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How to: Create App Folders on the Galaxy S3

In Ice Cream Sandwich, Google made it incredibly easy to create folders full of apps. All you had to do was drag one on top of the other and a folder was created. From there, you could simply add app after app until the folder was full. On the Galaxy S3, Samsung went a different route and made it somewhat difficult when compared to the traditional Android way. You now have to add a folder by pressing Menu>Create folder or by grabbing an app from the app drawer and then dragging it onto a “Create folder” icon that appears in the bottom left corner. Once the folder is created, you can easily add apps into it, but that initial step may take some getting used to.

If you have been confused on how to make folders over the last couple of days with your new phone, maybe this video will help. 

  • select

    folder organizer works for me.

  • Useful post, if you wanna create your own app use snappii service

  • Joel

    Is it just me or when you put folders down on your dock they aren’t as smooth?

  • JazzoRenee

    Am I the only one here that didn’t have a problem making folders????

  • thats just stupid.

  • For F’s sake OEMs, why must you take Android and bastardize it changing it for the worse. I will never buy non-Nexus from now on.

  • JMac726

    Has anyone had trouble with folders in Jelly Bean? I’m running Jelly Belly, and everytime i try to add an app, I have to keep re-trying to avoid the folder sliding out of the way. Eventually it works but its frustrating!

  • James

    u know wats really anoyyying on s3. i only ever use just one home page. after ita fill and i want to add a folder i have to make a new page and then go from there.also i have a folder in my dock. i cant add anything to it without adding it to a page and then into a folder. its really dumb. why do people mess with things when it already is perfict…

  • possomcrast

    Kellex are you going you keep the s3 for your main driver? I had the nexus which I loved and still love but I was intrigued by the s3 and finnaly gave in and bought one. What I’ve noticed is that Samsung included so many customizations in settings that I don’t feel myself longing for a rom or root. I’m usually a cyanogen user but.I’m not sure ill go for root any time soon.

  • I actually don’t like one thing about this phone now

  • Tcali

    Who really needs a “how-to” article for creating a folder.
    A folder people!
    It’s nothing new nor as complex as implied; Long-press on the screen, click on “Add to home screen” & select “Folder”. It is that simple.
    On another note; Samsung should have left the folder icon alone.

  • Jon

    The TouchWiz La uncher is so freakin fast! But because of this folder issue, I decided to use Go Launcher. I wanted to go Apex or Nova, but I found that both of those were really slow and choppy on transition.


  • This is a better TouchWiz build. Still room for improvement. Thats why I installed Apez Launcher and was done with it. Apex gives a “purer” android experience. Folder option are SO much better with Apex.

  • TheProudNoob

    From what I know, they changed this most likely to avoid a lawsuit from apple… iOS has the drag and drop folder creation, which Samsung thought was an unnecessary risk to take.

  • Bets it’s to avoid some Apple dispute regarding dragging and dropping folders that may have been settled behind the scenes on the Nexus but was not discussed for the S3?

    • Which gives me another thought, but could Apple sue TeslaCoil over WidgetLocker for creating similar functionality in their app?

  • LionStone

    This would have been a good opportunity to show how easy it is on the “DROID” Inc 4G. :/

  • jer85008

    Changing it for the sake of change – darn engineers, they love to crap like that.

  • Guest

    > made it somewhat difficult. You now have to add a folder by pressing
    Menu>Create folder

    That is “difficult”??? You have to pick the item clearly marked c-r-e-a-t-e f-o-l-d-e-r… to create a folder?

    And since no one is creating and deleting 100s of folders per day… where is the “difficult” part here?

    I think it is FAR clearly than automatically knowing “there is no clearly marked choice… you just have to magically know that you drop 1 icon on another”. (VERY different from every other OS you’ve ever used. This does something TOTALLY different in Windows used by 90% of the world.)

    • KennyVeltre

      iOS does it the same way as on vanilla ICS and JB though.

    • its no where near as intuative as stock. I replaced the stock launcher on my S3 for nova but I feel like it was a stupid omision. They could of kept that fanctionallity.

  • kevinc

    that’s incredibly stupid. why make it more difficult to create folders?

  • Liderc

    And this is why skins are stupid.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Not all, but this one, yes.

      • Liderc

        All manufacturer skins are worse off than ICS, there’s not one that makes it better.

