week.

  • 0xabad1dea

    I just placed a preorder with Office Depot as they gave an estimated delivery of Tuesday (I am in MA)

    • My Office Depot has one in stock for me, Register still not letting them ring it up as of 2pm est 🙁

  • KJ

    Picked up ours at a local gamestop today, went through kind of a hassle, called first, they said “you’re second wave, you’ll get it august 7th” and less than a minute later, the phone rings, same store, different employee “your nexus 7 is in with your name on it, can you pick it up today or tomorrow?” so we do, STAT (20 minutes after the store opened), ironically the prices still did the 99999.00 thing, but they let me buy it, said they had an e-mail this morning saying that the iPads were worth an extra 50% this weekend (today thru sunday only) and if they had the nexus 7 to sell it…the original associate i spoke with on the phone was NOT in the store at this time…so I hope the seller guy doesn’t get in trouble 🙁

  • GPS

    The Google Play Store just charged my card for the Nexus 7 I ordered on the first day of pre-order. It’s getting into the shipping queue.

  • DroidMe

    YES!! They are shipping It true just picked up mine from Gamestop and coworker had his delivered this morning… Funny thing is that there a price tag of 99,999 on box and because someone paid 999 for it other day in store.

  • SeanBello

    and not a f*cking peep from Google. beyond furious.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I got that exact text message just a few minutes ago, so if they don’t sell me a Nexus 7 today or anyone for that matter, there will be a lot of angry customers. I mean, a mass text message to thousands of people who pre-ordered it? Definitely not great.

    • KJ

      After getting the text message, your local store “should” call you to confirm your nexus 7 is available for pickup (that’s what ours did)

      • EvanTheGamer

        No one actually called me to confirm my pre-order, but I just called ’em and they said they do have a stock of N7s and told ’em that I did pre-order it. So I should be OK.

  • richardnogginz

    Got my today at game stop!

  • ScottyByrd

    Google says Gamestop isnt suppose to be handing them out. Said I was the 11th Billion person to call in about it. Said that all who ordered from the play store had priority. For what its worth we were suppose to be first. Gamestop just jumped the gun and did a no no

    • Honestly, I don’t think the Google Play Store rep has a clue what the Distributor told Gamestop.. The fact they had it put on hold yesterday and now released today means the distributor ok’d it. Gamestop is probably your best retailer with holding street dates especially if specifically told to hold or change one.

      • KJ

        I am willing to bet that Gamestop is just trying to wipe their hands of this whole mess. Just get the pre-orders out, don’t sell additional units. Use it to get customers in the store and cut their losses early (I heard google doesn’t profit off their $199 8gb tablet, so the $250 16gb tablet that we pay for can’t be a huge profit for the store OR google).

        • Cowboydroid

          They actually make about $90 on the 16GB tablet, which is a healthy profit. They only make about $40 on the 8GB tablet, which is probably why they’re only selling the 16GB in physical stores.

  • Chris

    So google was maybe planning a Friday the 13th launch for their first nexus tablet? Yeah, that’s not tempting fate.

  • WalterWhite

    I’ve been calling all my local office depots. They’re saying google has pushed back the release date and haven’t received any stock..

    • Mine has mine in stock waiting, but register still not allowing sale. No update as to when they can sell since the hold yesterday.

      • WalterWhite

        Ahh. Thanks man

  • mines in :-)sorry for the people who are angry about the play store orders not coming in first but in all honesty its not very unusual for retail getting a product the day of or a few days before online …the tablet will be kick ass no matter when you get it … just look at as you are directly supporting our google over lords 😉

  • Ryan Powell

    It’s sad that the only comfort I can find in all of this is knowing I’m not the only way with no charged card and no update on wallet.google.com since June 27.

    • same situation… Why does google hate us??

      • Google’s entire previous experience was with selling downloadable apps. Okay, they recently started selling unlocked Nexus phones from the Play Store, but how many could there have been? When has Google dealt in physical product? They’re screwing this up, but they just don’t have experience in selling boxes to the public.

    • Cowboydroid

      The hype beast is strong! People mad that they haven’t been charge for a device they don’t even have yet! This world is nuts.

      • jeesung

        they don’t charge until it’s shipped so being charged (not just Auth Hold) means it’s on the way to your home.

  • r0lct

    This is how Google does retail…poorly. Great OS, great services, etc.

    They just haven’t figured out retail yet and the customer service and communication that goes along with it. It’s like they are just winging the whole launch with no solid plan.

    Edit: So if this is how they interacted with anal Verizon, I guess that explains a lot of the GNex delay.

    • Cowboydroid

      I wouldn’t blame Google for Verizon’s mess. Verizon is a terrible company for suppliers to work with, that’s how it always is when you have one company who wants to assume absolute control over the process.