        • I think Moto did. I even like the light theming, as I prefer colorful icons to monochrome ones, though I’ll grant that’s not everyone’s preference.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          I guess it would be most ideal if a phone company launcher with their device with a skin “on” by default but then having an option to turn it off. While I am not a big fan of HTC sense, I will admit the ability to quickly change themes is kinda cool. Would like to have one for work, one for home, one to travel with, and finally a game day one. Sense allows the customization to quickly switch between stuff like that.

        • Allen Byrd

          Blur is good. I have to admit, Moto is really awesome as of now.

        • possomcrast

          Kellex already explained why they have them which I agree with (to differentiate). There’s also a little “people are stupid they need our help” thrown in there.

    • LionStone

      Stupid? Choice is stupid?

      • Liderc

        No choice is great, being forced to use a terrible skin is not a choice.

        • kevinc

          um, no one forces you to use a particular skin. don’t like it, buy another phone.

          things are simple when you have choice.

          • RAZR_FANN

            Better yet, keep the same phone, root, and flash a new ROM!

        • LionStone

          What kevinc said.

        • Allen Byrd

          With iOS, you’re forced to use the same crappy skin. Android? Launcher time. 😀

  • JDizzle

    I’m surprised Apple isn’t sueing over this.

  • J Dub

    I got rid of the Touchwiz launcher pronto. Nova is what I am running now. Pretty sure it returns it to the normal easy way of dragging and dropping.

    • Nick

      I did the same thing. It does.

      • J Dub

        That’s what I thought.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Ironically, that fancy circle widget thing Kellex posted earlier doesn’t work with a third party launcher like Nova. I wonder what else won’t work properly with a third party app. Ohh, and the whiz launcher doesn’t work on Jellybean. Crapilicious

      • J Dub

        Dang. Trying really hard to wait patiently for the first custom ROM release for the S3. Really hoping it will get rid of all the crap VZW did to this wonderful hardware. Should have figured out of all the carriers VZW would be the one to muck it up.

  • oCxTiTaN

    You can also just long press on the home screen and select “Add to home screen” and choose “Folder”

  • Things like this “feature” are what give OEM skins a bad name. They take something simple, and make it difficult. Seriously, how is changing the way folders are made and adding obviously unnecessary steps to the process a positive way to differentiate yourself from other OEMs? Bad form, Sammy, bad form.
    On the other hand, the swipable stock icons in BLUR are really interesting, and hopefully inspires a lot of devs to think outside the box. Motorola’s software is really starting to become impressive. Now, if only they had an equally impressive device to put it on. Sigh.

    • michael arazan

      what’s next, they’r going to add 2 slide to unlocks to open your phone?

    • Tcali

      But TouchWiz has made some significant improvements to android as well , such as the motion derived features & the clipboard integration.

  • Andrew

    You can also just long press on the homescreen and choose “add to home screen” and then select Folder…

  • lagavulin16

    Touch Wiz…. booooooo~

    • Tcali

      Two-word statement… boo!

  • Kellex – side question – what does your email app color scheme look like? Black on White or White on Black? I swear mine was Black on White but it’s since changed, after rooting which seems strange to me. I don’t know anybody with a SG3 to ask at the moment, this seemed to be the most direct for now. Thanks in advance.

    • J Dub

      Stock email app for me right now is white on black. I am rooted and de-bloated via TiBU and not a pre-debloated ROM. I also hacked the stock email app to not check for Exchange security and it’s still white on black.

    • jh120

      Black text on white background for me, both before and after rooting. Strange.

      • I think so too. It’s a little frustrating, really. I mean, nothing life changing but I was digging the White background. I rooted to get rid of the Wifi Notification but I think I’d revert now to go back to get that color scheme back. Also it seems battery life has gone down since root.

  • Greg Morgan

    I don’t understand why Sammy changed the way folders looked? They’re so ugly for Touchwiz, IMO.

    • fixxmyhead

      i honestly like touchwiz but yea they [email protected] up the folder feature on this big time. i mean its so much easier the ics way just drag and drop on top of another much easier than this crap

    • Tcali

      I personally was expecting a new level of ugly But Samsung didn’t go there; Good on them!

    • This is just what Samsung always does. Take the existing UI and throw a bunch of random useless changes and features who’s only purpose and design is to “differentiate”. They have no cohesive vision. The fact that they threw a bunch of random white backgrounds and gradients all over the Honeycomb UI on the Galaxy Tab made that perfectly clear. They just need to stop.