      Besides, this isn’t a problem with the Play Store. It’s a problem with retail partners. Eventually, they’ll probably cut ties with retail partners altogether, but as long as people still consider physical stores first, they’ll continue to have a presence there.

  • ScottyByrd

    Ill give you a confirmation. I called all the ones in the local area. They said its only for pre orders and they are calling people to come pick them up. They got the ok today to hand them out. So its true, people who ordered from them will have them before all of us who ordered straight from Google. Its complete BS

  • “In a stroke of marketing genius Google has not charged credit card pre-orders because they will be rewarding loyal customers with FREE Nexus 7s”…just kidding

    Have any of you heard of patience? I ordered mine on June 30th. I had not heard anything, so I called Google on Wednesday night. I actually talked to a person almost immediately, He said that It will be shipping by Friday. I don’t want to wait either…but I have to so…

  • Dan

    I’m sorry, has anyone actually GONE TO GAMESTOP and PICKED UP their Nexus?

    • kkanemt

      i just called the local gamestop. they said its only for preorders only to be picked up

      • Dan

        I understand that, but we still haven’t got confirmation that they’re giving them to the customers. That’s why I specifically asked if anyone has actually gone to Gamestop and left the store with a Nexus 7 in-hand.

    • Yes, confirmed by several and confirmed by gamestop HQ.

      I myself is waiting on Office Depot to let the register ring mine up.

      • JeffR

        Did they let you buy it at office depot?

  • gambit07

    Dammit google, my order hasn’t even been charged yet!

  • Rich R.

    This is absolute bs. None of my local Gamestop’s have a Nexus 7 available that wasn’t preordered. I could have easily preordered one and gone to pick it up today. Instead I preorder the day it’s announced and still waiting from the Play Store. Never again.

    • Rich R.

      Spent 30 minutes waiting to speak to someone at Google. They said Gamestop has been told they cannot sell the device to anyone who preordered as their should be a block in their system when they try to scan the device. Play Store Preorders from June 27th-29th will begin shipping most likely Monday with cards being charged today. The phone contact also said they are at max availability through UPS each day next week so whatever day I happen to be slotted for, my device will arrive 2 days later but the email they send will confirm the shipping day. He also said that he heard the devices received by the B&M Stores are directly from Asus and not from the Play Store. No B&M Store should be allowed to sell the device – preorder or direct purchase – until Google has authorized it was his direct words. Frustrating to say the least but it looks like we’ll all be playing with a Nexus 7 next week at the latest.

      • KJ

        Oh….that sucks… my gamestop is in trouble 🙁 I like them and hope it doesn’t go over too badly.

  • imns

    Do the B&M store pre-orders come with the same $25 play store credit?
    This is kind of silly – ordering from google when it looks like people that didn’t pre-order at all will be able to get their hands on one before me.

    • Yes, where you buy doesn’t matter. You get the credit when you setup the device

    • GreenEvo

      I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    • r0lct

      Everyone gets the credit regardless of outlet until they cancel the promo.

  • I’m not going to act like it’s the end of the world. But I do have to ask…why did they bother with pre-orders on Play?

    I’m not as apoplectic as some, but I do think this is kind of silly.

    I haven’t been charged, and at this point, don’t know when I will be charged. What I am guaranteed is that middle of next week at the ABSOLUTE earliest is when I’ll get it, and if monday rolls past with nary a word, that will make Gamestop a week faster in delivering it.

    Again, not the end of the world, but…I am not entirely certain how they let this happen? It just doesn’t make them look good that their own store can’t ship stuff out, but Gamestop can.

    • Ryan Powell

      I’m with you. I know it’s not the end of the world to have to wait another week but Google has managed to disappoint their loyal fans with how they have handled this. All of this has replaced my pride and excitement for the product with questions and disappointment. Such poor customer service with their lack of any information. It’s a shame because I really liked the idea of the Play Store selling their products but no I see no reason to purchase from it again. Again, I’m not anti-Google or anything, I just think companies need to stop underestimating the power of communication. Goes a long way.

      • You make it sound like brain surgery. It’s shipping. As an engineer I deal with plan all the time it’s easy. You get an order and you fill the whole order at a date so that you can ship them all out at once, pretty basic.

        • Ryan Powell

          I’m not downplaying shipping. I can’t begin to understand the logistics of shipping out that many of an item around the world. But clearly selling goods online and shipping them to customers is not a new concept. It’s a basic level response to update the purchaser with shipping information. That’s all I’m asking for. I’m not demanding it be at my doorstep right now (regardless of how happy that would make me).

          • Some reports are that Google has maxed out the UPS capacity for the number of packages they can take from their ship site on a single day. If, in fact, they are being jammed up by the Nexus 7 being a mammoth success, this only benefits us as owners. Would you rather be the proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook, which was easy to get ’cause no one wanted one?

    • CARPDM

      I got charged this morning 🙂 hope I get it in 2 days shipping, Monday I’m guessing

    • I ordered it 2 days ago and I was instantly charged

  • If this is true I’m going to be pissed. I pre ordered mine the first day and my credit card hasn’t even been charged yet.

    • It’s not worth being pissed over. It’s just a thing man.

      • But you would think ordering directly from the source you would get things before or same as everyone else. This just shows terrible customer support and management of the situation.

        • Does it? Does it really? Terrible?

          Why? Because in the process of flying millions of things (very complex things neither you nor I can even pretend to be able to make) all over the WORLD something got off kilter? You have memos for gamestop and staples saying to hold so it isn’t “unfair” (which is astonishing really that anyone would say a tablet sold to them at cost is unfair pretty much no matter what the circumstances). You have gamestop ignoring it.

          But most of all. How can anything aside from it showing up with smallpox all over it be “terrible”. If things are largely in the hands of the shipping company and everything is in transit and the devices are made by Asus.

          How is this some terrible slight?

          • Ryan Powell

            All it takes is a simple email to Play Store purchasers with an update to help them feel better. They can clearly take the time to email a retailer so why ignore us? If they have all shipped and it’s simply in the hands of the shipping company why have I not received a shipping confirmation? Or a charge on my card? We shouldn’t have to ask these questions.

          • Exactly if it was just shipping and one order took a little bit longer to get to one customer over the other. The part that makes me upset is my card has not been charged and people are already picking theirs up.

          • You make is sound like brain surgery. It’s shipping. As an engineer I deal with planning all the time, it’s easy. You get an order and you fill the whole order at a date so that you can ship them all at once, pretty basic.

      • Bionic

        its worth being pissed when you are set to leave on a trip on a certain day and were looking forward to using it on said trip

  • russell

    Wtf Google? I used your store because I thought I would get it early. Instead people can now get them at retailers and my release date is still unknown? Never again

    • Totally agree

    • russell

      In what universe would Apple let a new product be available at a Target or Games top before apple’s website or an apple store? None.

  • this is foul on google i pre-ordered mine on 7/3 and everybody else is just walking in picking theirs up, i even had to pay sales tax on an internet purchase, wtf google?

  • Office Depot has them but register still blocking sales as of 10:50 est

  • Ed Cerqueira

    Just got a call from the guy at my local GameStop saying my Nexus 7 was in. Of course I have to be at work soon and I won’t be out till after GameStop closes. Hopefully I can get someone to pick it up for me today before they realize that they aren’t supposed to be handing them out yet otherwise I’ll have to keep playing the waiting game with the other Nexus 7 that I ordered through the Play store…

  • Ethan Ash

    I cancelled my Play Store order to save on shipping from GameStop. Got the text this morning. Picking it up after work at 1:45. We’ll see if it’s there!

    • TheMan876

      Haha, I did the same thing. Only problem is I called to cancel too late. : My card is getting charged and I have to refuse the shipment to get my money back.

      • so your card has been charged??! cause min has not!

        • TheMan876

          It will be charged. Hasn’t yet. They said it was too late to cancel

  • matt

    Simply frustrating.

  • goatodoom

    I did the chat customer service thing on staples, and they said orders would be shipping out “Monday or Tuesday”

  • King of Nynex

    Stopped by Staples yesterday to pick up some office supplies and asked the lady when they are getting their shipment of Nexus 7 tablets. By the blank, otherworldly look on her face, I assumed I gave her a stroke.

    • 0xabad1dea

      The guy at my local Staples also looked like I was speaking in tongues when I asked if he had the Nexus 7 in yet. I said I thought I would check because Staples has been taking preorders online and Gamestop had put them on sale today and he still looked mystified.

      • Cowboydroid

        It’s pathetic, how people can work in a store and have no clue what kind of merchandise they sell, much less even have the capability to provide competent tech support.

        • What’s also pathetic is how much they get paid. For what most of them make, you wouldn’t care what you sold either. If stores wanted actual sales professionals, they pay a reasonable salary.

  • Havoc70

    Never again from the Play Store this is absolutely the most ridiculous process i have ever seen!

  • JD

    I just got a call from gamestop, they said to come and pick my Nexus 7 up today. They also said that they received way more preorders than they thought, and the next wave for people who did not preorder would be coming in next week or so.

  • JeffE

    I don’t really understand why everything has to be so unknown. Seems like every phone, tablet, etc is always a mystery when it’s going to come out then when you think you know….it’s put on hold.

    • ChristopherLeMeilleur

      Agreed. And if you buy one from a physical store you’re better than the person who pre-ordered directly 2 weeks ago.

    • It’s because they know we are checking the damn internet every few minutes for an update, telling all our friends about it, and creating a hype monster/ free marketing.